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Thread: 1967-03-04 Paris, Europe 1 radio studio, 26 rue François 1er.

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    1967-03-04 Paris, Europe 1 radio studio, 26 rue François 1er.

    Saturday 4 March 1967.
    Paris, Paris 1, 'Europe 1' radio studio, 26 rue François 1er.

    JHE radio interview (possibly a live broadcast - unconfirmed).

    Alain Dister: "At the studio they let Jimi listen to Johnny Hallyday's [single] version of his big success 'Hey Joe'. Without much embarrassment he politely makes clear with an economic expression on his face that he is not impressed.. He is hardly able to discover the famous 'feeling' in Hallyday's noise."

    4. Colombes (Paris), Omnibus, 3/5 Rue St. Denis, Région Parisienne, France.
    JHE concert (40 minutes) in the afternoon
    4. Paris, University of Paris - Assas - Students Associations Hall, 92 Rue D’Assas,
    JHE concert (40 minutes) between 03:30 and 06:30.

    Sunday 5 March 1967.
    5. Loison-Sous-Lens , Twenty Club, Salle Cuvelier, Picardie, France.
    JHE concert [club opening] (40 minutes) afternoon show starting at 16:00
    Courtrai [Kortrijk], [unknown] Hotel, Grand Place [Main Square] Belgium.
    The JHE arrived from France.
    5. Mouscron, Twenty Club, 18 Grand Place, Hainault, Belgium.
    JHE concert (40 minutes). Evening show.

    Monday 6 March 1967. No gig
    Brussels, Hotel Central, Place de la Bourse, Belgium.

    Early afternoon, JHE with an entourage of 9 others check in.
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