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Thread: 1970-04-25 LA Forum, Inglewood, California USA

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    1970-04-25 LA Forum, Inglewood, California USA

    Saturday, April 25th, 1970
    LA Forum, Inglewood, California USA
    with The Buddy Miles Express

    1. Spanish Castle Magic
    2. Foxy Lady
    3. Lover Man
    4. Hear My Train A Comin'
    5. Message To Love
    6. Ezy Rider
    7. Machine Gun
    8. Room Full Of Mirrors
    9. Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)
    10. Villanova Junction Blues
    11. Drum Solo
    12. Freedom
    13. Star Spangled Banner
    14. Purple Haze
    15. Voodoo Child (Slight Return)

    Attachment 7137Attachment 7153Attachment 7134Attachment 7150Attachment 7131Attachment 7147Attachment 7128Attachment 7144Attachment 7125Attachment 7141Attachment 7138Attachment 7154Attachment 7135Attachment 7151Attachment 7132Attachment 7148Attachment 7129Attachment 7145Attachment 7126Attachment 7142Attachment 7123Attachment 7139Attachment 7155Attachment 7136Attachment 7152Attachment 7133Attachment 7149Attachment 7130Attachment 7146Attachment 7127Attachment 7143Attachment 7124Attachment 7140Attachment 7156

    The Los Angeles Forum, Inglewood, CA (3rd source master_known lineage)

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    Re: 1970-04-25 LA Forum, Inglewood, California USA

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    Re: 1970-04-25 LA Forum, Inglewood, California USA

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    Re: 1970-04-25 LA Forum, Inglewood, California USA

    Happy 41st Anniversary Jimi(cranking Hear My Train A Comin' from 25April1970 as I type)!

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    Re: 1970-04-25 LA Forum, Inglewood, California USA

    This might not be the place to ask, but can someone tell me which source is used on the EH website?

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    Re: 1970-04-25 LA Forum, Inglewood, California USA

    Is there a 3 or 4-source merge available also, or is this 2-source merge as good as it is ever going to get ?

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    Re: 1970-04-25 LA Forum, Inglewood, California USA

    "This might not be the place to ask, but can someone tell me which source is used on the EH website?"

    The "far" source. otherwise known as the 2nd source. First source is the Rubber Dubber LP's.

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    Re: 1970-04-25 LA Forum, Inglewood, California USA

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    Re: 1970-04-25 Inglewood, The Forum, California USA

    Saturday 25 April 1970
    Inglewood, The Forum, California, USA. JHE [II]
    Concert (1st performance on the ‘Cry Of Love’ tour as Jimi called it in a ‘Melody Maker’ interview) at 20:30
    Tape: audience, 85:00 minutes, good+
    Support: Buddy Miles Express and Ballin’ Jack
    Promoter: Concerts West
    Audience: 20,000, sold out


    Spanish Castle Magic (41)
    Foxy Lady (76)
    Lover Man (25)
    Getting My Heart Back Together Again (38)
    Message To Love (26)
    Ezy Ryder (16)
    Machine Gun (14)
    Room Full Of Mirrors (12) >
    < (Hey Baby) New Rising Sun (12)>
    <“Villanova Junction” (11)>
    <Freedom (11)
    The Star Spangled Banner (29) (John Stafford Smith [music])
    Purple Haze (85)
    Voodoo Child (Slight Return) (65)>
    <Midnight Lightning (10)

    Melody Maker (09 May) – interviewed by Keith Altham on 13 April: “…I called the tour ‘The Cry Of Love’ because that’s what it’s all about. The recording is really up to Mitch, but I’d like to do it…”

    Billy Cox: "Staying at the hotel in Los Angeles, we went up to the roof and looked out over the city. Jimi said, 'Man, we've come a long way.'
    The older songs were new to me. They were old to Jimi and Mitch but I brought my flavor on the bass and then they enjoyed that."

    Los Angeles Times (27 April) ‘Jimi Hendrix at the Forum’ - review by Robert Hilburn: “In his first major Los Angeles appearance in more than a year, Jimi Hendrix showed a near capacity audience Saturday night at the Forum that he has lost none of his box office appeal and raw excitement. About a year ago Hendrix went into a period of inactivity. He talked about various regrouping plans, finally appearing with drummer Buddy Miles and bassist Billy Cox under the title ‘Band Of Gypsys’. But Miles was soon back as head of his own group. Thus Mitchell rejoined Hendrix for the current tour. Redding who was asked to do the tour had other commitments.
    Opening Response
    Wearing a multi-coloured head band and tight black leather pants, Hendrix drew an enormous opening response from the audience as he went through such early hits as “Foxy Lady.” The newer material generated less enthusiasm. As always, Hendrix was more a personality than a musician. Though his voice and lyrics have few distinguishing characteristics, he generates a charge of electricity that virtually ignites the huge arena. Hendrix is a powerhouse of sex and sound. Hendrix does with his guitar what Joe Cocker does with his voice: reaches new levels of communication and emotion, levels far beyond that which most guitarists and vocalists once felt were possible. On Saturday, he seemed freer of gimmicks, more serious of purpose generally, than last spring at the Devonshire Downs Pop Festival in Northridge. Because of this, perhaps, the audience Saturday was less enthusiastic at times than at Devonshire Downs. But his bombing raid version of the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ (as featured in the ‘Woodstock’ movie) and ‘Purple Haze’ brought the audience to its feet for an ovation that lasted several minutes.”

