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Thread: 1961-XX-XX ? Vancouver, unknown venue, Canada

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    1961-XX-XX ? Vancouver, unknown venue, Canada


    Ken Kesey was also at Stanford (like Ginsberg), but was given his LSD at Menlo Park veterans hospital in Palo Alto. They (separately) took part as paid guinea pigs to take mind altering drugs for the psychiatric dept. Reportedly the information was shared with the CIA, who used it in their secret MK-Ultra project. It was the first time he had taken LSD. Kesey, who has a part time job at Menlo Park, stole some quantity of this still legal drug (and other ‘psychedelics’) and shared them with friends at parties.
    Philip Roth’s Catch 22 is published
    Dr Humphry Osmond participates in a Native American Church ceremony in which he ingested peyote. His hosts were Plains Indians, members of the Red Pheasant Band, and the all-night ceremony took place near North Battleford (in the region of the South Saskatchewan River). Osmond published his report on the experience in Tomorrow magazine, Spring 1961. He reported details of the ceremony, the environment in which it took place, the effects of the peyote, the courtesy of his hosts, and his conjecture as to the meaning for them of the experience and of the Native American Church.
    Sometime this year, after the Ink Spots, Curtis seems to have started a solo career.
    He claims after a gruelling trans-continetal Greyhound bus ride to New York (as if: “Honest, I had hard times too, not just Jimi,” pish, Jimi didn’t do badly, or Curtis, they were both well known musicians)
    15 year-old Noel Reddingwas with The Lonely Ones, at some point they auditioned for the Southern TV talent show Home Grown, but didn’t make the grade.
    Early (Winter) 1961
    New York City, Cafe Wha?, New York, USA
    Bob Dylan (19-years-old - ie only a year and a half older but much more privileged than Jimi) plays here on his first night in town. Five years later Hendrix would debut there with his first ‘rock’ band as ‘The Blue Flame’.
    Friday 17 January
    Eisenhower warns of Military Industral Complex taking over the government
    Monday 20 January
    Washington D.C. Capitol building. John Kennedy is sworn in as President of the USA
    Tuesday14 February 1961 Liverpool, The Casanova Club, 10 Mathew Street, UK
    The Beatles are filmed on silent colour film. Song featured is most likely the medley Kansas City/Hey, Hey, Hey.
    Tuesday 21 February 1961
    Liverpool, Cavern Club, 10 Mathew Street, UK
    The Beatles play their first gig here.

    [Date?] 1961?
    Vancouver, unknown venue, Canada
    Concert by Thomas And The Tomcats with Jimmy - guitar
    Al Hendrix: “One time Jimmy left me a note saying that he and some of the group had gone to play in Vancouver. Walter Harris told me that the car broke down, and they ended up having to push it. After a whole lot of problems, Jimmy just said ‘Man I’m so disgusted, I ain’t gonna play with those guys no more’. But each time a chance to play came ‘round, he just couldn’t turn it down.”:

    “Dad, the band came by to pick me up to play tonight at Vancouver I’ll be back as soon as it’s over.
    [signed] James.”

    Tuesday 11 April 1961, Gerde’s Folk City, New York, USA
    Bob Dylan is the support act for John Lee Hooker
    Wednesday 12 April 1961, Outerspace. Yuri Gagarin pilots ‘Vostok’ in an orbit of planet Earth
    Tuesday 2 May 1961
    Seattle, Juvenile Detention Center, 1211 E Alder St, [or local police cell?], Washington, USA
    Eighteen-year-old Hendrix is locked up for a day after being arrested with three others for riding in a stolen car. [UK not even a crime. Ed.]
    Friday 5 May 1961
    Seattle, Juvenile Detention Center, 1211 E Alder St, Washington, USA
    Hendrix is locked up for seven days until his court appearance, after being arrested with others for riding in a stolen car again.
