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Thread: New booklet

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    New booklet

    What we have is abooklet sent out for free from Jordan Roberts.

    I haveno idea how many have been published or mailed out but they are free.

    Down theyears we have had plenty of smashing books / booklets from various people dealingwith various standalone topics. Live concert shows, single venue appearances,country based publications. Some based on photo's others dealing with thehistory, appearances and legacy of performances.

    WheneverI think "fan" books Iím always reminded of The Oral History by Matt Taylor.A single sided print up in a ring binder focused on 18th February 1968! Marvellous stuff.

    With Jordanísouting we get a much smaller publication, A5 and less than 35 pages. The focusof the booklet is on Jimmy "Jimi" Hendrix's connection withVancouver. It covers Hendrix's relatives who lived in the area and touches onHendrix's own time there.

    The bookcomes with a USB soundcard, though I have no idea how to access this! It doessay this is the performance from September 7th 1968.

    It was areal surprise to find this when I got home and nice that it was free....................Not all Hendrix fans are on the make it seems!

    Giventhe predisposition towards ďfanĒ publications and / or single topicpublications it would be good to have them more publicised and accessible tobuyers, though in this instance as it is a free edition thatís not applicablehere!

    "That's the best news I ever heard" Bob Dylan

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    Re: New booklet

    The book is also avaialble here online:

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