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Thread: 1969-01-23 Sportpalast, Berlin, Brandenburg, Germany

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    1969-01-23 Sportpalast, Berlin, Brandenburg, Germany

    Thursday, January 23rd, 1969

    1. Fire
    2. Hey Joe
    3. Spanish Castle Magic
    4. Foxy Lady
    5. Red House
    6. Come On (pt 1)
    7. Sunshine Of Your Love
    8. Purple Haze
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    Re: 1969-01-23 Sportpalast, Berlin, Brandenburg, Germany

    Pro shot and ready for release any day now.

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    Re: 1969-01-23 Sportpalast, Berlin, Brandenburg, Germany

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    Re: 1969-01-23 Sportpalast, Berlin, Brandenburg, Germany

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    Re: 1969-01-23 Sportpalast, Berlin, Brandenburg, Germany

    Thanks to all still seeding this!

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    Re: 1969-01-23 Sportpalast, Berlin, Brandenburg, Germany

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    Re: 1969-01-23 Sportpalast, Berlin, Brandenburg, Germany

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    Re: 1969-01-23 Sportpalast, Berlin, Brandenburg, Germany

    In the event that the above two torrents do not include the pre-show backstage banter, here it is: 69.wav?dl=0

    Always found this very amusing, a real fly-on-the-wall experience, with Jimi saying "Don't bust nothin'" when the girl is snorting coke, and Mick Cox of Eire Apparent blaming Stickels for the robot toy that Mitch sent onstage "Was you, wasn't it Stickels? (no, no) Wouldn't put it past ya!"
    This was filmed, Jimi mentions the camera man. Still MIA....

    A full transcription would be welcome here
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    Re: 1969-01-23 Sportpalast, Berlin, Brandenburg, Germany

    Thursday 23 January 1969
    West Berlin (enclave), Sportpalast, 170 Potsdamer Strasse, East Germany. JHE
    Concert at 20:00, probably sold out.
    Support: Eire Apparent.
    Promoter: Lippmann & Rau
    Audience: ~ 10,000
    Filmed conversation in the dressing room (09:01) with the JHE, Eric Barrett, Mick Cox, Gerry Stickells, Trixie Sullivan, and others. Filmer and/or producer: Oets Kempe. First transmitted on German TV in 1970 (details unknown). Re-transmitted on Germany 1 TV during an unknown WDF program, possibly in 1973.
    NB For a transcription, refer to Jimi Hendrix: Electric Gypsy by Caesar Glebbeek and Harry Shapiro. pp. 335-337.
    The concerts between 11 and 23 January made a profit of UK £23,000 for the JHE. Various film clips, showing the JHE on tour in Germany and Austria (at airports, being driven around, hotel arrivals, etc.), can be seen in the (unreleased) film The Last Experience.


    Fire (53)
    Hey Joe (48) (Billy Roberts)
    Spanish Castle Magic (29)
    Foxy Lady (58)
    Red House (45)
    Come On (Part One) (12) (Earl ‘King’ (Johnson)
    Sunshine Of Your Love (24) (Jack Bruce, Pete Brown & Eric Clapton)
    Purple Haze (67)

    Abe Jacobs (sound engineer): “We were escorted by armed troops [sic, must have been police, armed troops were not allowed at that time in Berlin] with Dobermans to the stage from the dressing room...”
    [Hendrix: Setting The Record Straight by John McDermott with Eddie Kramer, p. 164]

    Noel: “Berlin is always a strange place. It takes two separate flights to get there. There were about 20,000 people and we were told before we went on that there was going to be a riot [sic, there wasn’t one. Ed.]. I walked onstage and the first thing I saw, virtually, was someone being beaten up in the audience. The police had to surround the stage in the end. But that’s a different kind of violence, sure.”
    [Interview by Allan Jones, Melody Maker, 26 June 1976]

    Axel Schumacher [fan]: “It’s a long time ago, but I do not agree with Redding’s comments: I never saw a concert in Berlin with police surrounding a stage. Of course, the violence was there in January 1969. You know about the upcoming political movement in 1968, so at concerts in this period everybody started with trying to get in for free. People were taking a big metal trash-bin hammering it against the door, trying to break it and get in.
    Thus the only violence was outside, no [sic] problems inside. By the way, the Sportpalast was tore down in November 1973

