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Thread: 1967 May Newspaper & Magazine Articles (Text Only)

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    1967 May Newspaper & Magazine Articles (Text Only)

    Monday 1 May 1967
    (cover) Rolling Stones: scandalous?
    jimi hendrix

    Petula at the top
    Humperdinck meant
    (Page 38) [2 B&W photos Jimi in restaurant & a club] THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE
    "What this man does on his guitar could get him imprisoned for rape!"
    Such is the description that an English journalist liked to give to the one whose first success "Hey Joe"
    is also the latest victim of
    It is the past but it was in Mouscron at the famous "pop club" the "Twenty" that Jimi Hendrix appeared
    before a Belgian public and the fact is that on stage, "that" is worth it.

    He looks like a Mongol! His dishevelled hair makes a real helmet on him, his magnificent military cut
    black jacket with gilded braids all lined with fur gives him the air of Attila
    [Note: Attila was a Hun, not a
    And one wonders if where he passes, [‘lovers of the status quo recoil’??]. Obviously, he is not alone: to
    his left are the rest of his "
    experience" a drummer and a bassist.
    Here we go! The first song is wild and the one that attracts most attention at first glance is the drummer,
    a real tornado! In the second piece, the play begins:
    Jimi, who plays left handed, caresses his guitar,
    touching, sighing, clawing and with the continuation of the recital the acts continue: he passes it around
    his neck, his legs... The solo of "
    Hey Joe" ?? He plays with his teeth! The guitar groans and screams.
    Dissatisfied with what he is doing to it, its executioner takes on his amp in his final piece: he seizes it
    "hand-to-hand" and shakes it like a plum tree, it is the moment chosen by the bassist, led by example,
    to use his bass as a vulgar doormat, he tramples on it lightly, while the drummer demolishes his fifth
    stick. Obviously breaking everything and making noise is within the reach of everyone, but continuing to
    play perfectly as a virtuoso is what makes
    Jimi Hendrixa unique showman. A great musician, he plays
    Like A Rolling Stone" and "Wild Thing" like Bob Dylan or the Troggs never heard. This "one-man
    guitar explosion" has not stopped us from being stunned.

    (Page 39)
    — Who is the best -Jimi Hendrixor Eric Clapton?
    — (Smile) I haven’t seen Clapton play for too long or "seen"Hendrixplaying to judge...
    — You played with Joey Dee and the Starliters?
    — That's right, but not long.
    — During their period of glory?
    — No later.
    — Do you think that it is possible that a new dance could provoke a world madness as was the
    case with the twist?
    — Perhaps, in the States, at present we have many dances which have been successful
    — A new "mania" is close?
    — I do not believe for two or three years.
    — Do you feel a difference when you are performing in front of a public speaking a language
    other than English?
    — Yes, because we wonder if we are understood, but it is the music that counts especially.
    — Did you hear the copy of "Hey Joe" by Johnny Hallyday?
    — Yes, he's a good guy and I will not hurt him.
    — Do you know that in Belgium the true lovers of your genre consider this as a kind of theft?
    — Why? I do Dylan, for example, and there is no harm.
    — Yes, but you do it according to your own arrangement, while in general the French tend to
    copy entirely.
    — Indeed, they should put a little more personality into their recordings.
    — Are you a “soul” singer?
    — Not quite, but we feel what we play.
    — Is the music you play the kind you like the most?
    — Yes, of course!

    Some details about The Jimi Hendrix Experience.
    The musicians : Jimi Hendrix : lead singerandlead guitar. Noel Redding: backing singer and bass.
    Mitch Mitchell
    : drummer
    Jimi Hendrix : Born 27 November, 1945 at Seattle (Washington)22 . Plays guitar, piano, organ,
    , bass. Favourite singers : Dylan, Muddy Waters, Elmer James, B.B. King, Ray Charles.
    Favourite groups : Cream, John Mayall, Spencer Davis, Shotgun Express, V.I.P’s. Composers:
    Dylan, Muddy Waters, Mozart. D
    iscoveredand produced by Chas Chandler, ex-Animal.
    Mitch Mitchell : Born 9 July 1947 at London. Plays : drums and percussion.
    Favourite singers : Jon Hendricks, Graham Nash. Favourite groups : Beatles, Hollies, Cream, Who.
    Played with Georgie Fame before.
    Noel Redding: Born 25 December 1945 at Folkestone. Plays : bass and guitar. Favourite singers:
    Steve Marriott, Dave Knight, Ray Charles.
    Favourite groups : Booker T and M.G’s, Beach Boys,
    he loves old rock.

    Frank Zappa: "Rock journalism is people who can't write interviewing people who can't talk for people who can't read."

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    Re: 1967 May Newspaper & Magazine Articles (Text Only)

    [Day?] May1967

    BEAT INSTRUMENTAL (cover) [Colour photo of group, backstage at the BBC for TOTP in 1966]
    (Page 20) [B&W photo, ‘Mitch Mitchell’] ‘Sounds Like’ By Britain’s Top Drummers
    I use a Premier kit with a special black and white stripe finish. It is usually seen on Beverly kits. I
    have a 22 x 17 inch bass drum, a 14 x 8 inch tom, a 14 x 14 inch tom, and my snare is the
    Premier 2000. I have special fittings and I use no dampers.

    Many drummers loosen their heads to give volume, but I don't, the drums cut through [on] their
    own. I might amplify them soon through a 50 watt set-up, but many drummers have had trouble
    with mikes and I don't want anything inside the drums.
    John Hiseman tried contact
    mikes, but they weren't very successful.
    I try to get the loudest possible musical sound, with the emphasis on "musical", so I have a very
    loud kit.

    I've checked by listening to it up front when other drummers have used it on tours.
    I also have a small kit for recordings and another normal one I bought from Animal Barry Jenkins.
    I'm having that recovered at the moment. I also hope to get a Gretsch kit with a small 18 inch
    bass drum. These small drums are ideal for recording.

    According to Jimi Hendrix, he was walking under the sea when he thought of “Purple
    e”. But don’t worry it was all part of a dream he had. No one can see the connection
    between the dream and the song, but that’s his story.

    (Page 22) [B&W photo Jimi on TOTP ’67; Chas Chandler interview & brief Hendrix quote]
    HENDRIX L.Pby Ray Jones
    SOMETIME around the end of the month, there’ll be a debut LP out from the Jimi Hendrix
    , which must be the loudest (and most exciting) threesome currently stampeding the
    clubs. No title yet for the album, but all the songs have been written by
    Jimi himself. Jimi is very
    much on a composing kick these day. . . Says
    ex-Animal Chas Chandler, Jimi’s manager-

    CC: “I told him one day that he sounded like a manic depressive. It was at a Press reception. So
    while he was answering the questions he came up with a song about
    manic-depressives. We
    kidded him about teddy-bears and he wrote a song about them in a car going from a hotel to the
    [Univibes: Jimi probably wrote ‘Teddy Bears Live Forever’ on his way to Hamburg in mid
    March 1967 and recorded it at the end of March. Jimi signed a poster on 9 April 1967 with the
    words ‘Teddy Bears Never Die.’]
    One, ‘The Wind Cries Mary, is a new and rather Dylanish
    sort of thing
    [Hardly, its a Jimi-ish sort of thing. Ed.]—and Alan Price is very keen
    on recording it
    . Bur so far, we’ve not done much about pushing Jimis songs around to other
    artists—he just does them himself.”

    RJ:[Question about Jimi’s use of electronic effects on the LP]?”
    CC: The LP? Well, there is double-tracking, but only three musicians. Jimiuses a special fitting on
    his Fender Stratocaster—it looks like a fuzz-box. But it’s of special high frequency and knocks the
    guitar up an octave for a second track recording. A bloke showed it to him when he was working in
    the Chislehurst Caves. Now it’s been improved and has a foot
    switch and volume control. Sounds
    great on one special LP number
    , ‘Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire’, which is quite a number.”
    RJ:So far, Jimis career has gone exactly as you dreamed it would. Two criticisms crop up from
    time to time. One: he’s much too loud?

    Said Chas: “People who just hear the loudness are blind to what he’s really doing. Certainly he isn’t
    going to change. We’ve had this technical problem from time to time, but somehow it’s all right now.
    In Hamburg, recently, we heard from a Japanese firm who specialise in
    amplification, and so on, and
    they’re doing a brand new special design for
    Jimi. It’s revolutionary: and things can’t go wrong with
    it. At present, he is using bigger valves
    in hisamps to save wear and tear on them.”
    RJ: The other criticism: that his stage act is too sexy?”
    Said Chas:“This is ridiculous. It all adds up to narrow-mindedness. It comes from older folk who
    probably go to strip clubs for their kicks. Then they put pop music down. No, we’re all out to build up
    the sheer personal excitement of
    RJ:“[Question about Jimi’s guitars]”
    CC:[Guitar wise Jimi always uses Fenders, and is hoping for a tie-up with them. He’s been
    through six already—
    two stolen, two others “fogged” up on him. Always has two with him on dates.
    Funny thing with
    Jimi—he’s a left-handed guitarist, but he just won’t use a left-handed, specially-built
    instrument. Says they can’t be as good because there aren’t so many made. He just reverses the
    strings.] But recently we went to a club where there was a rather aged trio playing.
    Jimi felt like
    playing. So he went up, borrowed the guitarist’s
    instrument which was strung the right way, and
    played it left-handed. I thought I’d seen
    everything, but this was ridiculous. Sheer brilliance.
    [On another occasion, Jimi actually fell off the stage, ending up 30 feet into the raving audience. He
    shed his guitar,
    chucked it on stage. Not surprisingly, the neck broke in two.]”
    Now Jimi wants a chance to take his talents back to America — it was in Greenwich Village that Chas
    first heard him. He was due to tour with the Beach Boys but, instead, went out with the Walker Brothers
    in Britain.
    Jimi, generally, is now very much the Londoner.
    RJ: [Question about group finances]? Incidentally, both the other members of the Experience and
    manager Chas Chandler are on a share of the profits
    [ie:CC: “[Noel, Mitch and me are on a share of
    the profits
    .”Well Chas & Mike saw plenty of it! They had a 40% (50-50) share, off the top!! Not sure the
    two boys saw too much of it after that though -eh? Ed.]
    I worked too long as a backing-group musician for too little bread to let my own group go
    short. It’s a hard life and the boys are very important to me.”

    Frank Zappa: "Rock journalism is people who can't write interviewing people who can't talk for people who can't read."

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    Re: 1967 May Newspaper & Magazine Articles (Text Only)

    [Day?] May? (June) 1967
    ISKELMA (page ?) ‘How To Get A Gastric Ulcer’ by Antti Einiö
    The plane from København came surprisingly in time [22 May Helsinki], and out of the plane came
    three horrible looking hairdo’s plus a bit more modest head, which belonged to moustached road
    manager Mr. Stickells. I did warn customs of the arriving guests, but their mouths still fell open
    when Jimi, Mitchand Noel appeared.” [rest of text?]

    [Day?] May (June) 1967
    W. Germany (BDR)
    LEGAUF UND SIEH FERN (page 1) JIMI HENDRIX - through the glasses of reason
    (Page 11) [B&W photo of Jimi sitting on the floor at Ringo’s with a large stack of 33’s with no
    protective sleeves - sounds there must have been very crackly!
    'Dreaming by an English fireplace – with beat-records – that’s Jimi Hendrix' hobby'.]
    [B&W photo of Jimi Noel & Mitch trailing some girls on a London street,'Jimiand his partners,
    drummer Mitch Mitchell and bass guitarist Noel Redding, on the trail of their fans, female naturally!]
    [inside spec frame art, photo of Jimi looking through his pince-nez]
    ‘Through the Glasses of Reason
    JIMI HENDRIX - impetuous and UNRULY’
    He was back on German land, until the 29th of May, Jimi Hendrix, the loud original with a
    permanent residence in London. Anyone who sees them on the stage has a good idea of how the beads
    of sweat catch in Jimi's tangled hair - and it's real, the hair, and not [permed?]!
    And just as Jimi consents from Schweißerguß [‘welder’s cast’!?] to Schweißerguß, perspires and
    suffers with the audience. Since one can truly say: Here are a performer and audience! Jimi looks like
    a monster, and impetuous he goes on the beat and the audience. Anyone who knows him privately,
    meets an almost gentle, comradeship, but headstrong young man who lives and music - for it is the
    one - seen through the lens of reason. He is stubborn by nature, and not intentional. "I love blues
    and jazz feeling," Jimi admits to us. Those who listen to his records, know what he means. This real
    musical feeling is that is the noise of the visual presentation on the stage.
    But: "It must be loud," says Jimi, "otherwise we will not get into ecstasy."
    "Must it be ecstasy?"
    "I think so, because otherwise we will not come out enough from us, do not play convincing
    to ourselves."
    Jimi is undoubtedly a talent at this, not only as a performer but also as a composer, the Western world
    became aware of him with "Hey Joe". "Purple Haze" is Jimi's second hit, which is also with us is
    developing such a, and soon a new single "The Wind Cries Mary," will be released. Hendrix’ manager
    Chas Chandler says: "This record differs entirely from all the others that Jimi's made why we bring
    them into the market because it is the other host does not hurt.." We also know that Jimi's first LP,
    "Are You Experienced." will be be released at this time. Jimi performs with his own backing band and
    is called the Jimi Hendrix Experience. His Boys fit in appearance very unkempt to his long-haired,
    and be nice..
    Jimi can not help laughing. From America he came to England to seek his fortune. He has found it,
    because his manager from London was now a juicy contract with the record and film company Warner
    Brothers, will bring his work in the future in America in bulk to the market.
    [get a better translation]

