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Thread: 1969-01-09 Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden

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    1969-01-09 Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden

    Thursday, January 9th,1969

    1st show

    1. Killin' Floor
    2. Spanish Castle Magic
    3. Fire
    4. Hey Joe
    5. Voodoo Child (slight return)
    6. Red House
    7. Sunshine Of Your Love

    2nd show

    8. I Don't Live Today
    9. Spanish Castle Magic
    10. Hey Joe
    11. Voodoo Child (slight return)
    12. Sunshine Of Your Love
    13. Red House
    14. Fire
    15. Purple Haze
    16. Star Spangled Banner

    17. Interview with Jimi by Lennart Wretlind.

    2nd Generation Soundboard Recording

    Black & White Video

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    Re: 1969-01-09 Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden

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    Re: 1969-01-09 Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden

    Concert Poster

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    Re: 1969-01-09 Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden

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    Re: 1969-01-09 Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden

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    Re: 1969-01-09 Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden

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    Re: 1969-01-09 Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden

    I was expecting to hear a lot worse from the early show based on what I've heard about this show over the years. Besides Fire, which could easily top the worse versions played list, this show is actually not bad at all. Killing Floor, Spanish Castle Magic(with its subtle I Don't Live Today like jam) and, Red House provide enough highlights to take this show out of the doldrums. Give it a listen or watch.

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    Re: 1969-01-09 Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden

    Thursday 09 January 1969
    Stockholm, Stora Salen [Main Hall] / Konserthuset [Concert Hall], 8 Hötorget, Sweden. JHE
    Two shows at 19:00 and 21:30, both sold out
    Film: complete 1st show, black & white videotaped for the Swedish SVT TV program 'Number 9': 56:48
    Support: Jethro Tull.
    MC: unknown.
    Audience: 2,020 each show
    Promoter: Go-Town

    Songs 1st show:

    Killing Floor (17) (Chester ‘Howlin’ Wolf’ Burnett)
    Spanish Castle Magic (22)
    Fire (43)
    Hey Joe (42) (Billy Roberts)
    Voodoo Child (Slight Return) (38)
    Red House (37)
    Sunshine Of Your Love (17) (Jack Bruce, Pete Brown & Eric Clapton)

    Songs 2nd show (recorded for Swedish Radio: 69:20):

    I Don’t Live Today (26)
    Spanish Castle Magic (23)
    Hey Joe (43) (Billy Roberts)
    Voodoo Child (Slight Return) (39)
    Sunshine Of Your Love (18) (Jack Bruce, Pete Brown & Eric Clapton)
    Red House (38)
    Fire (44)
    Purple Haze (60)
    Star Spangled Banner (14) (instrumental, so John Stafford Smith)

    After the 1st show, Eva Sundqvist again sent red roses backstage for Jimi. After the concert James Henrik Daniel Sundqvist (aka “Jimi Junior” born 05 October) was conceived by Eva Sundquist and Jimi in room 405 of The Carlton Hotel.

    Dagens Nyheter (10 January), ‘Jimi Listless And Tired - The Accompaniment Did Not Help’, 1st show review by Ludvig Rasmusson: “Jimi Hendrix was listless and tired at the Konserthuset. Most of the people who left after the first show Thursday evening were disappointed. Maybe the second show was better - it’s usually like that at pop concerts - but I doubt it. Everybody - even an artist - has a bad evening sometimes. It might have been such an evening for Jimi Hendrix. He seemed like he had a desire to run away from it all. The joy of playing was gone. He played his guitar carelessly. On occasion it could be noticed that he has developed quite a bit instrumentally. He is a much better guitarist than when he broke through two years ago. But all the other things were gone - liveliness, engagement, impudence, and poetry. His two side-men did not help any. Noel Redding on bass and Mitch Mitchell on drums only accompanied and never offered any ideas of their own. They didn’t add any thing which could inspire Hendrix. It is strange that he has put up with these two unimaginative musicians for this long. As support band we got Jethro Tull. The front figure had long curly hair, a long black frock and he jumped around on one leg while playing the flute. The guitarist and the bassist didn’t move around much. All this seemed a bit strange but musically they were good, even though they hadn’t really played with their new guitarist yet. Jethro Tull is one of the new groups from England we can hope to hear again in the future.”

    Svenska Dagbladet [?] (10 January), ‘Hendrix With New Pattern’, 1st show review by Urban von Rosen & Jan Nordlander: “We haven’t played together for six weeks [sic] but I hope you like a little jam session with some old and new songs,” was roughly how Jimi Hendrix introduced the first show in Stockholm Thursday evening…. Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell are still an important accompaniment for Jimi. Without these two, the group would probably be just one among all the others.”

