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Thread: 1968-02-06 V.I.P. Club, Tucson, Arizona USA

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    1968-02-06 V.I.P. Club, Tucson, Arizona USA

    Tuesday, February 6th, 1968

    no recording has surfaced

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    Re: 1968-02-06 V.I.P. Club, Tucson, Arizona USA

    Location problem solved:
    The sources mentioning this date give: ‘University of Arizona’ (early news article, Fey/Gately must have changed the venue); an ice skating rink’ or ‘a roller rink’ and/ or ‘bowling alley’; ‘the V.I.P. Club’, as well as the ‘Monterey Skate And Bowl’ on ‘Speedway Blvd’. as the venue for this date. Hence this concert used to be a bit of a mystery:
    Most sources mention a “skating rink” and/or “bowling alley”.
    Linn Trowbridge, with her husband, were owners [they were not just owners, they built it. Ed.] of‘Iceland’ ice rink andGreenway’ bowling, “Tucson’s first ice rink”. In an article unrelated to the VIP – she says they were both “under the same roof” [ie inside the ‘Tucson Recreation Inc.’ building, that they built. Ed.] at “5915 E. Speedway Boulevard”. She says it changed hands in the mid-sixties and briefly became ‘Monterey Ice Skating’ rink [title soon changed to ‘Monterey Ice Palace’. Ed.], before the ice rink reverted to it’s former name, ie ‘Iceland’, she doesn’t mention the bowling part, so obviously not the main focus. She misses out when the bowing side was briefly re-named ‘Desert Lanes’ and when, inbetween Monterey and the new Iceland, it was occupied by the V.I.P. club (1 year 2 months) and, simultaneously, somewhere in the building, for 10 months, ‘AAA Auctions’.

    And then there is SLIT the Tucson punk fanzine (1980-81) in a 1980 article on the earlier days of the Tucson rock scene, under the last chapter: ‘Clubs & Gigs’ Has the two local ‘hot spots’ mentioned (both on Speedway), where local bands played. But the only rock concert venue mentioned is, “The V.I.P. Club (which is now the Iceland on speedway) [ie at 5915. Ed.] housed many dances.
    The club also had a good share of concerts with bands like the Turtles, Hendrix, Eric Burdon and the Animals, The Nazz, and many others. On many occasions, the locals opened these shows.”

    And the Glen Buxton (‘The Earwigs’ – ‘The Spiders’ - ‘The Nazz’ - ex-Alice Cooper) web site* which covers the early days of ‘The Earwigs’/Spiders’/’Nazz’/’Alice Cooper’, amongst several cuttings, quotes a 4 February, 1967 newspaper article in the Arizona Republic from Troy Irvine’s column: “....the VIP in Tucson tonight will feature the Spyders (sic), Phoenix group, for a dollar admission at the club,5915 E. Speedway. Yours truly will be there to compare Tucson’s teen night life with that of the Valley and find out what’s happening on Speedway these evenings.”
    “*Speedway is a major street in Tucson. The site of the former Tucson VIP appears to be a car sales lot.”

    Paul Brown [Trombonist]: “As young musicians he and some friends formed a band that auditioned to open for some rock star from England who was to play at a small ice skating rink here in Tucson. They didn't get the gig, but the promoter liked them and gave them backstage passes. The rock star from England turned out to be none other than Jimi Hendrix. The way that he played and the electric response from the crowd motivated Paul to want to be in that type of band.”

    “How old am I? I saw Mitch play with Jimi in a local ice skating rink! It was a half size rink to boot!”

    “Husband just missed seeing him in Tucson in the early/mid sixties at some bowling alley, but he was just a kid and didn't know who he was.”

