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Thread: 1968-02-17 Will Rogers Auditorium, Forth Worth, Texas USA

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    1968-02-17 Will Rogers Auditorium, Forth Worth, Texas USA

    Saturday, February 17th, 1968

    1. Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
    2. Please Come Crawl Out Your Window
    3. The Wind Cries Mary
    4. Fire
    5. Catfish Blues
    6. Foxy Lady
    7. Hey Joe
    8. Purple Haze
    9. Wild Thing

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    Re: 1968-02-17 Will Rogers Auditorium, Forth Worth, Texas USA

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    Re: 1968-02-17 Will Rogers Auditorium, Forth Worth, Texas USA

    odd that the dates match but the city doesn't
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    Re: 1968-02-17 Will Rogers Auditorium, Forth Worth, Texas USA

    Saturday 17 February 1968
    Fort Worth, Will Rogers Auditorium, 3301 W. Lancaster Avenue, TX, USA. JHE
    Noel: “There was plenty of time to chat because the state seemed full of girls who didn't fuck. Instead, with so much building up inside, we hit the booze to avoid conversing. It was hard to know how to start communicating.
    I did better communicating with the locals. My Englishness in America also gave me a certain license, a certain protection. If I went to the hotel bar in places like Texas, the minute I walked in all these big, dangerously drunk guys would start in with the usual, 'Who's the fag?' (Fag is a word that brought many awkward moments until I figured out that in America it meant homosexual, not cigarette.) Having hair was still risky in some places. In my most English accent - which saved my ass as many times as Jimi’s American accent had saved him in England – I’d order, ‘Give us a beer mate.’ And the barrier would be broken. ‘Say you ain’t from here. You sound English. What you here for?’ ‘I’m playing the Stadium tonight.’ At which point we’d start talking about the gig, then music or whatever and someone would buy me the beer.”
    “In my mind, Fort Worth, Texas, was the beginning of the end of the band. It was the first time we'd been assigned separate dressing rooms. When I chanced to go into Jimi's room to see how he was doing, I was met with: 'What are you doing in here?' This separatism guaranteed we went on stage cold as ice.”
    Concert at 19:30 (55 minutes).
    The cowboy hat w’ the purple band, chain link band, ‘star’ & feather; the ‘Afghan’ waistcoat; floral/dragons? shirt; the ‘triangle’ necklace + ‘medal’ necklace; R. 2 rings; L. 3 rings & the bracelet; the green trousers w’ the ‘Navajo’ belt & purple neckerchief belt; the ‘cowboy boots’; white/rose strat w’ the ‘wavy line & dots cloth on white leather’ strap, wah & fuzz face
    Support: Soft Machine with The Mark Boyle Sensual Laboratory light show; The Moving Sidewalks; Neal Ford And The Fanatics
    Promoter: Bob Cope
    JHE fee: $25,000.


    Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (9) (Lennon & McCartney)
    Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window (2) (Bob Dylan)
    The Wind Cries Mary (17)
    Fire (15)
    Catfish Blues (11) (McKinley ‘Muddy Waters’ Morganfield, medley)
    [remarkably similar to Butterfield Blues Band's 'Two Trains Running' (C. June 1966)]
    Foxy Lady (20)
    Hey Joe (24) (Billy Roberts)
    Purple Haze (30)
    Wild Thing (13) (James ‘Chip Taylor’ Voight)

    Noel: “Jimi and I argued openly and bitterly during the show till Mitch said something so funny that we had to relax. But the feeling persisted.”

    Neville: “Jimi smashed all Sunn gear up, made a terrible mess of it. Packed gear away after show and drove back to Dallas.”

    “I think as the pressure went on he did get more moody, yeah. He just wouldn't talk to anybody... There were lots of moods that Jimi had, and some of them you liked and some of them you didn't like. I would be very loyal to him even though that was not always the case. But in general I think even to the later days everybody was loyal to Jimi for this unknown reason. So even though you'd seen him in the dressing room looking very miserable, or something, you had to keep out of his way -there wasn't much point in trying to humour him because it didn't have any effect.
    Jimi apologised sometimes for breaking the gear up, which was funny, 'cause he suddenly realised the next day we were spending four and five hours trying to get things together and he apologised and he'd break it up again, what the hell, but it looked good at the time.

    Roger Mayer: "We lost a whole bunch of [Sunn] speakers [Jimi smashed them]. And I remem*ber the promoter went out on the television to ask for some speakers! And they got one of the guys to open up the music store. We ended up having a bunch of teamsters start screw speakers in!"

    Hugh Hopper: “It was usually very controlled anyway, it was all part of the last number. And Gerry Stickells was at the back holding the amp. There were times when Hendrix was pissed off in the middle of the tour, he wasn’t happy, you know, because the sound wasn’t very good.”

    Noel: “Promoter bought me some cowboy boots. Hendrix smashed his equipment and said to me, he doesn’t need anyone to talk to. I got very upset. Talked to Chas about Jimi, I want to get away from the cunt.”

    “During one show he freaked, smashing his equipment and shouting, 'I don't need anyone to talk to!' This hurt, because Jimi was obviously in pain and I only wanted to help. But it was more than Jimi bringing us down. It was the management. We never saw them. I was dying to get us all together for a good, long, air-clearing talk. I'd had three or four good chats with Chas and a couple with Mike. But nothing had changed.”

    Hugh Hopper: “Noel always seemed to be like a kid. He liked jokes and he liked, sort of, practical jokes and playing tricks on I can see that Noel would actually get on his nerves. I remember one gig where after the gig Neville and I were packing up the gear and Noel came ou to talk to Neville, ‘cause he was quite friendly with Neville, in tears, because Hendrix hadn’t liked the gig and Noel had gone into the dressing room to say something and Hendrix had said, sort of, “I don’t wanna speak to any fucker tonight” and it may have been because of Noel, or maybe just his general feeling, but Noel took it really as a personal thing and he came out and he was actually in tears.
    I remember a period in the middle of the tour when Hendrix was really pissed off a lot of the time, just with sound problems, I mean it was difficult music. It would be easier now, but then it was just like big amps behind and then a microphone and that was it. It wasn’t easy to produce. [Hendrix was having problems probably [ie ‘so I’ve been told’ Ed.] getting across and I don’t know how much of that was because he wasn’t happy with the music [this bit sounds like Hugh’s been ‘got at’ by the ‘ooh, poor Jimi committed suicide’ “theorists”, but is not too convinced. Ed.)], he seemed to be happy enough playing most of the time [ie ‘to me, at the time, unless the amps broke, and/or Noel or whoever got on his nerves.’ Ed.].
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    Re: 1968-02-17 Will Rogers Auditorium, Forth Worth, Texas USA

    Anyone willing to reseed this one?

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