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Thread: Complete Monterey Pop 4K Blu Ray December 2017 Release

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    Complete Monterey Pop 4K Blu Ray December 2017 Release

    Perhaps they should have titled this the "Slightly More Complete Monterey Pop"

    A re release of the 2009 Complete Monterey now in 4K.

    What does this have that the 2009 release did not?:

    1. Additional Outtakes not in the 2009 release (some of these have already been on you tube in one form or another)
    a. Grateful Dead Viola Lee Blues 8:23 (complete Audio is over 14 Min from the boots). This is really a good edit though and great sound. Finally they are on an official Monterey release... (BTW Cold Rain and Snow is also on the Iconic Performances From The Monterey Pop Festival audio CD release from this past summer too)

    b.Moby Grape Hey Grandma

    c. Steve Miller Blues Band Mercury Blues and Super Shuffle (both are partial and not complete)

    2. Some additional interviews and other bonus features

    Lastly this is a great way to get a high quality copy of the Jimi Plays Monterey Douglas version of the film. For those of you that long to see the old Douglas Jimi Plays Monterey edit in Blu Ray instead of the EH edit this set is reasonably priced and you also get the most complete package of the Monterey Pop film and outtakes released to date as well.
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