    ‘MsMojo’: “Tucson in the Sixties had a lot of drugs to offer but not a lot in the way of music venues. I saw Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa and Steppenwolf perform in a Roller Skating Rink, for God‘s sake!”[‘MsMojo’ may have seen Frank & Steppenwolf at the ‘Sunset Rollerama’ rink, but Hendrix played the VIP Club on the old ‘Monterey Ice Palace’ rink. ‘The Monterey’ for a short while in ‘65 did have roller skating too - on the ice rink! So, easy to confuse the two after so many years]

    ‘Halapenyo’: “The first concert I remember was the Yard Birds that was held in an empty Carpet Giant somewhere on Speedway [ie the empty ‘Thrift City’ building – not ‘Carpet Giant’. Ed.] That must've been in 65 or 66 [1966. Ed.]. But then the Monterey Bowl started having some really great bands [the Yardbirds show was promoted by ‘The Monterey Recreation Center’ (often remembered for it’s bowling alley, as just 'a bowling alley’, it was not actually called 'Monterey Bowl' , the alley was called 'Monterey Lanes') with KTKT radio. It usually held rock shows and teen ‘rock & roll’ dances at it’s ‘Monterey Ice Palace’ ice rink – also on Speedway, not far from Thrift City. Ed.]. I remember seeingThe Animals [the original Animals also performed at the, temporarily vacant, ‘Thrift City’ building in ’66, again promoted by ‘The Monterey’ and KTKT. The New Animals played in ’68 at the VIP Club – which was the old Monterey Ice Palace. Ed.], The Turtles [apparently played the VIP. Ed.], Music Machine [I don’t know this group? Ed] and the Lovin Spoonful [they may have played there when it was the ‘Monterey Ice Palace' and/or when it was 'the VIP Club'. Ed.] there. And the strangest of all was Frank Zappa with the Mothers of Invention ... and they played at the Sunset Rollerama, of all places.” [not that odd, it was the other venue in town for large 'rock' shows which it occasionally held from 1961 'til sometime in the '70's/'80's? Ed.]

    Pwjohn’: “I wonder if the carpet giant you mentioned was the old Big City dept store they built on east speedway [that is the one, except it was actually called ‘Thrift City’, it was across the road from the ‘Monterey’, and temporarily unoccupied for a few months. Ed.] shortly after they built Monteray plaza on wilmot & speedway [sic] [this would be the shopping centre now called ‘Monterey Village’. Ed]
    ... The store went out of business after a short time & they did hold car shows and concerts there for a while.” [it didn’t go out of business, it moved after several years to another location on Speedway, but the vacant building did - “for a short time” - host a huge three day ‘motor show’ (with boats included) as well as a couple of big rock shows, etc. before being occupied as a store again a few months later by ‘A.MA. Super Stores’. Ed.]

    I purposefully left out these very late reminiscences by Neal Smith from my summing up of the evidence, as I felt he was just one of those that confused the Monterey Ice Palace/Monterey Lanes and he is an 'entertainer'/’raconteur’ trying to sell a book. (see my post above). Mitch does not appear to remember having met ‘Alice Cooper’ before 13 February, backstage at the Ackerman Union in Los Angeles, when he was introduced to ‘Alice Cooper’ (‘Vincent Furnier’ as he still was at this time) by a Warner/Reprise rep. No one else mentions them in connection with JHE.

