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Thread: Value of memorabilia

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    Value of memorabilia

    Hi forum

    I never bought a piece of rock memorabilia before, but about a year ago I took interrest in owning a little piece of the Hendrix*history. I followed the very cool auction thread on this page and seen the many cool things that is very often passing through. The hendrix guitar-repair kit was a quite special but I didn't get it.

    I noticed prices are very different - sometimes simple things like an autograph or a greeting in 1-2 lines goes for crazy amounts.

    I'm also seeing a lot of stuff I simply do not believe is true:

    The clothes here are not backed up my any proof and look a bit dodgy dont you think?

    Personally I like it to be related to his music so something like this that is actual lyrics would be ideal:

    I would like to hear your opinion on a piece such as this. Since it's sold on Christies I suppose it's my likely that it's his actual handwriting? Can someone recognise it?

    It seems it sold much lower than they expected.

    Would you fancy getting something like this or is it the Woodstock strat or nothing at all?

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    Re: Value of memorabilia

    Quote Originally Posted by SteveZissou View Post
    I'm also seeing a lot of stuff I simply do not believe is true:
    Anyone checked this out?

    Found these:

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