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Thread: 1963-08-XX < Nashville, Fidelity Recording Studios [?], TN

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    1963-08-XX < Nashville, Fidelity Recording Studios [?], TN

    Date?] August/November? 1963
    Nashville, Fidelity Recording Studios [?], TN.
    Producer: Robert Fisher
    Robert Fisher has claimed he recorded four songs with the Bonnevilles (Fisher kybs, Hendrix gtr, Larry Lee gtr, [unknown] bs, Isaac McKay dms, Harrison "Capp" Calloway*1 tmp, Aaron “Heinz Ketchup” Darnell*2 sax. He can only remember two of the titles, ‘Snuff Dripper’ and ‘Ouch!’, it is claimed theses recordings still exist, “in storage”.
    According to Billboard (April 1960) these studios, owned by a Kenny Marlow, were “destroyed by fire” in December 1960. Presumably they relocated? But the article only mentions his publishing business and record label, ‘Image’, offices relocating (ie ‘re-opening’ 3 months after the fire), doesn’t mention a new studio.

    *After Jimi left, both became the King Kasuals' horns.
    1'Capp' played in both the TV bands Nightrain & The!!! Beat Boys with Billy Cox and Johnny Jones & later was co-founder of (the famous) Muscle Shoals horns.
    2Aaron Darnell played in the The!!! Beat Boys too.
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