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Thread: 1962-11-13 Nashville, Club Del Morocco, TN

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    1962-11-13 Nashville, Club Del Morocco, TN

    Tuesday 13 November 1962
    Nashville, Club Del Morocco, Jefferson St., Tennessee, USA

    Jimmy is with the King Kasuals.
    Frank Howard [of the Commanders]:''I never throw anything out.'' Howard was conducting a tour through his basement ''museum'' of the Nashville R&B scene.... the Del Morocco had been the hottest spot [on Jefferson Street], a watering hole for Jackie Robinson and Joe Louis when they were in town.
    Hendrix meets guitarist (Lawrence) "Larry" Lee. He later plays with JH in the Bonnevilles and the King Kasuals [also “Gypsy Sun and Rainbows” for a couple of months in 1969.]
    Jimmy also stopped payments and returned the Ibanez guitar he had on hire-purchase from Collins’ Music Store, Clarksville.
    14 November 1962
    Little Richard (+ Billy Preston and Sounds Incorporated), Hamburg, Star Club, W. Germany.
    Tuesday 20 November 1962
    London UK. 21-year-old Bob Dylan leaves America for the first time to visit London. It was the coldest winter on record in Britain. Maybe reminded Bob of a Minnesota winter? Cliff Richard and the Shadows’ ‘the Young Ones’ was number one, and there were only two TV channels and three radio stations (all BBC, the BBC only had a few hours a week dedicated to youth, chart pop music. So Radio Luxembourg became a popular alternate source at this time, it had started dropping it’s non pop shows and devoting more air time to the youth listeners.)
    Dylan had been spotted playing in a Greenwich Village club by enfant-terrible TV director Philip Saville. Saville felt he'd be perfect for the part of Lennie, the rebellious young lead in a high-profile BBC drama Madhouse on Castle Street. An example of Britain's disturbing and surreal new genre of so-called 'boarding house drama'.
    Despite his total lack of acting experience, Dylan was hired for a substantial fee, brought over to the UK and put up at The Mayfair hotel. He was in London for three weeks. He introduced himself to the folk scene, which was a direct parallel of the one he'd left behind in New York. Both were leftish, vibrant, cultish affairs that would provide Dylan with the springboard to transform popular music. Very likely he would have become aware of rising star ‘Beverly’.
    He attends the script reading at the BBC
    He visits the Troubador folk club in the evening
    Over the next three weeks Dylan visits, and usually plays a brief set at, various other folk clubs and pubs, including: The King & Queen; Bunjies Coffee House; The Roundhouse; Les Cousins and, possibly, The Establishment. As well as the folky hang-out, record shops Collet’s and Dobell’s. Hang’s out with Martin Carthy and becomes friends with him. Andrew Oldham [future Stones’ manager] gets Dylan to introduce him to his manager Grossman who employs Oldham as publicist for a week.
    Tuesday 27 November 1962
    Nashville, Tennessee, USA
    Jimmy Hendrix’ 20th birthday.
    DECEMBER 1962
    Tuesday 4 December 1962
    The Beatles’ first London TV appearance, on Rediffusion's 'Tuesday Rendezvous'. Broadcast live from Wembley studios, they mimed to 'Love Me Do' and the opening of 'PS I Love You'.
    No record of this performance is thought to survie.
    Friday 14 December 1962 USA, Columbia Records released Bob Dylan’s first 45 single, he is backed by a group – it too flops.
    "Mixed Up Confusion b/w Corrina Corrina" (Columbia 4-42656)
    Saturday 22 December 1962 London, ‘The Singers Club’. Bob Dylan performs again.
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