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Thread: 1970-01-21 Record Plant, New York City. BOG

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    1970-01-21 Record Plant, New York City. BOG

    Wednesday 21 January 1970, Record Plant, New York City. BOG
    Producer: Jimi Hendrix (Heaven Research Unlimited)
    Engineers: Tony Bongiovi & Dave Ragno
    “Tony Bongiovi can be heard counting off and offering instructions.”

    ‘Crash Landing’ (Power Of Soul) (takes 1 - 3) unreleased
    ‘Crash Landing’ (Power Of Soul) (take 4, basic track & overdubs) (36, 37, 50, 51, 52, 55)
    ‘Crash Landing’ (Power Of Soul) (takes 5 - 14) unreleased
    Astro Man (takes 1 - 6) unreleased
    Astro Man (take 7) (10)
    Valleys Of Neptune unreleased
    Jimi (at the end): “We’ll just pack it up”

    BC: “That’s what Astro Man was all about [laughs] We used to love watching cartoons at his apartment. He enjoyed Mighty Mouse, and especially Rocky and Bullwinkle.”
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