    Jimi: “I spent seven days in the cooler…but I never knew it [the car] was stolen”. [UK if you are driving the car it’s your problem, unless there is evidence to show that anyone else was materially involved in the “taking and driving away” (note: not “theft”) Even if you were charged with this it would be usually be a large fine and a driving ban for some time (for lack of insurance), ie at best you have inconvenienced someone (not too serious) have committed other driving offences by this act, and may (probably) have gone on to do worse (not an offence, but influences verdict)]
    [Date? see above?] 1961
    Seattle, Washington, USA
    Jimi: “I had [a car] back home but a girlfriend wrecked it. She ran it straight through a hamburger joint.” [Jimi having a private joke?]
    [Disc and Music Echo, 28 January 1967]
    Friday 12 May 1961
    Seattle, Seattle Juvenile Court, 1211 E Alder St, Seattle, Washington, USA
    Hendrix is found guilty, but his two years sentence [an outrageously draconian sentence for sitting in a stolen car! (is this true?) must be coz he was poor and “black”] is suspended on condition that he enlists in the army as he declared was his intention. The offences remain on record.
    [Interestingly the Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia “stole” his mother's car in 1960, and as punishment, was forced to “join” the United States Army. He also received basic training at Fort Ord. He wouldn’t participate in activities, missed roll call, and was AWOL several times. As a result, Garcia was given a general discharge on 14 December, 1960 – Hendrix arrived there five months later and was discharged under very similar conditions, but claimed homosexuality as well just to make sure.]
    Wednesday 17 May 1961
    Seattle, Army Recruiting Center, Washington, USA
    Hendrix signs up for the 101st Airborne
    Jimi: “Because I didn’t have a cent in my pocket, I walked into the first recruiting office I
    saw and went into the army.”
    “I volunteered to get it over with so that I could get my music together later on.”
    Al Hendrix: “He tried to get jobs around town at that time, as busboy or supermarkets or anything, but there just was nothin’ shakin’. He was eh, oh, classed by the... 1A, he knew he was gonna go. So, he said that uh, eh, instead of them gettin’ him then puttin’ him in whatever category they wanted to, he was gonna enlist and-eh, get into what-eh, service he wanted. So, he says he wanted to get into the paratroopers. He wanted to get one of these Screamin’ Eagle patches, which he did.”
    [Day?] Late May 1961
    Seattle, “street dance”, Washington, USA
    Betty-Jean says Hendrix proposed and gave her an engagement ring.
    Monday 29 May 1961
    Seattle, King Street Train Station, WA, USA
    Hendrix leaves Seattle by train for Fort Ord. He is processed and signs a confession to stealing clothes from a shop as a juvenile. He doesn’t mention the two riding in a stolen car offences. They are though on record and are checked by the military, but his attempt at deception on this is ignored by them.
    Wednesday 31 May 1961
    Fort Ord, California, USA
    Hendrix enlists for a three year term. He begins his eight weeks basic training.
    Jimi: “…I hated the army immediately.”
    [Date unknown] June (possibly October) 1961
    New York City, RCA Studios, New York, USA
    Bob Dylan plays on ‘Midnight Special’ for Harry Belafonte’s LP.
    “Summer” 1961 London, The Boathouse, Kew Bridge. Mitch Mitchell briefly works with resident band The Crescents (formerly Pete Cresswell & the Crescents). Guitarist, Harvey Hinsley: "We also had various drummers including Terry Searly, Mick Underwood, Mitch Mitchell, Mick Burt and Mick Waller. These guys were never permanent and only helped out after John Aldrich left... Mitch Mitchell helped out and was experimenting with us and lost time a lot!! He told me once to change my strat for a Burns Black Bison?? I told him to stick to his drums!"
    Thursday 8 June 1961
    Fort Ord, California, USA
    “We don’t get paid till June 30th 1961, And so I would like to know if you might be able to send
    about 5 or 6 dollars. [...] I can and will pay you back at the end of this month, when we get
    [Letter to father Al].
