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Thread: 24 August 1970 to ∞

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    In Gypsy Eyes by Kathy Etchingham:
    Kathy: “One of the policemen [ie Scotland Yard ‘Special Operations 1’ - ‘SO1’] told me that he thought all the witnesses were ‘fucking lying’ for different reasons of their own.”

    Kathy: “I don’t think there is any business that attracts so many fantasists, conmen and flakes as the music business.” (takes one to know one, eh?)

    It is very unusual how many people claim in various publications that on many different occasions those involved stayed til 3am or went to bed at 3am, or whatever at 3am?
    Most of the unverified events from the time of “Lorraine James” initial sensational, but fictitious story to the press -which took place in Fulham- seem to happen in Fulham? eg Glebeek & Shapiro’s statement about the mysterious “Debbie”?

    Lorraine James (Chelsea Drugstore) Fulham
    [unknown] “girlfriend” [Toomey?] Redcliffe Gardens, Fulham.
    Glebeek & Shapiro: Debbie Toomey (US) flat in Fulham, introduced to Jimi by a girl at the Speakeasy called “Pat” (there is an autograph Jimi gave to an air-steward called Debbie on the way over from the US?) This Debbie Toomey appears to have actually been cabin crew on Jimi’s flight over. There is a flight time sheet with Jimi’s autograph “To Debbie”.
    Kirsten: we went to a tandoori restaurant in Fulham rd.
    Alan Douglas: We went to a Moroccan restaurant in Fulham rd
    There are several more examples as well.
    Not a single person mentions Sharon Lawrence being in London at this time?
    The only witnesses to what happened between Jimi leaving Kameron’s at ~03:00 and the ambulance arriving at 11:27 is Monika’s slightly varying statements, in most of which she says she left the flat “to get cigarettes” (time & details differ very slightly) in others she doesn’t mention she left the flat. Then there’s the ex-PC Smith’s reported memory of her earliest statement (not produced) that she had a row with Jimi in the early hours (sometime after 03:00) and he left, but returned and then she left the flat but then returned and went to sleep before him. ex-PC Smith says the journalist made most of this interview up. The phone call to Judy Wong at Elvaston Place ~ 11:10, the 1 or 2 phone calls to Alvinia Bridges/Burdon shortly after; their varying estimates of when they arrived at the flat and what happened, Terry ‘the pill’ Slater’s and Stickells’ statements (as reported) which also vary in time, sometimes placing them in the flat before the ambulance and sometimes as it arrived/after it left, and Mitch’s varying statements as to the time he was called by Eric Barrett informing him of Jimi’s death.

    Most of this has (eventually) been shown to be dodgy memories and/or crap reporting, in Glebeek’s well researched Until We Meet Again

    There were, apparently, two transcripts made at the time one hand written the other typed.

    One or both of these seem to have been made available to Henderson when writing his book c.1978, and to ‘Glebeek & Shapiro’ in c.1990, as both books quote from it. Tony’s complete? transcript of this transcript is featured in his 1997 book The Final Days.
    Tony Brown’s, claimed, typed transcript of the typed or handwritten transcript of the autopsy report—by the looks of it just what Thurston considered to be the main details—it seems a bit muddled in places—which he says he got from coroner Gavin Thurston in 1976 [no one, apart from Thurston, appears to have seen the actual document as it is strictly confidential and therefore unavailable, merely this transcript thererof.] – or did he just get a copy of one ore both of the above??
    Henderson’s original bio was muddled over the identity and timing of (Who manager and music entrepreneur) Pete Kameron’s party and subsequent events, apparently due to dodgy testimony, which he appears to have initially relied on, and his attempt to reconcile Monika’s with Stella’s & other’s accounts. This was later demonstrated to be false due to subsequent testimony of Peter Harvey and others which showed that he went to Harvey’s earlier and to Kameron’s party late, as Angie Burdon’s 1991 letter (quoted by Kathy but unseen by anyone, and not published in any form) allegedly testifies. Henderson corrected the timing a bit etc. and added some of the new evidence to his (considerably) updated 2009 revision. Unfortunately several writers [Hopkins etc.] had meantime taken Henderson’s initial timing and events as gospel and continued his errors.

    Knight, Henderson, Hopkins and others took “Lorraine James’” sensational statements to the press to be true which further distorted the picture of the chain of events.
    According to Electric Gypsy (no reference/evidence given, not that this is neccessary given the obviously bogus nature of the article in this Sunday scandal rag and the (later) abundant testimony as to his real whereabouts at the time) she admitted she’d made up her story for the press after being questioned by an insurance claims investigator
    , he has unfortunately neglected to show evidence of this.
    As to the even more ridiculous claim that Jimi was “waterboarded”, no one is going to perform this slow, messy torture (the whole point of the exercise) method to murder someone who is completely unconcious with barbs, (or sober for that matter). They would obviously be trying for as quick a death as possible, with as little liquid as possible, they would, of course, just pour the liquid straight down his throat. Not that this is a reasonable scenario either, given the total lack of any credible evidence to support it.

    Henderson’s original bio briefly mentions Collette being in London, but later bio’s drop her from the picture, as does Henderson in his subsequent revised edition, ie obviously an error. (Monika mentions her only once, apparently an assumption on her part, she had never met her – possibly a mistake for Angie Burdon?)

    Interesting how Monika’s early reported statement mentions the pills being in a “bottle”, ie loose, ie an indeterminate amount, emptied from their packet/s into a bottle, only later it becomes a pack with nine missing. Of course this may just have been a journalist changing this to make it sound slightly more “druggy”.

    Vesparax® the name, I would imagine, comes from vespers (evening prayer) and the last part of the name of Belgium’s (not West German as is often reported, of course they were sold and marketed in West Germany and other countries [& quite possibly packaged and/or made there?]) ‘UCB® (Union Chimique Belge®) Pharma’ (the producer) company’s first unique product, the antihistamine - Atarax® (‘hydroxyzine’) which was a part (50mg) of this unique combination sleeping pill. The other unique part of this combination was 50mg of ‘brallobarbital’, an intermediate acting barbiturate. The ‘hydroxyzine’ was possibly meant to prevent any possible allergic reaction (barbiturates can cause allergic reactions), although it seems to have interacted mostly with the intermediate brallobarbital, increasing it’s half-life (ie still half-stoned when you wake up - seen as the main problem with Vesparax®, although Tuinal® also could have this effect), it could possibly also potentiate the already uniquely (but not hugely) large dose of ‘secobarbital’ (a third higher than Tuinal® 200mg F66’s) - the initial “knock out”, ie “short acting”, barbiturate was the stronger 150mg of ‘secobarbital’ over Tuinal® 200mg F66’s 100mg (2/3) dose.
    Vesparax® is comparable with (USA) Lilly’s ‘Tuinal® F66200mg combination of 100mg ‘secobarbital’ (separately marketed as Seconal® - “reds” [red capsule]) and 100mg of the intermediate barbiturate ‘amobarbital’ (Amytal® - “blues” [blue capsule]), hence the red & blue caps. Both Vesparax® and Tuinal® F66 would be safer and more effective than a double dose of Seconal® or Nembutal® 100mg’s though.
    As to Buzzy Linhart’s supposition regarding the brand “Tuinal®” ie that Jimi maybe thought Vesparax® was the equivalent of (strength unspecified) “Tuinal®’s”. Using just the name “Tuinal®” is very misleading, it came in at least two very different strengths: so, as Buzzy infers it could, possibly, be explained as a tragic misunderstanding. Tuinal® was available (some say 50mg also, but I’ve never seen these), 100mg (marked F65 - not quite so dangerous as 100mg Seconal®), and also in red & blue 200mg (marked F66) - very misleadingly both were in red & blue capsules) ie easy to make a dangerous mistake, but not of mistaking any of these for Vesparax® - a hard white oblong tablet with a dividing line for snapping it in half (
    normal dose as stated in the leaflet of 1/2 to 1 tablet) Taking only half would be significantly weaker as an initial knockout than the usual 100mg pure secobarbital capsules like Nembutal and Seconal, as it would only have 75mg of secobarbital. 200mg Tuinal capsules, of course, could not be broken in half.
    See link for 1980 scientific study on safety of Vesparax on women(dose 1 tablet) :
    As to Jimi, allegedly (ie gossip), phoning his doctor in the US, (not such a simple task at that time in the UK), concerning how many barbs he should take is patently laughable, he already had a very good doctor in London. Although the instructions in Monika’s prescription were in German he and many of his associates were obviously no strangers to barbs.

    According to Stella Douglas (c.1978. Henderson), Jimi (& Devon) had also taken a Riker® Laboratories, Durophet® [ie ‘long lasting’ (enduring amphetamine combination) 10mg laevoamphetamine (Benzedrine®), 10mg dextroamphetamine (Dexedrine®) ie 20mg amphetamine total], delayed release (black) spansule (aka “black bomber”) [note:
    not Durophet-M®, (black and brown) “spansule” (aka “black & tan”) A mix of amphetamine & methaqualone (ie Mandrax® UK/Qualude® US], sometime during his visit to Pete Kameron’s. According to Angie Burdon’s letter (still unpublished) that would have been between “mid evening” and before “around 3 o’clock” a.m., or, according to Monika’s original statement, before 02:45, (she also said “just after 3” and later also said 03:00 was when he left). It seems very likely that Jimi arrived at the party around, and most probably a bit earlier. “Amphetamine was easily identified in the urine.” This would fit with the Durophet® (see above). Stella (c.1978) (according to Henderson) said that they had also taken some LSD
    , Noel also mentions he had “heard” (later - he was in the US when Jimi died) that Jimi had taken some in his 1972/3 interview with Chris Welch. This was not mentioned at the autopsy, and would have been near impossible to test for at this time anyway.

    Tuinal® F66 (200mg) and Vesparax® are both compounds, both contain 200mg of barbiturate, although Vesparax® is potentially more dangerous, as it has 50% more of the faster acting secobarbital as opposed to the intermediate barbiturate, (ie 150mg as compared to 100mg) and also contains hydroxyzine an antihistamine which mainly pontentiated the brallobarbital (make it’s effects longer lasting). Nine Tuinal® F66 (200mg) would also be a not much less potentially lethal dose.
    All these drugs were taken as “recreational” (on occasion, if you took one or two) and very popular, as were Mandrax® (a non-barbiturate, but very strong downer/pain killer with unique effects “skin feels like electricity”), Nembutal® (barbs - yellow caps), SK&F®’s Dexedrine® (“Dexys” little yellow pills of dextroamphetamine) and various combination “spansules” etc. (there were loads of them- none of these drugs are available on prescription in the UK now, or for many years)

    As to Jeffery's alleged involvement, Jim Marron (ex-Scene Club NY manager) the guy who ran Electric Lady studios was holidaying in Majorca Spain (no doubt at Jeffery’s invitation) staying near Jeffery at the time and says he spoke with him there, and Trixie Sullivan, Jeffery's ex-assistant, working in Majorca at this time, also says he was there (both in the book Setting The Record Straight-1992. McDermott), both interviews were many years after Jeffery died and they had nothing to lose or gain by these statements - and Marron’s was hardly flattering!). Jeffery (& Chandler) reportedly had several business interests there. There is only Levine’s extremely dodgy “memory” (1992. McDermott) of Jeffery being at a “Track records” party, (at which his presence would have been ludicrous if he was attempting a secret assassination with an alibi that he was in Spain at the time). The party was not a “Track records” party particularly, it was (Who 'manager' and Track Records associate/music publisher/entrepreneur) Pete Kameron’s party, no one else mentions Jeffery being there, and Bob Levine was in the US at the time. Gerry “Morrison” (real name Brietmann) also in the US at the time says (c.1983. Hopkins) he “believed” Jeffery was in London at the time, he was apparently an office assistant of Jeffery’s, is hardly mentioned by anyone and when he is, it appears to be as little more than an aquaintance, or “friend” (he bizarrely claims to have been a PR for the infamous Papa Doc. and the story about Jimi’s “rescue” from “kidnappers” is almost entirely from him, and stars him as the “hero”) Levine’s story regarding Jeffery’s call (dodgy anyway) was originally told (1983) by “Morrison” and was that four days after the event he “gasped in surprise” when informed of Jimi’s death (highly unlikely, as he had already been informed on the day (evening) of his death). Levine nine years later (c.1992. McDermott, ie twenty years after the event) re-tells this more “dramatically”:
    “A full week after Hendrix's death, he finally called. Hearing his voice, I immediately asked what his plans were and would he be going to Seattle. 'What plans?' he asked, I said ‘The funeral.’ ‘What funeral?' he replied. I was exasperated: 'Jimi's!' The phone went quiet for a while and then he hung up. The whole office was staring at me, unable to believe that with all of the coverage on radio, print and television, Jeffery didn't know that Jimi had died. He called back in five minutes and we talked quietly. He said, 'Bob, I didn't know,’ and was asking about what had happened.” [Bob enjoys exaggerating his own importance and bullshits to a large degree.
    McDermott records conflicting testimony, several times, without question or comment, ie apparently without even noticing!]

    According to several others—who were actually there—Jeffery flew almost immediately to London from Spain, enroute to the US. He couldn’t be reached by phone in Spain for a few hours only, as the phone lines were down due to a storm on the evening/night of the 17th. They were working again on the afternoon/evening of the 18th when he was contacted about Jimi’s death.

    MONDAY 24 AUGUST 1970
    Time?: London, UK. Samarkand Hotel. Monika arrives in London from Dusseldorf and books in, no doubt having read reports in the papers of Jimi’s impending arrival. No doubt stalking, as in February 1969 (by her own admission) when she caught him at the Speakeasy and managed to spend a few hours with him, and one night (allegedly), apparently, dodging around Kathy, of whom she was obviously unaware. And in June 1969 (unsuccessfull - he was in the USA)

    Afternoon: Heathrow, UK. London Airport. Jimi arrived with Eric Barrett, gave a couple of interviews. Limo to hotel.
    Londonderry Hotel. Jimi arrived in London. Does some more interviews.
    Evening: London, UK, Speakeasy, Jimi goes there with Billy Cox & Steve Stills.
    Night: London, UK. Londonderry Hotel. Spends the night with Angie Burdon & an unamed woman.

    FRIDAY 28 AUGUST 1970
    Morning: London, UK. Londonderry Hotel. The morning Kathy says Angie phoned her for help, she claims she found Angie and the other woman, both naked, wrapped in blankets in a smashed up living room and scared to go into Jimi’s bedroom to get their clothes. He had the heater on full, but was shivering. Kathy says she thinks it looked like withdrawal from something, booze, pills whatever. He supposedly had a cold, according to Gerry Stickells;-).
    Late morning: Interviews with various journalists.
    ~15:00: London, UK. Londonderry Hotel.Karen Davis introduced Jimi to Kirsten Nefer
    Night: London, UK. Londonderry Hotel. Kirsten spends the night with him [and Karen] at the hotel

    Mid day: London, UK. El Russo (restaurant) Jimi has lunch with Kirsten, Karen & “some others”, draws Kirsten a map of how to get to The Isle of Wight Festival & Seagrove Hotel.
    Evening/night: London, UK, Speakeasy? they go to “a club”
    Night: London, UK, Londerry Hotel – with Kirsten
    According to ‘Glebeek & Shapiro’, who give no hint as to where they got this from: “Jimi never stayed at the Cumberland to sleep – instead he spent the first week or so at the flat of yet another friend, “Debbie Toomey”, an American who had been living in London for several years. Jimi had met her through a girl called “Pam” who worked as a waitress at the Speakeasy.” [Jimi appears to have spent the “first week or so” anywhere but “Debbie’s”, much of it abroad on tour actually! No-one else mentions her or “Pam”’s existence. Debbie was apparently cabin crew on his flight over, see above]

    SUNDAY 30 AUGUST 1970
    20:30: Isle of Wight, UK, Bembridge Airport. Jimi flies in, travels to
    Seagrove Hotel, signs the register as “Mr [ie Jimi] & Miss Carriage [ie Kirsten] ” (See Belly Button Window). Jimi gives Kirsten & Karen money so they can meet him in Denmark.
    ~ 23:00: UK, Isle of Wight Festival. Jimi finally arrives on stage. “Now I ain’t gonna get to see my old lady [ie Kirsten] at three o’clock”, he splits his trousers during ‘Foxy Lady’ (ie this shows he wasn’t quite “aware”)

    MONDAY 31 AUGUST 1970
    ~24:45: Jimi leaves the stage. He & Kirsten spend rest of night in Seagrove Hotel.
    Late morning?: Isle of Wight, UK, Bembridge Airport Kirsten flies to London. Jimi & Co. fly to Stockholm. His friend James “Vishwa[murti]” Scott was hoping to accompany the group, but says Jimi brushed him off with a cold stare and: “What are you, my old lady?”, and he was left behind.
    21:00: Stockholm, Sweden, Stora Scenen. Plays a substandard concert (generally – for him). He appears to be a bit tipsy and/or on downers

    At some point early in the “tour” According to Karen, Mitch and her become an “item” which displeased Jimi greatly (Mitch’s wife?/‘woman’ had a recently had his baby), to the point of barely communicating with Mitch. She says she can only remember him speaking to Mitch once, at the table when he said, “Pass the salt”

    21:00: Göteborg, Sweden, Stora Scenen. Jimi & Co. fly in. During an argumentative backstage interview Jimi plays the ‘B’ side of his new single ‘Ezy Rider’ b/w ‘Night Bird Flying’ to a journalist. This had already been mastered and preliminary pressings made in the US. He then plays a fairly lacklustre concert (generally – for him).
    Night: Göteborg, Sweden, Esso Motel. Jimi & Co. party, Billy, it is claimed, tries/or is spiked with LSD (we are often told ‘for the first time’), and freaks out badly, becoming paranoid, although others, eg Mitch & Stickells say it didn’t seem like he was tripping (and they should know;-) and was more like some kind of breakdown. According to Billy this wasn’t ‘the first time’, he says he was spiked with “a psychedelic” [most probably LSD] and had a bad time on it, at the Boiceville house in Summer 1969. It looks like Billy wasn’t the only one having a drug related breakdown, see Aarhus etc.;-)

    Morning: Aarhus, Denmark, Atlantic Hotel. Jimi & Co. flew to Aarhus, via København. Kirsten & Karen meet him at the hotel, he is out-of-it.
    Evening: Aarhus, Denmark, Vejlby Risskov Hallen Jimi is babbling ("I have been dead a long time”) and behaving irrationally (eg crawling about pretending he is Winnie the Pooh), he has taken Mandrax and is seen staggering about backstage amongst the beer crates prior to eventually going on stage. After a very long delay he goes on stage, but he keeps dropping his plectrum, and only plays two numbers (almost & badly) before leaving the stage.
    Night: Aarhus, Denmark, Atlantic Hotel, Jimi stays with Kirsten, she says he asks her if she wants to marry him, she thinks he’s joking.