    [Day?] May (June) 1967
    MUSIC MAKER (cover) [full page B&W photo of Jimi in white lace shirt] Jimi Hendrix * Roland Kirk *
    Ray Charles Paul Jones Interview’
    (Page 13) [two B&W portrait photos: ‘Mitch Mitchell’ & ‘Noel Redding]
    Hendrix: An Experience To Remember’ by Chris Welch
    Pop never loses its powers to produce surprises. Just as the community imagined themselves shock
    proof and immune to any new madness the Brethren of Beat might have to offer — along came Jimi
    Hendrix. Recently groups had almost become conservative institutions like Ascot or the Labour party.
    Members of the public had begun to yawn visibly when the usual succession [of] groupies appeared in
    the news, denying drug charges, being named by tearful Wendy Binns aged sixteen of Liverpool: and
    photographed with Clarissa Shrimpots in the latest whirlwind romance.
    It seemed as if all the steam had gone out of British beat—sensation-wise. It was reaching the stage
    where if Steve Marriott, Paul McCartney, Lulu and Engelbert Humperdinck had danced naked in
    Trafalgar Square fountains during the rush hour, shouting hedonistic slogans, they would barely have
    made a news brief in the Metropolitan Water Board Gazette, tersely indicating that the free flow of water
    remained unimpaired during the incident. Beat needed a new shot of real excitement, and it was injected
    late last year by the arrival from New York of one James Hendricks [sic], guitarist, singer and showman
    Chas Chandler, the ex-bass player with the Animals turned manager, discovered the guitar playing
    sensation blasting away in Green[wich] Village and brought him to England as Jimi Hendrix. A group
    called the Experience was formed around Jimicomprising bassist Noel Redding and drummerJohn
    "Mitch" Mitchell. After a few rehearsals the group were hurled into the maelstrom of Swinging London's
    discotheques and within days the talk among the In Crowd was: "But my dear, have you seen Jimi
    Hendrix?" And the girls got quite excited about it all as well.
    At London clubs like Blaises and the Bag O'Nails, the Experience blasted out an earth shattering
    combination of blues, folk rock and general hot rhythm. It drew swarms of guitarists. Jeff Beck, Eric
    Clapton, Pete Townshend and whole legions of hippies stood on each others' shoulders in sweltering
    heat to witness the amazing spectacle of hairy Jimi, tiny Mitch and the Dickensian Noel gelling into one
    nerve blasting unit. And after the In Crowd had been duly impressed, the general public were let in by
    means of "Hey Joe", which leapt as high as four in the Melody Maker Pop 50 of January [1]4 this year,
    and the follow up single "Purple Haze".
    Who are these strange young men of the Experience? Why, whither and whence? These are questions
    that must be answered. Who is this Hendrix, who bites flaming guitars with his teeth, surrounded by
    deafening attendant sprites? Jimi's own background is rather steeped in mystery, which he does little to
    dispel. Happy, smiling, cheerful-Jimi tends to skate blandly round his musical origins and
    influences. He is understandably more concerned with the present, rather than the past—or
    even the future.
    Fuzzy haired Noel, who wears rimless goggles and plays bass guitar, admits that his musical career
    started fairly conventionally—in a school skiffle group. "That was when I was fourteen," said Noel,
    inhaling cigarette smoke and sipping Scotch when I went to meet the group at Jimi's London flat
    recently. "I went pro when I was sixteen and went ligging around England playing mostly jazz. Yes I did
    have an 'ordinary' job for a while. For two days I worked in a plastics factory making tracheotomy tubes.
    Then I went to Germany with a group working eight hours a night. We did radio and concerts and we
    could have done well but the group broke up.
    "Then I was in the Loving Kind playing pure pop and we made three records. I left in June last year
    and I was broke for two months at home in Folkestone. Then I ligged around and came up to London with
    three quid and my guitar. I heard the Animals were having an audition for a guitarist. I saw Eric Burdon,
    but he was like a big star and I was too scared to speak to them. Then Chas asked me if I'd got a bass and
    I got the job playing bass with Jimi. It's funny how we get on so well," mused Noel. "Mitch likes jazz, Jimi
    is blues and I like rock-'n'-roll. It's amazing the way we play all that music together!"
    Mini-Mitch the transistorised drummer started his showbiz career very early, and was in fact the Bisto Kid on
    telly-ads and even an original Ovalteeny-bopper. "I was always keen on drums as a kid," says Mitch. "I had
    toy drums when I was three or four. When I was ten I went to drama school and I was lucky because
    Rediffusion was just starting then and I did TV jingles for about two years. I was the Bisto Kid and the original
    Ovalteeny Bopper.
    "I didn't know whether to stay at drama school or be a musician, then the Ivy League called me up and I
    went along and did 'Funny How Love Can Be', and all those things. I also did demo sessions with a group that
    became the Riot Squad but it just didn't work out. Sessions are a dead end thing and the best thing that
    happened to me was meeting Denny Cordell who knew Bill Eyden was leaving the Blue Flames. Bill wasn't
    very happy and I went and played with the band at Sussex University. Then Georgie asked me to turn up with
    my drums at the next gig and Bill wasn't there. Nobody ever said I had joined, so as far as I was concerned I
    was always on trial. I was very green. I wasn't given any help at all, but nobody could help and it did me good.
    I get on much better now with Georgie than when I was in his band. He had his own problems as well. I was
    going to leave the Blue Flames three weeks before it ended.
    "I was very brought down after that then Chas phoned me up and said he had this guy Jimi. I had never
    heard of him but I went along. What surprises me is not how quickly it all happened, but how the band has
    changed since we...
    (page 14)... started. We all want to progress all the time. What is a drag is the snobbery in jazz in Britain.
    They don't realise half the jazzmen in the States like Kenny Burrel do pop things as well. Music is music and
    people like Roland Kirk could come and have a blow with us because we are all interested in sounds. If you
    are a musician, you are a musician, and should play everything.
    "It's the same as the blues fans. They are just as snobbish."
    Said Noel: "I don't think you can class our music. We are a meeting point between jazz and pop."
    "When we go into the studio we never rehearse anything," said Mitch. "We never know what we are going to do
    in advance. We're a pretty raw group."
    Jimi, the kingpin of the group, is a guitarist and singer in the American tradition of blues showmen. Jesse Fuller
    has his Fotdella, a complex one man band machine. Jimi Hendrix plays guitar with his teeth. "I learned
    guitar from records and the radio,"said Jimi studying the burnt out wreck of his guitar which burst
    into flames on the opening night of the Walker Brothers tour. "I never had any lessons. When I was
    seventeen I got a group together. I've never worked in offices or anything. I started playing around
    the South where I heard the blues. The first group I played with ... oh God, I can't remember their
    names. I played in Nashville with a guy called Gorgeous George. He got me on some tours with B. B.
    King and Jackie Lewis [sic, actually Jackie Wilson].
    "Then I played in a group in Greenwich Village and we were very popular. We played a blues style[aye,
    'ryhthm & blues'[IMG]file:///C:\Users\renwi\AppData\Local\Temp\ksohtml14608\wps 1.jpg[/IMG] Ed.].
    Then I met Chas who asked me to Britain. He seemed like a pretty sincere guy, so I came. We
    formed the Experience and we're still experimenting.
    Jimi played some rough acetates of tracks off their first LP—"Are You Experienced?".
    "I want the album to show how we play in person," he explained. "I don't necessarily want it to be
    perfect. Most of the time we play the songs I write, but the boys are getting their little tunes together
    now. 'Purple Haze' was one step on the way to getting our own personal sound. But we have so many
    moods. We play exactly the way we feel. And I write about everyday things, and change the words a
    bit to make them commercial. We're happy playing together as a three piece. A few months ago we
    were going to add an organ, but that would have made us sound like any other group. I'm pretty
    happy right now. It's true we're one of the loudest groups around. It can be a fault to be too loud. But
    we don't mean to play loud. In fact we do play softly as well. You've got to have dynamics in songs.
    We just have so much trouble with amplifiers.
    "I started using feedback first of all in the Village. I used a Fender amp. and an old extension loud
    speaker. It made the weirdest sounds. I'm so tired of 'Midnight Hour' things. I used to play them
    myself, but you still see groups in clubs that play the same things night after night. Everybody sings
    the same old songs and there's no variety. Why don't they write some of their own things? Anybody
    can write a nice little blues riff.
    "We do get tired of our own numbers as well. I wrote 'Foxy' so long ago, what we are doing today is
    as different from that as night from day. Our music is getting uglier. I get my inspiration for songs
    from everyday things . . . and girls. Girls can misunderstand you so much— they really can. But it's
    nice to have them around. One song I wrote is about a girl I used to know. I think she's an acid head
    now—and much nicer.
    "I think this group will stay around,"mused Jimi. "The music is free form, and it has variety. I just
    wish I could sing really nice, but I know I can't sing. I just feel the words out. I try all night to hit a
    pretty note. But I'm more like an entertainer and performer than a singer."
    Does Jimi dig much jazz?
    "I dig if its axes, and I like free form jazz like Roland Kirk and Mingus. But as far as that other stuff—
    playing standards all the time—no. Mitch is a jazz addict and he keeps on about this cat Elvin Jones
    all the time. I really would like to meet Roland Kirkand I'd like him to play with us. If people read this
    they'll say: That guy must be joking, but I really think we are doing the same things. We have different
    moods and I think some of the moods are on the same level thatRoland Kirk is doing."
    (Page?) [Half page B&W ad: Psyche effect photo of Jimi in his black, roses shirt]
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience
    The L.P. Are You Experienced 612 001 mono
    The single The Wind Cries Mary 604 004
    Track records [logo]
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    Re: 1967 May Newspaper & Magazine Articles (Text Only)

    Maybe the moderators can create a new category in the knowledge base? eg. Newspaper transcriptions?

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    Re: 1967 May Newspaper & Magazine Articles (Text Only)

    Quote Originally Posted by Ezy Rider View Post
    Maybe the moderators can create a new category in the knowledge base? eg. Newspaper transcriptions?
    That's a great idea
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    Re: 1967 May Newspaper & Magazine Articles (Text Only)

    [Day?] May (June) 1967
    MUZIEK EXPRES (page?) [full page colour photo in red suit.]
    (Page?) [next page 2 B&W JH photos, 1 JHE] Jimi Hendrix – ‘In the charts twice’
    Jimi Hendrix has two records in the British charts. With ‘Purple Haze and ‘The Wind Cries
    . Are these two records not obstructing each other? Jimis manager Chas Chandler
    doesn’t think so.
    “Those records are so different in intent and execution, no they won’t bite
    each other.”
    As we know Jimi’s group is called The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Their first
    album, ‘
    Are You Experienced’, will soon be released.
    The Wind Cries Mary’ is Jimi Hendrix’ own composition. This record was released early
    last month while
    Purple Haze’ was still high in the charts. Jimi’s music is loud and sometimes
    Jimi says: “I can’t read music. I play what I feel. I consider myself a guitar
    player and an entertainer most of all. And lastly a singer. When I play I sometimes
    produce strange noises with my throat. Often without me noticing myself.
    Erroll Garner
    does the same when he’s improvising. From now on I will wear a microphone around
    my neck, so these throat sounds will also end up on the record. I think that would be
    out of sight.”
    We are talking in Jimi’s new flat, on the top floor of a new block of flats near
    Marble Arch. He is playing us the tapes of his new album. Which makes us ask him if anyone has
    an apparent influence on his guitar playing.
    Nobody in particular,” says Jimi, “but I likeEric
    a lot. And some things Jeff Beck does. AlsoVic Briggs. It really surprised me
    how many blues guitar players there are in England. Pete Townshend
    (ofThe Who) is
    something else. What this guy does, is really out of sight.

    Jimilikes to play at clubs the most. Although that can sometimes have less nice aspects.
    “During that tour recently, there were promoters that censored us! They thought we
    were obscene and vulgar. We didn’t take any notice of that. We never received that
    kind of complaint from the audience, so we left our act unchanged. During some
    passages the amplifiers shut down all of a sudden. During certain passages, very

    Jimiis full of praise for The Walker Brothers (“a lot of variety in their repertoire”), Cat
    Stevens and Engelbert Humperdinck.
    “Last month we were in Holland for television
    Jimi says, “and I have to say, the technical equipment there is just great.
    They said, play as loud as you want. Well, we did. A while later someone comes
    storming in, like, stop! stop! stop! What had happened? In the studio below [bits of]
    the ceiling had fallen down. Honest! At first I thought they were kidding me. We went
    to have a look and sure enough. Back upstairs they said, ‘well, you can play as loud as
    you want, because now it won’t matter any more’.”

    Does Jimi have worries? Yes, one thing is bugging him: “I’m afraid my hair will fall out.”
    We won’t worry about that.”

