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Thread: 1969-01-19 Beethovensaal Liederhalle, Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

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    1969-01-19 Beethovensaal Liederhalle, Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

    Sunday, January 19th, 1969 (2 shows)

    Attachment 6363

    First show:
    01. Come On Pt.1
    02. Fire
    03. I Don´t Live Today
    04. Hey Joe
    05. Foxy Lady
    06. Stone Free *
    07. Sunshine Of Your Love*
    08. Star Spangled Banner
    09. Purple Haze
    10. Voodoo Chile (SR)

    recorded by H. Rapp (*not recorded)


    Attachment 6362

    Second show:

    Attachment 6107
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    Re: 1969-01-19 Beethovensaal Liederhalle, Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany


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    Re: 1969-01-19 Beethovensaal Liederhalle, Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

    Upgrade is now available (dimeadozen):

    Jimi Hendrix Experience
    Liederhalle, Stuttgart, Germany
    January 19th 1969 1st show upgrade

    lineage: master cassette (lost) > 1st gen reel > wav > flac

    01. Intro
    02. Come On Pt.1
    03. Fire
    04. IDLT
    05. Hey Joe
    06. Foxy Lady
    07. Stone Free
    08. Sunshine of Your Love
    09. Star Spangled Banner
    10. Purple Haze
    11. Voodoo Chile (SR)

    total time: 57:42

    and now here:
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    Re: 1969-01-19 Beethovensaal Liederhalle, Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

    Sunday 19 January 1969
    Stuttgart, Beethovensaal/Liederhalle (‘Song Hall’), 1-3 Berliner Platz,
    West Germany. EXP

    No gig previous night.
    Two shows at 17:00 and 21:00.
    Support: Eire Apparent.
    Promoter: Lippmann & Rau
    Audiences: 5,000 in total.
    Accommodation: Hotel Graf Zeppelin, Lautenschlagerstrasse 2, Stuttgart.

    Songs 1st show:

    Come On (Part 1) (31) (Earl ‘King’ [Johnson])
    Fire (105)
    I Don’t Live Today
    Hey Joe (77)
    Foxy Lady (119)
    Stone Free (40)
    Sunshine Of Your Love (49)
    Star Spangled Banner (55) >([music] John Stafford Smith)
    < Purple Haze (129)
    Voodoo Child (slight return) (100)

    Songs 2nd show (unconfirmed):

    Spanish Castle Magic
    Red House
    Foxy Lady
    I Don’t Live Today
    Hey Joe
    Star Spangled Banner> ([music] John Stafford Smith)
    < Purple Haze
    Sunshine Of Your Love (Jack Bruce, Pete Brown & Eric Clapton)
    Voodoo Child (slight return).

    Stuttgarter Nachrichten (‘Stuttgart News’, 21 January) ‘Jungle-Nureyev’ – review by Hans Fröhlich: “His clothes are high and hip; his bare chest flashes like a top sportsman. He stands there like the jungle version of Nureyev, Jimi Hendrix, 23 [sic, 25], guitar player and producer of an erotic spectacle from hell. Fifteen amplifier cabinets are stacked behind him. He only has to touch the strings lightly, and the instrument starts to talk and whine and moan and scream up to 100 decibels, dangerously near tearing your ear-drums. He wouldn’t have drawn so many boys and girls of the Stuttgart Soul-Underground into the Beethovensaal, if he didn’t have the reputation of producing unmistakable special tricks. He fingers his instrument not only out of musical neccessity, he treats it like a very intimate object. Jimi pulls the strings, the guitar thanks him with a sobbing tone, he grabs it with his teeth to the point one thinks he will consume it, he drags the neck of the guitar sensually across the microphone stand, sending streams of ecstasy through the bodies of the teens by his sexual intercourse with the speaker cabinets and cuts crystal ‘step’ -rhythms from the boiling lava of sounds, to cool it off. Hendrix is surely impossible to describe in words. His tonal orgasms resist any attempt to be categorized. Only the fact that the twelve to thirty-year olds had to remain seated like ordinary citizens, without any beer or dope, explains why the audience response stayed limited to a tiny frenzy in the back rows. A friend told me: ‘This music you have to listen to while stoned. Then you become each tone of the music yourself.’ The side-men of Jimi Hendrix were the bass player Noel Redding, of whom we didn’t hear particularly much (his strength lies mainly in his appearance), and Mitch Mitchell, the drummer, who beat and tossed and made a noise until he was soaking wet. The program opened with an Irish band, who were very loud as well.”

    20 No gig - Stuttgart

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