    11:00: København, Denmark. Airport, Jimi & Kirsten fly in.
    Mid day: København, Frederiksberg, Denmark, Kirsten’s mother’s house, Jimi visits Kirsten’s family, has a meal. Poses for press photo’s with Kirsten, press reports (11th) they are engaged. She says the press just invented the engagement story.
    Evening: København, Denmark, K. B. Hallen, he plays a fiery but ragged concert to a very ethusiastic audience. Jimi appears to be very “up” on something, speed or coke? splits his trousers once again (ie again this shows he wasn’t quite “aware”), and hurts his voice.
    Night: København, Denmark, Kirsten’s mother’s house, Jimi stays with Kirsten

    Morning: København, Denmark, Kirsten’s mother’s house, Jimi changes his mind about Kirsten accompanying him to West Germany, he tells her, “A women’s place is in the home,” and Kirsten flies back to London. Jimi & co. fly to Hamburg, then a KLM (Dutch) flight on to West Berlin (West German planes were not allowed to fly in East German airspace)
    12:36: West Berlin enclave, East Germany, Kempinski Hotel, Jimi & Co. arrive
    19:00: West Berlin enclave, East Germany, Deutschlandhalle, Super Concert ’70. Alan ‘Blind Owl’ Wilson founder of Canned Heat was found dead from an overdose of barbiturates and alcohol the very day (3rd) the rest of Canned Heat left for this concert. Jimi would obviously have heard of this.
    In a pre gig interview Jimi sounds like he’s overdone the alcohol and/or downers a bit, it’s also painfully apparent that his voice is damaged from the previous night, missing out much of the vocals and hardly speaking between songs.
    According to Gerd Augustin he took Uschi Obermaier backstage pre-show and they had a nice chat with Jimi (apart from them there was only Mitch and Karen in the room at the time). He had spent the night with her at the Kempinski after his Berlin concert in 69, and subsequently wrote asking her to visit him in NY - she never did. She can be seen petting and kissing him farewell in the 1969 Albert Hall film.


    Morning: Isle of Fehmarn, West Germany, Hotel Dania, Jimi flew from West Berlin to Hamburg, then travelled by train to Fehmarn. The band broke into a locked sleeping carriage (or, more likely, it wasn’t locked and they just used it) to get some rest, no reservations had been made, but the guard was not happy and stopped the train briefly, the wife of the rail company owner? (according to Gerry Stickells)/or
    the wife of ex president Lübke? (according to Gerd Augustine) was on the train and quickly sorted out the trouble and got the train on it's way. The bad organisation and stormy weather provided Jimi with an excuse to re-schedule his gig to the next day, get some rest and get himself together. Stickells was filmed telling the protesting promoters, in no uncertain terms, that there is no-way Hendrix is going on-stage under these conditions, but in no way is his manner threatening at anytime and they merely, grudgingly accept that he will go on the next day.

    13:00: Isle of Fehmarn,West Germany, ‘Love & Peace Festival’ On the way to the stage a piece of wood with “six inch” nails sticking out of it is allegedly thrown (‘story’ only told by Mitch) and hits Gerry on the head, (according to Mitch, he is not injured), it’s strange that Gerry later says he was hit with a “chain” (bikers?) & doesn’t mention being hit on the head? The pictures and film show nothing of the sort, this is obviously a ‘tale’. Arriving on stage Jimi is loudly booed by some parts of the crowd for not turning up the night before, he quickly wins them over with the best concert of this mostly well under par tour. They leave directly after the show, but not hurriedly. Several acts later part of the stage was badly damaged after being set on fire. There was much trouble at this festival caused by out-of-it biker gang “security” (similar to Altamont, but not nearly as bad), though apparently not while Jimi was playing. Earlier a small ticket sales booth was robbed and destroyed by student employee’s who supposedly feared they weren’t going to be paid. This has been blown out of all proportion over the years, with ridiculous, unsubstantiated “talk” of a JHE roady being “shot through the leg,” and “machinegun fire,”
    His last gig. There were a couple more planned for later (ie 10th De Doellen, Rotterdam, 25th Essen. Possibly Paris? & Wien?, but they were cancelled due to Billy’s “breakdown”. Jimi was also reported as saying that he wanted to tour the UK, (West Germany was also mentioned) and some dates were provisionally booked.
    Afternoon/evening: London, UK, Cumberland Hotel. Jimi arrives back in London, books in.
    Night: London, UK, Airways Hotel, (where Billy is staying. It has been reported he was staying at Gerry Stickells’ flat but everyone else says ‘Airways’) Billy starts freaking out with paranoia again (according to Mitch)

    No info.: London, UK, Airways Hotel? Jeanette Jacobs reportedly looked after Billy at some point. She also says that Monika showed her her “engagement” ring at the Speakeasy at some point and told her she was engaged to Jimi, which she “fell for” at the time. She left London for Amsterdam before Jimi died.

    Morning: Acording to “Jimi’s hairdresser” James Finney [he is only mentioned by Henderson], Billy hadn’t spoken a word since he got back to London (not according to the others, but while he was doing Jimi’s hair, Billy started to talk again and eventually appeared much better.
    Afternoon: London, UK, Cumberland Hotel Kirsten & Karen visit Jimi. Jimi get’s a call that Billy has “freaked out,” and they all go to the Airways Hotel. “Billy was out of his head.” – So much for Finney’s claims
    Afternoon: London, UK, “A tandoori restaurant in Fulham Rd.” Jimi & Kirsten take Billy out for a meal, where he acts very strangely.
    Night: London, UK, Airways Hotel Jimi & Kirsten (& probably others) spend the night with Billy, they can’t sleep due to Billy’s paranoid condition.

    Time?: London, UK, Heathrow Airport. Stickells persuades Billy to get on the plane and he flies to his parents home in Pennsylvania to recuperate.
    Evening: London, Cumberland Hotel. Monika leaves a message asking Jimi to meet her in the Speakeasy for dinner, he doesn’t turn up.

    Night: London, ‘Tramp’ disco. Jimi and Kirsten go dancing (possibly the 10th)
    Night: London, UK, Cumberland Hotel. Presumably Kirsten spends the night?

    At some point: London, Cumberland Hotel? Jimi phones Mitch about getting a relacement bass player

    Evening: London, UK, Park Hotel. Jimi with “women” [Kirsten & Karen?] attends a release party for Mike Nesmith’s LP Magnetic South.
    Night: London, UK, Cumberland Hotel - Kirsten


    Afternoon?: London, UK, Cumberland Hotel. Jimi gives an interview to Keith Altham for the BBC program Scene And Heard, in the company of 2-3 women [Kirsten & Karen?] (they had been watching The Kenny Everett Explosion on TV, which Jimi found very funny), Jimi, although humerous, sounds a bit out-of-it. It’s his last recorded words.
    Altham suddenly "remembered" in the NME 11-8-10 (40 years later), it was just two and they were Monika & Devon! – highly unlikely, Devon was enroute from NY, and Monika by her own testimony never caught up with him until the 15th and that they hated each other! Night: London, UK, Cumberland Hotel Kirsten


    Time?: London, UK Londonderry Hotel. Devon, Alan & Stella Douglas arrive. No doubt pissed off to find that Jimi’s moved out. According to Kirsten, Devon had been phoning Jimi regularly, and she had heard the reports of Jimi being engaged to Kirsten, So she decided to fly to London with Alan & Stella Douglas to see what was happening.
    ~20:40: London,UK, Academy 3 cinema, Edgeware Rd.Kirsten: “A weird little cinema.” Jimi, Kirsten & Karen go to see Antonioni’s film The Red Desert.
    Night: London, UK, Cumberland Hotel. Devon phoned and wanted to know what was going on, Jimi started rowing with her on the phone. This annoyed Kirsten and she left.
    Alan Douglas is quoted in Hopkins as saying they (Jimi, AD, Stella & Devon) spent this weekend at Roger Daltrey’s house (obviously bullshit, it’s never mentioned again)

    The two shows booked for De Doelen, Rotterdam, Holland have been cancelled
    Time?: London, UK, Heathrow Airport. Mike Jeffery arrives in London
    Time?: London, UK, Cumberland Hotel. Kirsten & Karen visit Jimi, Angie Burdon “& Co.” are there, they ‘party’.
    Time?: London, UK, Track Records. Alan Douglas claims: “Jeffery burst in saying, ‘Alan, you have to get me in touch with him.’ I told Hendrix the next day and he blew me off.” [whatever that’s supposed to mean?]
    Night: London, UK, Cumberland Hotel. Kirsten says she stayed with Jimi.

    Alan Douglas is quoted in Hopkins as saying they (Jimi, AD, Stella & Devon) spent this weekend at Roger Daltrey’s house (obviously bullshit, he never mentions it again)


    Morning?: London, UK, Cumberland Hotel. Kirsten leaves Jimi to go back to her film work, he asks her to keep in touch. She later phones and leaves messages but he never replies.
    Afternoon?: London, UK, Samarkand Hotel. Monika claims Jimi visited her at some point during this day
    (don't know where Caesar got this from) – unlikely, in her book she says she only met up with him on the 15th...
    Evening: London, UK, “A Moroccan restaurant” in Fulham Rd. According to Secunda, Jimi, Devon, Stella went there for a meal
    Night: London, UK, Daniel Secunda’s. According to Alan Douglas & Secunda Jimi visits Alan & Stella Douglas, and Devon who are now staying at Secunda’s flat.
    Night: London, UK, Ronnie Scott’s. According to Burdon, Eric Barrett came to War’s opening night and told Burdon Jimi wanted to get in touch. Burdon suggested that Jimi came down for a jam. One of his versions of this is quite insulting to Jimi.


    03:00: London, UK, Daniel Secunda’s. Jimi still there talking, they agreed that Douglas would become Jimi’s manager - according to Douglas, that is -
    he had already been tried and found wanting...
    Morning: London, UK, Heathrow Airport. Alan Douglas claims: “Hendrix climbed into the cab taking me to the airport and came along to see me off.” Douglas later moves this forward to the 17th so he can claim Jimi died as he got back to New York
    Time?: London UK. Track Records. Glebeek & Shapiro:“Jimi was supposed to visit Track Records to discuss the release of his new single Dolly Dagger [b/w Night Bird Flying].” They don’t say where they got this info from. This had already been mastered and preliminary pressings made in the US, which Jimi had played to a journalist backstage in Göteborg on the 1st Sep.)
    Time?: London, UK, Heathrow Airport. Henry Stiengarten [lawyer] flies in to discuss Diana Carpenter’s paternity suit with Jimi, he appears to be of the opinion that she is Jimi’s daughter – Jimi, it seems probably, did not turn up for the appointment.
    17:00: London, UK, Cumberland Hotel. Monika eventually meets up with Jimi, she picks him up in her blue Opel sports-car and takes him to the Samarkand.
    Evening: London, UK, Ronnie Scott’s. According to Earth magazine in 1970 “Hendrix was in the audience at Ronnie Scott’s, listening to Eric Burdon and his new [they weren’t that “new”, they joined up in June 1969] band, War. He preferred to remain unnoticed and declined to go onstage.” According to Steve Gold (War’s manager) in 1983’s ‘Hit & Run The Jimi Hendrix Story’ Jimi turned up “ripped” at Ronnie Scott's but he “told him he couldn’t come in,” and “told him to come back the next night”. The unreliable E. Burdon (who hates S. Gold) later repeats this tale 16 years later, in his 1986 autobio I Used To Be An Animal, But I’m Alright Now saying Jimi actually came in wanting to jam “well out of it.../but he was wobbling too much to play, so I told him to come back tomorrow night.” Then nine years after Burdon’s repetition of the story, the very unreliable J. "Tappy" Wright in 1992’s Setting The Record Straight claims it was him that refused Jimi.
    According to Monika (1995) she asked Jimi if they could go there as her friend Alvinia had phoned and said she would be there. She said they did attend, but mentions nothing about him being stoned or being refused a jam etc. She says Jimi talked backstage with War for a bit, then they left ‘cause War weren’t on til later and he didn’t want to wait. In The Final Days 1997 Tony Brown has “Terry McVay insisting that Jimi should not be allowed to play... ‘he looked disoriented’”, “Some members of War" later stated that “Jimi looked “smacked out” and quotes Sharon Lawrence
    (in her awful Mills & Boone style): “He arrived at Ronnie Scott's jazz club in Soho, one of his favourite haunts, to see Eric Burdon play. I was there with friends having a drink in the bar. Jimi moved as though in a daze, and it took him a long moment to realise who I was. He was terribly pale and his brown eyes looked exhausted and frightened. I'm almost gone', he muttered.” She says she left shortly after this, she says he was with Monika. No one else mentions Sharon even being in London, nevermind at any particular location. According to Caesar (he doesn't say where got this from) Jimi & Monika left the club at 01:00 am

    Night: London, UK, Samarkand Hotel. Jimi stays with Monika. [Or Chas Chandler’s? Chas said in interviews for Disc and Record Mirror that the last time he saw Jimi before he died was in March, he much later denied having given these interviews - yes, he would wouldn't he;-). Then in Chris Welch’s 1973 bio he said: “I never heard any more about him for about three months until two days before he died, He asked me to produce for him again, He rang me on the Thursday and we got to discussing designs for a cover.” If Chas’ later story about Jimi’s visit is true, and not just (charitably) a muddle of conversations and events as it seems, it could be this night, although he did imply that Jimi visited earlier in the evening, as: “...he hadn’t seen my baby son, he sat talking with him on his knee.” “The first time I heard Alan Douglas’ name was that Wednesday night.” [very unlikely as Douglas had strong business ties with Track records going back to it’s inception. Nevermind Chas making comments about the BOG] He may have got the day wrong as: “Hendrix told me that he had spent the previous night with him at a friend’s house,” ie Douglas and Secunda who (originally) said that night was the Monday. He also says that Jimi phoned Electric Lady to get Eddie to fly over to London with the proposed tapes for the new LP. Eddie and ‘the twins’ remember a phone call [no day given] where Jimi discussed this, but he had accepted it was best to come back on the Monday and finish it at Electric Lady. They don’t recall any mention of Chandler, or Olympic studios.

    Kirsten phoned the Cumberland and was told Jimi had not spent the last night there, “I was really mad.”
    Late morning: London, UK, Hotel. Sharon Lawrence claims Jimi phoned her complaining about Chalpin’s imminent arrival, Douglas & Devon hassling him and Mike Jeffery for not having sorted out the Chalpin case. (whatever that’s supposed to mean? was he suppoed to make him disappear by magic, or what;-)
    Afternoon?: London, UK, Cumberland Hotel. Monika drives Jimi to the Cumberland to pick up his messages and his black Strat for the jam that night. He is served a meal in his room, and asks for his shoes to be cleaned, it was the last time he was seen by the staff.
    Afternoon?: London, UK, Pat Hartley’s house. Jimi & Monika attend a small birthday party for Alvinia’s friend Judy Wong. Alvinia was there.
    Evening?: London, UK, Then they go back to the Samarkand and Monika writes a postcard to her brother, Jimi added a short note to him.
    Evening: London, UK, unknown location. According to Ed Chalpin Jimi was supposed to meet with him and lawyers, to discuss the upcoming court case on the 18th. but he didn’t turn up.
    Evening: London, UK, Lyceum, Jimi DID NOT attend the ‘Sly & the Family Stone’ concert. According to Eric Clapton, he saw Jimi at the concert from across the otherside of the theatre, but didn't get to meet him.

