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Thread: 1960-XX-XX Ballard, unknown venue, WA

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    1960-XX-XX Seattle, Ballard, Masonic Temple?, WA

    [Date?] 1960
    Seattle, Masonic Temple?, Ballard, WA.

    Concert: All State Tournament
    The Rocking Kings, reportedly, won second prize - on one? person’s [who?] statement only, no other evidence?
    Bill Eisminger (bass, ‘The Stags’): “We also had ‘Battle Of The Bands’ at the ‘Roycroft Theatre’ and at the Masonic Temple.”
    Walter Harris: “Jimmy would do the ‘Pigeon’ or the ‘Duck Walk’, just like Chuck Berry across the floor… Jimmy was very expressive. He’d put his whole body into it.”
    Junior Heath: “Jimmy was always a performer [no doubt. Ed.] He liked to play his guitar between his legs [a definite maybe. Ed.], and behind his back [a definite maybe. Ed.], and with his teeth [not. Ed.].”
    Fred Rollins: “Jimmy would always go into his show time routine on stage. This would enrage all of ‘The Rocking Kings’.” [no one else mentions it annoying them. Ed.]

    [Date?] 1960
    Indianapolis, The Place To Play, Indiana Avenue.

    The Presidents, a “rock ‘n’ roll band” from Louisville KY, on the way to Motown Records in Detroit, stopped off to play at a club, ‘The Place To Play’, in the historic jazz district. They were very popular and in demand. So after falling out with Motown over their session they returned and ended up staying. Between sets they also had attractive ‘stage girls’, comedy acts and Raymond Belt the M.C. livened their act by impersonating Moms Mabely.

    Alfonso Young (lead gtr): “[Indiana Avenue when we arrived was] dark, dark, dingy [laughs]. No lights, everybody just movin’ like snails. And after we got here, played awhile, the lights went on, signs went up. People puttin’ in new lights, an’ new this an’ new that, you know. And everything got real crowded. [Jazz bands had to make way for the R&B bands that attracted young audiences]. I never liked jazz [laughs]. I don’t know, I don’t know what mood you got to be in to play it. I don’t know what you got to drink, don’ know what you got to drink, Pepsis? Or, what you got to drink? You know, t’[laughs]-to play the jazz. But I know what it takes to play, you know, rock ‘n’ roll and blues.”

    Raymond Belt: “You know, I was the MC for this group called ‘The Presidents’ an’ I was trying to find something else to do besides just coming up an’, you know, to get the audience ready. Then one Saturday morning we were just foolin’ around and I did Mom’s voice and the guys said, ‘Hey, you sound like Moms, say, why don’t you do that act tonight?’ you know, bang! The light come on an’ I said, ‘Okay.’ An’ I did the act and it turned out so well, people, you know, wanted to keep seein’ me do it.”

    David Williams (14-year-old fan): “In the early 1960’s I would come down the Avenue to go to ‘The Place To Play’, because I heard there was this, this fabulous ah, rhythm ‘n’ blues band called The Presidents, they were out of ah, Louisville, Kentucky. They featured David Leon, the great Alfonso Young ah, and other great musicians, so I just uh, had to see them. So, I would go into ‘The Place To Play’ and I would lower my voice, I was only fourteen-years-old, but I was tall, and I would say [gruff voice], “Could I purchase one of those tickets please,” so I could get in there and see ‘The Presidents perform. I may have put a little mascara on my lip to make a moustache [laughs].”
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