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Thread: 1963-08-XX < Nashville, Fidelity Recording Studios [?], TN

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    1963-08-XX < Nashville, Fidelity Recording Studios [?], TN

    Date?] August/November? 1963
    Nashville, Fidelity Recording Studios [?], TN.

    Producer: Robert Fisher
    Robert Fisher has claimed he recorded four songs with the Bonnevilles (Fisher kybs, Hendrix gtr, Larry Lee gtr, [unknown] bs, Isaac McKay dms, Harrison "Capp" Calloway*1 tmp, Aaron “Heinz Ketchup” Varnell*2 sax. He can only remember two of the titles, ‘Snuff Dripper’ and ‘Ouch!’, it is claimed theses recordings still exist, “in storage”.
    According to Billboard (April 1960) these studios, owned by a Kenny Marlow, were “destroyed by fire” in December 1960. Presumably they relocated? But the article only mentions his publishing business and record label, ‘Image’, offices relocating (ie ‘re-opening’ 3 months after the fire), doesn’t mention a new studio.

    *After Jimi left, both (along with Harvey Thompson) became the King Kasuals' horns. All three were later members of the Muscle Shoals ‘Fame Gang’ horns.
    1'Capp' played in both the TV bands Nightrain & The!!! Beat Boys with Billy Cox and Johnny Jones & later was co-founder of (the famous) Muscle Shoals horns.
    2Aaron Varnell played in the The!!! Beat Boys too.
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