    Night: London, UK, Ronnie Scott’s. Jimi jams with (Eric Burdon &) WAR at Ronnie Scott’s, he plays well. Leaves in the early hours of the 17th with Monika.
    Sharon Lawrence says she was there but left before Jimi arrived at the cub. No one else mentions her being there.
    According to Chas (only) Jimi phoned him about producing for him. Jimi then came round to the flat and they talked until 03:00am. (There are witnesses that say he left with Monika in the early hours, not to mention the concert tape—sounds like someone’s getting mixed up with March again Everyone seems to stay up to 3!)
    Night: London, UK, Speakeasy. Monika says they went there for something to eat after Ronnie’s. Maybe this was when she told Jeanette Jacobs she and Jimi were engaged and showed off her ring.

    ~ 03:00: London, UK, Samarkand Hotel. According to Monika, Jimi arrives with her & spends the rest of the “night”.
    ~13:00: London, UK Samarkand Hotel. Jimi and Monika awake and go out to the garden where she takes photos of Jimi.
    ~15:00: Marble Arch,London, UK an unknown bank? Monika: “We drove to the bank to withdraw some money.”
    ~15:00: London, UK Kensington Market Monika: “Then we went shopping in Kensington Market.”
    Kathy: “The last time I saw Jimi was the day of the night he died. It was in Kensington Market. He was with that blond chick [ie Monika], so I didn’t say anything to him. He didn’t even see me. I had planned to see him later that night. Maybe if I had spoken to him he wouldn’t now be dead.” Later this becomes: “...I was browsing around... Kensington Market, when Jimi came up... ‘I’m staying at the Cumberland... why don’t you drop by later to say hi?’... But I know now that he wouldn’t have been there anyway.”

    Monika: “We didn’t see Kathy there at all!”
    James Finney (Miles Davis’ hairdresser and assistant, also, so he claims “Jimi’s hairdresser” . Only mentioned by the dodgy, racist Henderson in connection with Jimi. The story sounds like total BS)
    “I was in the gift shop of the Kensington Market doing some last-minute shopping when I bumped into Devon and Angie. I had just purchased an antique guitar pin for Jimi. They told me that they had just seen Jimi and Monika in another part of the market. I would have liked to give Jimi the gift myself, but I realized that I only had enough time left to catch a cab to the hotel, where my bags waited in the lobby, and continue on to the airport. I asked Devon if she would give the gift to Jimi and when she agreed I inscribed a note on the tiny card. It said, ‘I wish I were a guitar.’ I gave the package to Devon and split for the States.” [extrapolated from Henderson who paraphrased his original interview]
    Henderson: “Devon and Angie found Jimi [in Kensington Market] and gave him the package [Finney's silver brooch]. He hadn't seen them before and was surprised they were there. He excused himself from Monika and went with them to find Stella.” [he doesn’t say who he got this from]

    Stella Benabou (Douglas)
    We all greeted each other and went outside to chat. [according to Henderson. She more likely said “we were strolling down the street when we met Jimi and some girl.”] Pete Kameron was giving a dinner party that evening; we wondered if Jimi would like to go. He did, he knew people who would be there. We decided to meet and go together. While we talked I was struck by Jimi's eyes. They were fantastic, deep and wise. I knew Jimi well, and I had not seen his eyes like that often. He seldom looked in anyone's eyes, but today he seemed to be staring into my soul. Devon picked up on it too. We saw something very special happening inside of him [what? like he’d decided to kill himself?!! (Lassie - the dog- barks, “what’s are you trying to say Lassie? Oh, the house is on fire!, everyone out, thank God for Lassie! Phew!].” [extrapolated from the verbose bullshitter, con-man (ie his ‘God Save The Queen’) and racist, Henderson who paraphrased her original interview, possibly to the point of almost complete fantasy, judging by his ‘Mills & Boone’ style ‘creative writing’ waffle – what a prick!]

    Monika: “On our way to the Cumberland we met Stella Douglas, Devon Wilson and another girl [she initially, mistakenly, assumed she was Collette Mimram. The other girl was possiubly Angie Burdon, although no one else mentions her being there, just Finney? (he wasn’t there either apparently].
    16:30: London, UK Grosvenor House Hotel. On the road driving alongside each other Philip Harvey asks Jimi round for “tea”. Jimi says he has to stop at the Cumberland briefly.
    16:40: London, UK Cumberland Hotel. Jimi changed and picked up some messages.
    Time?: London, UK Cumberland Hotel:
    According to Mitch, he called Jimi there, and arranged to jam with Sly at the Speakeasy, but Jimi never turned up. He said then he didn’t know anything about Monika or the Samarkand (Monika says he called Jimi at the Samarkand).
    Mitch says he called Jimi at the Cumberland

    According to Gerry, he called Jimi there, and didn’t know anything about Monika or the Samarkand. (Monika says he called Jimi at the Samarkand)
    According to Trixie Sullivan, Jimi called Mike in Majorca at Sgt. Pepper’s but he was out. Jimi left a message to call back.
    According to Chas Jimi called him again, about producing him. (Monika says he called Jimi at the Samarkand).
    17:30: London, UK Peter Harvey’s house. Jimi and Monika arrive in a blue saloon car [it was actually a small 2-seater sports], have a bit of a party with Harvey and two other women, smoking cannabis and drinking red wine [Jimi did not usually drink red, but preferred white, or occasionally rose] eats some vegetarian food, mainly rice?
    Evening: Palma, Spain, Sgt Pepper’s. According to Trixie, Jeffery tried to call Jimi, but a storm had taken down the telephone lines.
    Early evening: Sharon Lawrence claims she phoned the Cumberland, but Jimi was out
    [was she even on the British archipelago?, or was she actually in the US? as seems more likely].
    20:00 – 20:30: London, UK Samarkand Hotel. According to Monika they went back to her flat.
    [Peter Harvey’s claim that Jimi was still drinking red wine, smoking cannabis, and that c. 22:00: Monika got jealous, Jimi & Monika went outside, she shouted angrily at him (for 40 mins!?).
    22:40: Jimi apologized to the hosts for Monika, and left with her. – sounds very dodgy!!! See PC Ian Smith interview in Bucks Advertiser, see also Glebeek]

    23:00: Monika says she cooked Jimi spaghetti Bolognese. He wrote ‘The Story Of Life’ lyrics

    ~23:40 (or ~ 3/4 hour earlier): London, UK Pete Kameron’s house. Monika drives Jimi to Pete Kameron’s party, Devon, Stella Douglas [and Angie Burdon? Kathy claims she was there, but, no one else mentions her being there] are there. According to Henderson (apparently quoting Stella c.1978, but probably just Henderson getting ‘exotic’ as is his way) the food was Polynesian and was just for the party. She is, years later, quoted directly as saying it was actually Thai (almost, if not entirely non existant, at this time in London). Angie’s letter (1991, claimed but unpublished, unseen) says Stella got some Chinese food for Jimi, she doesn’t say when he ate it. The food, whatever it’s source, apparently included rice, which he must have eaten at some point. Tony Brown says it would be “impossible” to buy a Chinese takeaway at 01:45 (Monika’s estimate of when she dropped Jimi at the party) on a Friday night in 1970 London (don’t know where he got this from, doubtful? he doesn’t say when ‘last orders’ would be?), how about 24:00? if so it may well have taken 20 minutes or so to get the food to the house and his last mouthful could quite feasibly be an hour after starting to eat, or later, it depends if he felt like eating it straight away, Tony says he had to have eaten between 23:00 & 24:00-Why? it could have been put in the oven to keep warm for half an hour or whatever. Stella says it was catered from a “special restaurant”, this means it could have been ordered for anytime. Stella also says that though she put several bowls out no one was that interested, and that Jimi only ate some immediately before he left. This means in the ‘rice’ TOD “theory”, due to scant info on the subject, it was claimed by some, that it was fairly unlikely that Jimi died much after 07:00 and quite probably an hour or more earlier. Kathy reckons on what (the very dodgy) Dr. Crompton told her it was 2-3 hours after eating the rice, “couldn’t be later than 05:30” (going by the later 03:00 eating estimate by Stella it would be 06:00) though she also says “three hours before the ambulance arrived” ie 08:18. If we go for the lowest estimates by Kathy “2-3 hours” and Tony Brown’s 23:00 he would either have died at the party, or in Monika’s car. If we go for Kathy’s later estimate it’s 06:18.
    According to medical experts consulted by Glebeek, the ‘discernable’ rice grains are a red herring anyway, there is nothing to stop them still be discernable several hours later, due to many factors, not least Jimi’s drugged state.

    ~03:00: London, UK, Samarkand Hotel. About this time possibly a bit earlier (2:45? - Monika) Jimi leaves Pete Kameron’s house and Monika drives him back to the Samarkand, ~ 25 min journey (according to ‘Pali Gap’ who lives there, probably less in 1970). [Reported in the Bucks Advertiser, they squabbled and Monika left the flat (according to PC Ian Smith, ‘reported’ (much later) an early statement (unavailable/lost?) that he & PC John Keene took from Monika on the 18th.
    “We went back later and from what we could gather, Jimi and the girl had had a bit of an argument and he’d stormed off to cool down. [only mention of this argument, sounds very like the alleged scene at Pete Harvey’s??]
    When he came back, he took a sleeping tablet and went to bed. Then she went out, and when she came back, he’d been sick and she couldn’t wake him.” [no mention of her going to sleep, maybe forgot that bit, or not? sounds like when she says she went out for cigs] [no mention of wine]
    He later denies this story, saying most of it was made up by the reporter.]
    ~07:00 Monika falls asleep. Some time later Jimi takes an overdose of Vesparax, washed down, according to Monika, with some Coca-cola. Anything else is dependant on Monika’s (very slightly changing) story and/or paranoid fantasy.
    ~10:00 Monika wakes up and has breakfast. Says Jimi was sleeping normally

    ~10:30 London, UK, Finch’s Wines, 120 Kensington Park Road. Monika walks out to get cigarettes.
    Morning, London, UK, Samarkand Hotel. Jimi is sick and inhales vomit. The much argued time of death appears to mostly hinge on the red herring of what time Jimi ate the “rice grains” that “could be discerned” in the stomach contents and how long some could still be “discerned” in the stomach contents after eating. Kathy quotes what a [discredited] forensic scientist Dr. Crompton (reportedly even more dodgy than Bannister) who she showed Tony Brown’s copy of the typed transcript of the autopsy report to. This seems to have been made available to Henderson when writing his book c.1978, and to ‘Glebeek & Shapiro’ in c.1990, as it is quoted in both books. At first she says 2-3 hours, then 3 hours, for the rice to still be “discerned”, then she gives a Time Of Death that would be 06:18, then a TOD “not later than 5:30”, her only concern appears to be to show that Jimi died hours before the ambulance arrived, not the exact time. It appears from what she says that (the extremely unreliable) Dr. Crompton may have said the rice could have still been “discernable” from anything between 2 to 4 hours but probably around 3. All the “evidence” about what time Jimi arrived “mid evening” and when he ate the rice (she doesn’t say) appears to come from a letter [unseen so far] her friend Angie supposedly wrote to her in 1991 in reply to her request as to what happened at the party, ie if it does actually exist, it’s a 21 year old memory that at some point there was Chinese food at the party, when Jimi ate it is anyone’s guess, most likely after 12 o’clock, Stella says it was immediately before he left ie ~ 03:00, but no one knows, there may have been a late night takeaway. Jimi may have wanted to eat later? cold? oven? It appears he didn’t take it back to Monika’s anyway. If he ate the rice at 12 and we accept that he died two-three hours later, (according to Kathy’s first claim from Dr. Crompton’s reported estimate from the “copy” of the autopsy report that Kathy showed him, then he died at the party, or on the way to Monika’s, Kathy, however, in the same interview estimates the TOD to be, “not later than 05:30” & also 06:18.]
    There are many reasons why some rice grains were still observable hours later, it’s just a red herring. If he had died long before arriving at the hospital rigor mortis (as first pointed out by ‘sharpstat’ here at CTT) and lividity would have been obvious anyway and there is no way he would have been brought to the hospital, nevermind entered casualty.
    The blood/barbiturate level of 1.3mg% could be reached within 10 mins or quite a bit later, it depends on circumstances and the person, judging by the amount in the liver it looks as though it may well have been higher earlier? As to when one would conk out, it’s very much up to the individual, whether this potentially lethal level would result in death is also very much up to the circumstances and the individual. The much higher liver level of 3.9% and it’s relationship to the blood level is unexplained in the literature I’ve seen, ie what level in the liver would be a potentially fatal one has not been discussed in the papers I’ve seen (see links), which only discuss blood level. The liver level can build up and take longer to be excreted, this tendency to build up is usually potentiated by alcohol, but then he had very little alcohol. Human bodies are not identical machines there can be enormous variation in outcomes. ie There is no “forensic triangle” or established time for anything apart from, it appears to be agreed, that Jimi left the party “around 3” at which he ate rice at some point. That he took an unusually large (but not neccessarily fatal) amount of Vesparax, washed down with Coca-cola, then vomited and inhaled vomit during the morning.
    ~11:00 London, UK, Samarkand Hotel. Monika returns, notices Jimi has vomited, can’t wake him, finds empty strip of tablets. Thinks she should ‘phone Jimi’s Dr., Robertson, from the private ‘phone in her flat, she doesn’t have his number, but thinks Alvinia will know it.

    ~11:10 London, UK, Pat Hartley’s, Elvaston Place, Monika phones looking for her friend Alvinia (who was staying there, but had stayed at Burdon’s hotel that night) to get Robertson’s number. She is given the phone number of the Russell Hotel, Russell Sq, Bloomsbury and get’s through to either Burdon, or Alvinia who then puts her on to Burdon. He changes his story about this considerably, at one time saying she didn’t want to get an ambulance, in case Jimi got angry. She says he didn’t want her to get an ambulance. In one of his stories he said just that, but says he then phoned her back to get an ambulance! She decides to ‘phone for one anyway.
    11:18 London, Emergency call centre. Monika’s call for an ambulance is answered
    ~11:21 London, UK Samarkand Hotel. a PC [name unknown, possibly Upton?] arrives in his panda car. This would have to be the time Burdon claimed he and Slater “cleaned out” the flat etc.

    Burdon 1986 no mention of car window with Love written on it.
    Burdon's KPFA broadcast 1992: "The only thing I remember specifically and clearly is [Monika's] car was parked outside and it was a cold morning and the fog was in the back window of the car, and [Jimi] had written in the window on the car, on his way down to the apartment the night before, he'd written 'LOVE' on the back window of the car. And I remember standing outside looking at the window of the car, you know, and I knew it was his handwriting." [He wasn’t even there]
    This is curiously similar to Monika’s 1995 “memory”, in her book, of seeing Jimi writing “I love you” in the dust on a window of her car earlier in the evening. Was it “fogged”, was it dust, as in “clean me”. Did Burdon read this in her early draught of her book which circulated amongst the chosen few, or is it just "poetic" bollocks by Burdon later ‘embellished’ by Dannemann
    Burdon’s last “memory” (2005) [a repeat from his 1992 interview [and 2001 book where he doesn't mention window fog, but rain, see below], that of seeing the word “love” written on the glass of Monika’s car see below.
    Kathy says she taped Burdon in c.1991 [tape unheard so far] saying that Jimi was still on the bed when he got there “but I couldn’t look because of the mess”, but Burdon in his 2001 autobiography Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood, claimed to have arrived after the ambulance, “I saw the flashing blue lights of the ambulance as I rounded the corner
    . Even from outside the flat I could hear the moans of Monika and Alvinia”... “I could hear other people arriving upstairs. I recognized the voice of Gerry Stickells.”... “A few clouds had broken, and the rain had stopped, and the sun was beating down on the pavement of the wet street [ie Monika’s windows weren’t “fogged” with early morning condensation]. The word love was scrawled on the window of the Opel [Monika’s “little yellow” [sic. It was actually blue] car “like a corvette” ie an Opel GT - 2 seater, ie not a “blue saloon car” either as in Harvey’s “party” statement]. I was sure Jimi’s hand had written it the night before” [Burdon wasn’t even there]

    *Both Burdon and his roady now claiming they arrived about the same time, ie when the ambulance had just left. And Burdon says that Stickells arrived after he did. Alvinia claimed she arrived just as the ambulance did.Apparently not, Monika phoned her from the hospital and told her where Jimi was, Alvinia phoned the roadies. These people either have no shame/and/or no real memory. I suggest, ‘deeply shallow’.

