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Thread: 1969-03-15 Record Plant, New York City. Blue Window

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    1969-03-15 Record Plant, New York City. Blue Window

    Saturday 15 March 1969 Record Plant, New York City. No gig
    Buddy Miles Express
    Jimi–guitar, Jim McCarty-guitar, Duane Hitchings-organ, Billy Rich-bass, Buddy Miles-drums, James Tatum& Bobby Rock-sax, Tobie Wynn-sax, Peter Carter & Tom Hall-trumpet
    Producer: Jimi Hendrix
    Engineer: Warren Dewey

    Blue Window Jam (1) only Jimi involvement is some chat
    Blue Window Jam (2)
    Message To Love (1) Not in JMcD

    NME (UK, Friday 14) Jimi: “I’m working on MY OWN ALBUM called THE LAST RAYS OF THE MORNING SUN on which I am having a string section and the Mormon Tabernacle choir. It’s going to give a lot of people the answers to questions they are searching for. It’s going to straighten a lot of people out (laughter).
    There’s another album to come from the Experience - I’m dropping my name as a prefix, we are a three-piece group and not enough credit has been given to it - titled ‘Little BAND OF GIPSIES’. It’s a jam type album [ie the one he’s going to give to PPX. Ed.].”
    AYE 64 Billboard
    ELL 57 Billboard

    16 No gig, New York City
    17 No gig, New York City
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