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Thread: Sunrise Sunset - From JPIO Apr 2009

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    Sunrise Sunset - From JPIO Apr 2009

    This is not other version of Sunrise Sunet, there is another in the site wich has Not Seeds from long time ago,
    so I uploaded this original version from JPIO..
    I put it inside a ZIP file, so all the tracks files has the original date & time..

    ================================================== ========
    Jimi Hendrix: Sunrise Sunset [From 2nd Gen tapes (Flat Masters)]

    Gypsy Sun and the Rainbows Line-up:
    Hit Factory Rehearsal Tapes August 20-26, 1969 - Previously Uncirculated in any form:
    1) Instrumental Jam (6:25)
    2) Instrumental Jam (:43)
    3) Instrumental Jam (:45)
    4) Instrumental Jam (2:01)

    Band of Gypsys Line-up:
    Record Plant Dec. 19/69
    5) Message To Love (No guitar solo in middle section) (3:43)
    6) Message To Love radio program (7:23)

    Sunrise / Sunset (Race Records 002 (Sharing The Groove) / 17.07.2004 / 1CDR)
    (Woodstock Rehearsals, Jimi's House, Shokan, NY july-aug.1969 plus Band of Gypsys Rehearsals, Baggy's, New York City, NY 18-19.12.69 / Radio Promo, 1975; 21:06) 2nd Gen


    Woodstock Rehearsals: Tracks 1-4: Excerpts from Instrumental Jam (JA3) > Jams with Mitch (JA4-JA5) [listed as "Instrumental Jams I-IV"]; 6:25, 0:43, 0:45, 2:01 /

    Band of Gypsys Rehearsals: "Message To Love" ( ); 3:43 / Radio Promo for the TM Radio Special "Message to Love", 1975; 7:23

    - In the release notes for this CD the Woodstock Rehearsals material is erroneously listed as being Rehearsals from Hit Factory, New York City, NY 20-26.08.69.
    - The Woodstock Rehearsals material featured on this disc consists of excerpts from the instrumental jams that Jimpress indexes as JA3/JA4/JA5. On the complete tape, the first 4-minute jam (JA3) has bass along with the guitar and drums, and sounds a little more developed than the rest of this recording, so it has been given its own track entry. The remainder is just Jimi and Mitch and is little more than fragments and explorations, and with many tape cuts between the various portions. It has been speculated from the themes quoted in this section that it might come from after Woodstock, possibly early September. This recording was likely done on 4-track, and whether due to oversight or design, one of the tracks has been replaced by an unrelated instrumental with flute for about the first 13 minutes.
    - More material from the Woodstock Rehearsals tape is available on Race Records 003 "Gypsy Sun - Complete Rehearsal".
    - The complete tape - along with alternate mono mixes that have the "Flute Jam" and the main jam separated off each other - is available on ATM 221-223 Rev A "Gypsy Suns and Rainbows: Shokan - Jammin' Back at the House".
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    Re: Sunrise Sunset - From JPIO Apr 2009

    Hello Pancho!
    Good to see you around!
    Thanks for the upload!

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    Re: Sunrise Sunset - From JPIO Apr 2009

    Thank you very much!


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