    11:27: London, UK Samarkand Hotel. The ambulance arrives. According to Kathy Etchingham the ambulance driver and attendant told her they arrived to find the flat empty, the door “open” and Jimi dead in a “pool of vomit”. Police are called. No one mentions wine only vomit, Suau remembers he was possibly wearing pyjama trousers, but it seems he was probably taken naked, they wrap him in blankets. They take him up the narrow spiral stair in a chair like contraption called a ‘Rumbold stretcher’. The Guardian newspaper and
    also the Daily Mail said the bedding was later taken away for “analysis” by the police. This would be odd as the only trace of vomit was on the pillowcases, which were left behind. In a later interview with Glebeek John Suau said: “... To the best of my recollection the door was open when I arrived... But someone must have met me at or near the door... This patient was still alive, just, but he was pretty far gone... I also remember vaguely a woman at the Admission Desk [of St. Mary Abbots]; she could only have known where we were taking the patient if she'd come with us or followed the ambulance...." I was.. .shown [on 7 July 1993 by Dennis Care] a copy of what I was alleged to have said when I was interviewed about this matter by two women... The vast majority of that document [published in Straight Ahead #43, October 1992; Voodoo Child #27, Summer 1992; Jimi Hendrix: A Visual Documentary by Tony Brown, p. 125; and Hendrix: The Final Days by Tony Brown, p. 137] is untrue and does not reflect what I said at that telephone interview."
    Reginald Jones :... If there had been no pulse then I would immediately have attempted
    resuscitation... I didn't on this patient so there was obviously no need to do so... If the woman [Monika] didn't come with us in the ambulance then I don't know how she would have known where we went...."
    ~11:29: London, UK Samarkand Hotel. PC’s Ian Smith and John Keene arrive in a panda car as they were taking Jimi out of the flat. [No mention of wine]. He says the report in the Bucks Advertiser that he saw Jimi lying ‘lumped out’ in the flat was false. He also disowned the statement in Tony Brown’s book on being shown it.
    11:35: London, UK Samarkand Hotel. The ambulance takes Jimi’s to St Mary Abbott’s
    11:53: London, UK St Mary Abbott’s Hospital The ambulance arrives, with Jimi very near death or just on arrival “dead” (ie his heart stopped), pick your story - Price’s: “Two doctors went out... He was dead, he never left the ambulance” “I took him to the morgue” – no mention of wine; Dr. Siefert’s: “He was dead we only worked on him for a few minutes.. he was clothed” – no mention of wine); Dr. Bob Brown’s: “The man had been dead for quite some time, it wasn’t as if there was something to be done about it, there simply wasn’t any medical remedy. I went off to attend to another man who’d fallen or jumped in front of a train who was still alive. He [Jimi] was gone.” – no mention of wine; or Ex-Dr. (reprimanded for medical malpractise and struck off for fraud) Bannister’s (“He was obviously dead...then I worked on him for half an hour sucking out red wine.” Later statement: “He was naked apart from a towel or piece of clothing around his neck”) as to how much treatment his dead body got, and how much “wine” Bannister claims he extracted from it (bizarre), whether clothed or unclothed etc. His body is taken to the morgue, very soon after arrival - according to Price and Dr. Siefert, or after over half an hour of “wine” extraction etc. from an obviously dead body (that was unusually tall “hanging over the table by 10 inches” [Jimi was only 5’11”]) by Bannister later.
    ~12:00 (a little after): London, UK St Mary Abbott’s Hospital According to Alvinia she arrived at casualty shortly after the ambulance. She is initially claimed as saying she arrived in a borrowed car, later this became a (less dramatic) taxi.

    ~12:15 Monika and Avinia are told Jimi is dead. Monika becomes hysterical, then they claim they were allowed to see Jimi’s corpse, not officially allowed, but possible given the circumstances, the NHS isn’t so strict sometimes.
    12:45 Dr. Siefert officially pronounced Jimi dead
    ~13:00 After phone calls by Alvinia, Gerry Stickells, Eric Barret and Terry Slater arrive in taxis, at different times, at the hospital. According to one interview Gerry gave to Shapiro c. 1990, he, mistakenly, says “Before 9:00 at least” Slater ‘phoned him at 133 Elgin Crescent with a garbled message about a ‘problem with Jimi at the hotel’. He said he went to the Cumberland Hotel first by mistake as he didn’t know anything about Monika or the Samarkand. Alvinia then spoke to him on a ‘phone and directed him to the hospital. According to Kathy, Terry told her Jimi was lying “knacked” [ie dead] on the bed. When Scotland Yard re-investigated the case, he reportedly [by Kathy, again] said he arrived as the ambulance was leaving* and that Monika was still there after it left.
    Between 13:00 & 14:00 Stickells identifies Jimi’s body
    Morning? Mitch’s house Surrey, UK. Mitch said that he was called by Eric Barrett and told that Jimi was dead. He originally said he couldn’t say what time, just that it was morning. Much later he gave an obviously mistaken time estimate of around 09:30 – 09:00 - the next day maybe?
    15:00: London, UK, St. Mary Abbott’s Hospital. Sergeant John Shaw and PC Upton visit and view Jimi’s body. According to Tony Brown “no known statements from hospital staff were taken.” [But that’s not to say there weren’t any, one would assume they talked to some staff at least.]
    15:00 London, UK, Chapel of Rest at St Mary Abbots. Sergeant John Shaw and PC Upton verify it’s Jimi’s body at the hospital.

    Afternoon?: London, UK. Les Perrin, Jimi’s UK PR gave a press statement that Jimi was DOA at the hospital, and that “it may well be that he overdosed on sleeping tablets, but we can’t say that, because the coroner hasn’t held his inquest yet.
    Between 15:00 and 16:00 Alvinia, Gerry Stickells, Eric Barret and Terry Slater accompanied Monika back to the Samarkand. Slater claimed he found a bit of hash which he chucked into some bushes, the stained pillow cases were also thrown out into the garden (the hotel later retrieved them, but decided not to wash them and threw them away). Stickells and Barrett took all his paperwork (except Jimi’s Story Of Life) for the office, they left Monika his (one) guitar - after she pleaded for it Barrett, according to Monika, said “let her keep it” - and his few pieces of clothing that were left.
    Burdon and Slater have both told stories of arriving at the flat before the ambulance and dramatically cleaning out the “drugs” (possibly a small piece of hash, if that) and “guitars” (there was only one). Burdon, it seems, never went to the Samarkand, or the hospital, he went back to sleep after Monika’s phone call. He was doing a photo shoot at the time they went back to the flat in the afternoon
    ~16:00: London, UK, Samarkand Hotel. Sergeant John Shaw, PC Upton and PC Wyell (from the coroner’s office) arrive. A statement (no mention of wine) is given by Monika:
    “We went to sleep around 7:00 a.m. When I woke up at eleven his face was covered in vomit and he was breathing noisily. I sent for an ambulance and he was taken to hospital. I also noticed that ten of my sleeping tablets were missing.” later Upton says he found an empty packet of Vesparax and a single tablet, ie nine missing.
    Late afternoon: London, UK, Samarkand hotel. Eric Barrett and Terry Slater were then photographed by the press escorting Monika up the steps of the flat.
    Time?: London, UK, High Court. Preliminary hearing of Ed Chalpin’s court case against Jimi/Track Records/Polydor.
    ~12:00 (~07:00 in NY): USA, Electric Lady. According to Levine (in New York), Stickles phoned him that Jimi was dead. The office feared that aquaintances of Jimi’s had keys (or might just break in) and would raid his flat when they found out. A locksmith was then hired and office assistant Gerry “Morrison” (real name ‘Brietmann’) and/or others from the office entered Jimi’s flat and changed the locks, they took everything they considered to be of value back to the office. Alvinia Bridges claimed Jeffery later gave Devon Wilson permission to keep any items of furnishing and clothing, that were left, that she wanted.
    ~12:00? (~07:00 in NY): USA “A hotel in New York”. “Someone” (Gerry?) phoned Noel (he had a bad hangover) and told him Jimi was dead.
    Afternoon?: Newcastle, UK. Railway station. Chas travels home, his dad meets him and breaks the news.
    Late afternoon?: Palma, Mallorca, Sgt. Pepper’s. Jeffery phones Jim Marron at his hotel from his club to tell him Jimi’s dead and to cancel their dinner date that night, saying (Marron claims): “I always knew that son of a bitch would pull a quickie... He’s up and done it!”

    EVENING STANDARD (tabloid), London [B&W photo of Jimi at Isle of Wight, caption: ‘Jimi Hendrix singing at the Isle of Wight pop festival last month’] Jimi Hendrix Dies –‘Drug Overdose’” by ‘Standard Reporter’: Jimi Hendrix the 23–year–old pop guitarist, died today. He is believed to have suffered an overdose of drugs. [drugs unspecified, sowing the seeds of “junkie” /”heroin O.D.” rumours]
    Doctors at St. Mary Abbot’s Hospital, Kensington, where he had been taken by an ambulance , fought to save his life but all attempts to resucitate him failed.
    The hospital secretary said, “We do not know where or how or why he died.” [ie the above bit “fought to save his life” is just a bit of ‘drama’ made up by the journalist;-)
    An inquest is to be held.
    Hendrix, whose electric shock hairstyle started a trend, had been staying at the Cumberland Hotel.
    But his whereabouts during the last three days was a mystery this afternoon.
    [This gave News of the World & “Lorraine James” the space to concoct their sensationalist ‘three days of sex & drugs debauchery’ story.]
    A spokesman [ie Les Perrin] for the public relations firm that looked after Hendrix’s interests and who were trying to solve the muddle said, “He just disappeared.
    “We have been trying to reach him without any success. He had been staying at the Cumberland Hotel and was booked in until last night, as far as we know.
    “But there has been no trace of him, although we tried his friends in the country and in London. They are a missing three days.
    Hendrix had moved into the... Contd. Back Page, Col.1
    […] [rest of text?]

    EVENING NEWS (tabloid), London [Small B&W portrait photo of Jimi grinning] ‘I’m Shattered Says Mick Jagger’, ‘Drugs Kill Hendrix At 24’ by Evening News Reporter: Pop star Jimi Hendrix died in London today after being taken to hospital suffering from an overdose of drugs.[drugs unspecified, sowing the seeds of “junkie”/”heroin O.D.” rumours]
    Hendrix aged 24, was taken to St. Mary Abbots Hospital, Kensington, but was certified dead by a doctor who examined him in the back of the ambulance. [ie same story as Walter Price’s in Electric Gypsy (1990) - DOA, and the most likely scenario: The two ambulance men run into Admissions, inform the doctors (Brown & Bannister) they have a dead body, choked on vomit, they run to the ambulance, confirm that he’s un-saveable, (Dr. Brown: “I saw he was dead, and went off to assist someone who was saveable.” Bannister: “...he was obviously dead... the attempt to resuscitate him was merely a formality”), the registrar Dr. Siefert (“we thumped his chest a few times, we only worked on him for a few minutes, he was dead”) then goes out and pronounces him dead, Price wheels his body to the morgue, end of story. It goes completely against a doctor’s training to attempt to revive someone who’s heart has stopped beating for anything more than a very few minutes, (as they will have suffered profound, irreparable brain damage, it can take only a few minutes to choke to death.
    Hendrix and his manager, Gerry Stickells, had been staying in a London hotel recently. About three days ago they moved out, but failed to give their new address to their agents [head office?] [This gave Lorraine James & News of the World the space to concoct their sensationalist ‘three days of sex & drugs debauchery’ story.]
    Hendrix’s Press agent said this afternoon: “This has come as a great shock. Only this morning Jimi spoke to his manager and arranged another tour of Germany. He got back from his last trip there last week.
    Hendrix was one of the star turns at the recent Isle of Wight pop festival.
    Go Wild And freak Out
    His original group, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, was made up mainly of English musicians although he was an American.
    Rolling Stone Mick Jagger, [appears to be seen by the UK press as being the UK’s equivalent of “Wild man/Pied Piper etc. of Pop”, he’s the only musician mentioned & interviewed by them, curiously in Dusseldorf, Monika’s home town] knew Hendrix well. When I phoned Jagger at his hotel In Dusseldorf, Germany, this afternoon, and broke the news to him, there was a long pause, then: “I'm a bit shattered by this . . . I’ll have to ring you back. . .” He rang off.
    Hendrix was taken to St. Mary Abbots Hospital, Kensington

    The grandson of a pure Cherokee Indian [bollocks!], Hendrix was quoted as saying, in 1969: "People still mourn when people die. That's self-sympathy. The person who is died ain't, crying.
    "When I die I want people to play my music, go wild and freak out an' do anything they wan to do. ..."
    Hendrix was discovered working in a New York cellar club. He burst on the British pop scene with his record “Hey, Joe” in December 1967.
    With his wild mane of frizzy hair, he was once described as making Rolling Stone
    Mick Jagger, [appears to be seen by the UK press as being the UK’s equivalent of “Wild man/Pied Piper etc. of Pop”, he’s the only musician mentioned & interviewed by them, curiously in Dusseldorf, Monika’s home town] look like prime minister Edward Heath. In 1967 he was voted the world's top musician by readers of Melody Maker.

    Evening: London, UK, Ronnie Scott’s club. According to Tony Brown, Judy Wong remembers that “everyone went back to Ronnie Scott’s Club to again see Eric Burdon and War.” [He doesn’t say who “everyone” was.]
    Judy Wong: “We went down to Ronnie Scott’s the evening of the night he died. It was more like a wake. I remember Eric thinking Jimi commited suicide, I personally didn’t think he did, I think it was an accident.” [She unfortunately doesn’t say who “We” were, I assume it included her friends Alvinia and Monika. Possibly Angie and Devon, although I can’t imagine them sitting together with Monika & co.?....]
    c. 17:00: London, UK, Lincoln House Hotel, Gloucester Place. Monika stays here for one or two nights to get away from the Samarkand
    Late afternoon?: Palma, Mallorca, Sgt. Pepper’s. Jeffery phones Jim Marron at his hotel from the club to tell him Jimi’s dead and to cancel their dinner date that night, Marron claims he said: “I always knew that son of a bitch would pull a quickie... He’s up and done it!”
    Evening: London, UK, Ronnie Scott’s club. According to Tony Brown, Judy Wong remembers that “everyone went back to Ronnie Scott’s Club to again see Eric Burdon and War.” [He doesn’t say who “everyone” was.]
    Judy Wong: “We went down to Ronnie Scott’s the evening of the night he died. It was more like a wake. I remember Eric thinking Jimi commited suicide, I personally didn’t think he did, I think it was an accident.” [She unfortunately doesn’t say who “We” were, I assume it included Alvinia and Monika. Possibly Angie and Devon, although I can’t imagine them sitting together with Monika & co.?....]

    THE (Manchester) GUARDIAN (a broadsheet newspaper) report by Jackie Leishman
    Jimi Hendrix, the American pop singer and guitarist, died in London yesterday. He had been taken by ambulance from a flat in a private hotel in Notting Hill but was
    dead on arrival at St Mary Abbot's Hospital, Kensington.The cause of death was most probably an overdose of drugs, said Scotland Yard, but a post mortem examination would be carried out today. The hospital said it did not know how Mr Hendrix had died.