    Neal Smith [drummer with ‘The Nazz’ (briefly) & ex-‘Alice Cooper’, Dec 1967-1974]: It was in the spring of 1968 after Jimi, Mitch & Noel played in Tucson Arizona at the Tucson VIP Club. Actually the VIP sold out [one of the promoters in a contemporary interview complained they only sold 1,000 tickets here, which wasn’t far off 'dancing' capacity (ie "packed"), but they apparently could have sold another 500 or more had the demand been there, as compared to the previous night in Tempe when they sold 3,000 in a venue, that it was reported, could hold 5,100 Ed.] and the promoter had to move the show to a bigger venue [normally when a show ‘sells out’, the promoter does not suddenly change the venue to another building, one not designed for a large audience, and a different part of the city. They usually just add another show Ed.] a local bowling alley.” [sic, the ‘local bowling alley’ was the ‘Monterey Lanes’ (closed at the time) was at the same address under the same roof , on the same floor and adjacent to the old ice rink, ie the VIP Club, most people have it at a ‘skating’ rink’, ie the old ‘Monterey Ice Palace’ rink originally ‘Iceland’ in the old ‘Tucson Recreation Inc.’ building (that also housed the adjacent ‘Greenway Lanes’ bowling (1958-1961). There was no other bowling alley in the vicinity, they were all a good distance away. The building/business was re-named the ‘Monterey Recreation Centre’ (1961-1967) - what someone remembered as the ‘Monterey Skate & Bowl’ (this was not its actual name, though the building/business name was sometimes abbreviated to just ‘the Monterey', the ‘Skate & Bowl’ bit is just someone’s memory of what you could do there, ie you could skate and bowl. It had shut down in January when the bowling lanes had been removed by Brunswick and the boarded over ice rink became the ‘VIP Club’. One year & two months later it became the ‘Iceland’ rink again – it’s first name. The ‘Monterey Recreation Center’ seems to have been failing by September 1966 when they advertised they ‘were willing’ to lease the restaurant. AAA Auctions (which had a Mafia connection) used part of the building for auctions on Wednesday evenings for the 10 months up to when the building was taken over and the ice rink renovated.]
    After an incredible performance by the Jimi Hendrix Experience [it probably was incredible. Ed.], they invited us back to their hotel room [they were staying in Phoenix and I’m sure they had more than one room Ed.] and we partied with them till the wee hours of the morning. It was a blast, I describe the whole "Stone Free" evening of our two bands partying together, in the book that I am currently writing. [ie take it with a pinch of salt, he’s an ‘entertainer’/’raconteur’ hoping to sell a ‘sensational’ ‘rock’ bio, after three of the band including ‘Alice’ already have autobios out, and at least one major bio too even more so for his ‘story’ below. Ed.].
    Dennis Dunaway [bass, ‘The Spiders, ‘The Nazz’, ‘Alice Cooper]: “At this point it almost seems like people would rather believe all of the enhanced stories that they've heard over so many years rather than the truth. Me, I've always liked the truth. I hate it when I go to see a movie about Beethoven and I find they changed the story for entertainment value. That annoys me. I'd rather know exactly what happened to Beethoven. (laughs) I find the boring reality to be way more interesting than the prefabrication.

    All evidence has the VIP Club being on the old 'Monterey Ice Palace ' rink for its entire 1 year and 2 months existence (its short life and it’s unusual location is undoubtedly the reason for the confused, ‘a bowling alley’, 40 odd years after the event, memories of some).
    There is no record of it being anywhere else. And there is no evidence of any of the six bowling alleys in Tucson (all very competitive and busy, with late evening sessions/24 hour, some had restaurants to keep the punters from going home at that time ever holding a rock concert (their rooms were filled with bowling lanes, no stage, totally unsuited for a large ‘rock’ concert audience, the only venues that held large 'rock' shows in Tucson were the 'Monterey Ice Palace' (sometimes remembered as 'a bowling alley' due to it being part of the same business, in the same building on the same floor and adjacent to the bowling alley, which was sometimes advertised separately as 'Monterey Lanes'), the 'Sunset Rollerama' and for a couple of months the temporarily vacant 'Thrift City' building across the road from the 'Monterey' building - where a couple of big rock shows were put on by 'the Monterey' with KTKT radio.

    The photos (that Lifelines turned up) show exactly what a boarded off room would look like, and it has a stage, with a curtain covering the backstage area, it even has small spotlights in the roof above the stage. ie It looks just like a club, ie nothing like the open space of a large well appointed bowling alley with a temporary stage thrown up on the area at the head of the lanes.
    ie It is the VIP Club - as Neville clearly stated in his diary.

