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Thread: Guitarist Andre Lasalle on Hendrix

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    Guitarist Andre Lasalle on Hendrix

    JHBLS - Andre Lasalle Returns!!!

    Andre Lasalle of Premonition and Burnt Sugar returns to the show to talk about his latest endeavors. We will open the show with his project with Vernon Reid for the Power of Soul CD. This song was released on the special edition that was featured at Wal-Mart. The song is a cover of Jimi's psycadelic blazer The Stars that play with Laughing Sam's Dice. We will also hear the backstory on that song and why he's not credited as playing on it. We will also talk to Andre about his providing the VHS tape to Janie Hendrix of Jimi's press conference at Frank's in Harlem. Finally we will also feature some more of Andre's newer music for you to enjoy. Do not miss this show!!!

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