    Mr Hendrix, who was 24 years old, stayed in Britain after the Isle of Wight music festival, where he shared the top of the bill. He recently returned from a European tour which was cut short because of the illness of another member of the group.
    He had been staying at the Cumberland Hotel in the West End and on Thursday asked to extend his stay to include that night, but a spokesman for the hotel said he was last seen there on Wednesday night, when he ordered a meal to be sent to his £17-a-day suite.
    The flat where he was found was at the Hotel Samarkand and was booked in the name of Miss Marika Dannenman, a West German girl who spent most of yesterday afternoon in hospital. Last night she was back at the flat, but under sedation. Mr Danny Hall, the manager of the hotel, said he did not know Mr Hendrix and the first he had known of his death was when police called and took a number of blankets which they had told him were for analysis. At the flat a coroner's officer took possession of some sleeping tablets.
    Miss Dannenman made her six-week booking through an agent in West Germany, he said, and she had arrived there some time in August.
    Mr Hendrix first appeared on the British pop scene in 1967 with a record called "Hey Joe." Mr Les Perrin, his agent, said: "On stage he was a very warm man with a great sense of humour. He was a world-class talent. It's a great loss for the pop business."
    With his group "Experience," Mr Hendrix had a new single scheduled for release in about three weeks. Mitch Mitchell, his drummer, said he had been talking to Hendrix about the release of a new album and about another European tour.
    Mr Hendrix was the grandson of a Cherokee Indian [bollocks!] but part Negro as well. Apart from his flamboyant clothes he was distinguished by his long frizzy hair. In December last year he was aquitted at a Toronto court of possessing heroin and cannabis at the airport.
    THE (London) TIMES (a broadsheet newspaper) ‘OBITUARY’ [the first]. ‘JIMI HENDRIX. A key figure in the developement of pop music’: Jimi Hendrix the pop musician died in London yesterday, as reported elsewhere in this issue [anyone?]. --- If Bob Dylan was the man who liberated pop music verbally, to the extant that after him it could deal with subjects other than teenage affection, then Jimi Hendrix was largely responsible or whatever musical metamorphosis it has undergone in the past three years [an acute observation, for a newspaper].
    Born in Seattle Washington he was part
    [mostly]negro, part Cherokee Indian[a small bit (allegedly), just as much ‘white’ (Irish) in fact!], part Mexican[not!],and gave his date of birth as November 27, 1945 [1942]. He left school early, picked up the guitar[a long time before he left school! What happened to the army? Nashville?], and hitch-hiked[not! He toured on a bus, like the other performers]around the southern States of America before arriving in New York, where he worked for a while with a vaudeville[?]act before joining the Isley Brothers’ backing band. He toured all over America with various singers, including Sam Cooke [on the same tour, but not in his band],Solomon Burke[?], Little Richard, and Ike and Tina Turner[possibly a few gigs but sounds more like he only shared the same bill while still playing with Little Richard], until in August, 1966, he wound up in Greenwich Village, New York playing with his own band for $15 a night [a highly suspect estimate].It was there that he was heard by [introduced to]Chas. Chandler,[by Linda Keith – Keith Richards’ girlfriend at the time]former bass guitarist with the Animals, who became his manager[along with Mike Jeffery]and persuaded him to travel to England. Once in London he put together a trio with drummer Mich Mitchell and bassist Noel Redding called the Jimi Hendrix Experience. [sounds like they got the above off the back cover of the AYE LP]The guitarist’s wild clothes, long frizzy[not frizzy, but Bob Dylan 1966 style] hair and penchant for playing guitar solos with his teeth quickly made him a sensation.
    His playing was rooted in the long-lined blues approach of B.B. King but was brought up to date through the use of amplification as a musical device, and his solos were often composed of strings of feedback sound, looping above the free flowing bass and drums. The whole sound of the group, loose and improvisational and awsomely loud, was quite revolutionary and made an immediate impact on his guitar playing contemporaries.
    As a composer and singer he was one of the first black musicians to come to terms with the electronic facilities offered by rock music, and his songs and voice, influenced considerably by Dylan, created perhaps the first successful fusion of blues and white pop.
    After his phnominal success in Britain he returned to America, where he was banned
    [not!]from a concert tour by the Daughters of the American Revolution, who considered his on stage physical contortions obscene. That served ony to increase interest in him and he rapidly became one of the world’s top rock attractions.[so, apparently this ploy worked! Monterey hadn’t really done the trick;-)]Then, at the beginning of 1969 [end of June actually] and at the height of his fame, he disappeared and spent more than a year in virtual seclusion [10 months actually, during which he went on a well earned (short) holiday to Morocco. He was facing a possible 7 years in the poky, but was tried & aquitted for heroin posession in November, though he still faced the enormous stress of the upcoming court battle with Ed Chalpin over his contract’s validity outside of the US, Chalpin had already won a HUGE ‘out of court’ settlement in the US, through Reprise capitulating to his demands – guess who was picking up the tab? He was also in the process of completing the major project of constructing his & Mike’s Electric Lady Studios, never mind rehearsing and recording with two new groups, playing ‘Woodstock’, reforming his ‘Experience’ group, making a start on his new studio LP and planning a major tour. During this extremely stressful time he played 5 & ‘a bit’ dates, appeared briefly on 3 TV shows, was featured performing as the highlight of two popular films at the time, and handed over Chalpin’s LP which went ‘top five’ (also releasing a ‘flop’ single for Reprise)] playing at home [mainly in studios] with a few friends [& several well know musicians, working out his new direction, then reforming the Experience with his new bass player and starting recording his next studio LP, a (proposed) ambitious 2 LP set. The single Dolly Dagger b/w Nightbird Flying was already mastered & ready for release] Early in 1970 [actually winter of 1969] he unveiled a new [temporary] trio, the Band of Gypsies [only formed to play two nights, for a live Lp to fulfill a contract obligation], and [then reformed the Jimi Hendrix Experience with Billy Cox replacing Noel on bass, had nearly finished the sessions for his new LP, the single from which was ready for release & embarking on a wide “tour” of the US before he] returned to Britain last month to play a rather unsatisfactory set at the Isle of Wight festival. [and seven other gigs in N. Europe] In his last interview he was quoted as saying that he’d reached the end of the road with the trio format, and [no he didn’t!] was planning to form a big band. [Possibly, but only for specific projects. He said he would probably generally stick with a trio]

    In direct contrast to the violence and seeming anarchy of his music [a fair bit of which was steady blues/R&B/funky/jazzy/placid/dreamy/ballad, ie in no way violent/anarchic] Hendrix was a [an extremely complicated, temperamental and occasionally violent, but usually a humerous,] gentle, peaceful man whose only real concern was his music [, his complicated personal relationships, studio construction, court cases, Vietnam war, racism, religious/spiritual/cult/UFO stuff, art, and fast cars etc etc] His final public appearance was when he sat in with War, an American band [actually an International band, set up & led by an Englishman - Eric Burdon, a former 'Animal' signed to Yameta, counted as a “friend” by Jimi, and heavily featuring a Danish harmonica player], at Ronnie Scott’s club in London last Wednesday and it was typical of the man that it was he who felt honoured by being allowed to play. [whatever]
    DAILY MAIL (tabloid),‘Jimi Hendrix In Drug Death Riddle’ by David Tune: POP STAR JimiHendrixdied in an ambulance yesterday on the way to hospital.
    [ie DOA] He wasapparently suffering from a drug overdose. [drugs unspecified, sowing the seeds of “junkie”/”heroin O.D.” rumours]

    Hendrix, one of the stars of the recent Isle of Wight pop festival, whose blatant sexuality on stage made him the centre, of countless controversies, had been found by his beautiful West German girl friend in a coma in bed at her hotel.
    Monika Danneman called an ambulance and sat weeping beside him as he was driven to hospital. [first corroberation of Monika being in the ambulance]
    Westminster Coroner's Office said later: “We suspect a drug overdose.”[sowing the seeds of “junkie”/”heroin O.D.” rumours] An inquest will probably be held on Wednesday.
    Singer Eric Burdon, a close friend of Hendrix, who was with Miss Danneman, said: “Jimi spent the night at his girlfriend's hotel. I don't know...
    PIED PIPER OF POP [implying Jimi led children away to their doom, ie drugs](Page 8)

    ...what exactly happened, his girlfriend is too upset to talk. All I know is that he had takensleeping tablets.”
    Police took some blanketsfrom Miss Danneman's 5gn.-a-week [£5.5s] basement flat at the Samarkand Hotel in Bayswater for forensic tests
    Hendrix had booked into the Cumberland Holel, Marble Arch, on September 6
    He reserved a £17-a-day fifth floor suite but rarely used it. He was
    last seen in the hotel on Thursday afternoon cleaning his shoes [ie ‘shoe-shine boy’ image;-) at £17 a day he would have had them cleaned for him, as it was actually reported by the hotel!]
    in his suite.
    The wild-haired American, who first became famous in Britain, was a legend in the pop world for his talent with the guitar - when he wasn't smashing it on the stage or setting fire to it. He could earn up to £5,000 for a single performance.
    His drummer, Mitch Mitchell, said last night: "I'm numb. I cannot believe it yet. I was talking to him last night about our new album and about plans for a new European tour.
    Mr. Dick Katz, Hendrix's agent, said: "Underneath his wild look, Jimi was a very gentle person".

    Mick Jagger, [appears to be seen by the UK press as being the UK’s equivalent of “Wild man/Pied Piper etc. of Pop”, he’s the only musician mentioned & interviewed by them, curiously in Dusseldorf, Monika’s home town]on a European tour with the Rolling Stones, said in Dusseldorf, West Germany: "we're all stunned. Jimi was a great personal friend and a great musician. I just can't talk about it"
    But Jimi Hendrix, then 22, wrote his own epitaph two years ago: "When I die, I want people to play my music, go wild, and freak out an' do anything they wanna do".
    DAILY MIRROR (tabloid),[B&W photo of of Jimi, caption: ‘Pop star Jimi hendrix at the recent Isle of Wight pop festival] Wild Man Of Pop Jimi Hendrix Dead’ by James Wilson: Pop guitarist Jimi Hendrix, the wild man of pop, died yesterday after his girlfriend found him unconcious. He is
    believed to have been killed by a drugs overdose
    . [drugs unspecified, sowing the seeds of “junkie”/”heroin O.D.” rumours]
    Police discovered that drugs were missing from a cupboard
    in the girl’s hotel suite. The girl, blond Monika Dannermann, found 24-year-old Hendrix ill in her suite at the Samarkand Hotel in Landsdowne-Crescent, Nottinghill.
    Hendrix—who played at the recent Isle of Wight pop festival—was taken to hospital, but was
    dead when the ambulance carrying him arrived [DOA]. [..] pop singer Eric Burdon […] year-old Miss […] [rest of text?]

    Morning?: Palma, Mallorca, Sgt. Pepper’s? Jefferey meets with Jimi Marron to discuss what happened and what is to be done. “Jeffery didn't know if Hendrix's death had been a hit or just his own misadventure. He told me that he was going to conduct his own investigation and that I should trust no one.” [“A hit” ha-ha – get real, Marron just loves to give an image that he’s someone in with the Mafia]
    Morning? if at all?: London, UK, Lincoln House Hotel. Sharon Lawrence claimed in 2005 that she interviewed Monika on this day (unseen and never published until 2005, apparently stored in her massive 100% recall memory banks), and that Monika told her the pills were “very strong, my doctor told me never to take more than half of one,” [obvious bullshit, the recommended dose was a half to one (whole). One was significantly less strong than two Seconal, a not uncommon recommended dose. She, herself, had taken only one and woke up only three hours later] then showed her the “poem”. Sharon seems to have a remarkable ability to remember many 35 year old extended conversations verbatim. She tells us absolutely nothing new here, and provides no evidence of this interview taking place. There’s no mention by anyone else of her being in London at this time, and hardly any mention of her anywhere. The only time she is mentioned previous to Noel’s 1990 book* is just very briefly as the witness at Jimi’s 1969 trial. And some quotes in Jerry Hopkins’ 1983 Hit and Run book. She talks of having diaries and tapes but she has failed to produce even a small note, or snippet of tape to confirm these claims. She has however sold empty cig packets she claims were used by Jimi and small items of apparel of dubious provenance

    *Are You Experienced, where, according to Noel, she was Jimi’s “friend” from mid 1968, and had got the band some interviews (they apparently hated interviews, according to Noel. Later, in 1972, she appears to have been some kind of advisor to Noel)
    Morning: London, UK, Lincoln House Hotel. Monika checks out of the hotel and gives an interview to “Freiheit” a reporter for Bild magazine
    Morning: London, UK, Samarkand Hotel. Monika says she went back to get the “poem”
    [actually a song] Eric says he found it on the 18th [he wasn’t there], folded it up in his pocket and later gave it to Monika. In actual fact it was she who hid it and kept it, and later let Burdon see it (see below) – big mistake He thinks it’s a suicide note
    Afternoon Newcastle, UK. Burdon’s parents house. Burdon took Monika up to stay at his parents house in Newcastle by train [looks like he thought this was a potential business/fame opportunity], he and War had a gig there. He seem’s to have confused this with the previous day.

    Morning?: London, UK. Heathrow Airport. Possibly the day before. Jeffery flies in from Majorca to find out what happened etc.
    Douglas claims (1975) that on this date Jeffery phoned him and requested him to come to his hotel. Douglas, though, later stated, in great detail, how he had stayed up most of the night of the 14th discussing business with Jimi and that he had flown back to New York on the morning of the 15th! So he supposedly flew back to London on hearing of Jimi’s death? “When I arrived, he was bent over, in misery from a recent back injury. We started talking and he let it all out. It was like a confession. The one thing he said that I'll never forget was, 'Every time I had a woman I cared for, at some point I would realize that she was with me only to get to him.' In my opinion, Jeffery hated Hendrix because Jimi had slept with (according to Douglas;-) Lynn Bailey [Jeffery's ex-girlfriend]. Being so open, Hendrix couldn't have understood why Jeffery might be upset." [A confession of what? that he was jealous and hated Jimi after (according to Douglas, only;-) being cuckolded? that he felt unspecified guilt over Jimi’s death, or what? Just Douglas’ initial shot in his long, very dishonest pre-release propaganda campaign for Crash Landing etc., a large part of which was to denigrate Jeffery and his excellent and far superior posthumous releases (and thereby Eddie & Mitch also), in his, partially successful, attempt to get them withdrawn, thereby leaving the market open to his monstrosities. Rainbow Bridge was withdrawn world wide, and he succeeded in getting War Heroes & Hendrix In The West deleted in the US & Canada, although Reprise chose to leave Cry Of Love on the market, against his wishes. ie If Douglas had got his way entirely, in place of Cry of Love, Rainbow Bridge & War Heroes, you would have had Crash Landing, Midnight Lightning & Voodoo Soup)

    * (gutter press), [infamous for it’s (often unfounded) gossip and scandal]An exclusive first interview of Monika(This article is reproduced almost verbatim, with a few additions in 1974, JIMI: AN INTIMATE BIOGRAPHY by Curtis Knight see that entry for the (small) additions.) And also bogus interview of “Lorraine James”, and the bogus Chas phone call that most bios accepted as genuine, until in 1990 Caesar Glebeek exposed them as false. [B&W photo of smiling pretty girl in “hippie” garb, caption: Lorraine James . . saw Hendrix make love all night to two girls. Across from headline a B&W photo of Jimi at Isle of Wight, caption: ‘Hendrix . . .” Call me later, man, he groaned.] ‘Hendrix girl tells of nights of love’, ‘JIMI’S LAST LOST DAYS’ EXCLUSIVE by Simon Regan:

    “I NEED HELP BAD, MAN!” These words gasped into a telephone answering machine in an empty office, are the epitaph of jimi hendrix, idol of millions and the prophet-in-chief of the drug generation. They were spoken at 1.30 on Friday morning and discovered on the tape when the office opened at 10 a.m.
    Charles Chandler of the Robert Stigwood showbusiness empire and Hendrix’s former manager,
    made a frantic phone call to the Nottinghill number the idol had given. But Hendrix, a cocaine addict [an ugly & unfounded accusation – at least it wasn’t heroin]
    , was already near death. “Call me a bit later, man, he groaned.
    Within hours he was dead. At 24. A victim of the pop-and-drugs culture he helped perpetuate.
    I have pieced together together the incredible last three days of Hendrix’s life—the days in which he was missing from his £17-a-day suite in London's Cumberland Hotel.
    Hendrix had come up in the pop world at a breathtaking pace.
    One minute he was just another coloured musician in the dives of Greenwich Village, New
    York's hippie Mecca. An ex-U.S. Marine [sic, paratrooper],the son of a Cherokee Indian [bollocks]and a Negress [racist]
    The next was a teen[…]

    [He had gone, to a flat in the Fulham Road area] Lorraine James, a twenty-one-year-old girl who works in the Chelsea Drug Store describes how he arrived on her doorstep:
    “He was obviously high on drugs and he had a large quantity of cannabis on him. He was in a terrible state—highly nervous. He was on the coin phone-box in the building for hours, trying to contact people. One minute he was on top of the world and the next minute he was moaning about his backers and his financial affairs.
    There were two American girls visiting friends in the building, and Jimi made love to them both all through the night—until five in the morning. Then we all went off to Notting Hill and smoked pot at various pads in West London.
    “Jimi was completely out of his mind. One man we met up with was so out of his mind with drugs that he jumped over the banisters of a house and was carted off to hospital with a broken leg. And when all this commotion happened, Jimi went mad and ran around the house shouting.”

    All day Thursday Hendrix lay unconscious in the flat of a girl-friend in Redcliffe Gardens, Fulham. On the Thursday night, he returned to an orgy of drugs and girls, and finally made hisway back to Monika Danneman's Notting Hill flat.
    There, at 1.30 a.m.,
    [oddly very close to the time (1.45 a.m.) Monika says she dropped Jimi at Cameron’s party]
    he made this 'epitaph' phone-call to Chas Chandler's number:
    “I need help bad, man!”
    These words rang out onto the answering machine in Chas Chandler's empty office. It was the last recording of the idol of millions, the prophet-in-chief of the drug generation.

