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Thread: 1963-09-XX Huntsville, unknown venue, Alabama

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    1963-09-XX Huntsville, unknown venue, Alabama

    [Date?] September 1963
    Huntsville, unknown venue, AL
    A dance
    The Bonnevilles
    According to Robert Fisher, band leader/vox & trumpet, the band at this point was:

    Guitar - Jimmy Hendrix
    Alto - A.W. Davis
    Tenor - Don Nunnelly
    Tenor - Aaron “Heinz Ketchup” Varnell
    Bass - Willie Young
    Drums - Isaac McKay
    & possibly:
    Organ - Joe Fisher

    Inc. covers of songs by:
    Ray Charles
    Johnnie Taylor
    Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland
    Rufus Thomas
    a. o.

    Robert Fisher: “When I walked into the room [above Joyce’s House of Glamour]
    that was more like a plain cubicle, with no windows, sitting on what looked like a
    very small twin bed was a tall string-bean of a young man. He was wearing a black
    do-rag on his head while plucking the guitar upside-down and left-handed.

    I had gained a reputation of being a Good Samaritan towards underemployed
    musicians in Nashville, and now Billy and Larry wanted me to take on a left-handed,
    upside-down guitar player who I definitely didn’t need. Still, judging from his skinny
    frame, I guessed that this Hendrix fellow had not been eating too regularly. So, that
    weekend I let him play with the Bonnevilles.

    He could do more with a guitar than the Ringling Brothers could do with a red, white,
    and blue elephant [!!?]. Whether it was playing the guitar behind his back or picking
    it with his teeth, his antics really fired the crowd up.

    Jimmy’s stage presence added confidence to the band. He took a group of musicians
    and made an even better band out of them.”

    Frank Zappa: "Rock journalism is people who can't write interviewing people who can't talk for people who can't read."

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