    These were the alleys at the time, all fiercely competative and 24 hours or at least late night (as was the ‘Monterey’, up to when it closed the bowling seems to have still been competing) None ever held a ‘rock’ concert, the only live music was the occasional cabaret crooner in a restaurant they were all 100% dedicated to bowling:

    ‘Monterey Lanes’ (closed for 1 year & ~ 6 months, part of the (closed for 1 year 2 months) ‘Monterey Recreation Center’): 5915 E. Speedway Blvd.
    Non of the others are ‘local’, to the Monterey (ie in the neighbourhood of) their only function apart from bowling was eating and drinking and in one at least a laundromat – truly 24 hours, Tucson was ‘bowling mad’:
    ‘Tucson Bowl’ (formerly ‘Diamond Pin Lanes’) E. 22nd St. & S. Kolb Rd.
    ‘Copa Bowl’ N. Wilmot Rd. & 29th St.
    ‘Keglers Lanes’ 1240 N. Stone Ave
    ‘Lucky Strike’ 4015 E. Speedway Blvd. (around 1,000 properties away from ‘the Monterey’
    ‘Cactus Bowl’ 1630 S. Alvernon Way
    ‘Golden Pin Lanes’ 1010 Casa Grande Hwy.
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    Re: 1968-02-06 V.I.P. Club, Tucson, Arizona USA

    Only picture I've seen of the (purpose built) new building, an architects sketch for an advert.
    It was obviously an impressive structure, and it held a large/the largest? place in Tucson's entertainment industry for 30 years, its ice rink was for several years the biggest venue in town for 'rock' shows, the only other venue for large 'rock' shows was the occasional show at the, it seems a smaller area, 'Sunset Rollerama'.
    It was the only ice rink in Tucson until it finally was shut down.
    The entrance on the left looks like it may read 'Iceland'? That was its name anyway. The building is called 'Tucson Recreation Inc.', the wall at the near end has 'Greenway Lanes':
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    Re: 1968-02-06 V.I.P. Club, Tucson, Arizona USA

    Saturday 4 February 1967
    USA (Phoenix, AZ)
    ARIZONA REPUBLIC (page 54) Swing Around The Valley “Waylon Jennings and Waylors In Big Blast Tonight” By TROY IRVINE: “....the VIP in Tucson tonight will feature the Spyders (sic) [sic, ‘The Spiders’, later ‘The Nazz’, then ‘Alice Cooper’. Ed.], Phoenix group, for a dollar admission at the club, 5915 E. Speedway. Yours truly will be there to compare Tucson’s teen night life with that of the Valley [ie Phoenix & Tempe. Ed.] and find out what’s happening on Speedway these evenings.”