    (Page?) [next full page, blue tinted, B&W from Cheltenham 67.]

    [Day?] May 1967
    [paper flyer]:
    TUESDAY, May 23 at 19:30
    AND at 22:00
    (Friisgatan 18-20, Malmö C)
    [B&W photo from AYE cover session]

    Buses depart to the 1st show at. 19:30:
    YSTÅD, Bus Square 18:00 LANDSKRONA, Market Hall Square 18:30
    TRELLEBORG, Central 19:00 KRISTIANSTAD, Littorins Bokh. 18:00
    HALSINGBORG, Harbour Square 18:00 LUND, Botulfs Place 19:15
    Please do not dispose of the sheet on the street or schoolyard

    [Day?] May (June) 1967
    (page?) [full page B&W photo, smiling, ‘Jimi Hendrix]
    (Page?) [text over full page B&W RSG photo , ‘are you experienced [Polydor logo]
    [Polydor logo] the wind cries mary]

    [Day?] May 1967
    RECORD SONG BOOK (page 5) Around and About
    [B&W JH photo RSG]Currently knocking everyone out are THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE
    with their first release "
    Hey Joe". It was our old friend CHAS CHANDLER (of the original
    ANIMALS) who discovered Jimi playing in a club in Greenwich Village, New York. So impressed
    was he as he listened to
    Jimi's unbelievable guitar playing, he immediately signed him up and
    brought him back to England. Now we're all raving about this phenomenal performer.
    follow-up disc is on the new
    Track Record label (from Polydor), titled “Purple Haze".
    (Page 7) Purple Haze
    Words and Music by Jimi Hendrix
    Purple haze, all in my brain,
    Lately, things just don’t seem the same,
    Acting funny, but I don’t know why,
    'Scuse me while I kiss the sky.
    Purple haze all around,
    Don't know if I’m coming up or down,
    Am I happy or in misery,
    Whatever it is, that girl put a spell on me.
    Help me, help me, oh, no, no.
    Yeah, purple haze all in my eyes,
    Don't know if it's day or night,

    You got me blowin', biowin' my mind,
    Is it tomorrow, or just the end of time?
    No, help me,
    Purple haze,
    Oh, no,
    Tell me, tell me.
    Recorded on Track by
    Music of all Music Dealers and of the Copyright Owners
    Yameta Music Ltd. 39 Gerrard Street, W1

    Frank Zappa: "Rock journalism is people who can't write interviewing people who can't talk for people who can't read."

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    Re: 1967 May Newspaper & Magazine Articles (Text Only)

    [Day?] May (June)1967
    ROCK & FOLK (#8) (page 48) [full page orange colored B&W JH photo, eating guitar]
    (Pages 49 & 50) ‘…AN EXPERIENCE WITH HENDRIX’ by Jean Coghe
    [includes Jimi’s first French interview? March, Jimi’s hotel room, Paris]
    Some time ago Jean-Noël Coghe had the chance to follow this phenomenon, regularly present in
    the English hit parades, on tour.

    Coming from Brussels, Boulogne, Lille and London, we had an appointment in Paris, in a hotel
    in Rue Caumartin. “We” consisted of ten people, including
    Jimi Hendrix and his Experience:
    Mitch Mitchell, Noel Redding and the band’s manager ex-Animal Chas Chandler, Tony
    the press agent, Gerry Stickells the road manager, two charming English girls, Rikki
    Stein the producer of this tour, and myself. Of course, as always, it started with a gag. Friday
    night, in Rue Caumartin, only Gerry, Rikki and I were present. No news from the others. Tired of
    waiting for
    Hendrix and his gang, Ronnie Bird, who had come to say hello, took us to some
    nightclubs in Paris. We were refused entrance to “La Cage”, ‘no ties!’ But luckily the reception at
    Castel’s was much warmer. It was very late, or very early, when we got back to the hotel and
    Ronnie left us. But still no sign of
    Jimi Hendrix...
    Saturday morning the situation became critical. With the help of Peter Qouch, an Englishman
    who works for a production company in Paris and at Radio Luxembourg, the telephone chase
    began: London, the airports, the immigration office, the consulate and the most important hotels
    in Paris; it took many hours, and the bill grew to more than 300 French francs. Finally Caroline
    (Rosko’s secretary), told us that
    Jimi was staying in a hotel in St. Germain-des-Prés. Some good,
    innocent souls, had taken him there. Thanks a lot folks...

    That same evening we all met around 10. At last! I was introduced to him in a nightclub in the
    suburbs. I thought I would encounter a savage, what I saw was someone calm and affable.
    Knowing we would leave together he assured me he would do all he could to help me with my
    task. And he kept his promise...

    The minets of the XVIth*
    The first concert took place in a club in the suburbs. Robert Ismir introduces him to the audience
    the way it should be done: “
    Jimi Hendrix, one of the most important and highly esteemed artists
    in England.” Nearby two comedians start to chuckle. Jimi enters the stage. Here we go! The two
    guys immediately stop making fun of
    Jimi. Someone says: “We don’t know Hey Joe’ by Jimi
    , but within two weeks they’ll be singing the same song by Hallyday.” At that moment the
    two boys understand... The concert has come to an end. Everything is rapidly aboard bound for the
    Law Faculty, where
    Jimi is the star of a grand ball. There we meet Chas Chandler but also an
    audience totally different from what we usually see. Boys in tuxedos and girls in long dresses. “The
    ‘minets’ of the 16th arrondissement,” someone says. The place is a huge hall where thousands of
    people crowd around. The gear is set up with great difficulty. In the dressing rooms the mood is
    pretty heavy and everyone’s thirsty. There are a few girls in mini skirts, the Pretty Things,
    photographer Bob Lampard, drummer Bobby Clarke, and Jacques Barsamian, Peter Qouch,
    Philippe Rault and Pierre Lattès of the ‘Pop-Club’ radio show.

    At least 30 people are gathered there.Jimi stands in a corner, isolated from the rest, playing his
    guitar. Suddenly a hurricane arrives... It’s one of the organisers of the show making a triumphal
    entrance with an air of confidence and authority. Though it’s after 2.30 a.m. He walks straight towards
    Chas Chandler, slouched in a chair, feet on a table who is talking to his friend Lampard. Almost
    solemly he says: “
    Mister Hendrix, it is time,” which causes everyone to laugh except for Mister
    and Mister Chandler...
    When Jimi enters the stage – pushed back a bit by the stamping audience, it seems – we notice with
    astonishment that the power isn’t reaching the amps any more. Panic amongst the organisers. The
    Law students, using the microphone, accuse the students of Beaux-Arts and particularly those of the
    brass band, of having stolen the transformer. The tone rises but everything works out anyway... For
    the second time that night,
    Jimi appears for the public. Much to the surprise of people in the hall.
    Just in front of the stage a young blonde girl, dressed in a long yellow dress, hides frightened in her
    boyfriend’s arms... It’s not every day she has a chance to see from such a short distance a Black,
    stooping a little, sweating, perspiring, yelling and playing his guitar wildly with his teeth... The second
    show is now over. Everybody changes and goes back to the hotel. It’s 6.30 a.m. The departure for
    Belgium takes place at 9.30 a.m.

    Staggering, exuberantAfter the journey and a smooth passage through the customs, the first concert
    of the second day will take place in the ‘Twenty Club’ in Mouscron, one of the most famous pop venues
    in Belgium, which is particularly familiar to
    Chas Chandler: this is where their [the Animals] Belgian
    tour started two years ago. To me, the show
    Jimi gave there was the best of all. The club, the audience,
    the atmosphere, everything seemed to contribute to his success... Dressed in a military jacket or in a
    velvet suit, but always in a very free way,
    Jimi is very impressive on stage. Left-handed, armed with
    one of his two Fenders, long curly hair, slightly stooped, he’s really wild. With his two accomplices,

    Mitch Mitchell
    on drums and Noel Redding on bass, he can afford to do things nobody else dares to
    do. The sound that comes from his amp, a Marshall, is astounding. The given effects are yet more
    amazing because of his fine use of the possibilities offered by his “Fuzz-Bugg” box [sic], as well as the
    [arm] of his guitar.
    His voice is excellent, warm and beautifully nuanced, and he feels quite as at ease with rhythmic songs
    as he is with blues songs. But nevertheless, the instrumental side prevails...

    The skill of his hands will become legendary. His fingers travel the guitar neck with a rare assurance and
    it’s here one can devine the many years of work and practice. The guitar doesn’t have any secrets for him
    any more. Generally everything is improvised.
    Jimi executes his movements at great speed: he caresses
    his guitar with the back of his hand, and with his elbow; of course he has some easy tricks, like playing
    behind his neck or between his legs. But whereas it’s like a circus act for others, with
    Hendrix it means
    something else. He needs these acrobatics. I will explain myself. For
    Jimi, the guitar is everything. He has
    confessed to me that the guitar is as important to him as a woman can be for others. I then discreetly
    compared his instinctive showmanship with the sexual act, which he didn’t deny, he didn’t even argue!

    He can play with his teeth, I assure you it’s no bluff. I have seen it, and heard him playing the solo of
    Hey Joe” this way: when he’s sweating and nothing can take him out of the world he has just created.
    The last song at the end of the show, is a fantastic version of “
    Wild Thing”. During the concert, he has
    changed guitars several times because of broken strings, or because he wanted to have another sound.
    Here he reaches the summit, the moment of ecsta
    sy. He rubs the neck of his guitar against the mic’ stand,
    then turning to his amps he attacks them again and starts to give them violent kidney punches. The sound
    reaches the peak of excitement as the bass throbs, the drums beat loudly and the sticks splinter. His face is
    crazed as he begins to thump against the guitar amps which start to wobble dangerously. Suddenly he
    abandons his guitar and, looking emptied, he quickly leaves the stage, while the feedback effects continue
    for a long time...

    Spectacular, crazy, staggering, exuberant.
    Free at last
    The second show that Sunday will be in France again, in Lens, in another ‘Twenty Club’. Everything goes as
    planned and for the best. The time schedule has been kept. Just after our return to Belgium we have some
    problems with the gear. But they are soon solved. It’s after 2 a.m. though when we go to sleep. The following
    morning, Monday at about 11 a.m, we’re on the move once more. To Brussels this time, where two days of
    television recordings are awaiting us. One during this same Monday is ‘Vibrato’ for the RTBF (French language
    programs) and the other on Tuesday is a ‘Tienerklanken’
    [‘Teenage Sounds’], broadcast for the BRT (Flemish
    language programs). The film for ‘Vibrato’ is shot in a forest, near Woluwe in the suburbs of Brussels. All is
    going perfectly, and the television crew work hard so that everything is OK. And besides, we’re in a forest,
    and the mood is just fine...

    Later on we go to a small restaurant on the Rue des Bouchers [Butchers Street], headquarters of the
    members of the ‘club des Aigles’ (‘Eagles Club’). (1) Some of us are in fact very happy to get in touch with
    these good defenders of British and American music to the expense of some of the French. But Mister Mitchell
    (Eddy, indeed) *** can be reassured, the club is no more. The promoters (all below the age of 20 years) have
    been fined F12,500 by the
    Crown Prosecutor. Before we went to this restaurant,Jimi had invited me to his
    room where we could have a cool relaxed chat...

    “Freak ‘n Funky”
    Jimi defined his music to me as being ‘Freak ‘n’ Funky’. He immediately wanted to associate his success with
    Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding. He says he is very happy with them, because they play in the same spirit.
    It’s obvious. The drumming of
    Mitchell is desirably powerful; and Redding’s bass playing completes the whole
    in an admirable way. The homogenity of the group is real and effective.
    Jimithinks that he could not have
    the Experiencewith white American musicians; not that they would be inferior to the English, it is just
    a question of mentality and a way of thinking necessary for
    Hendrix’ music...
    Jimi has learned the trade from the great names of R&B who have given himexperience, but he declares he
    has hardly been influenced by their respective genres. His style is his own. He created it years ago, but only
    lately people recognize its importance.

    However Jimi admits he has been influenced by a certain form of blues, but he quickly created a ‘free-form’
    version. He thinks – and he has the right to do so – that his music is really his own, and he hopes that soon
    the name
    Hendrix will be synonymous with a musical style, like Chuck Berry’s music for example.
    By nature very calm, Jimi only has one concern: to live through his music. He’s constantly searching. To him
    everything is a pretext to improve his style and discover new directions.

    He can’t understand how certain groups are reduced to seeking their repertoire in the “Top 40” of Tamla
    Motown – a music style, however, he doesn’t like very much, probably reminding him of silk suits and patent
    leather shoes, playing the same notes and same chords every night. These days he wears military jackets and
    boots. He is free at last. Imitating Tamla groups or others is a waste of time: it would be just as simple to find
    your own genre and create something which really suits you. Personally he likes
    Elmore James,Robert
    and B.B.King.
    Jimi thinks that his manager is trying to accomplish through him a music style which he loves
    himself, but was unable to create with
    The Animals. Jimi has decided, if this is this case, to give Chas
    this satisfaction, because it was he who discovered
    Mitchell and Redding (during an audition in order
    to create a new formation for
    The Animals). Jimi will always be grateful for this. The astonishing thing
    is that
    Jimi didn’t know The Animals in their initial form. Since then he listened to their recordings and was
    delighted by their special ‘sound’.

