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Thread: 1969-07-10 The Tonight Show, NBC TV Studios, New York City

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    1969-07-10 The Tonight Show, NBC TV Studios, New York City

    Thursday 10 July 1969
    ‘The Tonight Show’ NBC TV Studios, New York City
    No gig. Billy’s first public introduction as Jimi’s new bass player.
    Jimi vocal & guitar, Billy Cox - bass, Ed Shaughnessy – drums [of Doc Severinsen’s Tonight Show NBC Orchestra, filling in for Mitch who was still in England]
    NBC TV broadcast this live
    Incidentally the previous day Jimi was announced as being signed for the Woodstock festival.
    Show broadcast at 23:30.
    Other guests were Wilson Picket, Joe Tex, Jacklyn Susanne and Jerry Shane - Nina Simone and Claire Bloom were originally billed but Jacklyn Susanne and Jimi seem to have taken their places?
    Group introduced as ‘the Jimi Hendrix Experience’
    This is the appearance on the Tonight Show where Jimi’s amp blew during the first take and host Flip Wilson was left to amuse the audience while it was being replaced.
    Incidentally, 10 days later The 'Eagle' landed on The Moon.

    Interview by Flip Wilson
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    Re: 1969-07-10 The Tonight Show, NBC TV Studios, New York City

    Yeah but did the 'Eagle' land on the moon? Or not? NASA say they have "lost" the technology to "go back" now so WTF? I have seen a clip of Neil Armstrong talking with a kid and he admits that they never went to the moon.


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