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Thread: 1968-01-07 Tivolis Konsertsal, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark

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    1968-01-07 Tivolis Konsertsal, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark

    Sunday, January 7th, 1968
    Tivolis Konsertsal, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark - 2 SHOWS
    with Hannson & Karlsson

    1st Show

    1. Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
    2. Fire
    3. Hey Joe
    4. Catfish Blues
    5. The Wind Cries Mary
    6. Purple Haze
    7. Spanish Castle Magic
    8. Wild Thing

    2nd Show
    unknown but is known to have included some of these songs

    1. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
    2. Fire
    3. Hey Joe
    4. Foxy Lady
    5. The Wind Cries Mary
    6. Catfish Blues
    7. Purple Haze

    1968-01-07 Copenhagen (jonsatticuk version, SHN files)

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    Re: 1968-01-07 Tivolis Konsertsal, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark

    Do we have only one source, from the 1st set, right? I always thought that there are 2 sets released due to old bootlegs I am still keeping in my collection.

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    Re: 1968-01-07 Tivolis Konsertsal, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark

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    Re: 1968-01-07 Tivolis Konsertsal, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark

    Small correction; the band name is Hansson & Karlsson, not "Hannson" & Karlsson.

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    Re: 1968-01-07 Tivolis Konsertsal, Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark

    Sunday 7 January 1968
    København, Koncertsal [‘Concert Hall’], Tivoli (aka “Tivoli Gardens”), 20 Tietgensgade, Denmark. JHE
    Saturday 6 January 1968
    Neville Chesters: “[Got up 7.30, very tired. After breakfast headed for Malmo, arrived 2.15, got on ferry 2.45. Arrived Tivoli at 4.30, set up gear.]”
    Arrival: The cowboy hat w. the purple band, brooches & plumage; the white fur coat; the black frilly shirt; bandaged hand; the ‘tartan’ trousers.
    Two shows at 19:00 and 21:30 (45 minutes each).
    Show: The ‘Afghan’ waistcoat; floral flared shirt; black silk trousers; white/rose strat w. the cloth ‘0’s & X’s’ strap.
    Backstage: Claes Hanning interview for Expressen (below).
    Soren Sorensen interview for Amagers International School magazine.
    Photos: John Vinstrup
    Photos: Veronika Hjort
    Support: Hansson & Karlsson; Page One; Defenders
    Promoter: SBA (Scandinavian Booking Agency)
    JHE fee: £527.8s.0d.
    Audience: sold out
    Songs 1st show:

    Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (6) (Lennon & McCartney)
    Fire (11)
    Hey Joe (21) (Billy Roberts)
    Catfish Blues (8) (McKinley ‘Muddy Waters’ Morganfield, medley)
    [remarkably similar to Butterfield Blues Band's 'Two Trains Running' (C. June 1966)]
    The Wind Cries Mary (12)
    Purple Haze (24)
    Spanish Castle Magic (6)
    Wild Thing (10) (James ‘Chip Taylor’ Voight)

    Neville Chesters: “1st bad.”

    Songs 2nd show: some or all of these:

    Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Lennon & McCartney)
    Hey Joe
    Foxy Lady
    The Wind Cries Mary
    Catfish Blues (McKinley ‘Muddy Waters’ Morganfield, medley)
    [remarkably similar to Butterfield Blues Band's 'Two Trains Running' (C. June 1966)]
    Purple Haze

    Neville: “2nd very good.”

    Niels ‘Pind’ Pedersen [Page One] interview by unknown: “Oh yes I remember very clearly that evening. Bjørn [Uglebjerg] and I watched the first show from behind the drummer, during the second show we sat among the audience. The thing that really thrilled me about Hendrix was that he had hurt his hand in Stockholm so he just played with the other hand.”
    [Maybe he didn’t know that Hendrix was left-handed, or he remembers wrong].

    Carsten Grolin: “My wife and I had taken our baby to one of the concerts – he is probably the only boy of one year old who saw a Hendrix concert. Anyway I had to go outside with him simply because the music was too brutal for him.”

    Bjarne Thanning [fan]: “A lot of young rich people had bought tickets to the concert and, off course, had seats in the front... However, as soon as Jimi walked on stage and started playing, the first ten rows were almost vleared – they never expected he would plyso loud. I was up on the balcony but even my ears were sstill hurting the next day.”