    *John Lennon ‘Polythene Pam’ “She’s the kind of a girl that makes the News Of The World.”
    Jimi: “Cellophane people”

    [Much of Monika’s “interview” appears to be re-written in NOTW style]
    The night before his death, Jimi and Monika returned to their flat at 8.30.[They were probably back at Monika’s at this time]
    “I cooked a meal,” Monika said,
    [According to Harvey one of the girls cooked a meal containing rice (heard about the rice in his dead stomach?), but then they weren’t there that long and Jimi wasn’t known to be into vegetarian grub, or red wine]“andweate anddrank a bottle of [white] wine. [ie around nine hours before he took the Vesparax]He drank more of the winethan I did, but he was not a drinking man.[According to Harvey they were indeed eating and drinking red wine there, the last wine he would have drunk there was ~ 20:00, so also around nine hours before he took the Vesparax, had he heard about Bannisters ‘red wine’ alibi – it’s very likely, unless he had been living in a cave?]It was a very happy atmosphere. There was no argument or stress;[According to Harvey it ended up anything but, with Monika in a shouting, jealous rage. Had he read PC statement about them fighting]we were just listening to music. About 1.45 a.m.[according to some other,s around 23:00]he told me he had to go and see some people. I dropped him off at a flat,[Pete Kameron’s party]and then picked him up again just after three o'clock[everyone appears to agree on this].[NO MENTION OF AFTER PARTY DRINKS IN SOHO WITH ALVINIA BEFORE DROPPING HER OFF AT RONNIE’S – where did that come from? you old racist Henderson?]We went back to the flat and I made him a tuna-fish sandwich.
    “Then Jimi started
    to write what was to be his last message to the world: a song he appropriately calledThe Story of Life [first mention of this]. When he finished with the song he told me to keep it no matter what happened, and not to give it to anyone until the time was right and the right person came along, and when it was the right time and the right person, I would know. And only then was I to tell anyone that I even had it.”

    Monika continued: “I had about twenty sleeping pills in a bottle[probably the journalist putting a seedy ‘junkie’ edge to her statement? There were actually 40 tablets in blister packs of ten]that I had gotten[this was obviously written by an American] through a doctor to help me sleep. They were kept in the bedroom, on my bureau [again a US term, this later becomes “ina wardrobe”ie UK term]. Jimi was in the bedroom alone, and on a sudden impulse I walked in. As I went in Jimi was pouring a large quantity of the pills into his hand. I grabbedthe bottlefrom his hand, but he told me he was just counting them. I know now that he was just telling me that because he did not want me to know what he was going to do. [this little suicide drama scene is never repeated]
    1Peter Harvey’s party is only attested much later and the wine mentioned is essentially interchangeable, as it’s in the same time frame, although red rather than Monika’s white, although from her statements it might seem to have been a little red wine, from the already opened bottle, it was actually Coca-cola he drank last thing, she claims, and told me he was going to sleep. I sat on the edge of the bed and watched him until I thought he was asleep [she usually claims she fell asleep first] thenI took a sleeping-tablet myself. It was about 7 a.m

    “I woke up again at about 10.20 and I couldn't sleep any more.Quite likely still “drugged” a notorious side effect of Vesparax.I wanted some cigarettes, but as Jimi did not like me to go out without telling him, I looked to see if he was awake. He was sleeping normally.
    “Just before I went out I looked at him again, and there was sick on his nose and mouth [this reversal of when she noticed the vomit. Is possibly an innocent garbling of her usual account ie that she first noticed vomit after she got back from buying cigs, or, looks like a possible attempt to smear her as a callous ‘pill popper’, or just stupid as is ‘their’ way, or she thought, “Yugh! he’s been sick, but he’s okay,” (checked his pulse?) or, “Yugh! he’s been sick,” and never considered the possibility that he may choke to death on it? A quite likely scenario? No? Later it may have been pointed out to her the implications of this statement, and she reversed it? Always a possibility] He was breathing and his pulse was beating—I checked it with mine and there was no difference [Yeah, right]. I
    put my shoes on quickly, grabbed my coat and ran across the street as quickly as I could.[FIRST MENTION OF GOING OUT FOR CIGS. SHE GOES OUT LEAVING HIM WITH VOMIT AROUND HIS NOSE AND MOUTH, (according no mention of wine.)implying the shop was close by, there weren’t any that nearby so why would she not take her car?. She is quoted in Tony Brown as going to Portobello, which is only a very short distance from where Glebeek says she went. By this estimate coupled with her usual statement of 11 a.m. of when she noticed the vomit, she was gone for a max of 40mins, although if we take her later 09:00 she could have been away for 2 hours. This one and a half to two hours earlier than her usual 10:20/11:00 estimate, was obviously given to allow for her new (1975) “murder by the Mafia” scenario, which she then announces, possibly a piss take, or her going along with the mafia conspiracy freaks, hopng they will get off her back? Whatever. She never repeats this sole claim, and is back to her usual ~10:20 in her 1995 book]

    'When I returned and approached the door of the flat, with my key in my hand, I sensed something was wrong. The door stuck this time, as it sometimes did, and I became very frightened. Finally I managed to get the door open, and when I rushed into the bedroom, even before I looked at him, I knew something was terribly wrong. There was only one lamp burning in the room, because I had turned the ceiling light off after I thought Jimi had gone to sleep. The lamp cast this eerie glow; there was a hush in the room as though time had stood still.
    “My first impulse was to try to awaken him. I shook him again and again, frantically. I felt his face; it was cold. His lips were slightly parted and they had a purplish tint.”
    Monika hoped that, in spite of her worst fears, Jimi was perhaps just sick.
    “I prayed that some miracle would happen,” she said. “I thought of calling the hospital but discarded the idea because I felt Jimi would be angry if he received undesirable publicity. I had not yet noticed my bottle of sleeping tablets, but then I saw them on the table beside the bed, and there were nine pills missing.
    “I picked up the phone to call someone, to get some advice. When I reached a friend of mine and Jimi's, they quickly advised me to call the hospital regardless of the consequences.”
    “He was very happy before I went to sleep. As far as I know he did not take any pep tablets,
    [amphetamine was found at the autopsy]but he did mention he took some cannabis at the flat where he went to see the people.”[non was found at the autopsy, but the test at that time wasn’t very accurate and was not significant to his death – which begs the question why was the test even attempted???!!]. This can be seen (or not) as her getting petty vengeance on those at the party by reporting cannabis use by them, or why did she mention it?]

    Morning?: London, UK. Heathrow Airport. Jeffery flies to New York City

    Jimi had been due to fly back to the US on this day
    Time?: London, UK, St. Mary Abbot’s Hospital? Prof. Teare performs Jimi’s post mortem.
    Time? Al Hendrix flies from Seattle to New York City to meet Michael Jeffery and discuss the funeral plans
    Time?: UK, BBC TV ‘24 Hours’ live program is broadcast.During which Eric Burdon was interviewed, claiming Jimi commited suicide and left a suicide note (ie the “poem” - actually song lyrics)

    Morning:UKDAILY MIRROR (tabloid), (page ?) [report on Eric Burdon’s interview on the BBC 1 program ‘24 Hours’ by Kenneth Allsop*] [title?] by [unknown] […]
    Burdon: “Everybody uses drugs, everybody.”
    Allsop : “You said in the Observer yesterday, that Jimi knew how to use drugs. He obviously didn’t, did he . . .?”
    Burdon: "Yes he did . . ."
    Allsop : . . . because he's dead."
    Burdon: ". . . no, he did. Because he exited. He made his exit when he wanted to. His death was deliberate. He was happy dying. He died happily and he used the drug to phase himself out of this life and go some place else. Because he realised that for him to stop off and correct what was wrong with his organisation, the fact that he was being artistically stifled, he wasn't receiving his money I don't think, as much as he should have been getting. He realised that to stop off and do that, would kill him artistically anyway. Jimi
    just exited at the time he felt it was right."[…] [rest of text anyone?]

    *Interestingly Allsop would himself die from a barbiturate overdose less than three years later

    “Prior to 23rd” SEPTEMBER 1970
    Time?: London, UK, Coroner’s Office. Monika Charlotte Danneman made the following sworn statement to P. Wyell:
    “I have known Jimi Hendrix for the past two years. I met him in Germany and we became friendly and when I came to England this year I got in contact with him and we resumed our relationship. Since Tuesday 15th September, he was living with me at my flat in Landsdowne Crescent. He was very happy at this time and had made arrangements for me to be his sole photographer and designer for his record sleeves. We went out on Wednesday and Thursday to Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club and had a meal and a bottle of wine each evening, and spent the evenings listening to music. On Thursday 17th September we stayed in and I cooked a meal of spaghetti and we talked until about 2am. He then said he had to go somewhere and see some people about his band and I drove him to a house in Great Cumberland Place, W1, and he went into a flat there. I asked him if I could go with him, but he said that they were not very nice people. I saw him go into the house and later at about 2:45am, I picked him up there and we went home. He then told me that he had some marijuana whilst he was at the flat. On our arrival I made a sandwich and we talked until about 7:00am [approximate time of death if we take the rice, Burdon’s “first light” phone call and Stickells “08:00 to 09:00” phone call etc. as reasonably approximate]. He then said that he wanted to go to sleep. He took some tablets and we went to bed. I woke up about 11:00am and saw that Jimi’s face was covered in vomit [no mention of wine]. I tried to wake him, but could not. I called an ambulance and he was taken to the hospital in Kensington. He never recovered consciousness and later died at 12:45pm. Prior to going with him to the hospital, I checked my supply of Vesperax [sic] sleeping tablets and found that nine of them were missing. He was very happy and I had never heard him talk of killing himself. He was just completing a new long play record album and was engaged to make a film.
    Time?: London, UK, Coroner’s Office. Gerry Richard Stickells, described as "a tour manager" of 133 Elgin Crescent, W11 made the following sworn statement to P. Wyell:
    "I have identified the deceased. I have been his English tour manager and general manager for the past two years. I had known him since 1966. For the last two and a half years he has been in America. He had been in this country and Sweden for three weeks. He had had no major medical attention in the last two years. He seemed quite healthy to me. I have never known him to have a vomiting attack. He sometimes took sleeping pills, to my knowledge he did not take hard drugs, he never spoke about hard drugs. He took amphetamines but not regularly. I have not seen him smoke cannabis. He was per­fectly well able to work when he should have done during the past three weeks, except for one day when he was tired and had a cold. Basically he was even-tempered. I have never heard him say he wished he were dead, or anything like that."
    Police Sergeant John Shaw gave the following statement: "On Friday, 18th September 1970 at 3:00pm. I went to the Chapel of Rest, St. Mary Abbots Hospital W8, where I saw the lifeless body of James Marshall Hendrix, aged 27 years, born 27-11-42, who had been conveyed from 22 Lansdowne Crescent, Wll, at about 11:45am, that day apparently suffer­ing from a drug overdose. The body had been found by a Miss Monika Charlotte Dannemann, lying in bed in a pool of vomit, at about 11:00am. An ambulance was called at 11:18am, arriving at 11:27am. Miss Dannemann said, 'We went to sleep about 7:00am. When I woke up at eleven his face was covered in vomit and he was breathing noisily. I sent for an ambulance and he was taken to hospital. I also noticed that ten of my sleeping tablets were missing.' I went to 22 Lansdowne Crescent, W11, and saw in the bedroom a double bed without clothing. From a bedside cabinet I took possession of a single white tablet in a package marked 'Vesparax'." [no mention of wine]
    The inquest was adjourned until September 28, and in the meantime Monica decided to fly home to Dusseldorf where, on September 24, she posed for a series of photographs taken in her room at her parent’s house.

    Concert at Essen on this day was already cancelled due to Billy’s “breakdown.”
    Time?: London, UK, St. Mary Abbot’s Hospital? The coroner’s inquest is opened by Dr. Thurston, but is adjourned until the 28th for further post mortem tests. The only change (according to Tony’s transcript - the only available information on it) is that Seconal® “calculated as Quinalbarbitone’” (ie secobarbital) becomes just “Seconal®” in the further tests (ie still secobarbital, just a different brand name, obviously either Brown or Thurston in their transcripts (or the original author) have partially translated the older 1970 usage ‘Quinalbarbitone’ into more up-to-date terminology ie using the brand name ‘Seconal®’) and it’s level in the blood is raised to 1.3mg% from the original 0.7mg%, more in line with the (unchanged) 3.9mg% level in the liver*, the possibility of this high difference between liver and blood level is mentioned in the literature: “Another major problem is that barbiturates and alcohol are eliminated by the same system of enzymes in the liver. This means that consumption of the 2 chemicals at the same time can lead to a build up of the toxic drug in the liver” (this would need to be explained as to how this might relate to Jimi in more detail, most literature only quotes blood levels, not liver). Apart from the odd reference to secobarbital by two different brand names, it might seem unusual that dextroamphetamine & laevoamphetamine (the active ingredients in the particular type of Durophet Jimi reportedly took) are lumped together as “amphetamine” and that “a quantity” unspecified “was detected in the urine” only. They are both amphetamines and very probably it’s impossible to determine the differences, if any, from a very small amount in urine, and the amount was not seen as being a significant factor in his death. 1.3mg% of secobarbital in the blood is enough to cause death, in some instances, if not treated in time anyway, nevermind the 3.9mg% reading in the liver. [Judy Garland had only taken the equivalent of 10 100mg seconal when she died according to Thurston, but she was small, had cirrhosis of the liver and was a woman (ie small liver).
    see link:
    ARTICLES\BARBS\Blood Levels in Acute Barbiturate Poisoning - UKPMC Article - UK PubMed Central.mht
    As is amply demonstrated by blood/barb levels in many deaths caused by barbiturate alone. Although this level is not neccessarily fatal. see links:

    *Unfortunately either Thurston in his transcript, or Tony in his have written misleadingly that “The only additonal information at the new inquest was the detection of Seconal” (which to the casual reader might seem as though the second inquest found an additional drug), rather than “The only additonal information at the new inquest was [in] the [amount of] Seconal [detected]” [ie which had been found to be higher than in the previous test].*Unfortunately either Thurston in his transcript, or Tony in his have written misleadingly that “The only additonal information at the new inquest was the detection of Seconal” (which to the casual reader might seem as though the second inquest found an additional drug), rather than “The only additonal information at the new inquest was [in] the [amont of] Seconal [detected]” [ie which had been found to be higher than in the previous test].

    Dussleldorf, West Germany. Monika flies home. She poses in her room for colour photos with the Keystone press agency.
    West Germany
    BILDI Gave Jimi The tablets” [this would obviously have been in German] by Egon F. Freiheit. Magazine interview [on 19-9-70] of Monika [B&W photo of Jimi & Monika together in Düsseldorf Jan-69. (this must have come from Monika as it was a private snap-shot)][…] "I loved himand Jimi loved me. He wanted to marry. We were already engaged. He had spoken a lot about that I should become his wife. Especially during the last few days ... we looked forward to getting married. We already thought about how everything should be. I would then have designed the sleeves for his records." […]
    [Freiheit explained in his story that he met the former figure ice-skater as she was leaving a London hotel with her case and handbag and that the hotel was a hiding place chosen by Hendrix's friend Burdon].
    "Monika is disappointed by this so-called friend. When Monika came to reception they wanted to confiscate her luggage. Eric had not paid. Then the blonde girl talks about the evening when Jimi Hendrix died: ‘The intrigues of the people who he worked with finished him off. He couldnot sleep.So I gave him the tablets.' Monika is sure: ‘He died from that. No drugs were involved.' [what do they think barbs are if not drugs?]
    And about the many girls who he was supposed to have had? Monika: 'All a lie. I was the only one with whom he was together until the end. The whole time before the end of his life and that for every minute.' And now Monika only wants one thing: to forget. Her dead friend and the people who only pretended to be Jimi's friends."

    Essen concert was cancelled earlier due to Billy’s “breakdown”.

    [Unknown paper](tabloid?) [B&W photo portrait of Monika, caption: ‘MONIKA “I feel compelled to answer” Apparently nothing of much interest ‘Mills & Boone’ type stuff. She’s certainly putting herself about, wonder how much she was getting per interview?

    London. the distinguished Coroner Thurston declares an open verdict. ie not enough evidence to say why HE –JIMI HIMSELF - TOOKso many tablets IE NOT ENOUGH EVIDENCE THAT HE INTENDED TO KILL HIMSELF WHEN HE TOOK THEM. ie Not “open” to there might be any other reason ie that someone else was involved to the point of manslaughter or murder, if that was the case he would have halted the inquest and called in the C.I.D. and instigated a murder investigation. Of course the very experienced pathologist Teare would already have alerted C.I.D. if he thought there was anything suspicious. Thurston was Brian Epstein’s coroner (1967) as well as Judy Garland (1969), both barb deaths.