    We also talked about Eric Clapton, it was inevitable. Jimi has seen him several times on stage, and he thinks
    is the best blues guitarist in England: “Our styles are different, and are therefore not in competition with
    each other”...
    Jimi also has great admiration for The Beatles and Bob Dylan, but The Monkees make him sad:
    “It is a commercial product of American show business. If I had so much money to invest in a group, I would
    have invested it in
    The Young Rascals. They are worth it”...
    When he played the Olympia for the first time in October last year, in the same program as Johnny Hallyday,
    nobody paid him much attention. Yet ‘
    Hey Joe was included in his repertoire, Hallyday having already showed
    him his interest for this cover. It took ‘
    Hey Joe to reach no. 3 in the charts before Johnny decided to record it.
    Hey Joe’ is just one title, a fraction of the possibilities of the Jimi Hendrix Experience.Purple Haze’, their
    second hit song, will be released soon, and will certainly be a success. But to understand what
    the Jimi
    Hendrix Experience
    really is, you should see them play.
    See you soon Jimi, and thanks for the Experience...
    (Page 51) [Full page JH B&W photo, leg over guitar]
    [Full page colour ad for Barclay & Atlantic outlet. Today’s 1st Cash Box Top 100
    (3 soul records); 10 B&W photos inc. JH]
    JIMI HENDRIX Experience
    The wind cries mary
    45 rpm ep on barclay 071157.
    *The 16th District [‘Arrondisement’] was (and still is) one of the most upper class districts of Paris. From the
    60’s on trendy youths from a rich background were
    /are insultingly called “minets” as opposed to “rockers”, they
    wore expensive label clothes and shoes and generally preferred ‘soul’ and softer music. Similar to British “Mods”,
    in certain ways, though much wealthier. “Minets”, literally “pussy cats”, in this sense carries a pejorative
    connotation similar to “fops”.

    **"Les Aigles" was a club formed by Brussells rockers (not a band, not a motorclub either), a joyful bunch of mates
    who used to meet and do things together in town, organizing concerts, supporting Belgian bands (they hated the
    French "yé-yé" movement) and sometimes attended French singers’ shows throwing tomatoes at the stage.

    ***Eddy Mitchell was (still is) a French "rock" singer.
    (Page?)The Stones in Paris’ by Philippe Brault: [...]
    Frank Zappa: "Rock journalism is people who can't write interviewing people who can't talk for people who can't read."

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    Re: 1967 May Newspaper & Magazine Articles (Text Only)

    [Day?] May 1967
    TOP POPS (page?) [B&W photos, ‘● The four members of the Soft Machine (left) are
    Robert Wyatt, Michael Ratledge, Daevid Allen and Kevin Ayers’]

    ‘Introducing the SOFT MACHINE
    SOFT MACHINE was born in a mountainous village in Majorca, Spain, last summer. Here the
    eccentric American Occultist Wes Brunson met and spent three sleepless days with Daevid
    and Kevin on a meteoric tour of happening bars and parties around the island.
    From out of the confusion, they all leapt on a plane for London to join Mike who immediately
    left Oxford, and Robert who was then singer with the Wilde Flowers, a Kentish group
    Country house
    A country house was lent by Jane Aspinall, an old friend of the group, and they moved in to
    rehearse their repertoire from scratch, while Wes paid for equipment, food and bills
    The house, however, soon grew as deranged as its tenants, so the boys moved to Chelsea
    where they stayed with Willow Morel.Here they were traced by the inimitable Henri Henroid
    [also mentioned by Chas, apparently an associate of Mike & Chas, he is the 'other party' in
    the strange Yameta 'sale' document]
    who had heard some strange stories
    about them in Palma where they are still notorious for their exploits They were subsequently
    signed by the Michael Jeffery Office who have primed them for their debut.
    [B&W JH photo]
    ● Meet Jimi Hendricks, 22-year-old smash-hit soul singer from Seattle, America. After a year
    in England, during which time he has rocketed to fame,he has decided to make his home here
    in London.
    ● Who can blame him for stayingin the country that voted his “Hey Joe” record a big hit a few
    months ago - and that has shot his “Purple Haze” almost to the top of the charts.
    ● The last word? Wait for his latest release "The Wind Cries Mary” to hit the top twenty.

    [Day?] May? (June) 1967
    [UNKNOWN paper] [B&W JH photo House of Culture, ‘The Beauty of Current Pop: Jimmie
    The capital's pop audience has already been spoiled too much this year. During May, they have been
    able to see The Who, The Beach Boys and most recently Jimmie Hendrichs' world-renowned stage
    show. It is no longer necessary to say that Finns would have to live in the hustle and bustle of pop,
    because all three of these names have been really tough names all over the world, and no more
    elderly people should be brought to Finland. The latest guest, Jimmie Hendrichs, barely lived up to
    all the expectations he had for his stage show, but musically surprised him positively. This pop
    beauty did some stunts on the stage that we have already seen, but we experienced something
    unprecedented in his guitar treatment. Besides him, there was only a drummer and a bass player on
    stage. However, this small trio produced a sound that no longer needed any additions. In the fast-
    paced numbers, Jimmy's quick fingers played really skilful guitar; the slow performance of the slow
    songs was hampered by the poor condition of the vocal equipment.
    In addition to Jimmie Hendrichs, the Finnish audience deserves praise! Perhaps it is this recent
    indulgence that has the effect that the concerts are no longer muttered or shouted, but that each
    song is listened to. The audience in the capital has learned the art of listening and applause is given
    according to the presentation: good for more, bad for less.
    The House of Culture is an ideal venue for not only jazz but also pop concerts, and hopefully many
    more harsh names will march on its semicircular stage. I just want to know what the potential of this
    kind of contemporary music would be, for example, in Turku, which also has an enviably handsome
    concert hall and a frighteningly critical audience.

    [Day?] May? 1967
    Monterey, California, USA. (June 16-18). Artists appearing: Jimi Hendrix Experience, the Who,
    the Association, Buffalo Springfield, the Grateful Dead, Lou Rawls, Simon and Garfunkel, the Beach
    Boys, Booker T and the MGs, the Byrds, Big Brother and the Holding Co.,
    the Mike Bloomfield
    Thing, Paul Butterfield Blues Band
    , Jefferson Airplane, Otis Redding, Mamas and Papas, Ravi
    Shankar, Blues Protect, Impressions, Johnny Rivers and Dionne Warwick.

    Wednesday 3 May 1967.
    DOWNBEAT (page 27)

    Wednesday 3 May 1967.
    BØRGE (page 27) [title?] Knud Torbjørnsen and Anders Stefansen’s SBA [Scandinavian
    Booking Agency]
    , has pulled off a real coup. They have booked England’s, big, new, Rhythm &
    Blues name -Jimmy [sic] Hendrix Experience for a concert at the Falconer Centre on the
    21st of May. Jimmy Hendrix is in the Danish charts at the moment with the song ‘Hey Joe’.”
    [B&W photo, ‘Jimmy Hendrix Experience, Concert at the Falconer Centre’.]

    Wednesday 3 May 1967
    VARIETY (weekly), page? British Disk Best Sellers
    London, May. 2.
    Purple Haze . . . Hendrix

    Thursday 4 (6) May 1967
    DISC & MUSIC ECHO (page 2) Jonathan King
    . . .The Who have a very, very strong image in America. They will go big in the Monterey Pop
    . . .
    . . .Caroline’s “Admiral” Robbie Dale announced his own birthday honours list last week. Awarded
    the DPM (Distinguished Pop Medal): Georgie Fame and Lulu (boy & girl singer),
    (US group),
    Jimi Hendrix (GB group), Cat Stevens (song writer), […etc.]
    . . .New singer Vince Edwards used to be apprentice to Chas Chandler in Newcastle
    shipyard. . . Doesn’t Jimi Hendrix’s new record [ie Curtis Knight’s ‘How Would You Feel?’]
    sound like Dylan’s “Like A Rolling Stone
    ”?. . .
    (Page 3) Disc Top 30
    06-06-04. Purple Haze - Jimi Hendrix, Track. [Top entry]
    HIT TALK by Cat Stevens
    JIMI HENDRIX is great. That record has the greatest beat I've heard and is fantastic for
    dancing. I'm surprised he personally is such a commercial success but I'm glad.
    (Page 4) STARS IN THE NEWS - 1
    Jimi Hendrix- Imperial Ballroom, Nelson.
    Jimi Hendrix - Saville Theatre, London
    (Page 5)Stars In The News - 2
    ‘Pop Stars At Variety Club’
    HOST of pop names will gather at London’s Dorchester Hotel May 9 for the Variety Club of
    Great Britain Luncheon Dusty springfield, Donovan, Walker Brothers, Lulu, Tom Jones, Jimi
    , Georgie Fame, Val Doonican will attend the lunch. Other stars present will include
    Billy Fury, Peter and Gordon, Jackie Trent, Adam Faith, Vince Hill and DJ’s Pete Murray and
    Jimmy Young.
    Kinks and Chris Farlowe return to tonight’s (Thursday) ‘Top Of The Pops’. Also on the show:
    Jimi Hendrix
    , Neil Diamond, Move, Who, Tremeloes, Sandie Shaw and a film of the Monkees.
    (Page 6) Stars In The News - 3
    JIMI JOINS WHO AT BIG FESTIVAL’ On Beatle Paul’s Recommendation [1st mention of
    Jimi appearing. Ed

    JIMI HENDRIX, now at 4 with "Purple Haze" in the chart this week, has been signed for
    America's star-packed Monterey Pop Festival—on the personal recommendation of Paul
    and Stones manager Andrew Oldham.
    Paul was in Hollywood recently and spoke about Hendrix to Derek Taylor, Disc's Man in
    America, who is also on the Monterey selection committee with the Beatle and Andrew.
    Jimi Hendrix Experience appear at the Festival on Saturday, June 17, with acts including
    the Beach Boys [cancelled] and Byrds.
    Other bookings for the Festival are: Association, Buffalo Springfield, Laura Nyro, Lou
    Rawls, Simon and Garfunkel (June 16); Mike Bloomfield Thing, Paul Butterfield Blues
    Band, Canned Heat, Hugh Masekela, Steve Miller Blues Band (17), Ravi Shankar (18)
    and Blues Project, Impressions[cancelled], Mamas and Papas, Johnny Rivers, Dionne
    Warwick [cancelled] and Who.
    (Page 10) [Interview,43 Upper Berkeley Street; B&W close up singing into mic]
    Hendrix Is Hazy!’
    "YOU never know what shape clouds are going to be before you see them." And that's
    all the pop phenomenon of 1967, Jimi Hendrix, will say about his future plans.
    Which isn't really surprising. After years of backing other people in the States and forming a
    small group in Greenwich Village which never really got off the ground, Jimi arrived in this
    country last September, and in six short months found himself a two-hit artist and one of pop's
    biggest new names.
    So, understandably, Jimi's not offering any opinions on what the next six months might hold in
    store. "What we'll do next is just the natural progression from what we're doing now.
    The next stage ... is whatever happens."

    And now? "I consider ourselves some of the luckiest cats alive, because we're playing
    just what we want to play. And people seem to like that."

    The Experience's first album, "Are You Experienced?" is released the middle of next month.
    And their third single, "The Wind Cries Mary," is out this Friday—while "Purple Haze" is still
    riding high in the chart. And all these hits—and the whole LP—were written by Jimi. Now, thanks
    to the success of Jimi's songs, the other two members of the group, drummer Mitch Mitchell
    and bassist Noel Redding, have both started writing songs. 'My first one is called 'The Mind
    ' and should be on the second LP," saysMitch.
    (Page 13) Pop Post
    Hendrix: talented’
    I WAS angry to read the music of Jimi Hendrix called "a god-damn awful din" in Pop Post.
    Jimi Hendrix is an extremely talented young man and I hope we hear a lot more from him.—
    CHRISTINE VEASEY, 36 Muschamp Road, Peckham, London, S.E.15.
    WHY is it Jimi Hendrix has so many knockers? Jimi's psychedelic appearance may put people
    off, but who cares what he looks like when he produces such marvellous music? —
    MISS E. CHARLTON, Hexham, Northumberland.
    DISCWORD [crossword, has a photo of him smoking in the centre]
    07. TJ's are Funny, Familiar and Forgotten ! (8)
    08. Even when caught, it wants some holding (3)
    09. Prince record breaker ? (6)
    10. He appears before Floyd (5)
    11. Stop vehicle (3)
    12. Not in the pink (3)
    14. Set drink (3)
    15. Short instrument! (3)
    17. Shapiro ? (5)
    18. Sailor with a tail ? (6)
    20. Unidentified group ? (3)
    21. The Monkees are Wembley booked for five (8)
    01. Not on rhythmic lines ? (7)
    02. What artistes are paid (4)
    03. American Johnny (6)
    04. Radio county ? (5)
    05. Purple Haze Jimi (7)
    06. Sad and moody ? (4)
    11. Bobby Darin's is red (7)
    13. Like the most extended player? (7)
    15. That Dr. Kildare Johnnie (6)
    16. What to do on wood (5)
    17. Wolf noise (4)
    19. Bogarde ? (4)
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    Re: 1967 May Newspaper & Magazine Articles (Text Only)

    Thursday 4 May 1967
    HIT WEEK(page 2?)[B&W photo (by Paul Van Den Bos) of Jimi on bass & Twink on knees praying
    to the ‘God’. Review: 28 April, UFO jam]
    jimi hendrix & tomorrow’
    "Last week our Hitweek compiler was in London again. He spent an evening there to see pop group
    Tomorrow in it you see
    Jimi playing with this band for a while. Tomorrow bass player John Wood
    has handed over his instrument for is now kneeling down in admiration for the guitar genius. . ."