    Expressen (8 January) [B&W photo of JH with hands upturned, ‘Someone must have put a tablet in my glass, says Jimi Hendrix about the incident in Göteborg.’] By CLAES HANNING København (Expressen) — a subdued Jimi Hendrix: — This was no fun at all - the amplifier isn't working properly and my hand really hurts. - Everything worked against Jimi Hendrix at his two shows in København yesterday.
    The faulty amplifier subdued an al*ready pretty quiet Jimi. 4,000 København fans had paid up to 30 crowns to see their new idol, but they gave him a surprisingly cool reception. The Swedish band Hansson & Karlsson got a much better response. “On Monday I'm playing in Stock*holm and on Tuesday I will be back in Göteborg to settle what happened there. Nothing like this has ever hap*pened to me before - I can usually handle a lot of booze.
    Someone must have put a tablet in my glass - other*wise I never would have become like that...
    I really hope my Swedish audience forgives me.”
    Jimi wears a giant band-aid on his right hand from when he went ber*serk at a Göteborg hotel the other day. He cut his hand on a piece of broken glass. Now he's in a lot of pain.
    “It hurts like hell - but the show must go on...
    “After Stockholm I will take it easy for a while; I need to unwind. Since my breakthrough everything has hap*pened really fast. I haven't had time to relax...
    “I want peace and quiet and maybe write the pop musical I'm thinking about. The business needs a change
    - the audience is tired of seeing bands just standing on stage. I think my recipe of a story, backdrops and a well-thought out show is the solu*tion...
    Said Jimi Hendrix. Then he took his guitar in his unhurt left hand and walked off to conquer 2,000 more København fans.
    (page?) [B&W text ad.] JIMI HENDRIX experience
    Mecki Mark Men, Baby Grandmothers
    Konserthuset i afton kl. 19.00 o. 21.30
    Bilj. saljes nu i Konserthusets kassa, Svala, NK, PUB o. tidn. Dep.

    Ekstra Bladet (‘Extra Pages?’ 08 January) ‘Sgt. Hendrix’ Pepperband’ – review by Carsten Grolin: “All at once the audience appeared. The same audience, who in two days bought all the tickets and convinced everybody, that beat music is far from dead after all. They were there with rounds of applause like a hurricane, with expectations, with roars of enthusiasm that ran through the hall like a wave from the North Sea, even before the curtains went up. Jimi, Mitch and Noel were there with a barrage of noise, at least rivalling the roaring surf of the Atlantic Ocean. A soul-tearing current of tones, movements and sounds, which make one completely forget time and place, who one is and why one is, and on what planet one is. One even forgets to listen, because this music, or rather this enormous tension, as it can be described, doesn’t hit the ears. It hits the whole body and scours every inch. Right after, when the last heavenly trips, the last assaults of the guitar, bass and drums are over, one comes down completely exhausted with a blessed little smile. It was indeed Sgt. Hendrix’ Pepperband, that got us all singing along, though it was impossible to follow. But then this Beatles melody has never been heard in a more hypnotizing version. With a bang from what seemed to be a hundred amps into ‘Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire’, Hey Joe,’ the slow blues ‘Catfish,’ which got turned upside down for every possible fantastic nuance, gentle and hard with aggressive colour explosions from Jimi’s futuristic guitar, and a wild drum solo from Mitch ‘Wind Cries Mary,’ ‘Purple Haze,’ which really was purple, and the desperately, beautiful ‘Spanish Castle Magic’ and then Wild Thing which really was wild, and where Jimi made his guitar say ‘Thank You, Thank You’ to the audience. It was indescribable, although the breaks between the songs at the first show last night were too long and brought down the intensity. The Experience can make that inexplicable intensity that Hendrix closely weaves, stand visible in the air, as well as in the breaks, when none of the instruments makes any noise. But then this is the secret of Hendrix’ guitar style - supposedly more those notes he doesn’t play, at the same time as the many he plays in one way or the other.
    Page One had amplifier troubles, but performed nicely. Again, the Defenders were better than ever. And the Swedish duo, Hansson on organ without shoes, and Karlsson on drums, were an experience which would be nice to undergo again. Like the organist of the Nice, Hansson painted big sound-scapes on his organ, which looked like a lab and showed that the organ is on its way into the new free-form beat, because in the right hands it is able to do almost everything.”

