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Thread: 1970-05-10 San Antonio Hemisphere Arena, San Antonio, Texas USA

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    1970-05-10 San Antonio Hemisphere Arena, San Antonio, Texas USA

    Sunday, May 10th, 1970

    1. Fire
    2. Foxy Lady
    3. Machine Gun
    4. Freedom
    5. Red House
    6. Message To Love
    7. Hear My Train A Comin'
    8. Ezy Rider
    9. Room Full Of Mirrors
    10. Star Spangled Banner
    11. Purple Haze
    12. Voodoo Child (slight return)

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    Re: 1970-05-10 San Antonio Hemisphere Arena, San Antonio, Texas USA

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    Re: 1970-05-10 San Antonio Hemisphere Arena, San Antonio, Texas USA

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    Re: 1970-05-10 San Antonio Hemisphere Arena, San Antonio, Texas USA

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    Re: 1970-05-10 San Antonio Hemisphere Arena, San Antonio, Texas USA

    Jimi Hendrix
    HemisFair Arena
    San Antonio, Texas, USA
    Sunday 10 May 1970

    funkydrummer cleanup - REVISED Version (05/12)

    Lineage - Clean up of master cassettes (released as ATM 251-252)taper: Gerard Daily FLAC > Adobe Audition 3, (Compression, NR, EQ, Phase Repair, Stereo Image Adjustment) > CD > FLAC

    This is a completely new take on the San Antonio cleanup...a cleanup which always bugged me, because it was rather poor...I've learned quite a bit in the meantime (thanks folks!)
    My original (2 actually) San Antonio attempts are now considered by myself as very deficient...a little too bright...and with the compression we got hiss...
    Also I had the bright idea last time, to phase invert the signal because the phased version had more definition than the offset stereo...
    This time I kept it as is, and did some phase repair to balance it out a little better...
    This time around I tried my best to boost the signal without introducing any hiss (there is still a bit as the master is so attenuated)..was a difficult procedure - but I think this version of San Antonio is much better than my previous attempts. I ask you to erase them from your memory, as well as your hard drive...

    01 - Intro
    02 - Fire
    03 - Foxy lady
    04 - Machine gun
    05 - Freedom
    06 - Red house
    07 - Message to love
    08 - Getting my heart back together
    09 - Ezy ryder
    10 - Room full of mirrors
    11 - Star spangled banner
    12 - Purple haze
    13 - Voodoo child (slight return)
    listening to this source now, sick show, Jimi is on fire.

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    Re: 1970-05-10 San Antonio Hemisphere Arena, San Antonio, Texas USA

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    Re: 1970-05-10 San Antonio Hemisphere Arena, San Antonio, Texas USA

    Sunday 10 May 1970
    San Antonio Hemisfair Arena, Texas, USA. JHE [II]
    The ‘Monterey Pop’ film didn’t open in San Antonio until September 1970.
    This concert was heavily advertised but appears to have been a bit of a disappointment?
    There seems to have been no reviews?
    Concert at 20:00
    Tape: Audience 65:00 minutes, not good
    Support: Country Funk
    Promoter: radio KTSA-JAM Productions
    Poster: Generic day-glo pink Jimi head photo


    Fire (69)
    Foxy Lady (81)
    Machine Gun (18)
    Freedom (14)
    Red House (65)
    Message To Love (30)
    Getting My Heart Back Together Again (42)
    Ezy Ryder (20)
    Room Full Of Mirrors (15)
    The Star Spangled Banner (34) (John Stafford Smith [music])
    Purple Haze (90)
    Voodoo Child (Slight Return) (70)

    ‘omboy’: "Machine Gun" tore my head clean off.”

    Kirk Vandeventer: “I don’t have a vivid memory of the concert. I got 7th row center seats. Country Funk was the opening act. I only realized after show that when every one stood up (at Hendrix’ request) he was playing the ‘Star Spangled Banner.’ He started with his ivory guitar but he played a black Stratocaster most of the night. One thing I remember is that during what was his last song he shot the finger at someone in the audience and left the stage cutting the song short. He didn’t do an encore.”