    The Hitweek compiler went to London again last week-end. He spent an evening there to see

    the busy TOMORROW group (see the front page). Above you can see how Jimi Hendrix plays
    along with this group for a while. Tomorrow bass player John Wood has given up his instrument
    for a while and is now in adoration for the guitar genius. The album MY WHITE BICYCLE
    (recommended) (on Parlophone 7xre 18938) from this group is released in England on 12 May

    HW experienced a gigantic, historical event on Saturday evening. A 14-hour 'technicolor dream'.
    See the Volksrant of on Saturday and also the next Fanklup and
    of course the next Hitweek.

    [Jimi sat at the front on the floor listening to ‘Tomorrow’s set. After the second song he stood
    up listening and after the third song he took away Junior’s [John Wood] bass and joined the
    - from an interview?]

    Thursday 4 (6) May 1967
    MELODY MAKER (page 2) Melody Maker Pop 30
    06-05-04. Purple Haze Jimi Hendrix, Track [top entry]
    (Page 4)JIMI FOR U.S.
    Jimi Hendrix is to fly to America next month to appear at the mammoth Monterey
    International Pop Festival
    from June 16-18.
    The festival is to feature top international pop stars, including the Beach Boys[cancelled], the
    Buffalo Springfield
    , the Mike Bloomfield Thing [soon to be ‘Electric Flag’], the Paul
    Butterfield Blues Band
    , the Byrds, Jefferson Airplane, the Mama’s and Papa’s, Simon
    and Garfunkel
    , Ravi Shankar and Dionne Warwick [cancelled].
    (Page 8)Blind Date singles out the new singles ‘David Jacobs’
    JIMI HENDRIX: “The Wind Cries Mary" (Track)
    Jimmy Witherspoon giving an impersonation of Mick Jagger. Could be Long John Baldry, I really
    don’t know. No idea. Who is it? Oh,
    Mr. Jimi Hendrix. He is an experience I’ve never
    d. Not as good as Purple Haze.” Great for his fans but not a record I like particularly.
    Actually though, the more I listen . . . he has an incredible amount of feeling. Listening to it more I
    think I could come to like this more. I’d have to be in a 2:30 a.m. mood rather than a 2:30 p.m.
    mood. It’s a bit clinical in here anyway.

    (Page 9) [full page B&W photo ad] Track [logo] 604004 The Wind Cries Mary [psyche text]
    [The Jimi Hendrix Experience] [Rush Release].
    (Page 13) New POP Records
    JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE: “The Wind Cries Mary" (Track Records)
    Slowly, but oh so positively the Hendrix Experience begin to find themselves and discover their
    best musical medium. This brand new A side is their finest sound to date, displaying
    Hendrix in his
    true flying colours — a lyrical poet combining the deepest feelings with an overpowering,
    all-enveloping atmosphere and presence. This is no hard-sell, ram it-down-their-throats pop
    record for the masses — it's the gentle flow of life. If music plays an important part in your life—buy
    this record. Maximum points to all concerned.

    (Page 16) [B&W text ad] BARBEQUE '67
    Tulip Bulb Auction Hall, Spalding, Lincs.
    SPRING BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY May 29th, 4.00 p.m. – 12 p.m.
    Zoot Money And His Big Roll Band
    Pink Floyd • Move
    Admission £1 pay at door or tickets by post. Send s.a.e. to:
    RIVONIA, 2 Conery Gardens, Whatton, Notts.
    (Page 17)CLUBS
    Friday contd
    Ball at
    Bluesville ‘67
    John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers
    Featuring guitar boss
    Peter Green
    “The Manor House”
    Next Fri. May 12
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    Re: 1967 May Newspaper & Magazine Articles (Text Only)

    Thursday 4 (6) May 1967

    RECORD MIRROR (page 3) The Who Lose Money and Write a Science Fiction Story’ by Hamish
    . . . A feature film would do much more good — and we're going to do one this year. Kit (Lambert)
    has got a couple of scriptwriters and we've got a very strong story.

    Roger was guarded when we discussed the storyline because he believed that the British pop scene
    was in such a bad way that any new ideas were likely to be stolen. For instance,
    came over here with a sound — now everyone’s stealing that sound. What I like about the States is
    that people think of ideas themselves and really try to be original. Over here they're content to sit
    down and nick other people's ideas." . . .

    (Page 4)Bill Harry’s Pop Talk
    . . .Famboyantly dressed, cape — "I hate overcoats, the only thing I ever wear is a cape and I had to
    come to London to get one, they don't sell them anywhere else"; a pink shirt; a lilac corduroy jacket;
    an impressive ring — "This is a Hope diamond . . . I hope I have one as big as this one day. It's a well
    put together piece of glass”; a huge medallion — "This will be with me till I have a million-selling
    record, then I’ll throw it into the deepest river" and a weirdly designed tattoo on his hand — "This has a
    special significance, but I won't tell anyone what it is."

    Speaking was KING GEORGE, a singer who recently spent 10 days in British ballrooms with THE
    HARLEM KIDDIES. Real name George Nathaniel Clements, he was bom in the Southern States of
    America but moved to New York. He joined a trio of singers, then turned solo and recorded for RCA.
    Appeared with various artistes including
    DON COVAY and JIMI HENDRIX, then took his name from a

    "I've been hustling ever since. Sometimes it's a groove sometimes it's a drag. Went to Sweden six
    months ago and joined
    The Harlem Kiddies. The leader is drummer GRAVE HANSEN but we don't get
    on well together and in September four members of the group are joining me. Then we'll be appearing
    regularly in England. America and Scandinavia.

    George is currently in Copenhagen and then he'll be off to Sweden . . . then he’ll return to London and
    perhaps 'make it’.
    . .
    (Page 9) new singles reviewed by Peter Jones
    A multitude of newies this week including Presley, Dylan, Kinks, Hendrix & Beach Boys
    . . .
    JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE: The Wind Cries Mary; Highway Chile (Track 604004). A new side of
    Mr. Hendrix
    . The hitherto wild man of beat has slowed down, momentarily I'm sure, and reveals that he
    does have a most expressive ballad voice — and that he can write songs of quietness and peace. And I
    honestly prefer this to both his earlier ones — and it'll be a smash. Flip: fast blues and uh-uh, It gets
    louder again. But good.

    (Page 11) Britain’s Top [20] R&B Singles:
    5 Purple Haze 7 Jimi Hendrix(Track 604001)
    Britain’s Top 50 ‘National Chart Compiled by the Record Retailer’
    3 Purple Haze 5 (6) Jimi Hendrix (Track) [top entry]

    Thursday 4 (6) May 1967
    A MAJOR DEALER display competition to promote the new single ‘Desdemona' by John's Children is being
    launched by the new independent label
    Track. And the company is planning similar incentives for future

    Track is also planning to issue all future singles in picture sleeves and tentative plans have been set to
    launch a new label specialising in jazz and new musical forms, to be called Talkus.

    Supervision of the recordings for the new label will come under Pete Townshend of the Who. The label
    will be a subsidiary of Mammoth Records, the holding company owned by
    Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp,
    Who managers.

    Revealing plans for his label to Record Retailer, Lambert said, "All our releases in future will be backed by
    poster campaigns to encourage retailers to make full use or
    Track's visual aids to selling. And we are
    double backing our campaign with competitions for each of our records “A first prize of £50, and five other
    prizes of £10 will be given for the best window displays designed to promote ‘Desdemona’.

    “Later we plan to offer similar prizes for the best window display each month featuring Track material.
    There will be an annual prize of a holiday for two in the Bahamas for the retailer who gives
    Track the best
    service during the year," The results will be judged from photographs and from Polydor and
    Track Records
    sales representatives' reports. Posters and display material are being made available to dealers from
    for the new single 'Desdemona’ from
    Track's new retailer information service at 01-229-6480. In addition
    special consumer ‘find Desdemona’ competitions are to be run in local newspapers. Initial retail promotion
    will be concentrated on London and the Home Counties.

    Referring to his plans to put all singles in picture sleeves Lambert explained, “We do not intend to limit
    these special sleeves to the first 25,000 or 50,000 pressings.

    Plans for the new Talkus label, exclusively revealed to Record Retailer, are part of the overall long-term
    project for developing
    Lambert’s recording interests.
    (Page 9) This Week’s Singles
    The Wind Cries Mary
    Highway Chile (Yameta: Hendrix; Yameta: Hendrix).
    Third single for the American guitarist-singer and a complete change of style. This one showcases his singing,
    is slower, is far less noisy. The lyrics are sensitively sold, but the excitement and impact is still there. Will help
    him boost his reputation. Good rhythmic backing.

    (Page 10) Britain’s Up And Coming
    3. The Wind Cries Mary Jimi Hendrix Track 604-004 [#3 out of 7]
    (Page 11 ) Britain’s Top 50
    3 (5) (7) Purple Haze - Jimi Hendrix ExperienceTrack 604-001 [Pub.] Yameta, [Prod.] (Yameta)
    Radios: London (18), Caroline (5), BBC Top Tunes (17)
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    Re: 1967 May Newspaper & Magazine Articles (Text Only)

    Friday 5 May 1967
    ALDERSHOT NEWS (page?) [27 April. B&W photo, ‘A screaming fan is lifted bodily from the stage
    during fantastic scenes at the Walker Brothers show at the A.B.C. Cinema, Aldershot’]
    ‘Despite Objections I Made It Backstage — Writes Steve Mann’
    Despite stringent security precautions designed to keep fans out and a certain offhanded attitude
    towards press publicity by tour manager, Mr. Brian Somerville I finally made it backstage when the
    Walker brothers topped the big show at the A.B.C., Aldershot, on Thursday night.
    In complete contrast to the Hollies/Small Faces show last autumn and last months Orbison concert
    when our reporters were allowed full interviewing facilities I found myself hampered by petty
    Despite having made previous arrangements I was subject to a grilling from Mr. Somerville. Teenage
    fan Janice Parsonage, of Montgomery Road, Cove, who we had taken along to give us the young
    teenage girl’s viewpoint, was refused permission to see the Walkers at all.
    After waiting for 25 minutes I was finally allowed a 10 minute interview with John Maus, of the
    Walkers. While I was chatting to John I also saw Scott Engel who wasn’t in a fit state to talk to me!
    He spent the whole time slumped over a chair and having his neck massaged — the first house
    performance exhausted him.
    The only people I really had a chance to speak to were The Jimi Hendrix Experience and John
    Maus. Jimi, Mitch and Noel were extremely pleased with their reception, and said that the crowd
    was one of the most enthusiastic of the whole tour. They signed about 30 autograph books, and
    seemed really pleased to talk to me.
    Young Ideas
    Janice really enjoyed the show, and was especially pleased to meet the Jimi Hendrix Experience.
    She was delighted to find that bass player Noel Redding was wearing a shirt in exactly the same
    material as her dress! She also seems to have fallen in love with drummer Mitch, and came away
    from the show the proud possessor of one of his drum sticks. John, in complete contrast to the
    Walker’s image of being difficult to talk to, was also extremely helpful, and said that although the
    group will not be doing any more tours—"We're getting too old for-them!”—they have no intention of
    splitting up.
    John praised the organisation at the A.B.C., but said that the bouncers were a trifle rough—a view
    which is not borne out by the fact that although girls rushed
    Plaque for walking printers
    the stage, none were hurt.
    I was unable to talk to Cat Stevens or Englebert Humperdinck, although I made firm arrangements to
    interview both artists in the interval. This was, again, due to Mr. Somerville, who flatly refused to let
    me see either of the stars.

