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Thread: 70-08-01 HONOLULU, H.I.C. (Honolulu International Center) ARENA, HI

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    70-08-01 HONOLULU, H.I.C. (Honolulu International Center) ARENA, HI

    Saturday 1 August 1970
    H.I.C. (Honolulu International Center) Arena, O’ahu island, Hawai’i, USA. JHE [II]

    Concert by The Jimi Hendrix Experience at 20:00 [last concert in the USA]
    A great pity they didn’t record this show professionally, instead of the two on Maui.
    Audience tape: five songs only. Hopefully another tape will turn up?
    Film: 2 minutes silent 8mm colour
    Support : The Lucky Mud Travelling Medicine Show
    Promoter: radio station K-POI AM & FM
    Audience: 8,400 - sold out.

    1. Strate Ahead (10), 2. Spanish Castle Magic (61), 3. Freedom, Ezy Ryder (43), Foxy Lady, The New Rising Sun (Hey Baby) (18),
    Message to Love, Red House (96)
    Also (unrecorded): The Star Spangled Banner, Purple Haze, All Along The Watchtower, Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
    And probably the following:
    Freedom, Message to Love

    Honolulu Advertiser (03 August) ‘Jimi Hendrix. ‘Loudest Experience’’ by Wayne Harada: “Call it drawing strength: Jimi Hendrix had a sell-out house of 8,400 in his third Island appearance in as many years. He displayed his audio-visual hurricane Experience 1 Aug. at the H.I.C. Arena. It was a trip to Decibel City: a cacophony of electrical storms, coupled with a blizzard of frenzied artistry. It was loud and lethal for the senses, but the wizard of the whining guitar had warned his audience early in the program ‘It’s going to be loud. It will get louder. It will get loudest.’ He wasn’t kidding. The audience of hip and young folk dug it. Hendrix appeared, looking like a Madam Butterfly in his kimono-sleeved outfit with psychedelic oranges and greens, and his music was equally colorful: emphatic, trance-like, piercing, ranting, riveting. There were the landmarks: ‘Foxy Lady,’ ‘Purple Haze.’ Plus some bonus ramblings, such as ‘Easy Rider.’ The now-classic ‘Star Spangled Banner’ enabled Hendrix to indulge in theatrics, simulating machine-gun fire and bombs bursting in air. Mitch Mitchell on drums and Billy Cox on bass augmented Hendrix’ consistent guitarmanship and vocalry.
    […] Hendrix was right. It got louder. And it was loudest by the time the group was cheered on to do an encore.”

    P.W.: “My memories of that evening recall that Jimi didn’t seem too enthused to be playing what everyone wanted to hear. I remember also unhappy expressions on his face as he struck notes that he was disappointed with.”
    [Straight Ahead]
    Well, after seeing the Isle Of Wight movie we could all “remember” that (40 years later). He seemed perfectly happy to be playing Foxy Lady etc. on Maui just two nights before, on the Thursday, and wasn’t making faces whenever he played a bum note. Ed.

    Steve Roby: “It was hot and humid that evening, and there was definitely some kind of energy in the air. The concert opened with only one performer. He was heavily into Hare Krishna and serenaded us for about an hour (it seemed longer).
    […] Jimi went through a set very much like the one he did at the LA Forum [sic, ‘Inglewood, The Forum’] show that same year. For the encore, he managed to include ‘All Along The Watchtower.’

    Jimi: It’s gonna be loud an’ it might get louder, it might get loudest, wreck your-ha-ha, island. I hope so . . .

    1. STRATE AHEAD [music from ‘PASS IT ON’ originally]

    Hello my friend
    So happy to see you again
    I was so alone, all by myself
    I couldn’t take my jacket

    Have you heard, baby
    What the wind’s just blown arou-ou-ound
    Have you heard, crack o’ day
    Such a lot of people’s comin’ right on down

    It’s time for you and me
    Learn to face reality
    Forget about the past, baby-y
    Thing’s ain’t what they used to be-e

    I said “Get out of your grave-uh
    Everybody is dancin’ in the street”
    Do what you know, baby
    Got to practice what they preach
    Hey yeah
    Hey yeah…..down

    Come straight ahead baby
    Go straight ahead, baby

    Give us all the truth, babe
    We don’t need a whole lot o’ lies

    Give them love…
    You’d better give it right
    I don’t give a damn, baby
    If your hair is short or long
    Yeah, yeah….

    ….straight ahead… babe

    So happy to see you again
    I was so alone, all by myself
    I just [couldn’t make it?]