    Douglas Herman: “I heard Hendrix play in San Antonio with the short-lived Band of Gypsies. As Mick Jagger once noted in classic understatement, "He didn’t have a very good voice but made up for it with his guitar." A group of us went together, a car full of Air Force enlisted men, driving over from Lackland Air Force base. To a man, we were antiwar in word if not deed; white, middle-class pissants in spit-shined shoes and khaki pants by day, non-conformists (so we thought) in bell bottoms by night.
    A year before, at Woodstock Hendrix performed an infamous, antiwar version of The Star Spangled Banner, adding luster to his already considerable reputation - along with boxer Muhammad Ali - as an outspoken antiwar advocate [Not! Ed.]. Jimi's early morning set was very unorthodox, to say the least, and caused some controversy among conservatives who felt he had desecrated the song [the film had just opened in Texas at the time of his concerts there and this was an opinion in at least one Texas review. The Band Of Gypsys LP had just been released as well. Ed.]. When he toured southern states in the USA - land of the free and home of the brave - Jimi had been advised not to play his version, but he performed it nonetheless, despite, or because of the threats.
    And damn if we young enlisted men didn't approve. Whatever he had to say about the country in his version of the song was certainly closer to reality than what Francis Scott Key wrote long ago. Also, Jimi had belonged to the elite US Army paratroopers, and now spoke his mind in his songs with the same sense of courage and daring required to leap out of planes. He lived a flamboyant life, back-sassed the White establishment (as we were too timid to do), composed crude poetry which became powerful, impassioned songs, slept with wild women of every race - which we all wanted to do - dressed outrageously, and made a helluva lot of amplified noise never heard before.
    We knew nothing of Hendrix's perfectionism and little of his personal battle with drug addiction. The San Antonio, Texas performance we heard was powerful, yet short and,if I recall correctly, Hendrix left the stage without an encore.
    A friend of mine - white, middle-class - once confessed he wished he could have been baseball legend Willie Mays. If I had to choose to be someone else, a musician perhaps, it would probably be Jimi Hendrix. He crossed the racial divide, drew fans from around the world, stood up on his spindly frame and performed unforgettable, signature licks, in a style unlike anyone else at the time.”

    Friday 3 May 1970
    USA (San Antonio, TX)
    SAN ANTONIO LIGHT (page 21) [cropped B&W photo of smiling Jimi in hat: 'Jimi Hendrix’]‘HENDRIX Returns For Show’: Coming to the Arena for one performance only May 10 is the Jimi Hendrix Experience. KTSA Radio and JAM Productions will present Hendrix, Mitchell, Billy Cox plus a supporting act beginning at 8 p.m. with the complete McKuen Sound System from San Francisco.
    All reserved seats at $6, $5, $4, $3 are available at Joint-Effort; Galligaskin; Record Rendezvous; East Court of North Star Mall; Oat Willies in Austin; Raymond Drugs in Austin.
    Here's how the current Hendrix group came to be:
    Hendrix had broken with the Experience, (i.e. Noel Redding on bass, and Mitch Mitchell on drums), he had started his Band of Gypsies—with Buddy Miles on drums and Billy Cox on bass.
    The Band of Gypsies dazzled everyone at the Fillmore East and then just like that—it was over! Jimi had just walked offstage at the January Moratorium in Madison Square Garden. It was like the end of the beginning, Jmi spent the next few months fighting the biggest war he had ever fought — with himself.
    He won of course and decided to do the Experience again with Mitch and Noel. Everyone was happy especially Jimi — Noel would have some time to spend with Fat Mattress, and Mitch could still do some touring with Jack Bruce and Mike Mandel.
    Two and a half weeks later when the tour was put together Noel Redding decided to take a tour with Jeff Beck and was replace by Billy Cox from the Band of Gypsies, on bass. It's still the Experience with a little Gypsy in there.
    Hendrix was born in Seattle and enlisted in the 101st Airborne Division at 16. He worked in small clubs in and around Greenwich Village and then was discovered by Chas. Chandler of the Animals. His name was first felt in England, not in America.

    Friday 3 May 1970
    USA (San Antonio, TX)
    EXPRESS & NEWS (page 8) [medium B&W text ad] JIMI HENDRIX Experience MAY 10 – 8 P.M. ARENA Reserved Tickets $6, $5, $4, $3
    [Next to a what’s on column with B&W photo of smiling Jimi in hat] HENDRIX – Coming to San Antonio’s arena for one performance only is the Jimi Hendrix Experience on Sunday, May 10. KTSA Radio and Jam Productions are presenting Jimi Hendrix, Mitch Mitchell, Billy Cox plus a supporting act in full concert beginning at 8 p.m. with the complete McKuen sound system from San Francisco. All reserved seats at $6, $5, $4, $3 are available at [...]

