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Thread: RE: New Raymundo de Larrain Photo (SOLVED!)

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    RE: New Raymundo de Larrain Photo (SOLVED!)

    Alright this scenario makes more sense to me now..
    Richard Busch did some work at Life Magazine. Raymundo de Larrain also did some work for Life Magazine.
    Thee two were friends. Raymundo de Larrain invited Richard Busch to his photoshoot.

    So these two photos should be credited to Richard Busch

    It is quite possible that this image also belongs to Richard Busch..
    Busch's photos are all B&W and de Larrain's are in color? Jury is still out on this one.

    I want to thank Ben V. for helping me work out this mystery these past few days.

    PS: If anyone has a larger version of the smaller B&W it would be greatly appreciated.

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