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Thread: 1967-01-11 Bag 'O Nails, London, England

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    1967-01-11 Bag 'O Nails, London, England

    Wednesday, January 11th, 1967
    Bag 'O Nails, London, England - 2 SHOWS

    no recording has surfaced
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    Re: 1967-01-11 Bag 'O Nails, London, England

    Wednesday 11 January 1967
    London W1, [Rik Gunnell’s] Bag O’ Nails, 9 Kingly Street, Soho, England. JHE
    Although a small club it was ‘prestigeous’ as it was frequented by ‘celebs’. Many of the well known R&B/ ‘rock’ acts of the day played here.
    Noel was probably using Chas’ 4-string Gibson EB2 bass.
    Two shows (30 minutes each)

    Songs: unknown

    Attended by: Paul McCartney, Ringo Star, Bill Wyman, Pete Townsend, John Entwhistle, Eric Clapton, Lulu, Donovan, Eric Burdon, Georgie Fame, Geno Washington, Denny Lane, Roger Mayer (special sound effects man) who met Jimi for the first time and John McCoy (owner of Kirk Levington Country Club who then booked JHE to play there that Sunday).

    Disc and Music Echo (19 January), review by Mike Ledgerwood:
    “It was certainly a night to remember. Jimi did two spots of powerful, full-blooded blues which produced some amazing sounds and guitar gymnastics. He looks set to become one of the brightest stars of ‘67”

    Noel: ”Packed!”

    Roger Mayer: “I first met Jimi at a club in London called the Bag O’ Nails.
    [Guitar World (September 1985)]

    Penny Valentine [Claimed by Sharon Lawrence, in her dodgy book, to be an unpublished excerpt from Valentine’s diary. Note “unpublished” ie this “diary” may not even exist, how would we know? Penny died two years prior to this book’s publication; Why would she write in her private diary, “Bag O’ Nails” it would just be “the Bag”, nevermind the f’ing address! Tequila Sunrise was re-invented & only became popular in the rock world of the 1970’s - to call an original (invention & popularity 1930’s-50’s), which is mostly very pale lime with a dark red lower layer, ‘virulently coloured’ would be ludicrous, and anyway why would Valentine describe the colour of her drink to herself! Clapton did not dress or wear his hair like this at that time. If is about the earlier BON gig then JH would not have been playing Purple Haze as he was yet to write it, etc. etc... I smell shite Ed.]: “Hendrix appears at the Bag O'Nails in Kingly Street. We go along. Pete Townshend is there and Eric Clapton is almost unrecognizable. Just back from Paris, he looks like a slender French mod with a cropped haircut and tight-fitting pastel cashmere sweater. By the time Hendrix comes on stage, this club is so hot and full that condensation is running down the walls. Sweat is running down my back as Hendrix starts the stamping, heaving introduction to 'Purple Haze'. 'I can't see him,' I wail. I am beginning to feel faint in the crush and wish that I had not had three virulently colored tequila sunrises. Someone lifts me up onto their shoulders so I can see the stage. Young, skinny, black with a halo of curls, Hendrix holds his guitar slung low and slightly away from his body but makes it roar defiantly, even though it doesn't look like his fingers are moving. He finishes by getting on his knees and playing with his teeth. We are stunned. I have a momentary panic that Hendrix will electrocute himself. Pete and Eric have their mouths open but say nothing and Hendrix finishes with a flourish of feedback and wailing anger. When he comes off stage to talk to Townshend and Clapton he is so shy and deferential we all feel bewildered."

    Thursday 9 March 1967
    DISC & MUSIC ECHO (page?) ‘The in scene where it all happens!’: Here’s a guide to five of the top clubs of the moment:
    Bag ‘O Nails, 9 Kingly Street, W1.; Long, darkened, downstairs club with members served at tables. Dancers and groups take over one end. Specialises in soul and recently had Jimi Hendrix and Maxine Brown. Regulars include Eric Burdon and the Animals. Membership: 3gns. (men), 1 gn. (girls), entrance, 10s. Whisky 3s. 6d., bar open til 3..

    For photo of autographed membership card etc. see:
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