    Heathrow Airport. Gerry Stickells flies Jimi’s body to Seattle. Douglas claims he was on the flight with others unamed.
    DAILY SKETCH (tabloid), ‘Monika: The Night I Woke To Find Pop Star Jimi Dying.’ [B&W photo of Monika] Interview by unknown:
    German-born Monika, aged 22, told a Westminster inquest that the 27 year-old pop star had spent the night with her after having a meal and a bottle of wine: "It was a very happy atmosphere. There was no arguing or stress. We were just talking and listening to music. [AGAIN MISSES OUT PETER HARVEY’S] About 1.10 a.m.[35 mins earlier than her first estimate, and 50mins earlier than that at the inquest]he told me he had to go to see some people. I dropped him off at a flat and then picked him up again just after three o'clock.
    We went back to my flat and I made him a tuna fish sandwich. We were in bed and were just talking.

    I took a sleeping tablet about 7 a.m. I woke up again at about 10.20 a.m. and I could not sleep any more.[BACK TO HER FIRST ESTIMATE OF WHEN SHE WOKE]
    I wanted some cigarettes but as Jimi did not like me going out with out me telling him, I looked to see if he was awake. He was sleeping normally.
    Just before I was about to go out I looked at him again and there was sick on his nose and mouth. He was breathing and his pulse was beating. I checked it with mine and there was no difference. Then I tried to wake him up - but I could not.

    I then saw that he had taken some or my sleeping tablets. They are a German tablet called Vesperax.
    They arein packets of tenand I thought he had taken the lot buta police officer found one on the floor.
    He must have taken them shortly after I started to go to sleep."
    Miss Danneman of Lansdowne Crescent, Notting Hill, added that she telephoned a friend to ask for advice before calling an ambulance because she knew that if Hendrix found out or the Press learned of it he would go "mad".

    "The ambulance arrived 20 minutes later", she said. "He was still breathing - I was checking his pulse all the time".
    Miss Danneman said
    she saw Hendrix take one sleeping tablet when they first met in Cologne in January last year.

    He knew exactly what he could take and what he couldn't" she said.[obviously not!]
    He was not a careless man with tablets". [what would she know, she hardly knew him]
    As far as I know he did not take any pep tablets". [the autopsy found amphetamine]
    "He was very happy before I went to sleep".
    "But he did mention he took some cannabis at the flat where he went to see the people". [apparently not, good way to get back at those she didn’t like at the party, informing on them;-)]

    "He had no personal troubles. Business problems never worried him because he knew what he wanted to do".[ha-ha-ha]

    Pathologist Prefessor Donald Teare said Hendrix had no external injuries or any needle marks in the forearm or back of the hand usually associated with drug addicts.
    He could not find any conclusive evidence of cannabis on the fingers.

    Death was due to inhalation of vomit following barbiturate intoxication.
    Coroner Doctor Gavin Thurston recorded an open verdict.

    (Page?)[B&W photo of Monika Dannemann & across from headline a 1967 B&W photo portrait of Jimi wearing his Hussar’s jacket, caption: ‘Jimi Hendrix. Not a drug addict.’]
    ‘Jimi’s Last Hours by the girl who was there when he died’ by Peter Steele: Monika Dannemann cried as she told an inquest yesterday about her last hours with pop guitarist Jimi Hendrix who died after an overdose of her sleeping tablets.
    She said they had spent a happy evening together talk­ing and listening to music into the small hours.
    But next morning she noticed he was sick.
    'He was breathing and his pulse was normal but I could not wake him.' said Monika, a 25-year-old blonde former ice-skating champion from Dusseldorf.
    ‘I saw he had taken sleeping tablets. I counted. There were nine missing.'
    Westminster coroner Dr Gavin Thurston recorded an open, verdict on the 27-year-old American 'wild man of pop, because of insufficient evidence.
    He said the only indication of suicide was that Hendrix had taken an excessive number of tablets.
    'But I don't feel it would be safe to regard this on its own as evidence of deliberate inten­tion to take his own life' he said.

    Pathologist Professor Donald Teare said death was caused by the inhalation of vomit due to -barbiturate intoxication. And he said there were no signs of Hendrix being a drug addict. His arms and hands bore no needle marks.
    Monika, who wore a long black dress in court, told the coroner she had never known Hendrix to take any drugs except the sleeping pills pres­cribed by his doctor.
    She was near to tears as she recalled the last four days that Hendrix spent with her at her flat in Lansdowne Crescent, Notting Hill.
    She said he was not under any tension and slept well. On the evening before his death they had a meal at the flat and drank a bottle of [white] wine.
    Later she took him to another, flat, and when she picked him up an hour and a half later he told her he had some cannabis.
    They returned to Monika's flat and carried on talking until Monika took a sleeping tablet at 7 a.m. When she got up about three hours later to get cigarettes. Hendrix was sleeping normally.
    But when she returned she found he had been sick and she could not wake him. Hendrix died soon afterwards in hospital.
    The coroner asked Monika whether Hendrix appeared normal before she went to sleep. — 'Yes. He was very happy.
    •Jimi’s father, who works as a landscape gardener in Seattle, Washington, plans to go on working despite the £208,000 he inherits from his son’s estate.
    (page 3) [B&W photo of Monika by Alisdair MacDonald. Caption: “Monika Danneman... Jimi wrote her a love poem]
    ‘Jimi’s Last Message—By Monika’ ‘The story of love is hello . . and goodbye . . until we meet again.’ Open Verdict On Hendrix The Wild One” by Kenelm Jenour:
    “The last work of the ‘wild man of pop’ was quiet, gentle . . . and strictly private
    It was a poem that Jimi Hendrix wrote for his German girlfriend Monika Danneman shortly beefore he died.
    His words were so personal that Monika didn’t reveal the existence of the poem until yesterday, a few hours after a coroner had recorded an open verdict on the death of the man she loved.
    the poem goes on for four or five pages. It shows a different Jimi Hendrix to the frenzied entertainer the fans knew.
    It shows Jimi the dreamer, the romantic, the tender lover.

    Most of the poem remains Monika’s alone... yesterday she was willing to share only the last lines. They read:
    “The story of love is hello and goodbye . . .
    Until we meet again . . .”
    A few hours after Jimi wrote those words. Monika, a blonde 25-year-old former ice – skating champion, found him dead at her London flat.
    “He just suddenly decided he wanted to write something for me,” said Monika.
    “It was a poem for me, and not a suicide note.”
    But last night a police sergeant who investigated Hendrix’s death said: “Had I known about this poem I would have placed it with the coroner’s office.
    “I shall inform them of it’s existence in case further inquiries are neccessary.”
    At the inquest, Monika did not mention the poem.
    Wearing a black maxi dress, she sobbed as she recalled the last night she spent with 27-year-old Hendrix, who was known as “the wild man of pop”.
    Four days before his death on September 18 he went to stay with her at her flat in Landsdowne Crescent, Notting Hill, West London.
    Monika said the only drugs she had sen Hendrix take were sleeping tablets which his doctor had given him. But these were not very strong.
    “I have never known him to take hard drugs,” she said.
    “He did say he had tried hard drugs to see what they were like. But he was not addicted to them.
    “He was just exhausted because of his shows.”
    Miss Danneman said that during the first three days Hendrix slept very well without tablets.
    On the Thursday they got up and had something to eat. Then they tok some photographs and did some shopping.
    “He went to his hotel to make a telephone call to New York.” went on Monika. “ He came home at about 8.30 p.m. It was not a very tiring day for him.
    “I cooked a meal and we ate and drank a bottle of white wine,” she said.
    “It was a very happy atmosphere. We were just talking and listening to music.
    “At about 1.45 a.m. he told me had to go to see some people.
    “I dropped him off at a flat and then picked him up again just after 3 a.m.
    “We went back to the flat and I made him a tuna fish sandwich. We were in bed and were just talking.
    “I took a sleeping tablet at about 7 a.m.
    “I woke up at about 10.20 a.m. I wanted some cigarettes, but as Jimi did not like me to go out without telling him, I looked to see if he was awake. He was sleeping normally.”
    Monika said that just before she was about to go out she noticed Hendrix had been sick.
    She checked his pulse with her own and there was no difference.
    “I tried to wake him up—but I could not,” she went on.
    “I saw that he had taken some of my sleeping tablets. They are in packets of ten and I thought he had taken the lot.
    “But a police officer found one on the floor. He must have taken them shortly after I started to go to sleep.”
    Monika added that she phoned a friend to ask for advice about sending for an ambulance.
    “The ambulance arrived 20 minutes later,” she said.
    “He was still breathing—I was checking his pulse all the time.”
    She said: “He was not a careless man with tablets.
    “He was very happy before I went to sleep.
    “As far as I know, he did not take any pep pills.
    “But he did mention that he took some cannabis at the flat where he went to see the people.
    “He never said he wished he was dead, or that life was not worth living.
    “He had no personal troubles. Business problems never worried him, because he knew what he wanted to do.”
    Pathologist Professor Donald Teare said there were no external injuries or any needle marks associated with drug addicts.
    He found 1.3 percent of seconal in the blood and 3.9 per cent in the liver.
    The normal dose of the sleeping drug Hendrix had taken was half a tablet.
    The professor added that he could not find any conclusive evidence of cannabis on the fingers. Death was due to inhalation of vomit, following barbiturate intoxication.
    The Westminster coroner, Mr. Gavin Thurston said: “If the normal dose is half a tablet, he took 18 times the normal dose.
    “But on the other hand.
    Miss Danneman says she normally takes one tablet.
    “So one can say he took nine times the normal dose.”
    The coroner added that there was not enough evidence to suggest Hendrix had taken his own life.
    He recorded an open verdict.
    Later Monika said she would be going home to Germany today.
    Hendrix left no will and his 54-year-old father is the sole legal beneficiary of his estate, estimated at half a million dollars.
    His father, also named Jimi works as a gardener.
    He said in Seattle yesterday that he would carry on with his job.

    [Day?] SEPTEMBER 1970
    THE NEWS (tabloid) ‘Complications, Not Drugs, Kill Hendrix, Coroner Says’ by Henry Maule staff correspondent of The News
    London, Sept. 28— The last hours of Jimi Hendrix, the American rock star who died here 10 days ago, were described today by his weeping, blonde girlfriend, with whom he was staying at the time of his death.
    After listening to evidence given by the girl, Monika Dannemann, 23, and others, Westminster Coroner Gavin Thurston recorded an “open verdict" as to the singer's death. Although Hendrix, 24, had taken 18 times the normal dose of sleeping tablets
    [or, less sensationally, nine times, depending on the patient, as stated in the leaflet]
    , Thurston said there was not enough evidence to show there was a deliberate attempt at suicide.
    Medical evidence revealed that Hendrix died through inhailing [sic] due to barbiturate intoxication and that there was no evidence that he was addicted to drugs. Earlier, it had been speculated that Hendrix died of a drug overdose.
    Miss Dannemann, a West German former ice skating star from Duesseldorf, said Hendrix spent his last three days and nights in her basement apartment in Lansdown Crescent, Notting Hill. On the last night, she said, she cooked dinner and they shared a bottle of white wine. She said he appeared very happy.
    Then, she said, he washed his hair, had a bath, and they talked and listened to music until about 1:45.

    "He told me he had to go to some people's flat—they were not his friends and he did not like them." she continued. "He told me he did not want me to go with him, so I dropped him off and picked him up an hour later. He said he took some cannabis (marijuana) in that flat[thereby ‘shopping’ Pete Kameron & co to the police;-)]
    Takes Sleeping Tablets
    "When we got home, I made him a fish sandwich and took a sleeping tablet. The last time we
    were talking was about
    7 a.m
    With tears running down her face, Miss Dannemann, dressed in black, told how she found Hendrix still asleep about 10 a.m. [EARLIEST ESTIMATE SO FAR, IT’S NOW DOWN A FULL HOUR FROM THAT AT THE INQUEST - QUITE POSSIBLY A MISPRINT, IT DROPS TO 9AM! IN 1992 THOUGH]when she awoke and went out for cigarets [sic].[SHE GOES OUT FOR CIGS BUT JIMI HAS VOMITED BY THE TIME SHE GETS BACK]

    When she returned, she said he was still sleeping, but had been sick. She checked his pulse with hers and it seemed normal. Then she discovered nine of her sleeping tablets missing, she
    said, and called an ambulance.

    She said she had never known him to take hard drugs, although he had told her he had tried them for the experience. [well, that’s nice, shopping Jimi for taking “hard drugs” as well]
    A Home Office pathologist, Prof. Donald Teare, said the normal dose of the type of tabletHendrix had taken was half a tablet[or one as stated in the leaflet, depending on the person]. A postmortem revealed no signs of drug addiction, such as needle marks, and although there were 1.3 milligrams of barbiturate in his blood, this was not a large enough dose to be fatalwithout the complication of vomit inhalation.

    ROLLING STONE (page 18 & 20)[B&W Photo: Jimi's mourners: Brother Leon, manager Mike Jeffery
    [outside, ie not sitting in back seat of a car], bluesmen John Hammond and Johnny Winter, and James Hendrix. Sr.]

    Hendrix Is Buried In Home Town’ By John Northland:
    It had been a hectic week in Seattle prior to the funeral. The ceremony itself had been put
    back a few times because the autopsy in London had been put back. Funeral arrangements — handled primarily by Michael Jeffery, Jimi's manager, through his father, James Allan Hendrix—had been sometimes chaotic, an endless series of meetings and phone calls with Seattle officials.
    Meanwhile. Jeffery himself had come under much criticism after Jimi's death, and, while he insisted he didn't want to "bad-rap" anyone, he felt compelled to answer charges against him. That meant mostly to answer Eric Burdon, as well as Buddy Miles.
    Miles felt Jeffery had cheated him financially when he was a member of the Band of Gypsys, and, from that, he inferred that Jimi had been cheated too.
    JEFFERY PRODUCED PAPERS THAT BLUNTLY DISPROVED BUDDY'S CHARGES, and the rest of their dispute centered around basic personality conflicts [to my recollection Buddy never accused Jeffery of ripping him off again (he was an employee (like Billy), with “expenses” privileges that according to others [not Jeffery]he was not shy of using] but then later resorted to his “he gave Jimi bad acid at MSG” accusation [ie could never admit to himself that Mike was just the messenger]
    Thursday night, the drummer said he wanted nothing but to forget the whole unpleasant affair.
    Burdon was something else. He had gone on BBC television shortly after Jimi's death and made some statements that apalled Jeffery and most everyone else. He claimed that Jimi had "made his exit when he wanted to"; that he "used a drug to phase himself out of this life and go someplace else."
    He also said that he had a poem which Jimi had written just before he died—it was not presented at the inquest, and he could be prosecuted for withhold*ing evidence—and added that Jimi was... handing me a legacy to continue the work of bringing the audio-visual medi*um together." His first project, he says, will be a film called The Truth About Jimi Hendrix, and he further plans to use the poem as the climax of the film.
    Burdon never showed for the funeral.
    He was in San Francisco the next weekend, though, appearing with his new group. War. He said that he didn't go to the funeral because Jimi had told him before that he hated Seattle, and Eric thought it improper to bury him there. He also says now that if he ever described the poem as a "suicide note"—which he did—he meant it figuratively.
    Burdon also claims Jeffery. his former manager,took him to the cleaners. Jeffery, however, says that it was Yameta, a Bahamian management firm, that is unable to account for the money that Burdon says is missing, and that he, Jeffery, lost out as well. Jeffery also says that he offered to jointly sue Yameta with Burdon, but Burdon turned around and filed suit against him instead. The outcome of that will be determined by New York courts. [anyone?]

