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Thread: 1963-03-13 [?] Columbia, [unknown venue], SC.

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    1963-03-13 [?] Columbia, [unknown venue], SC.

    Early March? 1963
    Nashville, ‘New Era’ club, TN.
    According to MC-singer (Odell) "Gorgeous" George, after notifying the public here that he was looking for a guitar player he recruited Hendrix for one of Henry Wynn’s “Supersonic Attractions” tours of the South with Aretha Franklin “the New Queen of the Blues” and Hank Ballard & the Midnighters.
    Wednesday 13 March 1963
    Columbia, [unknown venue], South Carolina, USA

    Hendrix sent a postcard home to his father:
    “Dear Dad, just a few words to let you know I made it to Columbia S.C.
    Tell everybody ‘Hello’, with love, Jimmy”.
    Presumably still with George on the Aretha/Ballard tour?
    It has been claimed by Ballard’s guitarist, Billy Davis, that he had not only tutored Hendrix [at home – ie at Al’s!] a year previous!, but that he got him in the band, briefly, until they dumped him on the road, in Knoxville because, “He couldn’t play the music right.” [ie the usual pish. What happened to George?]
    There is a colour photo of Jimmy, in a white frilly shirt, playing a sunburst Stratocaster, that has been claimed to be from a gig with Ballard?

    Jimi Hendrix: "I started playing around all over the South, you know. We had a band in Nashville, Tennessee, and eh, I got tired of playing that cause they didn't want to move anywhere. They just want to stay there. So I started travelling.”
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