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Thread: 1965-11-30 Revere, the Beach Ball, Revere Beach Boulevard, MA

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    1965-11-30 Revere, the Beach Ball, Revere Beach Boulevard, MA

    Tuesday 30? November 1965
    I am 100% the 1st date of this gig was at least three days earlier
    As both Mayes and 'Becoming Jimi Hendrix' used Jimi's postcard stamp date as indication of start date
    [could have been posted any time] prior to my turning up actual dates of next gig.
    , the Beach Ball, 596 Revere Beach Boulevard, MAJimmy Mayes: "[Owned by Mafia guy. Name changed from ‘Ebb Tide’ to create ‘new’ image after association with Mafia hit plot]"

    You should buy
    his book - whole 2 chapter of Jimi info and tales!

    'Maurice James' is with Joey Dee & the Starliters.
    Support (or they just hung out?): The Undertakers (from Liverpool, England.
    They had a coffin on top of their station wagon.)
    Jackie Lomax (lead vox & gtr) was later signed to Apple & produced by George Harrison,
    who wrote ‘Sour Milk Sea’ the A-side to his 1st single.


    Peppermint Twist (Joey Dee & Henry Glover)
    Shout (Part 1) (O’Kelly Isley, Ronald Isley & Rudolph Isley)
    [Presumably this was also part of the Isley Brothers set when Jimi was with them,
    one wonders how many times he had to play this]a.o. unknown
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