    As concerns Hendrix, though—for the constant inference, never stated outright, is that Jeffery was bilking Hendrix—his money all went straight to an independent New York accountant (who also handles finances for Barbara Streisand and Dustin Hoffman), and Jeffery produced more papers to show that he never sees a cent until the accountant pays him the standard manager's fee, out of Jimi’s earnings, per the contract agreement. Such papers are pretty hard to argue with. [...]
    (Page 20) [B&W photo of funeral: “Jimi’s pallbearers: Childhood friends and a chauffeur.”]‘Hendrix Inquest Inconclusive’ by [unknown]
    LONDON—The inquest on Jimi Hendrix, held in London on Sept 28th, closed with an open verdict. Coroner Gavin Thurston said there was insufficient evidence to prove that Hendrix had committed suicide. Similarly, the alternative verdict of accidental death was not reached because of lack of evidence. The coroner said: "The question why Hen*drix took so many sleeping tablets cannot be safely answered." The official cause of death was from the inhalation of vomit following barbiturate intoxication.
    The details of Hendrix's last hours became clear as Monika Danneman, the German girl in whose apartment Hendrix died, gave evidence before the coroner. Hendrix went to her apartment in the Samarkand Hotel in London at about 8:30 PM on Sept. 17th. "I cooked a meal,” said Miss Danneman, "and we drank a bottle of white wine. He drank rather more of the wine than I did—but he was not a drinking man.
    "It was a very happy atmosphere. There was no arguing or stress. We were just listening to music and talking. At about 1:45 in the morning he told me he had to see some people. They were not friends of his but he wanted to show them he could cop?/cop[e]?. He did not like them. I dropped him off at a flat and then picked him up again at 3 AM. We went back to my flat and I made him a tuna-fish sandwich. We were in bed and just talking." She told the coroner that Hendrix had smoked grass when he had visited the flat Then she said she took a
    sleeping pill at about 7 AMand woke up at about10:20 AM
    "I couldn't sleep anymore. I wanted some cigarettes but as Jimi didn't like me going out without me telling him, I looked to see if he was awake. He was sleeping normally. Just beforeI was about to go out I looked at him again and there was sick on his nose and mouth. I tried to wake him up but couldn't.[SHE DOESN’T GO OUT IN THIS VERSION]
    I then saw that he had taken some of my sleeping pills. They are German and called Vesperax. They are in packets of ten and I thought he had taken the lot but a policeman found one on the floor. He musi have taken them shortly after I started to go to sleep. He would have had to get out of bed and go to a cupboard to get the tablets."
    Miss Danneman phoned a friend to ask for advice before calling for an ambulance.[ONLY 2ND MENTION THAT SHE PHONED A FRIEND]
    "I thought that if the press knows he has gone to hospital and there is nothing wrong he will go mad."
    During the 20 minutes it took the ambulance to arrive Miss Danneman checked Hendrix's pulse against her own and found no difference.
    Hendrix died in the ambulance on the way to hospital.

    Miss Danneman said Hendrix was "not a careless man with drugs." She added: "He knew exactly what he could take and what he couldn't."
    A pathologist, Professor Donald Teare, told the inquest that he had found no signs of drug addiction when he carried out the post mortem. The normal signs are marks on hands and arms," he said. "Once there, they never go. In this case there were no marks whatsoever." Miss Danneman said that she had "never known him to take hard drugs"
    Miss Danneman also said that Hendrix appeared to be very happy before he went to sleep for the last time. She stated: "He had no personal troubles. Business problems weren't worrying him because he knew what he wanted to do."
    The five-page poem which Hendrix wrote to Miss Danneman shortly be*fore he died was not mentioned at the inquest. Because of this it is possible that the inquest may be re-opened in the future. A police spokesman, who heard about the poem after the inquest had closed, said: "Had I known about the poem earlier I could have placed it with the coroner as evidence. As it is I have now informed the court about it. I can*not yet say whether further inquiries are necessary."
    The complete contents of the poem are a secret to Miss Danneman and a few of her close friends, including Eric Burdon who says he'll use it as the climax to a film he plans to make about the life and death of a rock star. However, Miss Danneman has revealed the last lines of the poem.
    Hendrix wrote: "The story of love is hello and goodbye . . . until we meet again."

    [Day?] DECEMBER 1970
    EARTH #1
    [Gerry Stickells quoted interview in Tony Brown’s Final Days, from December 1970 Earth magazine must be a mistake for a 1971 issue, or later, or another magazine, as it’s quite different from the very short comment he makes in this issue.]“In an interview for Earth magazine, published in December 1970, Gerry Stickells stated: "I talked to him just the night before. He was in a great mood. That's why I was so surprised the next day. He was to sign the contracts for his German tour in October the next day. We were also talking about doing four dates in the States around Thanksgiving. He said ‘OK, we'll talk about it more tomorrow when you bring the contracts.' "

    All he actually says in this article is:“It was a rest period,” said road manager and friend Gerry Stickells. “Jimi was just enjoying himself.”
    [First attempt at a “Last Days” construction]

    [First mention the phone call friend was Burdon, still no mention of Alvinia though]
    [First mention of Terry Slater, he only surfaces again 30 years later. No mention of either him or Burdon going to the Samarkand on the early morning he died](Pages 66-67) A very close male friend of Hendrix’s—Terry Slater, who used to be connected to the Animals and so knew Hendrix right from the start—said he had been at the flat on Thursday night, and “although he wasn’t happy it was impossible to envisage what was going to happen. It was rarely possible for him to get away from the entourage that constantly surrounded him. . . If he could go round to someone’s place on his own then that was proof that that was where he really wanted to be. When he called Eric that morning he called a friend, not his manager or any of his hangers-on—he went straight to a friend.”
    Eric Burdon recalled: “When Monika phoned I said he would be OK, but later told her to get an
    ambulance. I thought he would be alright then, but that was then[This is correctly quoted in Tony’s book apart from “then” has become “that”].. . I had known Jimi quite a while and, well in many respects he was my brother. I spent two years trying to help him out of a situation he had been in. But he was forever surrounded by weird people... he was always spirit-like, ghost-like, never letting anyone get really close to him, he was just touching life—that was his secret of living—he never grabbed at anything. . . he was a genius, and I know there was something bad in his mind when he played like an amateur in that last set at Ronnie Scott’s.”
    [slagging off Jimi, as he does several times over the years, the tape proves otherwise;-)]
    On the 10th Hendrix unexpectedly attended a party given by Mike Nesmith of the Monkees who’d just cut a single record [sic, actually an LP]. He arrived at the party at the Inn on the Park, in Park Lane (John Sebastian was booked in about this time) surrounded by his usual entourage of women
    [most likely including Kirsten & Karen]
    and hangers-on, but seeming quite happy and relaxed. He stayed a long time.

    Unfinished, any missing info/corrections welcome
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    Re: 24 August 1970 to ∞

    The story of Jimi (or more likely members of his entourage) breaking into a sleeping cabin is sourced from Gerd Augustin who traveled with them. I think this must have happened BEFORE the train even started. I don´t think the train was stopped while being on the railway already. Where´s that sourced from?
    BTW Jimi flew from Berlin to Hamburg on Sep. 5th, and then took the train from Hamburg to Fehmarn (Puttgarden). The incident of breaking open the cabin must have taken place at the Hamburg station and was only resolved by the wife of ex president Lübke, who protested and made the train leave.
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    Re: 24 August 1970 to ∞

    Quote Originally Posted by Olvator View Post
    The story of Jimi (or more likely members of his entourage) breaking into a sleeping cabin is sourced from Gerd Augustin who traveled with them. I think this must have happened BEFORE the train even started. I don´t think the train was stopped while being on the railway already. Where´s that sourced from?
    BTW Jimi flew from Berlin to Hamburg on Sep. 5th, and then took the train from Hamburg to Fehmarn (Puttgarden). The incident of breaking open the cabin must have taken place at the Hamburg station and was only resolved by the wife of ex president Lübke, who protested and made the train leave.
    Thanks for the info, I've updated that entry. I got the story from Electric Gypsy, it's told by Gerry Stickells there, but I've read a more in depth version either in Univibes or Jimpress? Stickells says the train was enroute and was stopped by the guard, the wife of the train company owner was on the train and sorted out the trouble quickly.

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    Re: 24 August 1970 to ∞

    it would be a damn shame if Jimi was killed because he was on to the management stealing his money, but it makes sense..hope the truth comes out

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    Re: 24 August 1970 to ∞

    Quote Originally Posted by Olvator View Post
    The story of Jimi (or more likely members of his entourage) breaking into a sleeping cabin is sourced from Gerd Augustin who traveled with them. I think this must have happened BEFORE the train even started. I don´t think the train was stopped while being on the railway already. Where´s that sourced from?
    BTW Jimi flew from Berlin to Hamburg on Sep. 5th, and then took the train from Hamburg to Fehmarn (Puttgarden). The incident of breaking open the cabin must have taken place at the Hamburg station and was only resolved by the wife of ex president Lübke, who protested and made the train leave.
    Anyone know EXACTLY where I can read up on this ? Thanx

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    Re: 24 August 1970 to ∞

    Many thanks and big thumps up for all the research! Much appreciated.

    Is the News article you quote the same as the one posted in RobbieRadio's thread? It has some differences, including a mentioning of white wine.

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    Re: 24 August 1970 to ∞

    Quote Originally Posted by gesikang View Post
    Is the News article you quote the same as the one posted in RobbieRadio's thread? It has some differences, including a mentioning of white wine.
    Thanks for this. Don't see where I've quoted this paper? Robbies thread? but I've added a transcript of it now, Monika said several times that it was white wine they drank c. 20:30 with their meal, but not in Electric Gypsy. Looks like they were at Peter Harvey's eating and drinking red wine at this point anyway;-) Added loads of corrections and new stuff.

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    Re: 24 August 1970 to ∞

    Thanks for the updates. RR's thread:

    Some questions and comments:

    It seems that MD gave quite a series of interviews shortly after Jimi's death. But when and in which order? In each interview she says something differently, adds, insinuates, or fabricates new facts, which mostly seem to be intended to push the time of Jimi's death to the late morning hours and divert police attention away from her, but that is just my guess.

    Most of these interviews were published after MD went back to Germany on the 24th of September. And where did you get this date of 20 Sept. for the Bild interview (held on the train)? Oddly, it was published on the same day, the 24th. I would like to see that article too, because it becomes almost impossible unless the date was misquoted. The author's name also sounds as an alias (or a made-up one).

    Or did MD not fly back on that day, or was she flying back and to Germany and England? If she was and stayed in Germany after the 24th, it means that the newspaper interviews must all have been held before the 24th in London in a very short time period, which makes all the contradictions between them even stranger.

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    Re: 24 August 1970 to ∞

    Quote Originally Posted by gesikang View Post
    It seems that MD gave quite a series of interviews shortly after Jimi's death. But when and in which order? In each interview she says something differently,
    I'm beginning to add these at the appropriate points, a couple I don't have.

    Quote Originally Posted by gesikang View Post
    where did you get this date of 20 Sept. for the Bild interview (held on the train)?
    That's a mistake it should be 19 as this appears to be when Monika checked out the Lincoln hotel, according to Tony Brown, she allegedly had a problem paying the bill, and "Freiheit" reportedly stepped in and got his interview?

    Quote Originally Posted by gesikang View Post
    Oddly, it was published on the same day, The author's name also sounds as an alias (or a made-up one).
    lot's of papers come out the same day? He wouldn't be the first journalist with an alias, surely? (if it is)

    Quote Originally Posted by gesikang View Post
    Or did MD not fly back on that day, or was she flying back and to Germany and England? If she was and stayed in Germany after the 24th, it means that the newspaper interviews must all have been held before the 24th in London in a very short time period, which makes all the contradictions between them even stranger.
    Thanks for the input, but I think this is an unneccessary muddle really, there were several done before she left, at least one in Germay, and some when she came back, where's the problem? The contradictions in the early interviews is about whether she mentions going out for cigarettes or not, and when she noticed he was sick. What's different, but not contradictory, is time estimates as to when she woke up and when she went to Cameron's party, which vary about an hour. If she was into downers and wine that's not surprising, and she was reportedly "sedated" at the time (if not all the time by the sounds of it;-), and/or possibly in shock.
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    Re: 24 August 1970 to ∞

    sedated yes, including the next thirty years. You give her too much slack in my opinion. Not one word of emotion, sorrow or pain, nothing. What would you do when a famous person you love dies in your home, erase all traces, and make a cover up plan? You met twice for two days and say you are engaged and will get married? Jeanette Jacobs apparently broke down completely after hearing of Jimi's death (

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    Re: 24 August 1970 to ∞

    There is a film by Michael Fairchild called the last 24 seconds, and is about the circumstances surrounding Jimi's death. It was made in response to another movie called the last 24 hours, in which Fairchild's research on Jimi's death was plagiarized. It has some real good incite into various motives and possibilities, but in the end it suggests that Gerry Stickells was involved in Jimi's murder. Regardless of what you think of Farichild, the film is worth watching. Here's a link

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    Re: 24 August 1970 to ∞

    Quote Originally Posted by edunk View Post
    it suggests that Gerry Stickells was involved in Jimi's murder.
    I've seen it. It's MF having a joke.

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    Re: 24 August 1970 to ∞

    It seems obvious after reading this that Monika's constantly varying story of the events are to cover up the fact that she didn't take proper care of him that night. They both took something to sleep. Jimi got sick and she did nothing about it. Instead she probably ignored the noises he was making, ignored the sickness, ignored all of it until the idea popped into her head that 'Hey, maybe there's something wrong!' By this time it was too late. If she were smarter, she would have done something earlier. That's possible isn't it? Overall though, it seems like an accident that could have been prevented had someone been there to do the Heimlich maneuver immediately as he started choking.

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    Re: 24 August 1970 to ∞

    Quote Originally Posted by stplsd View Post
    .... (a dose that was dangerous but was unlikely to be fatal in itself, ie a not neccessarily fatal amount), which impaired his cough reflex and his ability to regain consciousness to the extent that when he vomited he choked to death in his deep sleep. ...
    gee whiz Virginia - with this description, as presented here, I would certainly say the amount WAS indeed fatal, wouldn't you? After all, the poor soul did die.

    "Watch Out For Your Ears!"

    "We don't want to be classed in any category" - HENDRIX

    “If you can play, you can play anything. I don’t like classifications.” - Buddy Rich

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    Re: 24 August 1970 to ∞

    Yeah, we know it was fatal due to choking on vomit, as described, what are you adding, I fail to see. The above 2 comments are in the wrong place (as was my reply which I have deleted) Please take it to The Jimi Hendrix Political Harassment, Kidnap and Murder Experience where this endless blame circular belongs.
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    Re: 24 August 1970 to ∞

    Hey, not a bad start.

    Y'ever get hold of the original inquest docs btw? If not, most of those were published in EH mag Fall 2000 ish, fwiw.


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    Re: 24 August 1970 to ∞

    Quote Originally Posted by scoutship View Post
    Hey, not a bad start.

    Y'ever get hold of the original inquest docs btw? If not, most of those were published in EH mag Fall 2000 ish, fwiw.

    Thanks for that, but I'm not sure what you mean by the original inquest docs? Anything that's not available in The Final Days? If there's something new in EH mag anyone fancy sticking copies up here so we can all see?:-)

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    Re: 24 August 1970 to ∞

    Quote Originally Posted by stplsd View Post
    Thanks for that, but I'm not sure what you mean by the original inquest docs? Anything that's not available in The Final Days?
    My Final Days is somewheres mongst a heap of other junk. I mentioned it because thumbing through a couple old EH's last afternoon I was reminded of this from that 2000 piece---

    Sept 28 '70: A follow-up inquest into the death of JH is held at the Inner West London Coroner's Court on Horseferry Road, SW1 before Gavin Thurston, H.M. Coroner. At the inquest, the estate of JH was represented by J.C. Tatham under the direction of Mssrs Goodman, Derrick & Co., Solicitors (on behalf of the deceased's estate) and Mssrs Denton, Hall & Burgin, Solicitors (on behalf of Warner Bros). Testimony from Gerry Stickles, Monika Dannemann, Police Sergeant John Shaw, and H.M. Coroner, Professor Robert Donald Teare was heard.

    In the years following Jimi's death, a modified version of the original proceedings circulated through the hands of collectors purporting the inquest as having been held before a jury. However, juries are typically present only in cases of homicide.

    While much has been said and written in the years that followed the death of JH, much of it was mere conjecture, rumor, and hearsay. Sadly, with the passing (of) Monika D in 1995, no one who was with Jimi at the time of his death survives today [heh] who can help provide some additional insight into his passing. Rather than excerpt reports of the past thirty years, we have obtained permission to reprint the original sworn proceedings into the death of JH.

    What follows are copies of the original documents, marked 'Proceedings at an inquest on James Marshall Hendrix, dec.' from the reopened inquest on Monday, September 28, 1970. These documents are based on the original shorthand notes of W.B. Gurney & Sons, Westminster, SW1.

    (There follow 12 reduced-size page images)

    In case it may be worth cross-checking with Brown's stuff (pub '97), I'm not gonna get round to digging that book out ('d have to pack it all in again, ehhh) for some time.

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    Re: 24 August 1970 to ∞

    Oh, almost forgot, your timelines will really take off when expanded to account for non-exclusively JH materials.

    Sam finally coded a searchable db for his 15+ years of timelining with a feature that alerts to "schedule conflicts" and the like. Interesting, not the type of thing most fanboys wanna hear about though, they only want the star stuff.

    Many anecdotes in the bios are sheer b.s., embellished for cash when not made, in cases, of whole cloth.

    Yes, we know you know that, but what the hey, hey?

    Cheers, and happy hunting.

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    Re: 24 August 1970 to ∞

    Quote Originally Posted by scoutship View Post
    (There follow 12 reduced-size page images)

    In case it may be worth cross-checking with Brown's stuff (pub '97), I'm not gonna get round to digging that book out ('d have to pack it all in again, ehhh) for some time.
    Any chance you might find time to stick the 12 pages up here at CTT?
    I can easy send you the Final days stuff:-)

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