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Thread: 1968-09-09 Memorial Coliseum, Portland, Oregon USA

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    1968-09-09 Memorial Coliseum, Portland, Oregon USA

    Monday, September 9th, 1968

    1. Are You Experienced?
    2. Fire
    3. Hey Joe
    4. Foxy Lady
    5. Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
    6. Little Wing
    7. Spanish Castle Magic
    8. Red House
    9. Star Spangled Banner
    10. Purple Haze

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    Re: 1968-09-09 Memorial Coliseum, Portland, Oregon USA

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    Re: 1968-09-09 Memorial Coliseum, Portland, Oregon USA

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    Re: 1968-09-09 Memorial Coliseum, Portland, Oregon USA

    Monday 09 September 1968
    Portland Memorial Coliseum, 300 Winning Ways, OR, USA. JHE
    Allen Ginsberg commemorated the Beatles’ appearance here, on August 22, 1965, in
    “Portland Coliseum”

    A brown piano in diamond
    white spotlight
    Leviathan auditorium
    iron run wired
    hanging organs, vox
    black battery
    A single whistling sound of ten thousand children’s
    larynxes asinging
    pierce the ears
    and following up the belly
    bliss the moment arrived

    Apparition, four brown English
    jacket christhair boys
    Goofed Ringo battling bright
    white drums
    Silent George hair patient
    Soul horse
    Short black-skulled Paul
    with the guitar
    Lennon the Captain, his mouth
    a triangular smile,
    all jump together to End
    some tearful memory song
    ancient-two years,
    The million children
    the thousand words
    bounce in their seats, bash
    each other’s sides, press
    legs together nervous
    Scream again & claphand
    become one Animal
    in the New World Auditorium
    —hands waving myriad
    snakes of thought
    screetch beyond hearing

    while a line of police with
    folded arms stands
    Sentry to contain the red
    sweatered ecstasy
    that rises upward to the
    wired roof.
    – August 27, 1965”

    Concert at 20:00 in “The Glass Palace”
    Support: Vanilla Fudge; Soft Machine.
    Promoter: unknown
    Audience: ~ 8,000


    Tomorrow Never Knows (6)> (John Lennon & Paul McCartney)
    >Are You Experienced (17)
    Fire (82)
    Hey Joe (67) (Billy Roberts)
    Foxy Lady (102)
    Voodoo Child (Slight Return) (92)
    Little Wing (15)
    Spanish Castle Magic (54)
    Red House (85)
    Star Spangled Banner (48) (instrumental, so John Stafford Smith)
    Purple Haze (111)

    The Oregonian (10 September) ‘Hard Rock Entertains 8,000 Coliseum Fans’ - review by Jack Berry: “After a turnout of approximately 8,000 young people at Memorial Coliseum Monday night - most of them ‘clean cut’ and middle-class in appearance - there can be little doubt that hard or ‘heavy’ rock music is a major show business phenomenon.
    Formerly confined to psychedelic ballrooms, the practitioners of aural apocalypse have been concertizing in auditoriums and arenas of late and Monday’s show, which featured Jimi Hendricks [sic] was probably the most successful attempt in Portland yet.
    Hendricks [sic] was preceded on the program by the Soft Machine and the Vanilla Fudge, two good examples of recent attention to instrumental technique...

    [Vanilla Fudge’s set?]…(….ered, marvellously “heavy” simply by suffering the force of mammoth amplification. It was just an endurance contest)
    The music has not become subdued by any means and one of its fundamental weaknesses is the sameness of those shattering highs almost every number builds towards.

    The Soft Machine’s entire set was devoted to one number dedicated to ‘the decline and fall of the American Empire’ and was apparently intended to trace this trajectory in one of the first examples of program music rock has produced.
    A spoken refrain…
    The decline and fall continued for longer than management wished and the Machine, furious when its power was cut, kicked all its equipment off the stage. At least America didn’t go out with a whimper....

    Probably the best thing about The Jimi Hendrick’s Experience is its very gripping ability to build climaxes, moving from plateau to plateau with the massive inevitability of a juggernaut. Hendricks is unquestionably a magnetic figure and his ‘experience’ is a strong one. But since magic people are fairly rare, the future of rock was probably indicated more strongly by the other groups on the program.
    Far from the screaming, stage rushing melee of early rock ‘n roll, Monday night’s audience was amazingly mannered and restrained. It made the absurdly rude performance of one police sergeant that much more ridiculous.”

    Bill Eisiminger (early musical aquaintance): “In September, 1968, I took some of my former junior high school students who had a band that I managed - Midnight Sun - to Portland to see the Jimi Hendrix/Vanilla Fudge concert. We had back stage passes, and we sat on the stairs leading to the stage - not more than eight or ten feet from where Jimi was standing. It was fantastic.
    After the concert, we had a chance to talk to Jimi. For my students, it was the thrill of their lives. Jimi had a major impact on young people then, and that impact has not diminished in any way over twenty-five years”
    [Jimi Hendrix: Voices From Home by Mary Willix, p.97].

    No gigs next three nights.
    END OF 2ND US “TOUR” proper, he is now staying in LA, from where he plays a few concerts in California.
    Jimi flies to L.A. sees Spooky Tooth at their opening night at Whisky A Go Go
    “Come around to my room with ‘The Tooth’ [?] in the middle and bring along a bottle and a ‘President’” - a cigar? or one of Jimi’s old friends in the King Kasuals from the band, The Presidents?
    West Coast (L.A.) (9th Sept - 31 October, 5 Californian cities & (offshore) Honolulu, ie 6venues only, 11 shows (ie over 8 days) in 52 days/7 weeks, 3 days/ie in nearly 2 months he “worked” only 8 days (ie max 11 hours total playing music on stage)
    Basically having a holiday, where they were the toast of the town; rented a luxurious house with a pool in the Hollywood hills, surrounded by beautiful women, the best dope etc. invited his brother Leon down for two weeks partying etc. 7 weeks & 3 days during which they only played Oakland & Sacramento and a ‘hometown’ gig in LA; had a holiday in Hawaii where they played one gig, then back to L.A. from where they played a ‘two year’ celebration gig at Winterland (1 venue, three dates, six shows) which Jimi & the boys appeared to enjoy immensely, jamming with several friends on stage. And a one off gig in Bakersfield. Jimi of course did other “work” during this time, producing tracks for Eire Apparent's LP, but most of the time spent at TTG appears to have been just expensive fun, jamming & getting high with his friends from The Coast.
    10 No gig L.A.
    11 No gig L.A.
    12 No gig L.A. Jimi checks out of Beverly Hills Hotel
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    Frank Zappa: "Rock journalism is people who can't write interviewing people who can't talk for people who can't read."

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    Re: 1968-09-09 Memorial Coliseum, Portland, Oregon USA

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