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Thread: Billy Cobham on Mitch Mitchel and Buddy Miles

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    Billy Cobham on Mitch Mitchel and Buddy Miles

    MIKE TIANO: I’ll give you one more name: Mitch Mitchell [from the Jimi Hendrix Experience].

    BILLY COBHAM: [In a low growl] Craaaaaazy guy. Didn’t play well, but what a personality. And I would have loved to, if I could have, spent some time with Jimi. They were two floors below us, Dreams [a band Cobham was in at the time]. They were rehearsing; Janis [Joplin] was in the middle [floor]. Harvey Brooks is a really close friend of mine. He lives in Israel, in Jerusalem, and we kind of talk about those days because we were in a building that was condemned. But somebody was making money because they couldn’t get around to it, in Soho, to knock it down, they couldn’t get the permission, or something. And that building’s still there! Now it’s amazing, they restored it. But that was Baggy’s Rehearsal Studio and that’s where we all were. It was us, the Band of Gypsies with Buddy [Miles] and Billy Cox. Mitch wasn’t in that band. And then you’re there and whoa – off the hook, man.

    MIKE TIANO: As good as Buddy Miles was, he couldn’t hold a candle to Mitch Mitchell.

    BILLY COBHAM: Mitch was a drummer. Buddy’s a singer. But Buddy had that thing, man; he had that feel. All of these things, you just go, OK. And thank God for Buddy Miles, because he brought it to Santana. And, oh boy, you know with him and [Santana vocalist Alex] Ligertwood, and all – what an amazing band that was, man. It was off the hook, man.

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