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Thread: 1969-10-XX5 Juggy Sound, New York City. Jimi, Billy, Buddy

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    1969-10-XX5 Juggy Sound, New York City. Jimi, Billy, Buddy

    [Dates?] October 1969
    Juggy Sound, New York City. Jimi, Billy, Buddy

    This was where the initial sessions for what would become BOG were held, we are told.
    The studio was built by Sue Records owner Juggy Murray. Hendrix had signed a three year contract with Sue, and his Copa management in July 1965. Mike Jeffery bought his contract in 1966.
    Producer: ?
    Engineer: ?



    BM [through rose tinted?]: "...and then the next thing I know that, I get a call ah, about twelve o’clock that afternoon – I had, didn’t go to bed ‘til about eight o’clock that morning – he said, “Buddy, Buddy. Come on, man, let’s go down an’ play, man. Let’s go back down to Baggies [sic. Juggy? Baggies was surely much later?].” An’-heh-heh, so I just look an’ I say, “Ah-all right.” You know, an’ so I said, “Okay, man,” you know, so, about four o’clock that morning we did it again, non-stop.”
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