    Sunday 11 February 1967
    USA (Phoenix, AZ)
    ARIZONA REPUBLIC (page 57) Young Arizona “A Place for Teenyboppers. Tucson Gets Its Very Own VIP Club in Style” By TROY IRVINE: “TUCSON—A plain neon sign and marquee went up on East Speedway in Tucson a couple of weeks ago [ie in January, shortly after the Monterey closed. Ed.] to compete with thousands of other blinking, glaring bulbs that light the way for cars cruising the city's main drag.
    The sign at 5915 E. Speedway and the club it advertises has become a mecca to Tucson's teenboppers who pack the building a thousand strong on the weekends.
    IT SAYS VIP and the marquee tonight will read: "The Knickerbockers," one of many prominent rock groups the club plans to attract. [They had already played there when it was ‘the Monterey Ice Palace’. Ed.].
    The VIP occupies space in the back of a closed bowling alley [ie ‘Monterey Lanes’ (Brunswick came and stripped out the lanes after it closed in January), - or he could have just said ‘a closed ice rink’ – ‘Monterey Ice Palace’, depending on what floats your boat. It was actually both, plus billiards, a cocktail bar, The ‘Repco’ cafe, ‘The Griddle’ restaurant and ‘dancing’, it had also held concerts on the ice rink for out of town artists from 1964 etc., all this under one roof, collectively calledthe ‘Monterey Recreation Center’, as it usually advertised itself in the press, sometimes shortened to just ‘The Monterey’. ‘Monterey’ took over the concern in May 1961, when the previous occupant (the very short lived), ‘Desert Lanes’ (& Iceland Rink), was evicted for non-payment of rent, shortly after it had been burgled for a quite large sum. Previous to that it was a new-build facility constructed by ‘Tucson Recreation Inc.’ in 1958. It included the ice rink – ‘Iceland’ , bowling - ‘Greenway Lanes’, a cafe, a snack bar – later a restaurant, and a ‘tap-room’ – later a cocktail bar. This major entertainment facility in Tucson (the only ice rink in Tucson for it’s 30 year history, it has been claimed there was one previously but I have not seen any evidence of this) had it’s ups and downs and looks like it first began to get into real financial difficulty around 30 September ’66 when it advertised it ‘was willing’ to lease it’s restaurant, before finally closing in January ’67. Ed.]—space that used to be an ice rink. Another sign out front still advertises: "Monterey Ice Palace."
    Owner Jack Curtis, who also operates the Phoenix VIP, partitioned off a dancing area from the ice rink and transformed the rafter ceilinged room into a teen stomping ground.
    When the music starts the rafters shake out their cobwebs and the warped hardwood floors [ie the temporary, removable covering for the ice rink. Ed.] take more of a beating than a West Point drill field.
    THE LOBBY of the club resembles a ski lodge complete with circular stone fireplace and burning logs. It's plush—as teen clubs go—and has ample tables and chairs to accommodate the lounge scroungers who sit and sip their 15-or 25-cent colas and feed lines to the other sex.
    At evening's end the lobby's red carpet looks like the underneath of a grandstand after the ballgame is over. Not that the troops are purposely messy—but how much trash can you put in a pocket?
    When Curtis opened the club he allowed KTKT radio in Tucson [THE ‘rock’ radio in Tucson. Ed.] to release 40 press passes to high school journalists good for the $1.25 or $1.50 admission.
    Many try to beat out the Saturday night entry price by not washing off Friday night's fluorescent stamp [also a commented upon feature of London discos/clubs in ’67. Ed.] . All are caught, however, because Friday night's stamp is circular, Saturday's rectangular.
    Two bands play continuously from 8:30 till midnight, the building accepting admissions at 8:15 from a crooked line that spills into the parking lot.
    Crash-helmeted cops stand silent but impressive—almost like the Queens guard—acting mainly as a deterrent to trouble. The club, however, is as well-supervised as a church picnic. The kids are let in for good behavior.
    IN DRESS, Tucson teens are more mod oriented than their Phoenix VIP counterparts and don't sport as many of the typical northeast Phoenix surfer threads and hair styles [ie the Tucson youth scene is more ‘hip’ Ed.)].
    In dance, a sombrero full of Mexican jumping beans couldn't keep the pace of one teeny-bopper on the dancefloor. There are so many calories expended during each number that even Eileen Feather couldn't count them [ie sounds like ‘speed’ was their thing?, but then it seems to have been a Tucson thing, a profile of a student in the local paper lists one of her pastimes as ‘fast dancing’ and there are other mentions of how fast they danced in Tucson. Ed.]
    The ice palace will never be the same.” [Yes it will. 1 year & less than 2 months later it was back to being ‘Iceland’ skating and bowling. Looking at adverts, for the last 10 months prior to Iceland taking it back, part of the building, when the VIP was there, was used on Wednesday evenings as an auction room for ‘AAA Auctions’ (which had Mafia connections). But then they likely only used the space where the bowling lanes once were? And Tucson, being a small city, why would the VIP bother paying for adverts in the press when everyone in town would know it was the dance hall for underage (21) teens?