    Friday 5 (13) May 1967
    BILLBOARD (page 17) [full page B&W ad]HENDRIX IS HAPPENING’ “HEY JOE’ 0572.
    ‘The incredible Soul Single Epitomizing’.
    The Jimi Hendrix[in a semi-circle above the ‘3 floating heads’ photo, and below this]
    [reprise logo]’
    [Still trying to push the “soul” angle. Ed.]
    (Page 18) TOP 20 Pop Spotlight
    Scott McKenzie—If You’re Going To San Francisco
    (Page 55) Hits Of The World (from the UK’s ‘Record Retailer’ magazine [Thursday])
    3 (5) Purple Haze — Jimi Hendrix Experience (Track) Yameta, Yameta.
    5 (4) Hey Joe — Johnny Hallyday

    Friday 5 (13) May 1967
    CASH BOX (page 47)
    (Page 50)Great Britain
    ....Track Records release new Jimi HendrixThe Wind Cries Mary”. . .
    ‘Great Britain’s Best Sellers’
    05 05 05 Purple Haze Jimi Hendrix (Track) Yameta
    (Page 62) Germany
    Polydor reports that Jimi Hendrix Experience will visit Germany this month as will Cream.
    French EP Top Ten
    05 (06) Hey Joe—(Johnny Hallyday) Philips
    (Page 63)Norway’s Best Seller’s
    08 NE (1) Purple Haze (Jimi Hendrix/Polydor)
    Sweden’s Best Seller’s
    10 Hey, Joe—(Jimi Hendrix/Polydor)
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    Re: 1967 May Newspaper & Magazine Articles (Text Only)

    Friday 5 (6) May 1967
    NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS (page?) [interview 43, Upper Berkeley Street]
    ‘Question Time – Second verdict on Donovan’
    (Page 6/10)Top Singles Reviewed by Derek Johnson
    Hendrix Showcase Should Give Him another Hit’
    The Wind Cries Mary”/”Highway Chile” (Track):
    “A beautiful record - the best showcase yet for Jimi’s inherent feeling for the blues. Shades of Ray
    Charles, Percy Sledge, and the singers own distinctive quality. A subdued presentation, unlike any of
    his previous discs, it’s thought-provoking and a trifle moody.
    A subtle flowing accompaniment, with some delicious guitar work, make this a quality blues-ballad. Not
    normally commercial, but with his current popularity. Jimishould notch another hit.”
    FLIP: Tempo speeds for this finger-clicker in the Chuck Berry style, with insistent fuzz-guitar.
    Reproductions a bit muffled on this track. Insidious!
    (Page 7) NME Top 30
    06-05-05. Purple Haze - Jimi Hendrix (Track) [top entry]
    01-NE-28. Get Me To The World On Time - Electric Prunes.
    (Page?) [B&W photo ad - op-art text over photo of group in St. Pauli backyard.]
    ‘Rush release’ Wind Cries Mary,
    (Page?) [B&W text ad]
    TEM 4011
    6.00 & 8.30 p.m.
    Resident Compere : RICK DANE
    Tickets 20/-, 15/-, 10/-. 6/-
    (Page 13) [B&W text ad] FRIDAY
    A Ball At
    plus Bluesville's super Hi-Fi
    sound system!
    (opposite Manor House Tube)

    Friday 5 (13) May 1967
    RECORD WORLD (page 7) [same Hey Joe ad as above in Billboard]
    (Page 32) Money Music
    . . . Speedy Perez, who is a living legend in his own time, reports that “Together,” Intruders,
    Gamble, “lit up the phones” and is a smash at KNIT, Abilene. Hits: Standells; “Jump Back,”
    King Curtis; United Fruit Company; Jon Hendrix Experience [sic]; McCoys; Shacklefords.
    . . .

    Friday 5 May 1967
    SCOTTISH DAILY EXPRESS (page 20) SMASH! edited by Gordon Reed
    . . .
    Top 20
    . . .
    5. Purple Haze Jimi Hendrix (5)
    (by arrangement with New Musical Express)
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    Re: 1967 May Newspaper & Magazine Articles (Text Only)

    Friday 5 May 1967
    SLOUGH EXPRESS (page?) [B&W photo of him eating in a cafe, ‘Scott Walker’]
    ‘Screaming Slough fans depress Walker Brothers’ by S.A.
    THE sun ain't ever going to shine in Slough as far as the Walker Brothers are concerned—for they
    find the fans depressing and uninterested in their work.
    Four thousand fans paid prices ranging from six shillings to 15 shillings to see the American pop
    group and a star-studded supporting programme at the Adelphi on Friday. At the very mention of
    the Walker Brothers, the fans leapt to their feet, waved their arms and screamed.
    But John (the married one) told the Express after the first house: "This is the second time we have
    played in Slough and we don't find the audience good.
    'They are depressing, they scream for the sake of screaming —I only have to yell one, two, three
    shout, and they shout. I don't think they are interested in our singing."
    The Brothers, backed by the tireless Quotations, sang most of their chart toppers, “The sun Ain't
    Going To Shine Anymore", "What Now My Love”, and "Hold On, I Am Coming.”
    I found Cat Stevens delightfully fresh after some of the acts. His famous "Matthew and Son" and
    "I'm 'goin' to get Me a Gun" were drowned by the fans, but his bird-like movements, cocking his
    head, flapping his arms and prancing on the spot, constituted snappy showmanship.
    Engelbert Humperdinck followed a lively act (Jimi Hendrix) which tended to make his modest kick
    and occasional run across the stage look rather dated, but his voice, if a voice is still the criterion of
    a singer, was good, strong and clear.
    Jimi Hendrix and The Experience are certainly popular, but personally I did not like amplifier
    worshipping, playing the guitar under the thigh and behind back, throwing oneself on the floor. I
    their clothes, flowered shirts, shocking pink scarfs, striped blazers and bouffant hair.
    The Californians were improved with the excellent lighting affects, coloured spots gave an almost
    psychedelic effect.
    The show was compered by Nicky Jones, and the Adelphi management ran the show very

    Friday 5 May 1967
    SLOUGH OBSERVER (page?) ‘Slough’s Screamagers No Hit with The Walker Brothes’
    As for The Jimi Hendrix Experience [28 April] "INDIFFERENT, apathetic, uncaring" — that was
    23-year-old John Walker, of the Walker Brothers pop trio, summed-up Friday night's audiences
    nearly 3,000 at the Adelphi.
    He said it only minutes after writhing girls had been carried bodily out of the theatre — and not long
    before the brothers' American saloon car was pushed out of the car park by 100 raucous fans at
    nearly midnight.
    Despite these frenetic displays, it seems that Slough's teenagers just didn't click with The Walkers —
    Scott, Gary and John.
    sample quote: "They just scream. It’s not perceptive applause, simply noise."
    Which is quite true of the entire evening, for this was a classic example of "the singer, not the song".
    Minutes after the start of the first house, proceedings were interrupted by dozens of screaming,
    young girls who ran from the front seats and rushed the stage.
    Burly attendants who sat on chairs in front of the stage blocked the charge, and as members dof the
    St. John Ambulance waded into the melee, the girls, waving handbags — and fists! — were pushed
    and carried back up the aisles.
    Such diversions became fairly frequent as the evening progressed. In half-an-hour, four fainting girls
    were escorted from, their seats to the fresh air outside.
    As for the performances, the Walkers' did a good job out-shouting everyone else, and supporting
    groups ably proved the quality of their amplifiers.
    Other acts like Cat Stevens and Engelbert Humperdinck were above average, but the decibels far
    outweighed the merits.
    As for the "Jimi Hendrix Experience" — yes, well, it was. "Wearing a rainbow coloured jacket and
    yellow trousers, Mr. Hendrix and two cohorts brought a deafened audience the "new music" —
    otherwise known as "psychedelic" and if there was one note of music in it, I couldn't find it.
    Despite this black spot in the evening, the performance was often enjoyable, always diverting, and
    youthfully rowdy.

    Saturday 6 May 1967
    USA (Washington, DC)
    EVENING STAR (page 9) Top Tunes by Mike Oberman (Star Special Writer)
    .... The top tunes in England, according to Billboard magazine, are (1) "Puppet On A String,”
    Sandie Shaw; (2) “Somethin’ Stupid,” Frank & Nancy Sinatra; (3) “A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You,”
    The Monkees; (4) “Ha Ha Said the Clown,” Manfred Mann; (5) “Purple Haze,” the Jimi Hendrix
    ; (6) “I'm Gonna Get Me a Gun,” Cat Stevens; (7) "I Can Hear the Grass Grow,"
    the Move;
    (8) “Release Me,” Englebert Humperdinck; (9) “Dedicated to the One I Love,” Mamas
    and the Papas; (10) “Bernadette,” the Four Tops;
    Best Album Bet of the Week: Arthur Conley—
    Sweet Soul
    Music (Atco 33-215).

    Saturday 6 May 1967
    THE LEADER (page?) THE IMPERIAL Nelson, ‘Ballroom of the Stars’
    All Records by Electron Radio Co. Ltd. The Leading Record Stores
    TONIGHT (FRIDAY). 9-0—1-30,
    50/50 DANCING to
    With Guest Star RONNIE LOVELL
    Two licensed Bars until 12.20
    Tickets 5/6 — Foyer 5/6
    7-30—11-30 Presenting
    Two Licensed Bars until 10.50
    Tickets 8/- — At the Foyer 9/-

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    Re: 1967 May Newspaper & Magazine Articles (Text Only)

    Sunday 7 May 1967
    USA (CA)
    LOS ANGELES TIMES “Swinging London” Doesn't Really by JUDITH SIMS
    An American visiting London to observe the pop music scene is impressed by two things—half
    the population is determined to uphold the image of Swinging London (as provided by Time
    magazine), while the other half is slightly embarrassed by the whole thing. Londoners don't
    want to face the possibility that their city isn't Where It's At—or they're convinced it never was,
    so why look so disappointed?
    Miss Sims editor of Teen Set magazine, is just back from a visit to the London pop scene.
    London is full of good pop music groups but significantly devoid of exciting, original music. The
    Beatles are perhaps the one exception, but they have attained a uniquely incomparable position.
    They cannot, in all fairness and reality, be "compared."
    Several pop groups have attempted to fill the music void, but few of the attempts have anything
    to do with music. The "demolition teams," led by two groups called the Who and the Move,
    present themselves as pop music exponents, but there's precious little music involved. Some
    chords and notes are played, some words are sung, if only to keep up appearances. Performers
    and audience all know why they're really there— to destroy things. When the Who end their
    performances (literally), guitars are smashed into amplifiers, microphones are twisted like
    pretzels and bounced off the stage, and drums are sent flying into the audience. Some sort of
    explosion usually provides the cathartic finale, much like the cannon of the "1812 Overture,”
    except that today's blasts are more realistic. Something really does blow up.
    The Move are a trifle more obvious with their destruction, and more considerate of their
    instruments. When the time comes to "knock 'em dead" (again, literally), the Move drop guitars
    and pick up axes and hammers to attack such harmless items as automobiles (specially provided
    for the occasion). During one recent attack the Move missed the car (or whatever) and whacked
    up the stage, whereupon the narrow-minded Establishment insisted they desist. They now make
    do with one ear-splitting firecracker as their send-off.
    These "startling innovations in sound," as London swingers and press agents like to call them,
    would be fascinating to record. "A little more echo on the axe . . . better overdub the explosion.. ."
    Gimmicks are every where in pop music London, even where they're not needed. If there are no
    exciting songs, there is certainly no lack of exciting things to do while playing old and or dull songs.
    Jimi Hendrix is a Texas-born [sic] guitarist and leader of his own group of fine musicians (with
    the slightly pretentious name of the Jimi Hendrix Experience). Although he's technically very
    good, Jimi labors with a problem common to most musicians over There; his material just isn't
    what it takes to make a listener clutch his throat and gasp. It isn't that Jimi and the rest choose
    material unwisely; there simply doesn't seem to be much from which to choose.
    Jimi counteracts his lack of material spectacularly—and without destroying anything except the
    sensibilities of his listeners and watchers, He plays guitar with his teeth. Or with his elbows. Or he
    flings the guitar over his neck and lets it slide down his body (much like jugglers with those large
    rubber balls), Jimi performs some rather ungentlemanly body English with his instrument, which
    causes enough controversy to cover up the fact that he isn't playing much good music.
    Good music, in this instance, means refreshing, original, unusual; Music to Get Excited About.
    Londoners don't hear too many songs that are genuinely exciting and original but the energy for
    excitement must have some outlet. A recent pop music phenomenon, and outlet, is the amazing
    number of ballads and crooners who reach the top of the English music charts, Even Harry Secombe
    (yes, Mr. Pickwick) has had a hit.
    Destruction, suggestiveness, innocuous crooning, all have one thing in common: they reflect a lull in
    the creative vitality that has characterized London's pop music world for the last four years. Today
    that creative vitality is found in San Francisco and Los Angeles, where new groups like the Jefferson
    Airplane, the Buffalo Springfield and the Doors are making Music to Get Excited About.
    American hippies and pop music fans (the terms are usually interchangeable) can therefore relax at
    last — they're not missing any action by not living in London. "Swinging Londoners," however, have
    quite a task ahead of them—living down the Time magazine article, since they are no longer living
    up to it. [BOLLOCKS! Ed.]
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    Re: 1967 May Newspaper & Magazine Articles (Text Only)

    Sunday 7 May 1967
    USA (NY)
    NEW YORK TIMES (page 49) ‘Forest Hills Series Lists Monkees for 3 Concerts’
    The Forest Hills Music Festival will present folk, jazz and popular musicians in a series of concerts
    beginning June 24 at the 14,000 seat Forest Hills Tennis Stadium. The Monkees
    [& Jimi Hendrix.
    will give three concerts, July 14, 15 and 16. The other performers will be heard only once.
    They are: The Lovin' Spoonful and Judy Collins, June 24; Johnny Mathis and Our Young Generation,
    July 8; The Supremes, July 29; Joan Baez, Aug. 5; Simon and Garfunkel,

    Aug. 12; Trini Lopez, The Sandpipers and the Doc Severinsen Sextet [Doc’s drummer, Ed.
    Shaugnessy, will back up Jimi & Billy on the ‘Tonight Show’ in 1969. Ed.]
    Aug. 26.
    Tickets are now on sale at the Forest Hills Music Center, 11 Station Square. On June 5 they will be
    available at 89 Singer Sewing Machine stores in thei city. Prices range from $3 to $6 for all concerts
    except those by the Monkees, which will have a top of $7.50.

