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Thread: 1968-01-08 Stora Salen, Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden

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    1968-01-08 Stora Salen, Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden

    Monday, January 8th, 1968
    Stora Salen, Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden - 2 SHOWS
    with Baby Grandmothers and Mecki Mark Men

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    1st Show

    1. Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
    2. EXP
    3. Up From The Skies
    4. Spanish Castle Magic
    5. Foxy Lady
    6. Little Wing
    7. Fire
    8. Catfish Blues
    9. The Wind Cries Mary
    10. Purple Haze

    2nd Show
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    Re: 1968-01-08 Stora Salen, Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden

    Hey Dolly Dagger, this is my first Reply to a Post! Woooooooooooooo! But in all seriousness why isnt there a torrent of this up? has i been banned? if it can still be posted and you know someone who has it, could you let them know that I'm a requester.

    Thanks in Advance.

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    Re: 1968-01-08 Stora Salen, Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden

    "That's the best news I ever heard" Bob Dylan

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    Re: 1968-01-08 Stora Salen, Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden

    Thanks Fenders Fingers!I couldnt ask for a quicker response! Gotta love this site and the people keeping it running!
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    Re: 1968-01-08 Stora Salen, Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden

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    Re: 1968-01-08 Stora Salen, Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden

    Monday 08 January 1968
    Stockholm, Stora Salen [‘Main Halll’] / Konserthuset [‘Concert House’], 8 Hotorget, Sweden. JHE
    This hall is where the Nobel prizes are given out.
    Two shows at 19:00 and 21:30.
    Backstage #1: The ‘loud’ jacket; the black leather ‘cowboy’ waistcoat; different pattern shirt; the wrist watch; black silk trousers.
    Backstage #2: The ‘loud’ jacket; the black leather ‘cowboy’ waistcoat; the ‘luck’ shirt; 1st large sticking plaster??; black silk trousers.
    Show #1: The ‘Afghan’ waistcoat; the ‘luck’ shirt; large sticking plaster; black silk trousers w. the round chain-link belt; white/rose strat w. the cloth ‘0’s & X’s’ strap & the painted flying V w. ‘floral roundels’ strap; wah & fuzz face.
    Show #2: The ‘Afghan’ waistcoat; lightly patterned blouse; large sticking plaster; one ring on each hand; black silk trousers; white/rose strat w. the cloth ‘0’s & X’s’ strap.
    Support: Mecki Mark Men; Baby Grandmothers.
    Promoter: SBA (Scandinavian Booking Agency)
    JHE fee: £578.10s.0d.
    Songs 1st show:

    Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (7) (Lennon & McCartney)
    EXP (4)
    Up From The Skies (5)
    Spanish Castle Magic (7)
    Foxy Lady (15)
    Little Wing (4)
    Fire (80)
    Catfish Blues (9) (McKinley ‘Muddy Waters’ Morganfield, medley)
    [remarkably similar to Butterfield Blues Band's 'Two Trains Running' (C. June 1966)]
    The Wind Cries Mary (13)
    Purple Haze (25i)

    Songs 2nd show: unknown

    Neville Chesters: “1st quite good, 2nd great.”

    Expressen (09 January) ‘The image of a pop idol... a subdued earthquake’ – review by Peter Himmelstrand [‘Heaven’s shore’]: “Jimi Hendrix, the singer/guitarist, sounded like an earthquake at Stockholm’s Konserthuset yesterday - and yet he was subdued this day. Hendrix is one of the pop world’s great in-figures right now, with a long line of followers. He’s said that now he wants to go for ‘the new sound.’ Of that, nothing was noticeable yesterday. He breezed through a line of record tunes, in 45 minutes, at 200 watts. (You probably have around 10 watts in your radio at home.) He was benevolent, said some funny lines, but wasn’t at all fired up to really play. Still Hendrix is, even on a run-of-the-mill evening, something of the best that pop can offer today. What he does has a rare weight and authority. He also has a natural ambience and an honesty that his copiers cannot reach. Yes, he played with his chin [sic] too. But that seemed to be purely from a sense of duty. The same also goes for some of the apocalyptic sounds he pulled out of his guitar.”

    Svenska Dagbladet (‘Swedens Newspaper’ 09 January) ‘Jimi Hendrix totally glowing, but his band doesn’t cut it.’ – review by Ludvig Rasmusson: “The final Christmas presents were unwrapped at the Konserthuset this Monday night. Many teenagers had been given tickets to the Jimi Hendrix show. They filled the Konserthuset to the brim. Yet there was no enthusiasm, at least it seemed as if many were disappointed with the first show. Perhaps it was because of the two Swedish openers. […] How much does an audience really listen, applauding Jimi Hendrix but not moving a finger when a Swedish band more or less has the same routine? Hasn’t it just turned into a fashion to enjoy Jimi Hendrix? Jimi Hendrix wasn’t the least bit put off by the intermezzo in Gothenburg. He really shined on guitar and played with a breathtaking fantasy and lavishness. It’s obvious that Hendrix is developing fast right now, but it’s also obvious that his two colleagues hamper this process. They cannot really cut it. At the Konserthuset they mostly provided a bothersome background rumble. The drummer Mitch Mitchell in particular had difficulties in following Hendrix’ ideas.”

    Flyer: Though I've been collecting records and memorabilia since 1971, I still can't wait for the mailman (or Fedex) to arrive on days when I'm expecting something new and groovy. This was very much the case a few days ago, when this most amazing handbill arrived. It advertises a January 8, 1968 concert by the Jimi Hendrix Experience in Stockholm, Sweden. My Swedish friend, Johan Kugelberg, kindly translated it:

    "The Jimi Hendrix Experience are coming to Konserthuset (the venue) Monday, January 8, 1968. Tickets available from the 11th of December, 1967. Christmas gift suggestion ! Wish for tickets or give as a gift to others. The Jimi Hendrix Gala, January 8."

    Thursday 11 January 1968 London, Sound City, 22 Rupert Street, UK
    Neville: “Disembarked 7:45, bit of hangup at customs, not bad, got cleared, drove straight to London.... Went to office 9:40...Went to Sound City.

    Friday 12 January 1968 Goteborg, Esso Motel.
    Group travels to Goteborg. Jimi reports to police station in the afternoon for interrogation. He is told he will have to stay in Goteborg and report to the station every day at 14:00 until his trial date. Torslanda Airport closed due to extreme cold, so Noel and Mitch catch the ferry in the afternoon. Gerry Stickells stays withh Jimi to keep him company, “Hendrix used to put rollers in his hair to get his look and in out boredom, he would put them in my hair too.”

    Tuesday 16 January 1968 London, Sound City, 22 Rupert Street, UK
    Neville: “Called at Sound City to see about new speakers... Went to see Mitch. We both went to Drum City, collected some new cymbals, went back to Mitch.”

    Thursday 18 January 1968 Milton Keynes, Marshall Amplification, Lyon Road, Bletchley, Buckinghamshire, UK
    Neville: “Went off to Marshall’s at Bletchley, took all amps and speakers for checking . . . Stayed at Marshall’s til about 5:30. Got all gear fixed.”

    Friday 19 January 1968 London, Sound City, 22 Rupert Street, UK
    Neville: “Took all gear into Sound City.”
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    Re: 1968-01-08 Stora Salen, Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden

    any link to download this that still works? pleaseeee!

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