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Thread: 1970-06-07 Assembly Center Arena, Tulsa, Oklahoma USA

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    1970-06-07 Assembly Center Arena, Tulsa, Oklahoma USA

    Sunday, June 7th, 1970

    1. Intro
    2. Spanish Castle Magic
    3. Stone Free
    4. Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)
    5. Hey Joe
    6. Freedom
    7. I Don't Live Today
    8. Foxy Lady
    9. Red House
    10. Message to Love
    11. Room Full of Mirrors
    12. Star Spangled Banner
    13. Purple Haze
    14. Ezy Rider

    Audience Recording
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    Re: 1970-06-07 Assembly Center Arena, Tulsa, Oklahoma USA

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    Re: 1970-06-07 Assembly Center Arena, Tulsa, Oklahoma USA

    DG! Thank you very much by the images that will improve my collection!

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    Re: 1970-06-07 Assembly Center Arena, Tulsa, Oklahoma USA

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    Re: 1970-06-07 Assembly Center Arena, Tulsa, Oklahoma USA

    i dont see any images,DD

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    Re: 1970-06-07 Assembly Center Arena, Tulsa, Oklahoma USA

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    Re: 1970-06-07 Assembly Center Arena, Tulsa, Oklahoma USA

    Sunday 07 June 1970
    Tulsa, Civic Assembly Center Arena, Oklahoma, USA. JHE [II]
    Concert at 20:00
    Tape: audience, fair by Mike Thompson
    Support: Ballin’ Jack
    Presented by Concerts West and radio KAKC
    Audience: 4,700

    Spanish Castle Magic (59)
    Stone Free (32)
    The New Rising Sun (Hey Baby) (17)
    Hey Joe (73) (Billy Roberts)
    Freedom (34)
    I Don’t Live Today (45)
    Foxy Lady (110)
    Red House (94i)
    Message To Love (57)
    Room Full Of Mirrors (28)>
    <Flamenco Passage>
    <The Star Spangled Banner (52) (John Stafford Smith [music])
    Purple Haze (122)
    Ezy Ryder (38)
    ‘Dragnet’ Theme (Walter Schumann & Miklosz Rozsa)
    Voodoo Child (Slight Return) [not recorded]

    Tulsa Daily World (09 June) ‘Hendrix Loud Noise Not Very Appealing’ - review by Bob Beck: “The Jimi Hendrix Experience hit Tulsa Sunday night, something the city could have done without. The best description of the show - Hendrix on guitar, Mitch Mitchell on drums and Billy Cox on bass - is that it was a bad experience. That may sound like a pun, but it is the nicest thing to be said for the hour and a half of noise that blared from the Civic Assembly Center Arena and entranced 4,700 teenagers. Not that the entire show was a waste. The lead-in group, Ball and Jack [sic] from Los Angeles, exhibited some real talent. The six-man band had something for every music lover, except Bach. Versatility is the word for this group. In addition to their normal instruments - guitar, bass, drums, saxophone, trombone, and trumpet - they blend clarinets, bells, and tambourines to knock out a very entertaining selection of hard rock, folk, and dixieland. About the only complaint with the Ball and
    Jack’s performance was that it was much too good to be given only 45 minutes to lead into the Hendrix group. To say Hendrix & Co do not have any talent is misleading. Cox and Mitchell are good back-up men and probably could put out some good sounds, except that leader Hendrix distracts from them with his attempted playing and singing. His wild gyrations and contortive playing are the most obnoxious, but his singing, which unfortunately could be heard above the noise, is a close second. To make up for his lack of quality, he substitutes quantity and trick guitar playing. It may not have occurred to the average person, but the guitar can be played by mouth, between the legs, behind the head and back, or by rubbing it against a microphone stand. The resulting sound didn’t resemble good music but it did get wild responses from the audience, none of whom would probably be able to vote if the voting age were 18. The first few numbers were bad enough, but when Hendrix started into a rendition of ‘The Star Spangled Banner’
    complete with electronically-produced sound effects such as bombs exploding and machine guns firing, the show reached a low point from which it never recovered. By this time the audience was on its feet, dancing in the aisles and chairs. The police gave up trying to seat the swaying, rocking crowd and formed a living fence to keep the stage cleared of everything but the performers. They had the wrong idea: things would have been better if the audience had been on stage; their dancing was more entertaining. An advance publicity release said that, “when people go to (a Hendrix) concert they begin to let their minds flow.., they begin to feel the primitive sounds that Jimi produces from his guitar.” One can only hope that the primitives had better taste in music.”

    Dave Byers: “Unfortunately, I only remember a few of the songs that were played: “Machine Gun” and “The Wind Cries Mary” were performed towards the middle of the show. “Voodoo Child (Slight Return)” and the “Star Spangled Banner “/ “Purple Haze” medley were at the end. I can’t recall the sequence, though. I remember “The Wind Cries Mary” in particular because the performance was stunning. After all these years I can still close my eyes and hear it ending in gentle whispery feedback as Jimi chuckled and said ‘That’s the wind.’”

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