    Berlingske Tidende (Berlin News 08 January) ‘Den grimme amerikaner’ – ‘The ugly American,’ ‘Both Hendrix-concerts sold out’ – review by Jørgen Kristiansen: “After weak concerts in December in Tivolis Koncertsal with the Move and the Electric Prunes - regarding audience attention - it was nice to see that the pop-audience came out to see the exciting American guitarist Jimi Hendrix, who gave a concert last night in Tivoli with his group -Experience
    As a solid support for the main event SBA offered two of their most solid groups - Defenders and Page One. Defenders made one happy with a brilliant blues, where it is obvious that they had picked up inspiration from last years Cream concert and the recent release ‘Disraeli Gears’. Rudolf Hansen is freer in his improvisations, and he picked up excellent backing from his brother Flob and the drummer Niels Kjær. Even better yet were the Swedish instrumental duo Karlsson and Hansson [sic], who jammed with a jazz background on organ and drums, so that almost the entire hall was swinging their feet and clapping their hands. The drummer knew how to use every sound of the drums - it was not just the usual noise on the drums. Maybe the organ in some passages was too sweet and liquid, but the organ has never been a brilliant instrument in avant-garde pop, so it is forgiven.
    Page One with Flemming Sørensen at the front, who has promised to keep away from progressive beat music, started their performance paradoxically with the Mothers Of Invention song ‘Motherly Love’. It is a little hard to judge the group on the basis of a three song performance, but their concert debut was promising. One is able to hear that Ulrik Hansen, former member of Matadorene, has developed. A song like ‘Pretty Woman’ was played with nerve and clerical [?]. But it was of course the ugly American with the woolly hair, Jimi Hendrix, people had come to see. His guitar space trips were wild and rough, exactly like his several hit singles and two full albums have shown. Although we - fortunately - did not experience smashed furniture like Jimi Hendrix left in a Swedish hotel, there were lots of well-played pop blues with a massive wall of sound close against the audience. He didn’t hesitate for a second, flinging around him sounds from the edge There was playing with hands and teeth. And the crunches of his tooth enamel were another beautiful effect altogether. Noel Redding on the bass - with fluffy hair like Eric Clapton - and Mitch Mitchell’s brilliant playing followed these sound experiments. The concert was a success.”
    [Photo caption?] Jimi Hendrix - ugly American
    [Photo caption?] Jimi Hendrix with group - lots of well played pop blues

    B.T. (08 January) ‘Hendrix er som født i en elektrisk guitar’ - ‘ Hendrix is like he’s born in an electric guitar’ – review by Sven Wezelenburg: “Jimi Hendrix, dark guitarist and singer, knows his instrument so well, that one gets the feeling that he was born in an electric guitar., He strums the strings brilliantly, which vibrate through the speaker-cabinets so that you ‘drop both hat and glasses’. The performance last night in Tivolis Koncertsal, was so shaking, that you couldn’t walk straight. Throughout the whole show the music sounded like a pot of soup at boiling point. Constantly bubbling and gurgling. So powerful, that the ears flapped and swelled to make room for the wall of sound which comes from the stage. The guitar continuously becomes a more and more important part of him. His playing contains fewer gimmicks than earlier, and he has reduced it to just biting the strings a couple of times, like we eat Shrovetide-buns. Besides this, the slow songs were the best. Because with them he puts more feeling and blues into his playing. He appears to become one with his guitar. In his singing, he spits the words out through his teeth. He has more blues in his fingertips than hair on his head - and that says quite a lot! His unruly locks bristle, so that he resembles the Bushman, who lives around the corner.
    The other main attraction of the evening was Hansson And Karlsson, respectively electric organ and drums. Eminent swinging jazz-rhythms. Absolutely music on a higher level, which besides the less simple arrangements was well received by the audience. The duo, which is known for playing jazz non-stop for four hours, will come in February for a 14 day visit to Denmark, mainly in jazz clubs. Besides this we heard the new group Page One. Nice playing. Nice. Not exciting. Appeared after all as a capable copy-group, who should have good opportunities to reach a broad audience, because they used the newest things in their repertoire, for example Mother Of Invention and Free Spirits.
    Finally The Defenders. They appear to be still growing. But also with bigger audience appeal.”

