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Thread: 1969-01-12 Rheinhalle, Dusseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

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    1969-01-12 Rheinhalle, Dusseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

    Sunday, January 12th, 1969

    no recording has surfaced

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    Re: 1969-01-12 Rheinhalle, Dusseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

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    Re: 1969-01-12 Rheinhalle, Dusseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

    There were 2 shows on this night.

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    Re: 1969-01-12 Rheinhalle, Dusseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

    Sunday 12 January 1969
    Düsseldorf, Rheinhalle, 1 Ehrenhof, Nordrhein-Westfalen, W. Germany. EXP
    Two shows at 17:00 and 20:00, 2nd sold out,
    2nd show attended by Monika Dannemann and her younger brother Klaus.
    Support: Eire Apparent.
    Audience: 1st show ~ 1,000. 2nd show - 2,000 (sold out).
    Accommodation: The Park Hotel, Koenigs-Allee, Düsseldorf.
    Promoter: Lippmann & Rau
    Audience 1st show: 1,000

    Songs first show: unknown.

    Songs second show:

    Spanish Castle Magic
    Foxy Lady
    Red House
    Sunshine Of Your Love (Jack Bruce, Pete Brown & Eric Clapton)
    Come On (Part 1) (Earl ‘King’ Johnson)
    Purple Haze.

    Monika Dannemann (ice-skating teacher) and her younger brother, Klaus-Peter, attend the second show

    Caesar Glebbeek: “When I arrived around 19:30 hours at the Rheinhalle there were already a lot of people waiting outside to enter the venue [the second show]. Three quarters of an hour later I was inside and after a lot of hassle I eventually made it to the dressing room at 20:45. Well, ‘dressing room’: it was really nothing more than just a small hallway in which several tables [and chairs] had been placed. I was introduced by one of the German promoters [possibly Fritz Rau] to the JHE members and I duly gave each member a handshake. Mitch, Noel, and Jimi plus several other guys and one girl [Trixie Sullivan] were sitting around a long, old wooden table drinking. I started taking some pictures [with flash] which didn’t please Jimi all that much, he said he preferred to be photographed together with Mitch and Noel; so just when I was about to take my very first image of Jimi, he promptly held a beer bottle in front of his face! [See photo here below]. After I took a few more shots, Jimi asked me to stop. I then started to talk with Noel, who told me it was okay to take photographs. I continued taking pictures, but now mainly without using flash as I figured this would be less intrusive. Some time later, about 20 portions of ice cream arrived. Everybody (except Noel) started to eat them. It was clear to me that this wasn’t really the proper occasion to conduct any interviews [for my Foxy Paper newsletter]. So instead I took out some of the photos I had taken during the JHE show at the Ahoy Hallen in Rotterdam, Holland, on 10 November 1967 which I asked them to autograph.
    Jimi and Noel acted very enthusiastic about my shots, and Jimi even asked me if I could send some prints to him in England. [I never did as I figured that prints wouldn’t reach him if they were mailed c/o Track Records in London.] In the meantime, Mitch had left the room [to fix his drums] so I was unable to get him to sign my photographs at that moment [he autographed them the next day in Köln].
    As it was time for the three gentlemen to perform, I made my way into the haIl and took my seat [second row, dead-centre; cost: German Marks 18, obtained by post from the local promoter in Düsseldorf who kindly gave me a 25% discount].
    Of course, I did not see the performance by Eire Apparent, but they didn’t interest me anyway.
    At 21:12 hours I heard the first sounds (tune-up time) from the amps. Five minutes later the curtains rose up and ‘Spanish Castle Magic’ was played. After that came ‘Foxy Lady’ (incredible solos by Jimi), ‘Fire’ and Red House’ (slower than on record, but also much better). Jimi switched guitar [a black Strat to a white Gibson SG] during this song while Mitch gave a [short] drum solo, followed by the conclusion of ‘Red House.’
    Jimi then introduced ‘Sunshine Of Your Love’: ‘Next thing we’d like to do is for our three favourite people, Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, and Jack Bruce.’ This was played instrumentally.
    After that Jimi switched back to his first guitar [black Strat] and told his audience that he was ‘gonna play ‘Voodoo Child (slight return).’ Due to tuning problems, Jimi changed his mind and ‘Come On (Part One)’ was performed instead.
    The final number of the second show was ‘Purple Haze,’ which according to Jimi would be the Europe premiere of this new arrangement. It resulted in far-out sounds, complete with feet and leg work by Jimi, 22:19 the curtains were lowered again.”
    [His original report written up from notes a few days after the show]

    Rheinische Post (14 January) ‘Jimi’s Guitar Tricks Vanished In The Noise’, ‘The “Hendrix Experience” at the Rheinhalle: deafening of the crowd’ - review by Uwe Witsch: “Physical impressions dominated the performance of the “Jimi Hendrix Experience” at the Rheinhalle. First, one was squashed by a packed crowd at the entrance and after that the ears were treated to electronic rock sounds. When the show was over, the audience was sitting apathetically in their seats and applauded wearily. The stage wasn’t rushed, and so the security had surprisingly little to do. Jimi Hendrix’s tour of Germany was well prepared. After a successful stay in the USA the abominable musician released an explosive record (Electric Ladyland). The song “All Along The Watchtower” made the charts. Moreover, Hendrix was preceded by his reputation of pulling all the stops during his performances. He holds the record for having smashed 16 guitars on stage in a very short time. Besides, this grandson of [sic] of a Cherokee Indian is considered the “best (Pop) guitar player of the world,” Therefore it is no wonder that even during the second show at the Rheinhalle on Sunday evening there was a large crowd. An Irish band with an exotic name warmed up the audience. When Jimi Hendrix with Noel Redding (bass) and Mitch Mitchell (drums) entered the stage, a hurricane broke loose. In the deafening noise Jimi’s unarticulated singing was barely understandable, and the difference between each separate song was hardly noticeable. It was easier to watch, rather than listen to Jimi work his guitar. When he was concentrating on his playing, eyes closed, a slightly insane expression lay on his dark face. Then the ecstatic sounds were whizzing through the hall, confusing and not quite comprehendable. The floor vibrated, and a light tickle went through your body.”

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    Re: 1969-01-12 Rheinhalle, Dusseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

    White lettered first printing of subway poster used for this German tour Jan. 11 - Jan.19 w/ blank bottom right corner to fill in date & venue info
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