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Thread: Avoid ......

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    Avoid ......

    This heads up was posted by Steve Rodham over at Jimpress.

    CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
    Paperback, 54 pages.
    ISBN: 978-1979315487.
    1 Nov. 2017, £4.99.

    The first thing you notice about this thin volume is that, despite being called Little Richard & Jimi Hendrix!, it has Jimi Hendrix and Wilson Pickett on the cover. The next thing you will notice is just how much white space there is around the cover and each of the pages. This despite the text being printed in an uncomfortably small font. It doesn’t get a lot better as we shall see.

    Createspace is a publishing platform introduced by Amazon to help independent authors get into print. A laudable exercise but unfortunately the execution does not match the intent. Whether fault lies with the author or Amazon I do not know but, as we shall see, this book has the production values of 1975. Sadly, as I write this, it is 2017.

    Take any book off your bookshelf and take a look inside. I bet it has a credits page, a contents page, and an index. This has none of those. There would be little point in an index anyway since this one has no page numbers either. Nowhere in this book does it tell you who wrote it. I gleaned that information from the Amazon website.

    It gets even worse when you read the book. I had hopes that it would be a work of research into Jimi’s time with Little Richard. I was to be disappointed. The first half is a short biography of Jimi and the second half a short biography of Little Richard.

    The Hendrix biography is copied verbatim from Wikipedia and it is followed by a short discography, identical to the one on Wikipedia. I am sure you can guess where the Little Richard biography and discography came from.

    Amazon describes this as “Little Richard & Jimi Hendrix, illustrated biography.” There are three pages with photographs on them, a total of 5 photos in all. Well, actually, only four as two are the same picture cropped differently. Two of the four are a repeat of the ones on the cover, one does show Jimi and Little Richard and the fourth just Little Richard and his band.

    No sooner had I got over the audacity of someone just downloading some text and releasing it as their own work than I discovered five more books involving Jimi. There are many others by the same author that don’t involve Jimi. I use author in the singular as, although more than one name is credited to these books, they are clearly perpetrated by the same person. A person who I am sure is not called Arthur Miller or S. King.
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    Re: Avoid ......

    These 'books' that are simple dumps of Wikipedia articles are all over eBay (in Australia at least) and have been for some time, on various topics and often at exorbitant prices. Not sure how they haven't been outlawed.

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    Re: Avoid ......

    I can't remember the last time I bought a Hendrix book, there's always been garbage out there. Having said that I need the latest Benjamin Franklin set :/


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