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Thread: 1962-XX-XX [2] Clarksville, Pink Poodle club, College Street, TN

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    1962-09->> Clarksville, Pink Poodle club, College Street, TN

    [Date? after] August 1962
    Clarksville, Pink Poodle club, College Street, TN

    Jimmy is with the Kasuals. After Billy's discharge they were renting a house at 610 Ford Street.

    Billy: "Jimi got discharged about two months before I did and [then] we rented a house together in Clarksville.”

    Billy: “Jimmy Hendrix and I were working at a club called the Pink Poodle in Clarksville, Tennessee, and that wasn’t too far from Fort Campbell from where we got this job. Well, this one night, the gig was over with, I was packing up, and Jimi didn’t have anything to pack up, he left his amp on the stage and he always carried his guitar in his hand. In the early years Jimmy did not have a case for his guitar, because he did not want to take the time to take the guitar out of the case to practice. He wanted to have the guitar ready to play at any time and that’s why Betty Jean, the name of his guitar at the time, did not have a case. Well, this one night Jimmy tell me, he says, ‘Billy could you do me a favour?’ As we were packing up, I said, ‘Yeah, what do you need?’ He said, ‘I’m going to Springfield, to see my girlfriend Joyce, and could you stop by in the morning and pick me up, ‘cause I’ve got a ride tonight?’
    I say, ‘Okay, very good, pick you up.’ So, I went on to the house that we had rented and it was maybe three blocks away from the club.
    Got up that next morning, headed towards Springfield to pick up Jimmy. So, I pulled up at the house, Joyce’s house, where Jimmy was. I’m, blew the horn. So, I waited a minute, Jimmy came out, got in my car, I looked at him, I says, ‘Man, you look like death warmed over!’
    He said, ‘You’re not gonna believe what happened to me last night.’ I said, ‘What happened?’
    He said, ‘The guy dropped me off and to get from there to Joyce’s is about, almost a mile,’ he said, ‘So, I got out and walked through the little road there and all of a sudden a vehicle pulls up behind [me].’ He turned around to see what it was and it was a truck with some guys in it, an’ then they started making racial slurs and threats and telling him what they’re gonna do to him. Jimmy’s on alert, the truck stops, it’s 2:30 in the morning, no one else was around, but as luck would have it, a cornfield runs right beside the road. By my count Jimmy had five talents that placed him in the category of an exceptional human being. We already know what one was and a second was his ability to run. First time I found out how fast Jimmy could run, was when he, Larry Lee and myself had a race and by the time we got out, ‘Ready, set, go,’ before me and Larry Lee could get our sprint on, all we could see was Jimmy’s feet and him touching the tree we had designated for the finish line; that guy could really run. So Jimmy tells me, he runs into the cornfield, these guys jump out of the truck and run behind him into the cornfield. But what they don’t know is Jimmy Hendrix is an exceptional runner, on top of that he’s trained by the 101st Airborne Division, and he took evasive action. And they searched and searched and searched and they never found Jimmy. Jimmy was laid down not too far from then, on top of his guitar. And he lay in that position motionless until he heard them get back in the truck and he heard the truck take off. But he was not going to come out of that field. Next thing you know he had laid on his guitar, that he kept with him all the time, he had slept on it and the sun came up. So, every time in ‘Red House’, when I hear Jimmy saying, ‘That’s all right, I still got my guitar,’ I think about that night when Jimmy hid out in a cornfield, in fear of his life. It was that night that I believe Jimmy crossed over and something happened [‘woo-oo, spooky’ – ie bollocks. Ed].”
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