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Thread: 1970-02-02 Juggy Sound, New York.

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    1970-02-02 Juggy Sound, New York.

    Monday 2 February 1970, Juggy Sound Studios, New York City.
    Producer: Jimi Hendrix (Heaven Research Unlimited)
    Engineer: Eddie Kramer

    Jimi guitar, the Rosicrucians - a band from Queens that Kramer was producing.
    Jam 1 ('5 minutes')
    Jam 2 ('considerabley longer')

    Mixing tracks for the forthcoming ‘Band Of Gypsys‘ album:

    31 Dec. 2nd show:
    Machine Gun (11)

    1 Jan. 1st show:
    Who Knows (9)
    Machine Gun (12)

    1 Jan 2nd show:
    Purple Haze (84)
    Hey Joe (52) (Billy Roberts)
    Wild Thing (28) (James 'Chip Taylor' Voight)
    Earth Blues (15)

    BM: "Jimi was aware of the political situation at the time. He purposely told me what 'Machine Gun' was all about. Beyond that, if you listen to the melody lines of 'Machine Gun,' it was really taken from a style of music which is called Delta blues. This is royal blues, like how they used to do it in the Deep South. Jimi had a deep fascination for Muddy Waters, but that particular song was definitely not Chicago blues style. I think it was most definitely from the Deep South that he came up with the time signature for that song."

    EK: "That song was Jimi's personal condemnation of war in general. It was a revealing, dramatic statement that has always had tremendous emotional impact."
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