    Thursday 22 June 1961
    Hamburg, Friedrich-Ebert-Halle School stage (used as a studio), West Germany
    Tony Sheridan backed by The Beat Brothers [ie The Beatles] record “My Bonnie” [Lies Over The Ocean] b/w [When] “The Saints” [Go Marching In], and others
    Sunday 9 July 1961
    Ealing, England. Mitch’s 14th birthday. He gets a job in Jim Marshall’s shop [he of the famous amplifier systems] and gets some drum lessons from him
    Friday 14 July 1961
    Fort Ord, California, USA
    Hendrix fails to qualify as a marksman, he is the lowest scoring in his section of 36 men.
    Friday 11 August 1961
    Ford Ord, California, USA
    Jimmy: “I‘m supposed to be going to Fort Lee, Virginia at a clerical and typing school.”
    [Lies that he qualified as a sharpshooter – he was lowest scoring out of 36 men]
    [Letter to father]
    21 August 1961
    Billboard [advert]: Hits A Poppin!
    Bright Lights, Big City [b/w Call Me Mr. Luck]
    Jimmy Reed Veejay 398
    1449 S. Michigan, Chicago, 5, Ill
    Covered later by Hendrix.
    August 1961
    Curtis Knight releases his first solo record "Voodoo Woman / That's Why" (Gulf 45-031) "Voodoo Woman"
    28 August 1961 Billboard reviews Voodoo Woman b/w That's Why (Gulf 45-031) by Curtis Knight: "Blues-oriented and folkish is this novelty. Chanter sings the lyric with extreme voice breaks and gimmicks."
    Also shows up as a first entry at 65, on the 22 August 1961 survey of New York radio station WABC.
    [Day?] September 1961, Millbrook, N.Y. Michael Hollingshead ‘The Man Who Turned On The World’ arrives with his mayonnaise jar full of Sandoz LSD mixed with sugar icing. He gives Tim Leary his first acid trip
    [Day?] September 1961
    Seattle, Washington, USA
    Jimmy was on his first leave and went back home for a couple of weeks. It seems his last visit to Seattle until he returned with the Experience in 1968. Although, later, he had plenty of time to visit he only did so on professional engagements. We hear moans of how he was ‘dragged forcibly’ away to Hawai’i on his last visit, but he had loads of free time before, during and after that working holiday (2 informal shows for a film project, ie one afternoon and 10 minutes of chat etc. and his last US concert (as it turned out), in Honolulu - 45 mins of one evening) in Hawai’i to return ‘informally’, but he never did.
    Thursday 7 September 1961
    Seattle, Washington, USA
    Jimmy heads back to Ford Ord, by bus, via San Francisco.
    Saturday 9 September 1961
    San Francisco, California, USA
    Around this time Jimmy arrived here, but “lost” his bus ticket to Fort Ord.
    Sunday 10 September 1961
    After “losing” his bus ticket to Fort Ord and therefore late, ie awol. Jimi phoned the MP’s who took him to the Presidio (army fort) there, where they kept him overnight.
    Monday 11 September 1961
    Ford Ord, California, USA
    Jimi is taken back by MP’s from San Francisco
    Tuesday 12 September 1961
    Ford Ord, California, USA
    Jimmy: “I’ve been gone [from home] only 4 or 5 days, and it seems atleast 2 weeks already – time is crawling by so slow, it seems.” He also tells him the bus story. After his signature he drew a little guitar.
    [Letter to father]
    29 September, 1961
    New York City, Columbia Studios, New York, USA
    Bob Dylan plays on sessions for Carolyn Hester’s debut LP. Albert Grossman is impressed and offers to sign him.
    [Day?] October 1961
    West Germany
    Polydor Records release Tony Sheridan and the ‘Beat Brothers’ [ie The Beatles] My Bonnie b/w The Saints. It goes to number 5 in the charts there.
    May-November 1961
    Fort Ord, California, USA
    There is a photo of him in cap & uniform posing playing a Danelectro with an unknown drummer - also in cap & uniform - outside barracks. A portrait in cap & uniform was also taken at some point. Jimi and an army friend ‘Sutee’ had a photo portrait taken – in uniform, fake palm trees back drop – ie ‘what a great exotic time I’m having’ - studio photo with him, as well as one just of himself – same fake back drop. There is also a photobooth snapshot of Jimi and “Sutee” in uniform, possibly ‘back up’ for his homosexuality claim?