    [Photo caption?] Jimi Hendrix - bubbling

    Aktuelt (‘Topical’ 08 January) ‘Troldmanden uden gnist’ – ‘Sorcerer without spark’ – review by Steffen Larsen: “The Hendrix concert was a bit of a disappointment. Sgt. Hendrix’ Lonely Heart Club’s Band opened the last part of the show in Tivolis Koncertsal last night with the Beatles’ opening theme from the record with almost the same name. Hendrix had a plaster on his right hand, but had no other marks after the berserk fury in Gothenburg the other day. He had got out of Sweden, and that was the most important thing for us.
    What you must put up with at a Hendrix concert is that it is impossible to understand a word of what is being sung. Only some moans and sexy voices from the master carry through the thunder, like a kind of fourth instrument. The dangerous, deadly volume from the amplifiers, which by the way buzzed all too much, drowns everything. Furthermore, it was clear that the group was not in good shape, at least at the first show, and played uninspired and with a well-known routine. Only occasionally did one sense the claw of the lion: A sudden unexpected guitar-chord, that cut sharp as a razor through the otherwise muddy theme, playing with a cat-like movement, which made the beat go faster, or the well known playing-on-the-guitar with the teeth, which last night only lasted a short while. - There was too long between the explosions, where one could recognize the genius magician. - However, a Hendrix out of shape is [still] a concert worth going to. The Hendrix routine is more than well. - The group demonstrated again vitality and a sense of getting the music swinging [rocking?]. The nervous fits and starts, which are the ‘image’ of the group, did not appear in Copenhagen. The sudden outbursts of feeling from a Hendrix, who must be on the brink of having a nervous breakdown, only appeared in glimpses. - Instead, the group pumped out almost unbearable sound to the audience, a sound, that physically hurt and is part of the music. But the sound doesn’t do it alone! The applause after the concert was deafening. One wonders if part of it was not a thank you for the last outstanding record from the group?
    In the first half, the new Defenders, the Swedish duo Hansson and Karlsson plus Page One performed, their first performance. - Most exciting were the Swedes, who with only two instruments, organ and drums, were capable of whipping up an atmosphere, which stood up well to Hendrix.”

    [Photo caption?] Jimi Hendrix – a bit of a disappointment.

    Information (08 January) ‘Jimi Hendrix’ – review by unknown: “At the moment at least Jimi Hendrix in one way or another is, a recommended experience for going to beat concerts, even though nothing much may happen musically. The ambiance, the brimful, expectant concert halls, and the enormous vitality of young people - who in the breaks promenade in the most fantastic costumes and haircuts - where else could you see this? As a social phenomenon it‘s very interesting. It could also be musically, when one thinks of the many records which have been released lately, especially by American groups, but in the wider view I don’t think that the latest concerts have been very good, even Cream, the Electric Prunes, or even as it was at Tivoli yesterday - Jimi Hendrix, who had been on the concert poster.
    Hendrix is somewhat exceptional in almost closed, white beat and rock music. As one might expect, and as he also demonstrated yesterday, he has an exceptionally familiar relationship with the blues, but his personality is not insistent, and it appeared quiet characteristic, that the two most creative numbers he played at the first show, were not his own - Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and Wild Thing.
    As a guitarist, he has a considerable technique and can especially make use of the long, infinite floating notes, that are brought about by very powerful amplification, but the artistic effects are, after all, the same, as one knows, as Cream’s Eric Clapton, apart from the effect-hunting (playing with the teeth, god-help-me), which Hendrix has a disastrous partiality for. His stage appearance was less exhibitionistic though than the last concert last spring, but that might be due to the fact that he (and the audience) were bothered by the heavy buzz from the amplifiers all the time. Its okay having excuses and regrets, but when one plays beat music, it ought to be a part of the deal to keep control of the power.
    Another reason is that it was less rewarding to hear the concert’s main attraction than the Swedish organ-and-drum duo, which for the first, short part of the concert performed something that for a debut [weaning] really deserves support. Those two I would like to see again.”

    For more info, photos etc:
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