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Thread: 1965-11-23 Boston, the Beach Ball, Revere Beach, MA

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    1965-11-23 ~ Revere, the Beach Ball, 596 Revere Beach Boulevard, MA

    Tuesday 23? November 1965
    Revere, the Beach Ball, 596 Revere Beach Boulevard, MA

    Mayes has it that the first night was on 24th and 3rd Dec as last - which it was not as they were playing in Syracuse on the 2nd.

    I'll take Hendrix' postcard date stamp (23rd) as the first night and the 1st Dec as last and so they only played nine nights

    ie Jimi’s, "about 10 days"). But he could have posted the card at any point. Maybe 24th was the 1st show and they only played
    8 days?
    Or, as I am more inclined, move it back a couple days, at least, due to to Jimi's text sounding as if the gig had already started,
    and 10 days seems to have been a standard booking for this type of gig at this time, and they would need a gap between 10 day
    residencies, surely?

    Jimmy Mayes: "[Owned by Mafia guy. Name changed from ‘Ebb Tide’ to create ‘new’ image after association with Mafia hit plot]"
    You should buy his book - whole chapter of Jimi info and tales!
    'Maurice James' is with Joey Dee & the Starliters, 1st of a 9? day residency.
    Support (or they just hung out?): The Undertakers (from Liverpool, England. They had a coffin on top of their station wagon.)
    Jackie Lomax (lead vox & gtr) was later signed to Apple & produced by George Harrison, who wrote ‘Sour Milk Sea’ the A-side
    to his 1st single. Their other guitarist, Chris Huston apparently replaced Jimi when he left.
    Hotel: Unknown. Apparently in Boston? As they had to drive to Revere Beach - according to Mayes. And Jimi says "We're in Boston. . .we're actually playing in Revere."


    Peppermint Twist
    (Joey Dee & Henry Glover)
    Shout (Part 1) (O’Kelly Isley, Ronald Isley & Rudolph Isley)
    [Presumably this was also part of the Isley Brothers set when Jimi was with them,
    one wonders how many times he had to play this]
    a.o. unknown

    Postcard to Al Hendrix. Date stamp: November 23, 1965. Lynn, Massachusetts.

    (Photo of Castle Mar Motel, Revere Beach, Massachusetts)
    [Jimi could have posted it at any point]

    Dear Dad. We’re in Boston Mass. We’ll be

    here for about 10 days. We’re
    actually playing in Revere. Tell
    “Ernie” I’m in her home state – I’m
    playing up here with
    Joey Dee and The Starlighters. I
    hope everything’s alright – We’re
    right next to the ocean right across

    the street!

    Obviously lying derelict for at least a year by the state of building and grounds, imho, this photo was taken on 17 June 1967:
    Attached Images Attached Images
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