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Thread: 1967-03-07 Waterloo, Universal Video, Belgium.

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    1967-03-07 Waterloo, Universal Video, Belgium.

    Tuesday 7 March 1967. No gig
    Waterloo, Universal Video, Belgium. JHE.

    09:30 The group leave the Hotel Central, Place de la Bourse, Brussels.
    B&W TV recordings for the Belgian BRT (Flemish) TV program 'Tienerklanken' [‘Teenage Sounds’].

    Jean Coghe: "A studio located in ‘the dreary plain’ of Waterloo, in a building surrounded by fields."
    At noon there was a break. The group had lunch with TV technicians in the studio canteen.

    Songs (mimed to 45 single):

    Hey Joe (Billy Roberts)
    Stone Free

    Jimi looks extremely bored and at times he barely moves his lips.
    Original 1967 broadcast date unknown.
    The film is avaiable
    In late afternoon Jimi, Chas, Mitch, Noel and Tony Garland flew back to London.

    Wednesday 8 March 1967. No gig.
    Speakeasy, London

    Possibly a jam session with Jimi, Mitch and others?

    09 Hull, Skyline Ballroom, Jameson Street, Yorkshire, England.
    JHE concert (45 minutes, between 20:00 & 01:00).
    10 Newcastle, Club A Go Go, Percy Street, Northumberland, England.
    JHE, two shows between 20:00 and 02:00.
    11. Leeds, International Club, 58-62 Francis St., Chapeltown, Yorkshire, England.
    JHE concert (35 minutes)
    12. Ilkley, Gyro Club, Troutbeck Hotel, Crossbeck Road, Yorkshire, England.
    JHE concert (cancelled after ~ 10 minutes?)

    Monday 13 March. No gig
    Amsterdam, Schipol Airport, Holland.
    Jimi, Mitch, Gerry Stickells, and a roadie called Jeff flew in on the 15:30 flight from London Airport, Heathrow. Noel missed the flight and arrived in the early evening.
    Mike Jeffery flew to New York to confirm the US deal with Warner/Reprise Records.

    Jerry Voisin (Polydor rep.): "Yes, I picked up Hendrix from the airport.”

    Hotel Schiller, 36 Rembrandtsplein, Amsterdam.
    JHE arrived.

    Hall, (above) unknown restaurant, Leidseplein, Amsterdam.
    JHE rehearsal

    Jerry Voisin (Polydor rep.): “That evening they rehearsed in a small hall above some restaurant at the Leidseplein in Amsterdam."

    The American Hotel (‘Hotel Americain’), Leidseplein, Amsterdam.
    A National Heritage site.
    Meeting with TV host Judith Bos. That night JHE go clubbing in Amsterdam.

    Club 67 (disco), Lange Leidsedwarsstraat (near the Leidseplein), Amsterdam.

    Peter Muller (club DJ & founder of ‘Hitweek’ magazine): “In March 1967 I was working as a DJ in Club 67, a brand-new discotheque on the Lange Leidsedwarsstraat near the Leidseplein. At that time it was the biggest club in Amsterdam. Mr. Kempers, the owner, had invested several hundred thousand guilders in the place. To begin with, it was the first disco with its own closed circuit tv system, a huge dancefloor and no less than three bars. I was on a sort of ‘stage’ playing my records, mostly solid rock, r&b and soul, mixed with popular top 40 songs. It was a quiet night when Jimi Hendrix entered the club. He had just finished TV recordings for ‘Fanclub’ at the adjacent Bellevue location, which had ended disastrously [mix up for next day. Ed.]. After the recordings - we could see Jimi move his lips limply - he walked out into the city, fed up with the TV recordings, and ended up in a practically empty Club 67. He sat down with his back to me at the large bar near the dance floor. I have seldom seen somebody sneak in like he did, head bowed down, almost like someone following a coffin, so to speak. I immediately noticed he was quite stoned. Apart from myself none of the people including the staff had recognized Jimi, in spite of his fuzzy hairdo and striking military coat. As soon as I saw him I dove into my record tray looking for his big hit “Hey Joe”.
    “Ladies and gentlemen, he has an enormous hit with “Hey Joe”... and he is herrrrrrrrre tonight at Club 67... in person... the master of the guitar... Jimi Hendriiiiiiix!”
    And at the same time “Hey Joe” would blast from the speakers. How often does it happen that the number one musician of the charts walks in? Every DJ’s dream! And it happened to me on a weekday’s night! Yes, it was exactly as I had imagined it, but while Jimi ordered himself a beer, I cursed myself for this missed chance as of all records this one was lacking. Every DJ’s nightmare!
    “Ladies and gentlemen, we welcome Jimi Hendrix who has just arrived at Club 67... he hit the charts with “Hey Joe”... I’m sorry Jim, but I don’t have your record... you know, it was sold out everywhere!”, I said to make up for it. Nobody reacted, nor did Jimi. I was just about to play a Shadows record (you have to do something) to welcome the famous visitor and to offer him a drink on the house, when Mr. Kempers walked over to me looking gloomy. “Peter, you know our policy at Club 67 and that means no drugs! This is a club for decent people and not for addicted hobo’s. This man’s got to go!” In the distance I could already see the doorman approaching, a mountain of a man. I quickly explained to Mr. Kempers who Jimi Hendrix was. That we had to make use of this opportunity! That we had to nurture celebrities, because they attract customers. Even I had shoulder-length hair and walked around in an extravagant 19th century monkey suit. Wasn’t it a good idea to get a copy of the record after all? Didn’t they live above the record store on the Leidsestraat? Kempers wouldn’t even consider it but did turn away the doorman. This disaster – Jimi Hendrix who was thrown out of the club – I had staved off. I sat down next to Jimi with a red face and introduced myself, stammered that I was a big fan, that he was number one in the Dutch charts and that I was so ashamed that I could not play his record. Jimi looked at me shortly and made a gesture as if to say he couldn’t care less. He mumbled something. I would have loved to have a chat with the guitar legend, but it was obvious he totally didn’t feel like it, so I left him in peace. After ten minutes he got up and shuffled to the exit. Mr. Kempers looked relieved. The next day I bought the single “Hey Joe” after all.
    “Ladies and gentlemen, last night Jimi Hendrix himself was here, you know, the man who is number one in the charts with “Hey Joe”... After the tv recordings for Fanclub Jimi has had a great time at Club 67... In an exclusive interview he told me: ‘Peter, Club 67 is the place to be! This is where it’s all happening!”'

    Noel: "Went to bed 2:30."
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