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Thread: the 5-2-70 film or video

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    the 5-2-70 film or video

    there was a guy in milwaukee, rob sherman, ron? he was an avid hendrix collector, and first made note of the scene club tape as a rumor back in 1975 to me. anyway there was talk of the madison wi 1970 show being filmed or it turned out some nyc benfit that included sets by johnny winter. anybody know of this?
    also whatever happened to the memphis videotape from the ellis auditorium 1969. the story of the taper leaving his gear and going back to find it in the same was a video recorder not audio. mike maxwell in castelberry florida offere it to me in trade in 1978 and i declined. he said it wasnt very good and knew the taper, it was black and white, and the taper remembers i dont live today and the feedback bouncing off the walls. anyone know about that? i kick myself for declining, i didnbt have a vcr at the time. ty.

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    Re: the 5-2-70 film or video

    That's probably the Memphis film your talking about??? Great little clip and great sync job.

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    Re: the 5-2-70 film or video

    The quality on this is better than I remember. Is this an upgrade or have I just not watched this one in a while


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