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Thread: 1963-09-XX Parsons, unknown venue, TN

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    1963-09-XX Parsons, unknown venue, TN

    [Date?] September? 1963
    Parsons, unknown venue, TN
    A dance
    The Bonnevilles
    According to Robert Fisher, band leader/vox & trumpet, the band at this point was:

    Guitar - Jimmy Hendrix
    Guitar - Larry Lee
    Alto - A.W. Davis
    Tenor - Don Nunnelly
    Tenor - Aaron “Heinz Ketchup” Varnell
    Bass - Willie Young
    Drums - Isaac McKay

    & possibly:
    Org - Joe Fisher

    Inc. covers of songs by:
    Ray Charles
    Johnnie Taylor
    Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland
    Rufus Thomas
    a. o.

    Robert Fisher: “After Huntsville, the Bonnevilles would boast two lead guitar players.”

    “The motel situation being what it was at the time, we were fortunate that my parents
    and my wife’s parents had plenty of room and were always glad to accommodate the
    guys in the band. When we were on the road, the guys in the band were always happy
    to stay in Parsons and Decaturville, which are about five miles apart. There was always
    plenty of food and good hospitality. My parents, in-laws, relatives, and friends were
    always glad to put the guys up for a night or two.”
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