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Thread: Hendrix Photos and Artificial Intelligence

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    Hendrix Photos and Artificial Intelligence

    While researching on the subject of duplicate images and near duplicate images I found two possible solutions.
    One is a Python script with a few different methods for finding near duplicate images. This looks promising, but the main draw back that I can foresee with this is the massive load on system resource’s.. especially for an online version of my site.

    The second and even more promising solution with enormous future potential in the realm of AI photograph recognition is “Google’s Cloud Vision” which is still in beta right now.
    I came across this from this article.. Please do read this to give you an idea of where I’m gonna take this

    NY Times Using Google AI to Digitize 5M+ Photos and Find ‘Untold Stories’

    Google’s Cloud Vision.

    Google’s infrastructure would do the heavy lifting and would alleviate my site of the burden.. Perfect!

    I hope you can see where this going and the future potential of this project.

    Duplicates-- Check! Near duplicates-- Check! Facial regognition-- Check! Location identification-- Check! Optical Character Recognition-- Check!
    Plus it is compared against Google's database.. Awesome!!!


    And if you made it this far into my post..
    Here's a nice bonus.. A hi-res by Jonathan Stathakis

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