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Thread: 1962-XX-XX Clarksville, Pink Poodle club, College Street, TN

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    1962-XX-XX-1 Clarksville, Pink Poodle club, College Street, TN

    [Date?] 1962
    Clarksville, Pink Poodle club, College Street, TN

    Jimmy is still in the army; he is with the Kasuals

    Billy Cox: "Then some guys from Clarksville, Tennessee, came on post and heard our playing and wanted us to play in town, so we added a saxophonist, Major Washington. This band was called The Kasuals, and playing in Clarksville was about the extent of it."

    (Major) Charles Washington [saxophone, briefly]: “Somehow Jimmy would manage to pawn this guitar before a gig and the band would have to repossess it. Nothing else could be used, he had to have this specific guitar… It really appeared that Jimmy in many cases was never really with us. He did a lot of concentrating on his music and a lot of the small talk that the typical guys would make – he would not enter into it… we would look over at him occasionally and there he is, staring... on Cloud Nine. You didn't really get to know him that closely, as far as the exact line of thinking."
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