    Tuesday 18 July 1967
    USA (AZ)
    (page 10) ‘More Than 1,500 Turn On to Happening ‘67’ Here’ [This seems to have been the biggest ‘rock’ event that ever happened there judging by the comments on the crowd size? Ed.] By DAVID CARTER Of The Young Citizen Staff:
    “— Happening sweatshirts (you need 'em), buttons, posters, jewelry, movies, slides and girls!
    — Three dance bands, two from Hollywood plus one from Ohio, providing continuous music!
    — Psychedelic light and sound show — the newest form of teen-age entertainment (it came to the Minus One last October), with splashing panels of multi-colored, floor-to-ceiling abstract light!
    Such was the scene Saturday at the VIP Teen Dance Club, 5915 E. Speedway, as over 1,500 Tucsonians, from 11 and 12 year-old teen-boppers to a handful who had reached their majority, turned themselves on at Happening '67.
    The teens did their rocking through (and with the Yellow Payges [they were on the bill when Jimi jammed with Delaney & Bonnie in Los Angeles 1968. Ed], in addition to the West Coast Mazes and the Stumps. When one band pooped out, another came on, providing con*tinuous bedlam.
    Tucson teenagers tuned in, turned on, and every so often, dropped out, as the pulsating sound of the three bands and the wildly flashing, multi-color*ed strobe lights combined to make with the consciousness expanding.
    Some teens danced, others just stared, and still others sat around the floor talking with friends. The scene was wall-to-wall people, in what was once the ice rink of the old Monterrey Bowling Lanes [depends what your game is how you remember it, for some it’s a bowling alley for others it’s a skating rink, it was actually called ‘The Monterey Recreation Center’ Ed.]
    [‘Monterey Lanes’. Ed.]. Outside, still more could be seen milling around the parking lot catching a breath of fresh air.
    Inside a dense cloud of cigaret smoke contributed to the psychedelic effect, and the temperature.
    Bodies glistened as the room became a giant pressure cooker, reverberating with sound and light.
    For $2.50 apiece, the crowd was treated to such "Happenings" as Irma, a "beautiful six-foot brunette (with blonde hair and wig), who paints mod art paintings with her shoulder-length hair — to music."
    Irma, who paints and dances at the same time, was (iron) clad in a dress of 2" x 4" silver plates, linked together.
    Later on more girls paraded onstage for a psychedelic fashion show, replete with a girl in a black and white bikini and others in a variety of micro-mini dresses and paper out-fits.
    Other attractions included a psychedelic Camaro, live television (with a psychedelic image), movies of Dick Clark's house, and surfing and mind-expanding film clips.
    Sponsored locally by the VIP and radio station KTKT, the Dick Clark production was by one of three groups staging one-night performances throughout the country.”

    Sunday 18 February 1968
    USA (Phoenix, AZ)
    (page 36) Korean Kittens In Last Week ‘It’s The Week For Girl Singers; MAVIS RIVERS LULU PORTER BACK’ Ken Harris band returns to town. BY Dick Alexander (star entertainment editor): Town Beat [...] Alan Price, former organist with the original Animals is bringing his Alan Price Set to the VIP Club on March 23rd. This is the first visit to the states for members of the band, all of whom hail from England.”

    Saturday 9 March 1968
    VIP Club, Tucson, AZ
    Eric Burdon and The New Animals played here as part of Anim’s ‘The British Are Coming’ tour, it seems they were not advertised in the press, like JHE - too big to waste money? thought to be a guaranteed sell-out? Only the Price show was advertised – in both Tucson papers and the Phoenix press too.

    Thursday 21 March 1968
    USA (Phoenix, AZ)
    ARIZONA DAILY STAR (page 24A) [B&W photo of grinning Alan Price, ‘To Play Friday’]. “Alan Price former member of the Animals musical group, will bring his Alan Price Set to Tucson Friday, to appear at the VIP Club, 5915 E. Speedway. Price, who plays the electronic organ, recently recorded an album. “The Price Is Right,” on the Parrot label”
    [Note: Price, being quite unknown in the US, the VIP felt he required an advert in Tucson?

    And the VIP Club too apparently.

    Thursday 28 March 1968
    USA (Tucson, AZ)
    ARIZONA DAILY STAR (page) ‘Skating Rink To Open May 1’: “Iceland, a facility for ice skating and hockey, will open on East Speedway May 1.
    The old Monterey Ice Rink is being refurbished and will open under the new name.
    The Tucson Desert Skating Club is working to get a program underway at Iceland which will include senior and junior figure skating and ice hockey competition.”

