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Thread: 1970-02-05 Juggy Sound, New York

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    1970-02-05 Juggy Sound, New York

    Thursday 5 February 1970
    Juggy Sound Studios, New York City.
    Mixing tracks for the forthcoming ‘Band Of Gypsys‘ album
    Producer: Jimi Hendrix (Heaven Research Unlimited)
    Engineer: Eddie Kramer
    2nd Engineer: Kim King ex-Lothar and the Hand People guitarist
    Kim King would become an assistant engineer to Kramer at Electric Lady

    1 Jan. 1st show:
    Stepping Stone (15)

    1 Jan 2nd show:
    Them Changes (6)
    Power Of Soul (44)
    Message To Love (25)
    Stone Free (27)
    We Gotta Live Together (2, 3, 4)’s ‘Encyclopaedia - Tape Log’

    BC: "We had rehearsed 'Changes' and a few others for Buddy. We didn't look at it as Buddy's part of the show. We were all there to give, we were all there to help, so it just happened. Matererial went on [the album] whether it was written by Jimi or not.
    We felt the concerts went well. We felt good doing them, and Jimi did all of his powerfull techniques he could think of. Then [during the first show] he just stayed there and got into it so heavy it was incredible. I might add that in previous gigs with th Experience he used a Fuzz Face and a wah-wah pedal, then at Woodstock he used a Fuzz Face, wah-wa pedal, and Uni-Vibe, but at the Fillmore East he used Fuzz Face, wah-wah pedal, Uni-Vibe, and Octavia and it was incredible. In fact you could hear all of it kicking in on 'Machine Gun.' It was incredible. There were people in the audience with their mouths open. After the shows were finished, Jimi was quite relieved. He had fulfilled his obligation and was getting this whole [situation] off his back.

    EK: I’m stting here with Kim King, he’s one of the first engineers to be employed at Electric Lady
    KK: When you first introduced me to Jimi in-in this capacity, ah. We talked for a minute or two and-ah, and he said, “Oh, right, you’re that slide player from the Night Owl, and, ah, in 1966 when he was Jimmy James and The Blue Flames at the Café Wha? I was in Lothar and the Hand People at th’. . .
    EK: You actually saw him there?
    KK: … at the Nigh’… not only saw him, we jammed together…
    EK: Wow
    KK: … on a daily basis, because it was free hamburgers at the Night Owl to any musicians that…
    EK: Aahh, that’s so..
    KK: …then we were all broke, you know, so…
    EK: You were broke along with jimi..
    KK: Yeah

    KK: "Juggy Sound had just installed a sixteen-track machine, but it was still a funky old R&B studio. Eddie and Jimi told me that they were tired of the Record Plant and wanted to work elsewhere. Eddie, in fact, was doing a few other things at Juggy, including a Buzzy Linhart album and some demos for a band from Queens called the Rosicrucians.
    The first Hendrix sessions I did with Eddie was preparing rough mixes of the Band Of Gypsys live material. Kramer said, 'Let's see how good you are at editing. What I want is all of the guitar solos left in and all of the drum solos left out.' That was how we started. We also did a couple of oddball things with Jimi there. There was one session where Jimi was really into something good. Unfortunately, we ran out of tape, but I had found some hubs with bits of blank tape on them. After the session, one of them dropped out in the middle and I had to hand spool twenty-four hundred feet back on to the reel. Fortunately, this was out of the view of Eddie and Jimi!"
    On other occasions, Jimi would show up and we would do some bizarre guitar experiments or work on overdubs for things he had recorded at other studios, but the focus was on the live album, and the push was on to finish Electric Lady. I had developed a rapport with Eddie, and he offered me a job at the new studio the sessions.

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