    Friday 3 May 1970
    USA (Austin, TX)
    DAILY TEXAN (page 14) [small B&W text ad]: JIMI HENDRIX Hemisfair Arena ▪ MAY 10 ▪ 8 P.M. San Antonio Only. Tickets Reserved $6, $5, $4, $3 McKuen Sound plus Support Act. Tickets At: Raymond’s Drug, Oat Willie’s
    (Page 15) [B&W ‘couple in blanket’ photo, Getting Together ‘Both individually and en masse, the participants of "Woodstock" have their actions caught on film in Michael Wadieigh's film now at the State theatre.’] ‘Predecessor Outdoes ‘Woodstock’: "Woodstock;" directed by Michael Wadleigh; produced by Bob Maurice; starring Joan Baez, Santana, Crosby-Stills-Nash. John Sebastian; Jimi Hendrix and many more; at the State Theater.
    By MICK FLUITT Amusemenis Assistant: “As I sat and watched "Woodstock.' I kept thinking how glad I was I didn't have to review As we left the theater, Middy (as in Amusements Editor) turned and said. "I guess you know that you're going to have to review this" - to which I replied something unfit for news print OR lady editors ears.
    The reason I didn't wani to review it was that I saw a movie called "Monterey Pop" (about the first Monterey Music Festival) by D. A. Pennebaker last year, and "Woodstock" suffered in comparison.
    "WOODSTOCK" for the most part, is a good first effort for a relatively inexperienced di*rector and crew who had a verv short time to prepare for this gigantic undertaking
    Aesthetically, the movie!? verv good. Director Wadleigh is at his best in the editing room, for it is the editing that makes “Woodstock." The camera work on the performing groups, with notable exceptions Sly and The Family Stone and Jimi Hendrix, falls far short of the imaginative potential it could have had.
    The photographer who filmed Hendrix really deserves some credit
    ALTHOUGH the movie does an excellent job in showing the mood and spirit of the event with documentary segments, if fails to catch the effect of the music on the crowd while it's being played.
    This is the whole thing with pop festivals, and Wadleigh ignores it and instead con*centrates solely on the perform*ers. After three hours it becomes a little redundant
    The effect of this is to remove the movie audience from the movie. When the audience is moved by the music, our feelings are reinforced by scenes of people in the real audience sharing our reactions, and we become involved in the movie. Pennebaker did it, and Wadleigh didn't. The single exception to this was the scene of Country Joe McDonald doing his solo with plenty of crowd shots of people coming together through music.”

    Sunday 10 May 1970
    USA (San Antonio, TX)
    SAN ANTONIO LIGHT (page 10) DETROIT (AP) - A 45-year-old railroad engineer was arraigned Saturday on a first-degree murder charge in the slaying of his 17-year old, runaway daughter and three youths with whom she was living in an apartment in which a poster proclaimed "Revolution is Fun." [So, you must be killed for interpretation of a poster, duh! They also had a large photo poster of Jimi, see photo. Note, no poster with 'revolution' visible Ed]
    The girl and two of the slain youths were white. The other young man was a Negro.
    Arville D. Garland of Detroit was ordered held without bail and his pretrial examination was set for May 18,
    Garland's daughter, Sandra; Scott Kabran, 18; Gregory Walls, 18, and Anthony Brown, 16, who, police said, was a runaway from a boy's training school at Whitmore Lake, claimed to be 18 and used the alias of Tony Shears.
    Garland specifically was charged only in the death of Brown, a farm youngster from Coral, 40 miles north of Grand Rapids, who was living on the charity of the other teenagers in the apartment near Wayne State University.
    The others killed were Detroiters. Walls was the Negro.
    No charges were preferred against Sandra's mother, Martha, 41, who accompanied her husband to the apartment and who, police said, witnessed the killings. The parents surrendered themselves at police headquarters afterward Friday.
    The apartment, poster was of John Sinclair, White Panther leader now serving a narcotics term in Marquette State Prison.
    Besides the poster, police, said they also found two stacks of peace buttons next to the bed on which Sandra and Kabran were slain, a dartboard with former President Lyndon B. Johnson's picture tacked on it, and a record, "Electric Ladyland" by the Jimi Hedrix Experience [what the fuck has that to do! They surely had other records too.They were teenagers. Ed.]. Sandra, attending Wayne State University and working part-time as a dentist's receptionist, left home last Sunday. Besides her parents, her survivors include a sister, Connie, 16 and two brothers, John 14, and Douglas, 1.
    Friends said Kabran and Walls both worked at one time at Open City, an inner-city, hippy-type commune. Walls was sharing a bedroom with Sandra and Kabran when they were killed.
    Police quoted Donna Potts, 18 who identified herself as Sandra's close friend and who lived in the same converted mansion, as saying after the slayings Garland shot the lock off a door leading to the apartment where she was staying, saying: "Now where's Donna."
    Miss Potts said Sandra's par*ents apparently blamed her for Sandra's leaving home,
    She said Garland entered but she was hiding behind a locked bathroom door and wasn't discovered.
    Brown was shot where he had been sleeping on a living room couch. Kabran was identified as
    a freshman at Wayne State University. Walls worked at a florist's shop.”
    [Hey Joe.... In prison, Garland recieved hundreds of letters in support for his actions, almost none against. He made several outrageous statements justifying HIS RIGHT to kill these youths - his own daughter. He was released early after serving only ten years, he was only 55 by that time]
    (Page 14) ARTS
    May 10 JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE, Hemisfair Arena 8 p.m. $3-$6.

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    Re: 1970-05-10 San Antonio Hemisphere Arena, San Antonio, Texas USA

    The ‘Monterey Pop’ film didn’t open in San Antonio until September 1970.

    Sunday 6 September 1970
    USA (TX)
    SAN ANTONIO LIGHT (page 26) ‘Current S.A. Screen Fare’: [...] “Monterey Pop” with Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Otis Redding, opens this week at the San Pedro, also, featured with “Goodbye Columbus.”

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