    Sunday 6 April 1968
    USA (Phoenix, AZ)
    ARIZONA REPUBLIC (front page) Phoenix Police Given ‘Book’ On the Mafia and Friends
    By PAUL DEAN Sixth of a Series: “Last year the Phoenix Police Department moved to put flesh on its skeleton knowledge of the Mafia in Arizona.
    Intelligence officers contacted their Tucson counterparts with a list of names and a request for all available data.
    Arizona's Rogue Row
    From massive files that, according to a 1960 departmental memorandum to Tucson Police Chief Bernard Garmire, list at least 60 "local (Tucson) subjects of interest," a five-page document was prepared.
    The sheets, now being used by Phoenix police and the office of Arizona Atty. Gen. Darrell Smith, are a detailed directory of the Mafia, its mobsters and their associates in this state.
    IT TAGS a teacher, an Industrial Commission investigator, a civilian employe at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, and flower shop, bar, and restaurant owners.
    Twenty-six persons are identified. Some are there only because they attended a wedding or have been seen drinking a beer with known Mafia suspects.
    The Arizona Republic, went through the list with Garmire. It was boiled down to 18 persons
    whose activities are always of interest to intelligence detectives.
    Here are the names, plus information gleaned since the report was authored [3 of the 18 seem of particular interest in connection with JHE visit in Feb and the VIP Club. Ed.]:
    CHARLES JOSEPH BATTAGLIA, 51, of 1938 W. Lester, Tucson. Now serving a 10-year sentence for extortion from a Tucson bowling lanes operator,[crime in 1964. Not the Monterey Lanes - it was the Diamond Lanes but... Sentenced February ’67, lost appeal October ‘68] Battaglia is reported as having "no known legal involvement with any businesses at this time."
    "Although he had no visible means of support," the report continues, "he managed to obtain a new car every other year and has also remodeled his home extensively."
    Battaglia is listed as a "close associate" of Joe Bonanno Sr., son Bin Bonanno. and Carlo Clamari, the elder Bonanno's personal bodyguard.
    JOSEPH CHARLES BONANNO JR. 22, of 1847 E. Elm, Tucson. The docket describes young Bonanno as a "sometime student at the University of Arizona,"[the U of A was where the JHE show was originally listed, then it mysteriously moved to the VIP Club? Ed.] former, bartender and television film extra. Bonanno, according to the report and other police sources, has been seen driving any one of three automobiles—two Chevrolet Corvette sports cars and a new Buick Riviera.
    One Corvette is registered to Phil's Receiving Co., 55 Havermeyer St., Brooklyn, N.Y. Owner of this company is Phillip Notaro, 27, cousin of Joseph Notaro Sr., identified by the report as a ranking member of Bonanno's Brooklyn "family."
    Last Saturday night, Joe Bonanno Jr., was arrested in Beverly Hills, Calif., and charged with armed robbery and car theft. The charges were dismissed this week and he was released.
    Priot to this arrest, Garmire described young Bonanno as "a wild kid about town at this time ... but there seem to be some indications he is involved (in the Mafia) one way or another."
    MIKE LICAVOLI, 29, of 8908 Calle Pasto [Tucson. Ed.], son of Detroit gangster - millionaire Pete Licavoli, and connected with the recently closed AAA Auction, 5915 E. Speedway.
    Last month, Licavoli was dealing with attorney Soble on plans for construction of Psychedelic Circus, a teen-age dance hall near Trail Dust Town east of Tucson. Mike's brother Theodore and Los Angeles public relations man Terry Dene are involved in the promotion.

    Friday 24 May 1968 The Iceland skating rink re-opens:

    Saturday 25 May 1968
    USA (Tucson, AZ)
    ARIZONA DAILY STAR (page 2) Business Briefs “Tucson’s new ice skating rink, Iceland, was unveiled to the public for the first time last night at 4915 [sic] E. Speedway.”

