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Thread: 1968-01-05 Jernvallen Sports Hall, Sandviken, Gastrikland, Sweden

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    1968-01-05 Jernvallen Sports Hall, Sandviken, Gastrikland, Sweden

    Friday, January 5th, 1968
    Jernvallen Sports Hall, Sandviken, Gastrikland, Sweden
    with Baby Grandmothers and Mecki Mark Men

    no recording has surfaced

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    Re: 1968-01-05 Jernvallen Sports Hall, Sandviken, Gastrikland, Sweden

    Friday 05 January 1968
    Sandviken, Jernvallen [‘Iron ground’ - a large sports arena], Gävleborg, Sweden. JHE
    Concert at 20:30 (35 minutes).
    The black leather ‘cowboy’ waistcoat; floral flared shirt; the choker necklace; R. bandaged, L. 1 ring; the ‘tartan’ trousers w. round chain-link belt; white/rose strat w. the cloth ‘0’s & X’s’ strap.
    Support: Mecki Mark Men; Baby Grandmothers
    Promoter: Högbo GIF [Gymnastics & Sports Association]
    Audience: 1,200-1,500.
    Accommodation: Stads Hotel, Sandviken.
    Songs: unknown

    Noel: “Jimi had a sore throat that night and only did 35 minutes instead of the planned hour.”

    Neville Chesters: “Very bad show.”

    Arbetarbladet (‘Workers Pages?’ 08 January) ‘Jimi Hendrix tame in Sandviken’, ‘The idol with arm in bandage’ – review by Alf Lundkvist: “If there was something ‘mysterious’ with Jimi Hendrix’ drinks in Gothenburg, which according to his own view, was partly why he smashed thousands of crowns worth of furniture in a hotel room. He himself was a far cry from being okay at the performance in Sandviken this Friday night. It was an extremely subdued, perhaps also ‘down’ pop idol, with one arm in a bandage from going berserk in Gothenburg, that took to the Jernvallen stage.
    When the greats of the pop world visit Sweden, Sandviken in general gets a slice of the pie, thanks to Högbo GIF. The British [sic] pop singer Jimi Hendrix’ performance at Jernvallen was experienced by around 1,200 youths. For the audience in Sandviken, Jimi Hendrix’ show turned into a disappointment. The speedy tempo that made him world-renowned was missing this evening. Was it perhaps the incident the day before in Gothenburg that had the singer going on idle? During his visit to Gothenburg Jimi Hendrix ran amok in a hotel and caused several thousand crowns worth of damage. The police took his passport and he was obliged to report every day. The pop singer was still allowed to make his way over to Copenhagen and go through with his show. The tour manager Eddie Larson commented on the incident to the Arbetarbladet in this way: ‘Jimi Hendrix explains his actions in Gothenburg with being very intoxicated. We have never seen him like this before. Jimi was exhausted, down and his nerves were on edge. Booze on top of that hardly improved on the situation. The incident is now rectified. Hendrix can however expect being charged for the damages.’
    Unskilled guitarist
    It was to big cheers and great expectations the pop singer and his two accompanists entered the Jernvallen. But from the first moment you noticed that all wasn’t well with Hendrix this night. The guitars were out of tune and at first there were short intermissions between songs. Jimi Hendrix is as you know not handsome to behold, but no one can deny his skills as a guitarist. A bandage on his right wrist that told about the incident in Gothenburg didn’t improve his guitar playing. All in all the expectations went up in smoke, but the young audience could comfort itself with the fact that Sandviken yet one more time had had one of the greats visiting.
    Lightshow interrupted
    The whole evening was psychedelic, with two Swedish pop groups as openers. Mecki Mark Men, one of the most interesting groups to emerge in Sweden last year, were disappointed with their show at the Jernvallen. Their intentions were to put on a psychedelic lightshow, which was almost immediately cancelled.
    The house was put into darkness and Mecki Mark Men performed solely in the light from a projector with coloured lenses, with light beams slowly sweeping across the band. The lightshow was interrupted, however, as it was deemed unhealthy for the young audience. Mecki Mark Men’s manager Michael Sallberg said afterwards, “I feel sorry for the audience. The whole performance of Mecki Mark Men was ruined this way. Our lightshow has never been cancelled before.
    Calm evening
    It was a calm and well-behaved audience attending the show. Only intermezzo was when a few kids broke the lock of the hand-ball locker-door, and some kids also sneaked in without paying admission. The show started with the Stockholm group Baby Grandmothers, who unfortunately were of low quality.”
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    Re: 1968-01-05 Jernvallen Sports Hall, Sandviken, Gastrikland, Sweden

    Jernvallen Sports Hall

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