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Thread: 1960-XX-XX Seattle, Birdland, WA

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    1960-XX-XX Seattle, Birdland, WA

    [Date?] 1960
    Seattle, Birdland, Washington, USA

    Concerts: Thursday night teenage dances, (later Wednesdays and Sundays?)
    Fred Rollins: “One night before a gig at ‘Birdland’ Jimmy was called into the men’s room for [a fight] with a band member whose girl dug him…When they came out… it looked like Jimmy hadn’t bothered to defend himself. He had a bloody nose, his hair was messed up, and he was puffy in a few other places, but he cleaned himself up and went on and did the show anyway. Soon after that incident Jimmy ceased playing with ‘The Rocking Kings’.”
    Walter Harris: “That bit in one book about a fight over girls in the bathroom at ‘Birdland’ isn’t true.”
    Anthony Atherton: “We played many social clubs and halls, like the Washington and Polish halls, The Shrine, Birdland and the Boy’s Club in the Central district.”

    3 July 1960 Newport Jazz Festival. Muddy Waters’ electric band is recorded live
    9 July 1960
    Ealing, England. Mitch’s 13th birthday. He lands a job on BBC TV as ‘young Macbeth’ in their production of Macbeth. Possibly it’s around this time that he gets advice on drumming from “session drummers” and ‘jazz’ drummer Kenny Clare?
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