    Sunday 23 June 1968
    USA (Phoenix, AZ)
    ARIZONA REPUBLIC (page 2M) Vibrations In The Valley By John Sargent: [...]
    Bob Gately, erstwhile promoter and or producer [worked with ‘The Family Dog’. Ed.] of such heavy recent Phoenix concerts as the Cream, Jimi Hendrix and the Mothers. "People have a tendency to think things just happen. It isn't that way."
    "For instance," he continues, "if someone wants to produce a rock show he has to wear a lot of different hats. He has to be a negotiator in order to get a reasonable price for the act he's buying and also a rental agent for the facility to house the concert. He also has to be a one-man advertising agency — which means being super-aware of local radio, television and newspapers. Then there's ticket counterfeiting, insurance policies and security precautions. Not to mention the worries involved with sound systems, hotel accommodations, transportation and stage managing the whole affair. And after all these details you cross your fingers to hope you've got a good show."
    BOB READILY professes to owning a large collection of talismans and good luck charms.
    "The risks in this business are high. The average rock show costs about $5,500 to put on and the returns are impossible to estimate. For example, when we brought Hendrix to the Valley [ie Tempe. Ed.] we had over 3,000 happy customers and a good show. But when we took him to Tucson the next night we had only 1,000.
    That's a difference between over 2 grand one night and 50 bucks the next." [his arithmetic is a bit out here, about 600 bucks profit would be more logical? (about $4,186.28 today – not bad for doing essentially fuck all but having spare cash to play with Plus he’s not necessarily going to declare how many tickets he actually sold – taxman).
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    Re: 1968-02-06 V.I.P. Club, Tucson, Arizona USA

    Tuesday 6 February 1968 – show ~45mins
    Tucson, VIP Club*, 5915 E. Speedway Boulevard, AZ
    [The night before the Orangeburg S.C. massacre, after an attempt was made to desgregate the local bowling alley by ‘black’ students from S.C. State College, whites drove through the campus shooting randomly, luckily only a campus guard was shot and wounded.]
    JHE drove in from Phoenix (2 hours) and back again after the gig, ie two nights in Phoenix
    *In the old ‘Monterey Recreation Center’ on the former ‘Monterey Ice Palace’ ice rink’
    Neville Chesters: “VIP club”.
    Barry Fey: "Word was around on Jimi and I booked him for Denver, Phoenix [sic, ‘Tempe’] andTucson in spring 1968."
    Concert (45 minutes)
    Sight seeing: The cowboy hat w’ the purple band & chain link band the green satin jacket w’ white ‘lillies’;; the ‘luck’ shirt; the ‘choker’, & the ‘turkey’ necklaces; R. L. pinky & 2nd finger rings; the black ‘charro’ trousers w. coloured scarf ‘belt’ tied in a bow & oblong chain links; 8mm movie cam.
    Concert: The cowboy hat; the black leather ‘cowboy’ waistcoat; a black shirt; the [beaded native?] & the ‘turkey’ necklaces; R. 2nd finger ring, L. ?; black trousers w’ neckerchief belt & the [oblong chains?] belt; white/rose strat w’ the ‘wavy line & dots cloth on white leather’ strap & the painted up flying V.
    Support: The Soft Machine with The Mark Boyle Sensual [‘Sense’] Laboratory light show.
    ‘Presenter’: ASU Sigma Chi men’s fraternity
    Promoter: Denver’s Family Dog with Bob Gately [a promoter, who worked with Fey]:
    Audience: Bob Gately: “...but when we took him [Hendrix] to Tucson the next night we had only 1,000.” This is the average figure quoted for well attended dances & concerts there. (but capacity at a Gary Lewis gig in the old ice rink in ’66 was said to be ‘nearly 2,000’ and ‘over 1,500’ for a ’67 Dick Clark ‘psychedelic’ package tour in the VIP). The JHE gig was not advertised in the press and no poster has turned up.
    Photos: The Lifelines crew have just found a set of nine photos! To add to those of JHE & Roger sight seeing, on the outskirts of town
    Film: A few seconds of Noel’s 8mm, silent, colour movie, en route, from the car.

    Songs: unknown

    Neville Chesters: “Not a bad show. Shit place.”
    [Apparently this is the only review of this concert! Neville mainly judged places ‘shit’ if they were difficult to get the gear into. Ed.]

    No adverts, press, posters, tickets, or recordings have turned up from this gig.

    For photos etc. see Lifelines at:
    Frank Zappa: "Rock journalism is people who can't write interviewing people who can't talk for people who can't read."

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