    Sunday 7 May 1967
    RADIO LONDON {broadcast}Fab Forty presented by Tony Blackburn
    25-13. The Wind Cries Mary - Jimi Hendrix Experience
    NE–08. Waterloo Sunset - Kinks
    NE–35. Groovin' - Young Rascals

    Monday 8 May 1967
    West Germany
    BRAVO (page?) [B&W photo, JH sits in cape] ‘Too Late’
    Jimi Hendrix the “Beat bomb” from USA, knows what he is worth. He signed a contract with
    Frank Sinatra’s record company "Reprise", which guarantees him 175,000 dollars (700,000
    marks) annually. It’s curious that
    Jimiwas only successful on his way through England, in his
    home country America he would have been much cheaper there a short time ago.

    (Page 70)Sing Along With Bravo
    All the lyrics are about liberty! We only have The Cream, [Rene?] Gildo and Jimi Hendrix.
    [Photo & bio of Cream and excellent lyrics to I Feel Free and Stone Free]
    Lyrics and Music: JimiHendrix
    As sung byJimi Hendrix
    Ev'ry day in the week

    I'm in a different city
    If I stay too long
    The people try to pull me down
    They talk about me like a dog
    They talk about the clothes I wear
    But they don‘t realize
    They're the ones who're square
    That's why you can't hold me
    Don't wanna be tied
    Gotta move on
    Stone free
    To do what I please
    Stone free
    To ride the breeze
    Stone free
    I can't stay
    Gotta, gotta, gotta get away,
    A woman here, a woman there
    Tries to keep me in a plastic cage
    But they don't realize
    It's so easy to break
    But sometimes I can feel
    My heart kind a runnin' hot
    That's when I got to move
    Before I get caught.
    Copyright for Germany and Swizerland:
    Frank Zappa: "Rock journalism is people who can't write interviewing people who can't talk for people who can't read."

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    Re: 1967 May Newspaper & Magazine Articles (Text Only)

    Tuesday 9 May 1967
    DAILY SKETCH (page?) [B&W photo of group, ‘Jimi Hendrix Experience. . . sometimes
    described by unkind critics as an unpleasant one.]

    My World Of Pop by Ann Nightingale
    ‘Just Wild (Parents And Fans That Is) About Jimi[3 April, London interview & photo’s]
    You might think that Jimi Hendrix would appear menacingly swinging from tree-tops,
    brandishing a spear, and yelling blood-curdling
    cries of “Aargh!”
    For Jimi, who makes Mick Jagger look as respectable as Edward Heath and as genial as
    David Frost, could pass for a hottentot on the rampage; looks as if his foot-long hair has
    been petrified by a thousand shock waves, and is given to playing the guitar with his teeth,

    When the Jimi Hendrix Experience made its first appearance in Britain a few months
    ago, he was immediately dubbed “
    the Wild Man of Borneo,” and the group was referred to
    as “an unfortunate
    And yet—his first record, “Hey Joe,” went straight into the Top 10: his second disc,
    PurpleHaze,” is currently number six, and this week his new disc, “The Wind Cries Mary
    (Track), should provide him with two records simultaneously in the Top 10.

    Later this month, the wild sounds from his first LP.Are You Experienced? should have
    parents moaning for the quieter days of
    the Rolling Stones.
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience has, it seems, filled a very necessary gap in becoming the
    Group They Love to Hate.

    Mums and dads started to like the top pop names, but they are almost guaranteed not to dig
    Mr. Hendrix
    Yet Jimi Hendrix is no snarling jungle primitive.
    Though the gold-braided military jacket over the black satin shirt could be taken as
    Jimi off-stage behaves with a quiet polite charm that’s almost olde worlde.
    He stands up when you enter a room, lights all your cigarettes, and says:
    “Do go on,” if he thinks he might be interrupting you.
    That “ugly” image, however, doesn’t worry him in the slightest. And he says: “Some
    of the fans think I’m cuddly, and as long as people buy my records I’ll be happy.”

    He could be laughing all the way to the bank.”
    [Next to this is ‘Monkee Talk’ short about them arriving in the UK, ‘M-day’. Underneath is ‘The
    Top 20’ (off NME chart)]

    Tuesday 9 May 1967
    England (Bristol)
    EVENING POST (page?) [unflattering photo of Jimi in Hussars jacket, makes him look like he
    has a freakishly large bottom lip]

    POPS by James Belsey
    Jimi Hendrix–The Most Controversial Performer Since The Rolling Stones
    JIMI HENDRIX— the controversial figure in British pop today — has a soft spot for Bristol.
    Because it was Bristol that put
    Hey Joeinto its Top Ten three weeks before the rest of the
    country. The same thing happened with his current hit
    Purple Haze.
    "Hey," he asked me, "will you thank them for me?"
    Talking to Jimi Hendrix, who is 21 years old and comes from Seattle, in Washington, is like
    facing a conversational machine gun.

    He sprints from one subject to another, he's always about five jumps ahead and he can talk
    faster than an auctioneer.

    With that amazing halo of black hair he's quite a new phenomenon as far as coloured artists
    are concerned. Because of it, some people shudder at the sight of him—others join his fan club.

    He commented: "I got fed up with being processed into shiny suits and greasy hair
    like most coloured singers. I wanted to look natural, like I feel.”

    "At first when I arrived in England and my hair was long, people would make remarks
    in the streets.

    "Now they've seen me and know who and what I am—they don't."
    Jimi erupted into vision and to fame when he tore through a guitar solo with his teeth on Top
    Of The Pops. It was a memorable moment.

    "Aah, yeah, the tooth thing," he laughed.
    "It really all started when I was in Nashville. A friend and I were fooling around with
    our guitars and he played it behind his back.

    "So I said, 'Man, that's nothing. I'll play it with my teeth.' Well. it worked."
    Jim has trotted around the rhythm and blues tour scene in America with some of the R and B
    mfrom Ike and Tina Turner to Little Richard.
    "I've been trying to work out what I'd like to call free-form music. Been writing a lot
    of things on those lines."

    Jim was discovered in Greenwich Village by ex-Animal Chas Chandler, shipped to Britain,
    given a two-man backing group, recorded and then pushed on stage at a club.

    Brian Epstein saw one of the first performances and said he hadn't seen that sort of
    excitement since the advent of the
    Rolling Stones.
    Now he's either loathed or loved.
    With Hey Joe on the verge of happening in the States [it didn’t. Ed.] and his second British
    release firmly in the Top Ten being hated or loathed is obviously a healthy sign.
    Frank Zappa: "Rock journalism is people who can't write interviewing people who can't talk for people who can't read."

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    Re: 1967 May Newspaper & Magazine Articles (Text Only)

    Tuesday 9 May 1967
    LINCOLNSHIRE FREE PRESS (page?) [B&W text ad]
    Non-stop Dancing 4 p.m. (in afternoon) to 12 p.m. (at night)
    To the top six —
    All supported by SOUNDS FORCE FIVE
    Licensed Bar applied for. Hot Dogs. Covered accommodation.
    Ultra Violet Lighting Knockout Atmosphere.
    Discotheque from 4 p.m. Admission £1 (pay at the door).
    Or Tickets In advance from Clarke's (Music Services), 16 Broad
    Street, Spalding; Fords of Spalding Ltd., Priory House, 3 The
    Crescent, Spalding. LG26-5L

    Wednesday 10 May 1967
    VARIETY (weekly), page? British Disk Best Sellers
    London, May. 9.
    Purple Haze . . . Hendrix

    [Day?] < 11 May 1967
    ARE YOU EXPERIENCED, back cover notes of the Barclay release, by Jean Coghe of
    ‘Rock & Folk’ magazine:

    Jimi defined his music to me as “Freak ’n Funky”. He immediately wanted to
    associate Noel & Mitch with it’s success.
    He says he is very pleased with them
    as they play with a like mind.
    It’s obvious. Mitchell strikes the drums at will, while
    ’s bass complements everything in an admirable fashion.The integrity and consistency
    of the group is real and effective.
    Jimi thinks it would not have been possible to form
    the Experience
    with white American musicians; not that they are inferior to the
    English, it’s just a question of mentality and state of mind necessary for

    Jimi has learned his profession from the biggest names in R&B, who gave him
    experience, but he said he had not been influenced by their respective styles ...
    His style is his
    own. It is already several years since he created it, but it is only
    lately that it has
    had any importance attached to it. Jimi admits however that it was
    influenced by
    some forms of blues, he describes it quickly as "Free-Form". He thinks -
    he has the
    right - that his music is all his own and hopes that the name Hendrix will
    soon be
    synonymous with a style of music, as is that of Chuck Berry, for example.
    His skill became legendary. His fingers run over the neck from the years of work and
    practice. The guitar holds no more secrets for him.

    Usually everything is improvised. Jimi is fast and foolproof in the execution of his
    movements; the back of the hand, the elbow, caressing his guitar, but of course he has
    some easy tricks, such as scratching the strings behind his neck or between his legs.
    while in others, it becomes a circus, with
    Hendrix, it denotes something else. He needs
    these acrobatics.

    Let me explain. For Jimi, the guitar is everything. He also told me his guitar was his
    home, having the [same] importance and place that women may hold for others
    . I
    then, in all modesty, compared his instinctive stage play to performing the sexual act, which
    did not offend; he didn’t contradict me!

    He can play with his teeth, I assure you that this is not a bluff. I have seen and heard him
    play the solo from "
    Hey Joe": it is all sweat [ie hard work?] and nothing more, from then he
    can’t get out of this world he has just created. Then comes the final piece, a fantastic version
    of "
    Wild Thing". In the meantime, he has already changed guitar several times because of
    broken strings, or because he wanted to get a new sound. Then he reached the summit, the
    moment of ecstasy. He rubs the neck of his guitar against the microphone stand and then
    turning to his amps,
    he persists in attacking them again, and begins to give them violent
    kidney punches.
    The sound reaches its paroxysm of excitement while the bass rumbles, and
    the sticks bang the drums in violent outbursts. With a haggard face, he comes and hits his
    guitar against the amps, they start to wobble dangerously. Suddenly, he abandons his guitar,
    hurriedly leaving the stage, while the feedback effects continue, much longer...
    Grandiose, demented, breathless, delirious ... "
    Frank Zappa: "Rock journalism is people who can't write interviewing people who can't talk for people who can't read."

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    Re: 1967 May Newspaper & Magazine Articles (Text Only)

    Thursday 11 (13) May 1967
    DISC & MUSIC ECHO (page 2) SCENE
    At London’s Saville Theatre on Sunday to watch Jimi Hendrix - Ringo Starr, Moody Blues, Brian Jones
    and Anita Pallenburg, Beach Boys, Georgie Fame, Spencer Davis. . .

    . . .Mitch Mitchell the third member of Jimi Hendrix Experience to have Jimi’s shocking haircut.
    Georgie Fame joined
    Hendrix party - Chas Chandler, Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell - at
    London’s Speakeasy to catch organist Brian Auger’s “happening” when he was assisted by fellow
    “looners” Zoot Money and John Williams.
    . .
    (Page 3) Disc Top 30
    07-04-08. Purple Haze - Jimi Hendrix, Track
    NEXT 20: Introducing JIMI HENDRIX, KINKS, and P.P. ARNOLD
    01-NE-19. Wind Cries Mary - Jimi Hendrix, Track
    HIT TALK by Jimi Hendrix[small B&W photo]
    MONKEES? They just don’t move me at all!
    Sandie Shaw’s cute! That song’s good for her. I don’t know if I really like it - but it has hit
    flavour. Sinatras? No. I feel nothing about this one. You just know what notes are coming
    next. Everything’s so precise. No imagination.

    Monkees have a very ordinary rock ‘n roll flavour - and the song doesn’t move me at all.
    Music wise, I’m sorry, but I just don’t care for them. Mamas an Papas’ song is beautiful. It’s
    ridiculous how they arrange things to something as pretty as this. Like it a lot.

    The Move knock me out, man. Such a ridiculous strong beat. Voices go with feeling of the
    rhythm and beat. Everything fits nicely.

    Tom Jones is very good. I like this new one. He has a very beautiful voice and this is done
    particularly good. I’m not too hot on old country ballads, though.

    There are certain times when I like to hear this record by Lulu. Depends on my different
    moods. Her voice on it is great. Do you know it’s the first song I’ve heard from her. Heard
    her name around a lot. She’s a really nice girl!

    What can you say about a song like the Who’s? Ridiculous, man. I don’t know! The ring of
    that guitar is so pretty. So’s the harmony and the drums. Everything happens. And happens
    in such a way that it’s arranged perfectly. Should be a big smash.

    Next week: LULU.
    (Page 4)STARS IN THE NEWS - 1
    ‘Denny Laine Drops Out’
    Denny has been re-booked at the Saville in June.
    HENDRIX show review: back page.
    ‘Solo Walkers: Maus bow set’ […] The end of the tour with Cat Stevens, Jimi Hendrix and Engelbert
    Humperdinck seemed the right time to make the final decision.”. .