    Vi I Tonáren (‘We as Teenagers’?) ‘Jims Hendrix on stage — intensive as his music.’ - article including a between shows interview by Ulla Lundström and Eva Swedenmark: “An exotic appearance in a flowery shirt, tight lilac trousers, bare belly. Dynamic, sensual. His guitar is a living organic part of him. He lives with it. He creates high, trembling, tough, beautiful appealing tones with it. He weaves them into his special naked, warm voice. He gives of himself in his music without mercy. You can’t resist him... That’s the picture the audience gets of him. The picture newspapers and PR men suck out all they possibly can. And it’s true in a way. But there’s always another side to any story. The concert advertisements stated: ‘Last chance to see Jimi Hendrix - in other words, the group will dissolve. Many people emptied their January thin wallets to hear Jimi for the last time. They didn’t know it was a ruthless PR trick, invented by clever PR men with cash-hungry brains. Jimi was completely at the mercy of the pop managers. A human goldmine in which they have invested their money. Of course they expected to get their share of the profit. Big shares. To them Jimi is just a bundle of dollar bills. His visit was planned in detail - by the pop promoters. Jimi’s Visit to Sweden was stress, journalists, PR men, impersonal hotel rooms. The plane landed at 14:25 hours. The press conference began at 16.00. No time to relax. A nice room at the Carlton Hotel, white table cloths, golden mirrors. Fussy PR people. And journalists, and more journalists. Photographers. All ready to throw themselves on Jimi, when he entered the room. Jimi came, dressed up in bracelets, rings. His hair a big frizzle. He was practically helped in. Placed on a sofa. Answered politely ten times the same question, friendly but without enthusiasm. Politely, but with tormented undertones. His mouth formed answers. His eyes were depressed. “No, we have no plans to stop playing. Yes, we have been to the U.S.A., ninety one cities. Nice to be back in Stockholm. I like Sweden”. And all the time he was being photographed. Jimi was shown in public. The world-famous, the sexy, the phenomenal guitar player. But the human being Jimi, how can he stand it?”
    In the evening - two concerts. Behind the stage - journalists. Photographers. Some fans. Promoters. All of them want to talk to Jimi. He talks with one of them, then to another. He doesn’t stand still many minutes. He has no time to himself. He gets flowers - roses. Jimi becomes almost inexplicably happy. Reads the card. Puts the flowers in a vase. The support band plays and plays. Everybody gets impatient backstage. Finally it’s time for Jimi’s second appearance. “Not as good as before” some journalists wrote. No wonder! Not a second to relax. People hurt him every second. A crowded room behind the stage filled with smoke, Cameras where you least expect them But “the worst of it were the staring, lifeless faces in the first row”, said Jimi about the first show, “I wanted to give everything to get them into my music, but I failed. It made me desperate.”
    ... Jimi is tired, very tired. We are chatting in his hotel room But it is no use to ask him questions that are too personal, too banaL Jimi just doesn’t reply or answers evasively. “Politics?, no, I must find myself first, before I can get involved. My politics is my music..” Then he talks about himself. Jimi relaxes. Gets himself together after the concert. Feels surrounded by people who wish him no harm. No one wants to use him. His face gets softer. The human being comes through - tired of all these commercial shows - all these questions, all these shallow contacts with people. “It’s so nice meeting girls not wearing masks, who dare being kind. I had this girl in Gothenburg, she probably has forgotten me by now. You can’t hold on to relationships when living a wandering life like I do. But I’m an adventurer, travelling around the world looking for excitement and maybe I’ll find a girl to settle down with.. .maybe some I’m so tired of everything... I get completely wrecked by all these press conferences, all unnecessary disturbing things. I have no time for my music. Soon I’ll go back to England and just think about myself and my music for a while; relax, hear my beard grow And then, Jimi? Will the circus begin agaIn? Tours, interviews, everything you can’t stand. One can’t help wondering, what you would achieve without all these distractions? “I want to bring my guitar, walk on stage and play, and then vanish. Away from questions and people. Ten o’clock in the morning the day after the concerts Jimi was on his way. To a new hotel room. A new stage. A new press conference...”
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    Re: 1969-01-09 Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden


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    Re: 1969-01-09 Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden

    2nd show is AMAZING.
    so sad they didnt film it as well

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