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Thread: 1962-07-02 Clarksville, Pink Poodle club, Tennessee

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    1962-07-02 Clarksville, Pink Poodle club, Tennessee

    Monday 2 July 1962
    Clarksville, 411 Glen Street, TN

    Jimmy was given his honourable discharge from the US Army and he moved into this address in Clarksville. Billy was not discharged until two months later.
    He is with The Kasuals who have a residency at the Pink Poodle club. He meets Joyce Lucas at some point.

    Jimi [publicity hype for the UK market]: "Anyway, my discharge came through, and one morning I found myself standing outside the gates at Fort Campbell, on the Tennessee-Kentucky border with my duffel bag and three or four hundred dollars in my pocket. I was going to go back to Seattle, which was a long way away, but there was this girl there I was kinda hung up on. Then I thought I'd just look in at Clarksville, which was near; stay there the night and go home next morning. That's what I did, looked in at Clarksville. I went in this jazz joint and had a drink, liked it and stayed. I came out of that place with sixteen dollars left, and it takes a lot more than that to get from Tennessee to Seattle. All I can do I thought is get a guitar and try to find work here.
    "I remembered that just before I left the army, I'd sold a guitar to a cat in my unit. So I went back to Fort Campbell and slept there on the sly that night. I found the guy and told him I just had to borrow the guitar back."

    "I moved to Clarksville [411 Glen Street] where the group I was with worked for a set-up called W.&W. Man, they paid us so little that we decided that the two Ws stood for Wicked and Wrong."
    Frank Zappa: "Rock journalism is people who can't write interviewing people who can't talk for people who can't read."

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