    Wednesday 1 November 1961
    Fort Ord, California, USA
    Jimmywrites to Al:
    “I wouldn’t mind breaking a leg, or something, if I can come out wearing that screaming eagle patch and those airborne wings...”
    Thursday 2 November 1961
    Fort Ord, California, USA
    Jimmywrites to Al:
    “when You see me again, I’ll be wearing the Patch of proudness...”
    Saturday 4 November 1961
    New York City, Carnegie Hall, New York, USA
    Bob Dylan plays here billed as “His first concert in New York City” (ie his first headlining concert anywhere)
    Only about 53 people attend, mostly friends.
    Wednesday 8 November 1961
    Fort Campbell, Kentucky, USA
    Hendrix is assigned to the 101st Airborne division as he requested.
    Jimi: “It’s the most alone feeling in the world and every time you jump, you’re scared that maybe this time it won’t open. Then you feel that tug on your collar and there’s that big beautiful white mushroom above you and the air’s going ssssshhh past your ears [see his later lyrics – “ride the breeze”, “kiss the sky”, “riding with the wind” and his quotes of the tune, “The Breeze And I”]. That’s when you begin talking to yourself again.”
    [NME, 28 Jan 1967]
    “Oh well the first jump was hah-really out-a-sight like you’re in the plane you know, some o’ the cats has never been in a plane before, some people were throwin’ up in the, you got a big bucket, you know, a big garbage can sitttin’ in the middle. It was great, huh-in the beginning the plane was goin’ rrroar! just roarin’ and shakin’ and you could see the rivets just jumpin’ around, talk about what am I doin’ here. You-you’re just there at the door and all of a sudden, you know this flap-rush. A split second thought went through me like ‘You’re crazy.’ Physically it was a very, very-uh, you know, falling over backwards feeling, you know, in your dreams and it’s almost like blank and it’s almost like a crying and you wanna laugh. It’s so personal, ‘cause once you get out there everything is so quiet, all you hear is the breezes-s-s-s, you know, [see his later lyrics – “ride the breeze”, “kiss the sky”, “riding with the wind” and his quotes of the tune, “The Breeze And I”]like that. You’re there all by yourself, then you can talk very low, you can ta’-scream or anything and I think how crazy I was for doin’ this thing, but I loved it, you know. Anyway and then you’re supposed to look up, you know, and you see if your chute has opened and if it’s open then you can say, ‘Thank the Lord’.”
    [See My Music Talking (film released in early1968]
    Monday 27 November 1961
    Fort Campbell, Kentucky, USA
    Hendrix’ 19th birthday
    18 December 1961
    Billboard advert: From The House Of Hits > Don't overlook this one! Breaking in Los Angeles, St. Louis, Houston, Chicago and Detroit!
    "Look On Yonder Wall" b/w “Shake Your Moneymaker"
    271 W. 125TH ST. NEW YORK, N. Y.
    Look On Yonder Wall obviously provides almost the whole of Howlin’ Wolf’s ‘Down In The Bottom’ (‘written by’ Willie Dixon for him, which is definitely the main source), as it is to Hendrix’ ‘Lover Man’.
    25 December 1961
    Folkstone, England. Noel’s 16th birthday
    Late 1961, Well known UK group Frankie Reid & The Casuals’ drummer, Peter Stretch, left and 14 year-old! Mitch Mitchell was brought in by Danny McCulloch (later New Animals). Mitchell was also recommended to Reid by Marshall, who had given him some informal drum lessons previously.
    Frankie Reid & The Casuals #3 (Late 1961-spring 1962)
    Frankie Reid – vocals
    Roger Bluck – lead guitar
    John Donald – rhythm guitar
    Danny McCulloch – bass
    Mitch Mitchell – drums
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