    Jimi: Like to give you all another song, just come round the front, a thing called Easy Rider,
    like to dedicate it to all the boys here...

    2. EZY RYDER*

    There goes Easy, Easy Rider
    Ridin’ down the highway of desi-re
    He says the free wind takes him higher
    Flyin’ to his heaven above
    He’s dyin’ to be lo-oved

    He says livin’ is so magic
    Today is forever, so he claims
    He says dyin’, oh, it’s so tragic, baby
    But don’t you worry about today
    We got freedom comin’ our way

    See all the lovers say “Do what you please”
    Got to get the brothers together
    And the right to be free
    In a cloud of angel dust* I think I see a freak
    Hey motorcycle mama, you gonna marry me?

    Then I’ll be sto-one crazy, sto-one crazy

    There goes Easy, Easy Rider
    Ridin’ down the highway of desi-re
    He says the free wind takes him higher
    Tryin’ to find his heaven above
    But he’s dyin’ to be lo-oved
    Dyin’ to be lo-oved

    There goes Easy Rider
    Tryin’ to fly higher
    There goes Easy Rider

    *Jimi himself said this song was about cocaine – as was the film, partly
    PCP (Phencyclidine) an anesthetic with hallucinogenic properties


    Hey, Gypsy baby, where do you come here from?
    She looks at me and grins
    And looks out to space and says,
    “I’m comin’ from the land of a new risin’ Sun”

    Then I said, “Hey baby, where are you tryin’ to get to?”
    She says, “I’m gonna spread lovin’ deep down inside
    All over, to you an’ you an’ you’ an’ you.”

    I’d love to say, “May I come alo-o-ong?
    May I come alo-o-ong? pretty baby
    May I come alo-o-ong?”
    “Yes you can come along”

    Hey baby [where do you come here from?]


    It’s very far awa-ay
    It takes about a half a day to get there*
    If we travel by your-ah, dragonfly
    No it’s not i-in Spain, baby
    But all the same you know it’s a groovy name
    And the wind's just right, hey

    It’s a whole lot of fun
    …don’t take too much
    I said Spanish Castle magic

    The clouds are really low
    And they overflow with cotton-candy
    And sometimes battle grounds
    Red and brown
    But it’s all in your mind, baby
    Don’t waste your time thinkin’ about bad things2
    Just float your ….
    Hang on my darlin’
    Hang on if you wanna go
    Spanish Castle magic

    * Jimi as usual skips some lyrics and ad-libs. The official line: “It puts everything else on the shelf,” is, as
    always, missing (This line was only used once, on the December Top Gear show).
    The title is fom the Spanish Castle night-club in nearby Tacoma, that Jimi visited occasionaly when a
    teenager. Apart from ‘Little Wing’ this is the only other song from ‘Axis’ that Jimi performed regularly.
    1 ‘It takes about a half a day to get there’ appears to be a reference to the beat-up cars Jimi & co. used,
    apparently sometimes ‘borrowed’, but in the rest of the song it’s a euphemism for an LSD trip
    2 It's obviously a tip about tripping (using the euphemism of a fantasised trip (ie visit) to the Spanish Castle
    Nightclub) as per Alduous Huxley's, Heaven and Hell etc. By the nature of acid, a trip
    can go both ways (hence ‘Laughing Sam’s Dice’ ie it’s a gamble), Jimi's advice: Don't spend you're time
    thinking about bad things (eg the battle ground's blood & mud, ie Vietnam - bum trip) just float your mind
    (think about nice things (the 'cotton candy') - good trip) It's all in your mind (Heaven or Hell - it's up to you).

    5. RED HOUSE

    There’s a red house over yonder, baby
    Lord, that’s where my baby stay-y
    Lord, there’s a red house over yonder, Lo-ord
    Lord, that’s where my baby stay-ay-y
    I ain’t been home to see my baby
    In about-ah ninety nine and one half days*
    About time to see her

    Wait a minute somethin’s wro-o-ong
    Lord, the key won’t unlock this door
    (what you talkin’ about)
    Wait a minute somethin’s wro-o-ong
    Lord, have mercy, the key jus’ won’t unlock this doo-oor
    Lord, I got a bad feelin’
    Lord, my baby don’t live here no mo-ore
    Ain’t said about leavin’ me
    That’s all right

    Chile said go back over yonder
    Way back over yonder, across the hill
    Lord, I might jus’ go back, over yonder, baby…..

    * Three month jail term
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