    Entertainment World (08 May), ‘The Jimi Hendrix Experience’ review by Jim Bickhart: “Jimi Hendrix returned to L.A. and a raucous full house last week, but Hendrix, charismatic second-stage demigod of the Cream Generation, who was surprisingly enthusiastic on stage, did not have the audience wrapped constantly around his little finger pick.
    The Hendrix Experience, presently a mixture of the original group and last winter’s short-lived Band of Gypsys, is an unbalanced power trio with Jimi a top-heavy leader. Bassist Billy Cox (from the Gypsys) and drummer Mitch Mitchell were next to inaudible behind the - guitarist’s deafening amplification. They did not fill the huge musical gaps left by Hendrix’s noisy, undisciplined guitar style. While the crowd was most enthusiastic for the material from the group’s old albums, it was these songs which made this concert deadly dull. Jimi’s attempt to update too-familiar guitar solos became pure cacophony, and Cox was half asleep as he played bass runs first created by Noel Redding.
    New material was a lone bright spot, with Hendrix apparently trying to inject some music into his ‘music.’ ‘Message of Love,’ ‘Easy Rider [sic] ‘, and ‘May I Come Along [sic, Hey Baby} all featured guitar breaks that bordered on being tasteful. The audience seemed bored by them though, waking up for a familiar medley of the national anthem and ‘Purple Haze.’
    With Hendrix were the Buddy Miles Express, who played a very good but short set of soul and blues numbers, with leader Miles doubling on vocals and drums, and Ballin Jack, from Washington, playing mediocre Family Stone-like music but eliciting good crowd response.”

    Disc (09 May) ‘U.S. Fans are better rehearsed than groups!’ review by Judy Sims: “I survived the Jimi Hendrix concert. I was lucky - just a few bruises and a small cut on my left hand, plus an hour’s worth of tremblies in the legs. I’m beginning to wonder about the whole concert jive trip, where thousands of young people, most of them sane, pay a great deal of money to watch a performer be mobbed by the lunatic fringe. Sure, it’s healthy spontaneous emotion, the fans love Jimi and Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton and Ian Anderson. The fans love them to death, almost. Concerts in this country (and, I suspect, elsewhere) are rehearsals for riots, mini-bloodbaths disguised as good times. I’m sick of all those writhing, shouting masses of people who won’t stay in their seats, who don’t care if the rest of the audience can see, who only want to satisfy their own personal ego urges by getting near the stage and the so called ‘magic’ of the performer. Ian Anderson told a reporter here that American audiences are better rehearsed than the groups, and it’s true; a certain segment of each crowd knows just when and how to elude the guards or ushers, knows exactly the shouts and whistles and hand waving required (and when) and has an uncanny awareness of the performer’s attitude and the ushers’ impotence - or strength. At the huge Forum last Saturday, about 20,000 people crammed in to see Jimi Hendrix in his first appearance here in almost a year. He was preceded by Buddy Miles and his new group, a jive act if ever there was one (and there was) and a new group called Ballin’ Jack. The ‘swinging groovies,’ the spaced-out worshippers, leaped from their seats for Buddy, but they weren’t inspired to rush the stage. Yet. For one thing, the ushers were efficiently keeping the aisles clear and the front of the stage area vacant; for another thing, the crowd wasn’t going to waste its energies for Buddy, they wanted Jimi. For a while I thought Jimi was going to thwart them. He was relaxed, cool as ever, and did an almost casual set. He teased us with a few erotic movements during ‘Foxy Lady,’ but after that he just stood there and played that guitar - mostly new songs from his Band of Gypsys album. I was in the second row, directly in front of him, the best concert seat I’ve ever had. Also the worst.., at the end of the set Jimi broke into our National Anthem and ordered us to stand up, stand up, which we did. The aisles filled, but still the space down front remained miraculously clear. Kids started leaping over the seats so they could stand on chairs in the first two or three rows, and people from the aisles crowded into the rows. The ushers massed in front of the stage. Then Jimi went right into ‘Purple Haze’ and all hell broke loose. It was as if that song were the pre-arranged signal. The aisles spilled forward, and in less than one minute the entire area was solid humanity - waving, shouting people, some sitting on their friends’ necks, some perched precariously on the backs of seats. I was jostled but unharmed. I couldn’t see. As ‘Purple Haze’ ended and the closing number, ‘Voodoo Child,’ began, there was an incomprehensible (and terrifying) backward thrust. Everyone up front was somehow invisibly thrown back with sledge-hammer force. Chairs went over, people went down. Like a fool, I’d been standing on my chair trying to see Jimi through the crowd, so I we over the back of the chair and stayed there, suspended like a trapeze artist.
    I like Jimi Hendrix; I think he’s of very few real innovators and a most incredible performer. But it’ll be an icy day in hell before I’ll see him at the Forum again. I’m afraid of his audience.”
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    Re: 1970-04-25 LA Forum, Inglewood, California USA

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    Re: 1970-04-25 LA Forum, Inglewood, California USA

    "Tony Mirabal
    Tony Mirabal
    för 1 månad sedan
    I was there they had a big movie camera on a boom filming the concert,, wheres the film????"

    comment from youtube:

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