    Der Tagesspiegel (‘The Daily Mirror’ 25 January) ‘Porridge’ - review by Peter Baumann: “The Sportpalast was already in the mood for riots, even before the three American [sic] ‘under ground’ musicians Jimi Hendrix, Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell started their program. The organisers were wise enough to send an Irish beat band to the frontline for the first part of the concert. The rudeness of their music, which roared from about twenty man-size amplifiers, stood against the aggression of thousands of youngsters, who besieged the aisles, occupied seats which they had not paid for, and threw fire crackers. The tired flank of grandfatherly looking ushers had long left the battlefield of ongoing failure. When Jimi Hendrix finally hurled his unhappy experience with our ugly world into the audience, the mid-field got into a serious swing. Besides, the music of the three men dressed in half Wild West-style wasn’t exciting at all: what is there to be heard when twenty [sic] amplifiers mess any beginning of sound or building of tones into one single annoying porridge? This didn’t worry most of the fans who in protest against the consumer society dressed sloppy [‘Sack und Asche’]: willingly, they had paid and now they wanted to party.
    The organising establishment cashed in with a pounding heart, but cash in it did: every time the waves against the stage came too high, the Frankfurt-based concert promoter Rau started to grumble out loud: ‘In eleven [sic] cities all went well, in this city all goes wrong. Right after Frank Zappa’s concert [when a riot broke out] I took an oath: never again in Berlin!’ Oh well, the leopard cannot change its spots, especially when it comes from Frankfurt. However, the police forces positioned behind revolving doors could keep their clubs where they were, after all.”

    Noel: “Back at the hotel, promoter Fritz Rau had a very stiff and formal press party going. You could almost hear heels click. Mitch and I are so smashed and all the Germans are so straight - particularly here in Berlin. We decide to do something about it and it only takes a few minutes to put bits of Mandrax in the ice creams. All we have to do then is sit back and watch it all hit - and it does.”

    Jimi spends night with Uschi Obermaier (famous/infamous model and formerly part of the 'alternative music commune scene' in München centered around Amon Düül), she had moved to West Berlin. He visits ‘Kommune 1’ which Uschi was a member of. Filmed leaving Kempinski hotel together, kissing and petting farewell. Jimi wrote to her later asking her to visit him in NYC. But she was off with her German lover round the world.
    24 No gig West Berlin?/London ?
    US: AYE ? Billboard
    US: ELL ? Billboard
    25 No gig London
    26 No gig London
    27 no gig London
    28 no gig London
    29 no gig London
    29 ‘MONTEREY POP’ IS RELEASED, ONLY at Kips Bay cinema in NYC.

    Jimi returns, ostensibly to produce 4 tracks for Buddy Miles Express

    30 no gig NYC Jimi (only) flew in from London
    31 no gig NYC

    MONTEREY POP can still only be seen at Kips Bay cinema, NYC
    1 No gig NYC
    AYE ? Billboard
    ELL ? Billboard
    2 no gig NYC
    3 no gig NYC
    4 no gig NYC
    5 no gig NYC
    6 no gig NYC Get’s cashed up through Kathy Eberth
    7 no gig NYC
    8 no gig NYC
    AYE ? Billboard
    ELL ? Billboard
    09 no gig NYC
    10 no gig NYC Noel in Mallorca, Spain at Jeffery’s
    11 no gig NYC Noel in Mallorca, Spain at Jeffery’s


    12 no gig London Jimi flew in from NYC
    13 no gig London Noel in Mallorca, Spain at Jeffery’s. Jimi & Kathy Etchingham attend the press launching party for the Mary Hopkins LP Postcard (Apple Records). Also attended by Eric Barrett, Donovan, Linda Eastman, and many others.
    14 no gig London Noel flies in from Spain
    15 no gig London
    US: AYE ? Billboard
    US: ELL ? Billboard
    16 no gig London
    17 no gig London

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