    JIMI HENDRIX - Bluesville Club, Manor House, London.
    JIMI HENDRIX - Imperial College, Kensington, London.
    JIMI HENDRIX - Elizabethan Ballroom, Manchester.
    (Page 5)STARS IN THE NEWS - 2
    ‘Kinks, Hendrix, Dylan axed in ‘Jury’ slash’
    Tennis clipped eleven minutes from last Saturday’s “Juke Box Jury.” Instead of the usual seven or eight
    records, on
    ly four were played.
    IN were: Supremes, Vince Hill, Manfred Mann and Elvis Presley.
    OUT were: Kinks (“Waterloo Sunset”), Jimi Hendrix (“The Wind Cries Mary”), Simon Dee (“Day
    Time, Night Time”) and New Vaudeville Band (“Finchley Central”).

    The missing discs will not be played on this Saturday’s “Jury.” Said a BBC spokesman: “It would
    obviously be absurd to play records - voting them Hits or Misses when they are already in the chart.”

    [did any Hendrix 45’s ever actually get played on “Jury”? Ed.]

    In fact, Jimi Hendrix and Kinks have already entered this week’s Disc chart.
    The “Jury” panellists, chairman David Jacobs and the whole camera production team were standing by
    while the David [sic] Cup tennis match overran by the eleven minutes. David Jacobs referred to the delay
    at the opening of “Jury.”
    […blah, blah, blah etc.]
    ‘French pop’
    HOST of top British names appear at the Paris “Palais Des Sports” for the French pop festival on June 1.
    They include: Who, Cream, Jimi Hendrix Experience [cancelled - or mistake?], Dave Dee and Co., Pretty
    Things, Jimmy Cliff and the V.I.P.s.

    John Walker also solos at the festival.
    JIMI Hendrix Experience and Cat Stevens play TV in Helsinki on May 22.
    (Page 6) STARS IN THE NEWS - 3
    Jimi Hendrix Re-Booked For Saville Show’
    Jimi Hendrix has been re-booked to appear at London’s Saville Theatre - after his highly successful
    appearance there on Sunday when hundreds of people were turned away.

    No definite date has been fixed for Jimis return appearance but he is booked solidly until late August.
    Jimiappears tonight (Thursday) on “Top Of The Pops.”
    (Page 7)MOVE: We wont play for mums and dads!’
    . . .Carl Wayne. . .” The trouble is these days if you do anything slightly out of the normal you shock all
    the mums and dads. Take
    Hendrix, they all said his act was sexy and vulgar but the kids all loved it.
    We don’t want to play to old folks anyway!”
    (Page 16) [B&W close-up of Jimi with one eye shut:
    JIMI: “I wanna thank you for making this my home.”]
    Hendrix Turns On The Heat’ [7 May] by Penny Valentine
    If you could see electricity it would look like
    Jimi Hendrix.
    At London’s Saville Theatre on Sunday, Hendrix proved, if proof were needed, that there is no other
    explosive force on the British pop scene today to match him.

    He is a resplendent figure. Tall, snake like in a scarlet velvet suit and frilled shirt. His hair like a black
    halo round his head, his guitar like another limb to be used with his body.

    On Sunday he topped the bill for the first time to an audience wholly receptive, filled with Hendrix
    devotees, many of them looking more like
    Jimi than Jimi.
    And they were given what they asked for. The man has changed - he is now confident and entirely at
    ease. The first time I ever saw him play in London he stood on the stage and played, a quietly dynamic
    force. He said little to the audience and seemed incredibly humble. On Sunday he showed he is now feeling
    much more at home with his success. Cracking jokes, talking to the audience, treating the majority like
    long lost blood brothers, knowing they knew what it was all about, treating the few who he considered
    didn’t with perhaps a slightly mistaken rudeness.

    To his friends he smiled gently and said: ‘When I played in my backyard at home kids used to
    gather round and heard me and said it was cool. I wanna thank you now for making this my

    Jimi and the Experience went throughHey Joe’, ‘Stone Free’ ‘Purple Haze’, ‘The Wind CriesMary’,
    Wild Thing’. ‘Like A Rolling Stone’ with almost indecent ease. referring with wide grins to a piece of
    paper on which they’d written down the order of the numbers.
    Hendrix seemed to have trouble with his
    guitar under the hot lights, while he was trying to tune up he said ‘Man, is
    Eric Clapton in the house? Ask
    him to come up here.’”

    Their show was enhanced by some excellent lighting effects that made them look like jagged pieces of
    coloured glass.

    To put Garnet Mimms on the bill withthe Experience was like putting a lamb with a lion.
    He has a really beautiful voice, as effortless as a breeze. He soared through all his numbers with style and
    looked like a happy teddy bear in his slightly ill-fitting green suit. But somehow—smiling though he is—he
    doesn't have a strong enough stage presence to really push the voice.
    Frank Zappa: "Rock journalism is people who can't write interviewing people who can't talk for people who can't read."

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    Re: 1967 May Newspaper & Magazine Articles (Text Only)

    Thursday 11 (13) May 1967
    MELODY MAKER (page 2) Melody Maker Pop 30
    07-04-09. Purple Haze - Jimi Hendrix, Track
    01-NE-25. The Wind Cries Mary - Jimi Hendrix, Track
    The Raver’s weekly tonic
    . . .Watching Jimi Hendrix at London’s Saville last Sunday: Spencer Davis, Brian Jones,
    Georgie Fame
    , Peter Asher, Tremeloes and Moody Blues. . .
    (Page 4) POP FESTIVAL
    The Monterey International Jazz Festival this year expands to take in the very first Monterey
    International Pop Festival
    which will present one of the most exciting star studded and
    happening bills ever to gather for one festival.

    The Monterey Pop Festival, the takes place from Friday, June 16 until Sunday, June 18 and was
    organised by a governing committee of well known pop people including Paul Simon an Paul

    On Friday the Association, Buffalo Springfield, Grateful Dead, the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Lou
    Rawls, and Simon and Garfunkel are among the guests appearing.

    Saturday afternoon heralds Big Brother and the Holding Co.,the Mike Bloomfield Thing, Paul
    Butterfield Blues Band
    , Hugh Masekela, and the Quick Silver Messenger Service, play; Saturday
    evening sees the Beach Boys, Booker T and the MG
    s, the Byrds, Jefferson Airplane, Hugh Masekela
    and Otis Redding take the stage.

    On Sunday afternoon sitar virtuoso Ravi Shankar plays and in the evening the Blues Project,
    Impressions, Mamas
    and the Papas, Johnny Rivers, Dionne Warwick and the Who are on stage.
    (Page 7) Caught In The Act
    JIMI HENDRIX[7 May, Saville, London] by Nick Jones
    THE Jimi Hendrix Experience is the kind of group you never tire of watching or listening to.
    Their Saville Theatre performances last Sunday was no exception to the rule. Poppers all over London
    were gesticulating wildly and coming out with the same old sounds: " Incredible," " Fantastic,"
    "Ridiculous," or just plain " erotic." For the second house the theatre was plunged into a thick, haunting
    darkness, suddenly pierced by a single spotlight which fell onto the red-trousered
    Hendrix, coolly
    dancing in the pool of white light and then erupting into "
    Foxy Lady."
    Lights flashed and smeared underneath Mitch Mitchell's drums while he pummelled, drove, and skipped
    lightly with the sound.

    If the group had kept up this propelling irresistible sound the audience would have taken off — but
    Jimi's volume and punch was shut off, his guitar wouldn't stay in tune and the rest of the
    evening went off at half-power, sometimes a little shaky, but with the occasional flashes of brilliance.
    They are, however, still the most exciting group on the scene at the moment.

    JIMI HENDRIX: Fantastic. Really. It must be a sad thing though. He says he doesn't have a voice. How
    ridiculous he'd be if he had the voice he'd like to have, along with his musical ability.

    (Page 12) [B&W text ad]
    BARBEQUE '67
    Tulip Bulb Auction Hall, Spalding, Lincs.
    SPRING BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY May 29th, 4.00 p.m. – 12 p.m.
    Zoot Money And His Big Roll Band
    Pink FloydMove
    Admission £1 pay at door or tickets by post. Send s.a.e. to:
    RIVONIA, 2 Conery Gardens, Whatton, Notts.
    (Page 13) [B&W text ad] FRIDAY
    A Ball At
    plus Bluesville's super Hi-Fi
    sound system!
    (opposite Manor House Tube)
    Frank Zappa: "Rock journalism is people who can't write interviewing people who can't talk for people who can't read."

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    Re: 1967 May Newspaper & Magazine Articles (Text Only)

    Thursday 11 (13) May 1967
    RECORD MIRROR (page 4) Pop Shorts
    . . . Jimi Hendrix Experience booked for exhaustive Continental tour for rest of this month and during
    the next three weeks appear in France, Germany, Finland and Sweden.

    (Page 10) My Scene Tony Hall
    ● Later the same night, we saw a sneak preview of Garnett Mimms at the Scotch. But was such a sad
    scene. Garnett asked for any requests. Titles like "Little Piece of Leather'’ were thrown at him. Songs
    he'd never sung in his life. The Senate, who backed Ben E. King recently, improve at every outing. At
    Garnett's excellent Savile Theatre appearance last Sunday, I only wished he could have been backed
    by a huge orchestra with wild percussionists and his full vocal backing group. But he really can sing.

    Jimi Hendrixat the Savile? Simply fantastic ! ! !
    ● Like The Beatles, try playing the game ...!!!
    (Page 11) Britain’s Top [20] R&B Singles
    4 Purple Haze 5 Jimi Hendrix Experience (Track 604001)
    Britain’s Top 50
    ‘National Chart Compiled by Record Retailer’
    7 Purple Haze 3 (8) Jimi Hendrix Experience
    27 The Wind Cries Mary – (1) Jimi Hendrix Experience (Track)
    (Page 12)SAVILLE REVIEW’ by Derek Boltwood
    I ALWAYS get the impression that the American Soul Singers visiting this country are graduates of the
    'National Soul Factory of America’.
    Garnett Mimms at the Saville last Sunday [7 May]proved my
    point. He was professional, polished, and made some nice sounds — but that's all. I can't understand
    why so many people say he's underrated in this country — he isn't — he just gets the recognition he
    deserves. A good performance by a good singer with a pleasant personality, but, really, nothing to rave
    about. He was very ably backed by a Scottish group called The Senate

    Nevertheless, it was good of them to step in at the very last minute to replace Denny Laine — a singer
    who will make a resounding impact on the pop scene, as soon as be finds himself the right backing
    group, he had
    to make a few changes to the line-up only a day or two before the show, which was to
    have been his first appearance in London in his new role of solo singer, and although I thought they
    were making a great sound at rehearsals. Denny decided that they weren't ready to appear before
    the public. Pity.

    It seems to be all the rage for groups to have a line-up of only three people. There were two such
    groups at the Saville last week — The 1-2-3
    [later ‘Clouds’], and the Jimi Hendrix Experience — the
    1-2-3 should take a lesson from
    Jimi Hendrix — you've got to be very good musicians if there are only
    three of you to make the sound.

    Jimi Hendrix lacked nothing. He's really out of sight — he gave a knock-out performance, wilder and
    better than ever before, with a very controlled noise — and I mean noise in the best possible sense of
    the word. So much so that I couldn't even hear the sound of his fans screaming while he was playing —
    and assure you, they WERE screaming — despite
    Hendrix's announcement that screaming fans are like
    a herd of little piglets squealing. He played all his his numbers brilliantly, did a great version of
    's 'Like a Rolling Stone", and finished off his act with a fantastic wild rendering of 'Wild Thing'.

    Thursday 11 (13) May 1967
    RECORD RETAILER (insert) [full page glossy, thin card, colour (blue text) ad. for Wind Cries Mary]
    (Page 5) Sound Scene by Nick Blain
    First Album’
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience’s first album will be released by Track Records on May 26. The 11 titles
    'Are You Experienced?’; 'Can You See Me?'; Foxy Lady'; 'Manic Depression'; 'May This Be
    ; ‘I Don't live Today'; 'Fire'; 'Remember'; Third StoneFrom The Sun; 'Love Or Confusion’;
    Red House'; Title of the album, recorded by Chas Chandler, Are You Experienced?'
    Animals guitarist Vic has been signed to the Marmalade label [prop. Georgio Gomelsky] as a record

    Mike Jeffrey of Anim has been abroad for several weeks with Eric Burdon and the Animals. While in
    America he has been negotiating several deals on behalf of the
    Alan Price Set and the Jimi Hendrix
    (Page13)Best Selling Specialist Singles
    4 (5) Purple Haze - Jimi Hendrix Experience Track 604001
    (Page15) Britain’s Top 50:
    7 (3) (8) Purple Haze - Jimi Hendrix Experience Track 604-001 [Pub.] Yameta, [Prod.] (Yameta)
    Radios: London (-), Caroline (4), BBC Top Tunes (17)
    27 (-) (1) bullet Wind Cries Mary - Jimi Hendrix Experience Track 604-004
    [Pub.] Yameta, [Prod.] (Yameta)
    Radios: London (13), Caroline (-), BBC Top Tunes (-)
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