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Thread: Musicians union blackmail, Jeffery tried to dodge

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    Musicians union blackmail, Jeffery tried to dodge

    Anyone know anything about this having any truth to it, sounds ridiculous?:

    Doug Chappell [vox, Toronto 60's band, The Mid-Knights]: ”There was a rule back then from the musicians union. An act playing the Maple Leaf Gardens had to have 31 Local 146 members paid for the gig, whether they played or not. One night I put 31 guys together for the Jimi Hendrix show, but we didn’t play. I went backstage to get the money from Jimi’s manager and he said ‘meet us back at the hotel tomorrow morning.’ I got there and they’d gone.
    “We filed a grievance with the union and I sued them. Then when Jimi and his manager were at Madison Square Gardens they were told ‘you must pay Brother Chappell and the Toronto musicians x amount of dollars or you aren’t going onstage.' They got the money, sent it to me and I paid off the other bands!”

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